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THe 2d tv news sports travel arts fashion music politics and realestate industry hewre in Canada. Vancouver. Ottawa. Toronto , all the cities have a long track record of filtering 100% of hundreds of www.3DCopyRightTV.com www.3DTGStartups.com for 19 years alone here in VAncouver while they pretend to be champion of netnutral . democracy nutral news , sports, travel, fashion , even technology innovation and startups while they virtualy stoffel and filter the www.3DCFHannelCanada.com and all it;s virtual3DTV.com startups for 19 years using their news -chat-search-politics closed platform so as top have no way to use 100% of the crtc public broadcasting to report anything abouit 1 or 2 or 3 hundred www.3DTVBRands.com for advertising or movies forcars or for busiens on 1 of their crtc tv channels or newses por p[latforms fopr politics in 3D.
As Canadians were told andsold 3D TV sets for 19 years the news reports High tech compamies from Waterloo or ontario inventing everthing from search to chat to news and even politics on limne om cell phones and use these closed programs to filter out Vancouver3DTV.com net org launched in 2000 or 2018 like they were a dictatorship selling platforms in hightech top filter out people and things andneeny them constituitional rights to work andmake a living free fromdiscrimination by any religion or group or cult (2dtv extreemists) and it is a Canadian Broadcasting industry that is servicing this 100% press ban on 3DTVCHannels.com gageed by canadian preses 19 years so that ther is no wayto do www.3DTVBusines.comand be free fo hackers, gagees blocking by software thatgismade in Ontario to filter out websites for governments that block websites , as ONtario sanction companies that make software to fuilter the web , the crtc make news andsprts andtravle andarts fashi0n and realestate busiens and politics tv channels that filter out 100^ of 19 years of www.3DBusinessTV.com so as to tweek their 2d tv busienss and they filter out 19 years of www.3DTVSports.com like they were paid to do it and they gag 100% of 3DWirelessTV.com or 3DVirtualTV.com from every repolrting they were robbed or gaged or shut downorput on a cul=d=sac and timed out all wjile software companies inONtariop export software to filter too,
There is no interest in the reaction of Ottawa or cbc , no jouirnlisata studying 2d tv filtering ouit 3DTVJobs.comand www.3DTVStartups.com for www.New3DTVCHannels.comlaunched in Vancoucer that might by some chnce be gaged and filterd and bullied bya closed news-chat-search-politics platfoprm set up top rig elections in 2d on2d over 2d from to so as to have a 2d tv debate shjow like it was a world cup game, to sell ads or make insdie roads soas to tweek the next busienss and filter at whim
Netsweeper and 2d crtc news-chat-search-politics platforms are hurting the Canadian economy and stioffeliong things that we re never topld of soas to be a backward society run by 2d tv =politic=search-chat-news closed platforms for business .
Dovernment has nothing to say about this , all the journlists amd presses in the americas have nothiong to say about this , because ,,,?,, they issue is filterd byh 100% of the 2d tv and who knows mayber Canadian software made and sold from ottawa, to block ip dreses and www.3DTVStartups.comand www.3DTVInnovation.com in BC likke they blcok websites in other countries andfilter them wioth their 2d tv newses too. Ottawa has nothoing to say about this after 4 elextiosn not a tweet.
Netsweeper makes software to filter websites and the crtvc makd tv channels to filter 3dtvjobs.com and the www.3DWorldWideWebTVcomstrtups in 10 yhears in Vancouver for sure, as Netsweeper makes releases a [res re;ease and iomedaty the 2d tv anounce it on the news while 19 years i releace 10090 www.3DNewsCHannel.com net orgs and get siffeled and filterd by all the press that is takin g release from news of obstruction by software made by Netsweeper to filter websites but no way to mention a Canadian 2d tv news[politioc-xhat-search platfom doiomng the wordty of all pretending to be a champion opg net=business nutrality here in fact that are hahed byh all the2d tv platforms in ottawa set up to se to it this can not happen and if they can filter 100% of 19 years of everthing www.3DTVCAnada.com lunches thenthey do nolt need the Netsweeper software to filter websites busiens. as the crtc platform does this for them .( i call it a 2dtvcoup) .
Where is Global Affairs Canada when you need them for 19 years in all venues and even sports as the 2d tv stuuf thier 2d compatable search-politiocs-news-chat into every phone-computer-tvset and cable channel sopas to have aclosed market fopr them to use fo block and filter just like the crtc meeidas were themselves were a socftware A.I> set up to act like the www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com Netsweeper software pckage for uhf vhf tv medias ?
This affect all peole and it affect 100% of www.3DTVBRandas.com l;aunched and gaged for decad plus here in Vancouver and high tech jobs for www.3DwesternTV.com net orgs .
