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UHF VHF What happened to DHF?

To protect the consumers of the licenced crtc broadcasting industry Canada will need to first prove to the world wide web tv startups in Canada that they are not out to gag and stiffel competition and web startups and new innovation and 1000 www.3dTVCHannels.com net org gaged by all the REAL newses fopr 29 years.
After the crtc licencd medias have proven they are not out to kill off 100% of www.3DTVSXTartupps..com for 200 years then , a private platform for FREE over the air brodcasters and artists isue more crtc FREE over the air digital channels for exclusive shows and if they are availabel on cell phones then all the better but you can't mix crtc relifion and public internet broadcasting and then regulate the web like it was not a bullitain board with video. Broadcasting device like a Netflix or a Digital Broadcasting frequency that can be sold to billionare corporations calling them seves Brodcasters of the crtc broadcasting consortium instead of tryiong toturn the internet into the crtc broadcastiong network and untill the 6 monopoly uhf vhf convergerfdmedias get yo compete on an exclusive frequncy to people wiht recivers exclusive to theriplatform the entrire internet is beeinh treated like it was a cble tv channel as the uhf vhf medias try to competewith social netwrok bbrd entertainment the inability of the web to use the crtc frewuency platform the BROADCASTERS should be uding and they should digitaly over the air free broadcast products and regulate themselves and forget trying to turn the internet webcasting industry into a crtc regulated platform for their consortiums whim broadcasting network
The crtc brodcasting industry hs to be opened up as it is just a converged group of tsx corporations and not open for development by 51% majority of taxpayers so the crtc is not peotecting 51% of thepopelation untill they are opened up.
UHF VHF DHF at least 51% should be opened up so that BC or Alberta or Quebec or Maritime TV culture is at least supported by the crtc platform free from proportional regulation of the crtc broadcasting networks closed briadcasting particepants and so it can be opened up to 51% of others than the same 6 so new and Canadian Broadcastersand their webcasting sites can participate in politics pleasure and business ytoo on a crtc cloased network platform that is not the internet world wide web. instead of locked up by a crtc consortium of 6 compnaies.
The internet is already opend up to a world of participants and it does not have to be run by a crtc cartel.
20 years ago i called up the crtc and asked for a broadcasting licence not for uhf or vhf but for 3D Dogotel HD webcasting and they said ther is no need for a licence and they would let me know if ther was , so for 20 yers i try to integrate 1 out of 3000 www.3DTVCHannels.com and www.3DCopyWriteTV.com startups fopr Canadian content and news and arts and travel and sports and advertising and shopping and every year i look at the most popular www.3DTVSTartup.com website and wonder why it is ther is no culture for 100 www.3DRealityTCV.com sports and travrl and news and arts www.Canadian3DTV.com startup integrated with one crtc competator in French First Nation and English not 1 of them in 20 years means the crtc is a total failure and should be replaced by a netnutral arbitrtor representing the missing 51% and the same thing for www.3DTVBusiness.com startups stiffeled by the 2d crtc in all their formats from hd - 5G with a crtc "NON FAKE" news or busienss tv show of competitipon inthe industry and for 10 years i hear that the crtc is supposed to be supporting competition yet none of the 20 years of licenced open for competition brodcasters and benafisheriaries of the crtc that are voctorious in cometition call and for 20 years with 100% of www.3DTVBrands.com for www.3DWEBTV.com startuips and the 20 years here this culture of no way to even begine to compete wirha closed 2d crtc that is failed fopr20 years in openiong up 51% of the market that killes competition for 20 years plus the election and chats in 3D on 3Dheadsets for 29 years when no onenot even taxi unions can stop xcompetition there is no mentiopn of 1 single3DTVCanada.com net or org in angy crtc news library and teh crtc is missing in 3dcopyRightTV.com startup nd of no help for 20 years so they need top change and suport new innovation like www.3DTVPOlitics.com and yet you can get 2d sports in HD or in 3G or in SD but www.3DTelevisionCanada.com can not get the crtc to help innovate or even participate never mind compete without a net nutral regulator of the crtc and thier 20 year historyTo protect the startups and thier consumers .

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