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The Canadian Western Premier's Conference will have to be postponed.
Alberta is to busy to attend and it is so important that all westerns and every provinces needs be represented so it should not Happen if a Primier Can not make it or if a province's opposition leader should fill in thier shoes as it is for Primiers only and no sunstitutes would be ccepted as they would lessen it;s importance and that province's western needs would not be constitutional represented, if a primier did not attend and the people of Canada and the people of the west are owed the respect they pay for when it comes to premiers conferences and the people of the east deserve to get it from the premiers directlyu during a premiers conference it would be harmful to the westwrn economy and the Canadian provinces if the west was to skip Alberta and so the promiers can not meet and smoke the peace pipe if tghey are missing an entire province, making it nessary for the Conference to consider postponing the Western Premier's Comference untill the premiers can all atemnd. ( Canadians would not whant to see a all star hockey gme if the all stars did niot arttend andso the same applies to Promioers. confernces)
www.3DWesternTV.com www.3DTVCanada.com, 1:35 PM 2018-05-23

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Europe and BC are faced with the sane threat. Both are beeing tgreatoned with having their oil and gas supply restricted or cut off by and new kind of political system that is replacing democray called "Threatocacy ".
Canadian's Premier's should not be given Nuclear power as they may make nuclear threats to other provinces the way they make oil and gas threats now when they do not get their own ways.

How Can you recognise fke news?
By a "Collins - Zuckerberg", "www.3DTVCHallenge.com"
Face book is working to prevent fake news andmiss information in their web site.
IN 2000 i launchded over 3000 new www.3DFAces.com to stream 3DTV andcreate www.3DTVJobs.com but 100% ofthe uhf vhf 2d tv gaged 3SDTVStartups.com in 2000, 2001,2002, 20033 2004 2005 200-6 so in 2005 after 7 years ofcomplaining about fake bews stiffeleing 3DTVBusiness.com startups andthey would gop top any length to prevent 1/ 1000 new3dtvchannels.com from everylaunching www.3DSportsCHAnnel.com or a www.3DNovieCHnnel.com or a www.3DTVCHannel.com so they creaged 2d socil net to interface withtheir 2d tv channels asp theycould tke these clozsed platforms online withthem andblock www.3DVirtualNews.com startups www.3DNEwsNetwork.com nd 3DTVSPortsa.com startups in 3D HD and VR so that all the 2d tv newxes have not 1 out of 3000 www.3DTVPages.com www.3DTVMagazine.com andwww.3DTVBusiness.com net oprg www.3DFaces.com from launchign in their newsclosed 2d news mediasn tht inclkuded FJE NEWS medias that they do andwill discuss in 2d on2d any time.
It is because ther is nol way top use these fake newsmedioas top launch anothior3DTVBrand.com withoput beeinggaged also thatg i discoverd theway to tel if you are watchign a fake news media because they wil nolt talk about 18 years of 3DTCHAnnels.com netorglaunchignabdbeeign gaged by 100%ofthe2d tv uhf vhf fke nd real newses,
NetworkSoluitions.com and GODADDY , and seardch on an ip adress locator app or google will fond most of the www.3DTelevisionnetwoprk.com net orgs i launchedd but a fake newss will nothave a single one in itès libraryu or even mention 1 in theior news this is the key isf news medias is fakeinf thatg ther is no one vgaged by the 2d tv uhf vhf nedws medioas then they are disimminating flde facks as they reported in 2000 that rhwe ia no 3DSportsTV.com when ther was and the news was that 2d tv was stiffeleing 3DSportsTV.com i discovered thatg the uhf vhf 2d tv news was faking theinternet 3dtvcopyright.com startuos and pretendign ther is no 3dmoviechannel.com beeing gaged or started but theyh did report thtg they knew wqhgo and wehn one was tp be lunched even though i was reporitng them stoiffeleing 100% of thjewww.3DTVCHannels.com i launched years ago. this proved to ne that i could tell fake news from integritous news and face book should learn from this is a nedws gages 100% of thewww.3XDTVCAnada.comstgartups in sports tgravel news fashoon shopp9ong arts andwww.3DTVCArs.com then they are fakers. so it is easy to tgell what website is disiminagteing fake news byh giong it thnewww.3DCounty.com intgegriotgy tgest and findign out iof tgheir news i fkinf busines so tghat it all gboes gtheir way.
I am the www.3DPresident.com of www.3DTVCIty.com and i was and still am gagged by all the fake newses online ( fake newses gag 3DTVBewsBetwork.com and it;s channels ) and FaceBook can hire me as a consultant to work with them in routuing out fake newses and no one else in www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com busiednss could do what i can do with my www.Virtual3DTV.com net org www.3DTVPages.com and my hundreds of www.3DVirtualNews.com www.3DRealTV.com startups thjey so surgicaly hide * as if they bough a Cnadianb software that blocks websites intheir news pr somthing) and my www.3dtvmags.com net org startups will revier fake newses as they pretend and brand over whgile 100% filteirng out the www.Real3DTV.com and help Facebook find the fakers as the fake newses cover 3DTV and all of the www.3DTVBrands.comand www.3DTVJobs.com up so as gtop have iot al their way.
The only way to tell the integrity of the news source is honest or elections reports is to see if tghey arewww.3DSmartTV.com or part of thne 2d tv cou , a reeal news has no problems mentionuing 1 or 2 of trhe n=manyh www.3DTVStartups.com gaged by all the press thatg graduatesed into 2d fake news medias, this would give you a glimps of their degree of fkeness as most will not even mention ot discuss 1/3000 www.3DTVCHAnnels.com gagged by the Canadian presses for 19 years ( this is nol mistake they do it and it looks like they do it , deliboraly i am sure) then you could tell if the content provider is fake news dissimntior in ot for themoneuy onlyh andprotecting some one or some thing or real news medias that report 3DTVCanada.com bjusiedns startups tht are gaged bt fake newses..
Still looking for a sponcer www.PlebisciteCanada.com Tm 2000

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