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It is British Columbia's fault, the nomater hopw ward we try to explain that we are not ahainst Canada shipping goods off shore be it bitiman or wine from Alberta we are ionterested in seeing to it the act of shipping and the transportaion of these news goods be they pipelines of bitiman oil or foods from the praries is safe nd ther is a process to clean up a large oil spill from single hulls ship and a team and proceeduire fpr cleaning up a spill form a double gull ship and what goes into a sinbgle pr double hull ship and hpw the goods are shipped safwely. and rhw wmwrwdency clean up , because it is in all Canadian 's intera to govern the movement of goods aand thier handeling , but the 2d tv whant to make this all about contentthey need for an election in2d on 2d tv so they pretending we are against pipeleins , when we already have on ther , instead of the truth we are unable to safely shgip the goods in the firsat place, so to ship OIL that could be spilt and seeing as we get Ottawa or the 2d tv medias to demonstrate how we would clean up spill the mystery still stands and that is our faukt because we should have seen this comming and as it is we ourslefes advise the movement as it Can't be cleaned up as we have had decades to research bitiman oil spills in our marine environment and how to clean them up even if Ottawa politicians and 2d tv news medias are told to only report one side of the news so as to have a diversion to dissim8inate everthing fropm famon to wars oil or 3DTVCHAnnels.com beeing gaged the need was always ther to be able to see to it the 2d tv Gazibo gansterism bully aearch-chat-news=politics all go one way whentheproper strings are pulled so that no matter what we do, or say or wish or believed was being able top rely on Ottawa ro come ro our rwscuwe and deminstrate how we could, should, would, clean u[p a bitiman oil spilliof pipeleines were tyo trevel in volume and one hull oil tankers were to parouse off shire and in Nurrard and i guess tyhey are right .
B.C. has thetop University in the west and the besy ocean mari9ne environment we could ask for and we could have activily persued the ability to clean up single hull oil catastrophies by now if it were a propprity we could have seen top it thatOttawa was in step withthis insurance measue and B.C. voters know that Ottawa sollow the lime lite and care not for the constitutional common laws provincial cukltures and expecting a government top beon the ball when they did not see a cure beeing pitched is typical of 2d tv and 2d politicis as they are uinintewrested in lcoal 3DTVSpoprts.com startups for 19 years they are for sure dependnt on the hord;s behviours for their bread and butter andthis all spells loosers, oom thje face opf constitutional rights tpo wprk and make a livoing free pof discrimination by 2d tv news medoas and news reports,andB.C. voters falied topremeber this and so we have to admit we are stuck with our pants dopwn tryuin g top see what hppens of our pipes break water and unable to oil the wheels of accedemia to explain to thepopulations foearth and Vncouver what top dp if there is a bitiman oil spill in our harnour, on 2dtv or an election based on bullying BC because they "wont to stop pipelines, no omatter how hard wetry top copmmunicate ouir common laws toa conatitution that has decided omn 2d poplitic-chat-search-news uhf vhf closed mediassetup top see to it the contents pf electios are scripted in 2d pn2d fpr a 2d tv debte show like it was a 2d tv sports platoff opr a 2d tvtravel industry or a 2d tv news idustry or a 2d tv Politics platform decidiong what istop be thevillionous group to attack in the press and the tabloids so as to get re-elected , while the vopters are fed theissues by a closed gazibo platform all the time and we knew thjis is and was and we lmew we were never included or able top stear the direction pf anythign the 2d tv decide is the best result for thempr politicioans in ottawa who are stuck with a 2d tvnews medi too.
So it hase now come to the point where the2d tv andall the king men are not tryhing to put the constitution together again buit insead .theyh plan to clammer down the pipes opf 2d tvnews all the wy top their electiosnandbash NV for not whantiong tpo build theur pipelines and no mentionofour common unwritten laws of the land ionstead a onestop shop on 2d tv chat-news=search-;olitics A.I. p[ropfilimng meg; servcers and a 2d tv election show is what we should have ecpected if we were top graduate from our fishj schooles here and wanted to play the piopes in Ottawa thats for sure.
When there is true hurt, the truth hurts.We should have seen this commoing am d expecting Alberta and Ottawa to cae more about BC and Ocean sustainability and single hull oil tanker traffic and oil spill from pipelein projects and common laws of local provincial constitutions was a mistake we made adn everyone else could only expect the same treatment as they say when you report a cyber crime that invplves 1/1000 www.3DWor;dWideWebTV.com net oprg orgs an dhackers or viruses or search engien spywear ro socil net bots profileing or anthing that has to do with 3DViirtualTV.com beeign gaged for 19 years by 100% of the uhf vhf news medias i8s not proof that you can nol expect things to be accedemic when ther is mote money blocking the truth in 2d on2d for electii9on on 2d on2d tv for 19 years that that the nature of what goes in the pipeleins in Ottawa and Vancouver presses and we should have sen this and figured out how to clean up a mess we tryued top prevent knowing the ris non way to use a 2d tv platform-chat-search-chat-poplitics machine to come to our rescue constitutionaly unles we have all lost our minds while all around us are going crazy in 2d on2d rc newsws ns presses instead fo seeing this comming , this re-enstatres the ability to perpetualy run fopr elections on the bas3s that the winner will fix housing , create jobs build pipeleins to wealkth and if elected fix healthcare and put lots opf ,omey in everyones pocles , yet agains in2d on2d ofr 2d over 2dtv election tv and report everthing under the sun but a 2d tv uhf vhf platform tht6a gages 100% of 19 years pv Vancouver www.3DTVPipeleins.com www.3DWebcastingnetwork.com www.3DTelevisionnetwrok.com www.3DVirtualnews.com and www.3DTVCHannels.com that werewww.3DTVStartups.com for politics news sports travel arts fashion gaged by a countries preses for 19 years and that's why i tool the effort to go ahead and do it anyways knowing the 2d tv would not let me. duhh!.
Seeong the future does nlot change the wprld when cut off by a platform thet tweeks the news, and so we should have known abd seen this comming as we were set up[ and now Hbe to admit we misubderestimated the definition of constitutional government , Again and we can only apologise for not seeing this comming an dfiguring oput how to clean up[ a tanker full of bituman kbwing ther was no way tostop a 2d tv plaform preses agendas in the 3rd dimention or www.3DRealTV.com news. www.3DNetNutralTV.com
D, Collins www.3DTVVAncouver.com www.3DVirtualPress.com www.3DTelevisionCHannel.ca.6:47 PM 2018-04-20 .

Trols in News come in Take and REAL+fake news as Real news gagges 100% of www.3DVirtualNews.com www.3DTVStartups.com for 19 years and the REAL reason they do it is gaged and the talk opf them doing it ios copvered up by REALL news of A.I savy Fake news mediss and the www.3NewsNetwork.com www.3DTVStartups.com for www.3DTLDTV.com www.3DVirtualpress.com new medias in www.3DSmrtTV.com get onthe A.I.REAL tv newses A.I" savy news profileing so that 100% of all the www.3DCAnadianTV.com www.3DTVCHAnnels.com PROFILED and 19 years of their startup is gaged in each and efery news bro0adcast in 19 years here in VAncouver proves the public can realy see 2 kinds of news to be totaly warry of and thatt is FAke news and REAL-news faking the truth so as it all goes theoir way and sop they can cover up new 3DTVCHAnnels.com as they come along and fake news filler so as to never hqave to report www.3DREALTV.com net orgs bveeing troled and profiles and gaged rfopr 19 years and this waythey can script and run 2d tv elections and 2d tv electipon debates and tweek the REAL news with www.2d chat-politics-news-search A.I and the entiee election debate in 2d ion2d for 2d as if it was ilegql to launch a www.3DSportsCHAnnel.com in www.3DTVCAnada.com news and get gaged by the vewry news it should be edifying
THe news that the REAL news will report AI fake news and they themselves will not even mention 11000 th of the ww2.3DTVCHAnnels.com they gage qbd gaged for 19 years is ptoof they too are top be taken with a grain of salt as they are as fake as it comes to www.3DTVSoorts.org startups gaged alomng wioththeir net and com tld and www4FTRAvelTV.com and 3DTVNEWSnetqork.com www.3DTVBusiness.com and www.3DTVJobs.com all gaged by 2d uhf vhf that is aaaa threar in its pwn right when it acts like this for 19 yeaes against a Company and their startuos on line. . Fake news is easy to make as the "Real" news reports reports news acording to eh governmnets biasts , especialy in Dictatorships or countries at war over resources or issues and the fack remains unchanges both will nopt report a crtc uhf vhf newss industry that is Gagging 100% of 19 years of every www.3DTLDTV.com www.3DCopyRightTV.com net org and www.3DTVStartup.com for www.3DBUsinessTV.com net orgs on the www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com social net the internet and when a #D TV NEWS wil not support 1. 1000 www.3DTVBRands.com gaged by 100% of a news industry for 19 years , instead reporting FAke news 's ability to use tyechnology top creat fake news and using this as content filler to escape the real news thatr www.3DRealTV.com net prgs are beeing trolled , profiled and gaged by www.virtual3DTV.combans by the Canadian press that is unavalable to 100% of thewww.3DNewsNetwork.,com the www.3DTVPapers.com the www.3DJournals.com the www.3DTVPress.com thje www.3DVirtualNews.com and all thewww.3DCopyRightTV.com net orgs launched in VAncouver on www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com after www.3DTVCHAnnel.com and got gaged by the government's 2d uhf vhf 3DTV industry for 19 yeasrs in a row and this is nop mistake it is an example of a 2d tv uhf vhf cuilt making sure the newss is about fake newses and theior A.I while 1oo% gagging a guy and his www.3DSocialnetTV.com net Orgs even www.3DHockeyCJanne;.com is gaged by thios REAL newss so it apears thehty the publ;ic have top fear A.I> smart tv and 3d uhf vhf REAL tv neses faking the nenws or blacking out the news soas to gaing by it Troles in ness cone it 2 kings. in Vancouver by the A.I. prpfessional press ban here in Vancpuver BC. www.3DWaterTV.com www.3DWindTV.com www.3DOilRV.com www.3DSolaeTV.com www.3DTVTechReport.com ™ 2018.

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