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Fake news Faking for the state or is each country's news tweeking the news untill it's good for them but globaly fake?
IN 2001 I gave away over *) bbrd socil net www.3DTVBRands.com net orgs for free and they were stolen and scalped.
IN 2000 i elected myself the www.3DPresident.com of www.3DWhitehouse.com and www.3DCounty.com www.3DJournals.com and launched www.3DNEwsNetwork.com and www.3DSportsNetwork.com and www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com for thenext 2 decades i called out the fake press as 2DTVPOlitics.com rung fake newses untill Donald Trump came along and tweeked the fake news into a press and journlist problem when the fack remain the 2d preses are run by a platform tht will not allow a single news paper or journalist or leader of any country or hollywood acter and every single politicioans in every single polirtcal partty in every single country to say the worlds www.3DNewsCHAnnel.com or www.3DTVBrands.com and for 18 years i have been forced to hop from country tp country and from service provider to service provider and today every single politicioans in the owrd will say fake news bvut not one single president of the USA or thw FREE woemd will mentioj that for 19 years in arow 100% of the so called real news in every sountry is stiffeleing the ww.3DNewsNetwork.com the www.3DSportsCHAnnel.com and all the worlds www.3DWWW>TV.com net orgs proving what i have said for decades that the 2d uhf vhf tv news and cabeks are faking content so as it all goes their way and ther is not one politicians in the usathat will say on the news tht www.thousands of www.3DVirtualTV.com and hHD#DTVCHannel.com swww.3DTVSTartups.ccom are beeing gaged (unlike uber quantities of other startups that the news push push push as their affilfits in news , and that

Your can tell if a news i5ts fake by askin git to report on www.3dTVCHAnnels.com beeibg gaged by all the fake newsesld as they set them selves up a judge and jury on their soicl nets ndpretend ther is no 2d tv news in any countru gaggig an d stiffeleign 18 yesats of www.3DTVSTartups.com net org in CANADA and as www.3dTVChannels.com launch not one of over 1000 www.3DTVBrands.com for news , sports travel fashion and hollywood and tv and journalsim are gaged by FAKE NEWS MONOPLIES the woil not mention that they are faking , in 2d , in every countryu thier news so that it favours the news medias agenda and that the politicians and the medias sponcers will not even mention www.3DCOunty.com and the www.3DPresident.com of 1000 www.NEW3DTVCHannels.com are gaged by the "FAKE NEWS" the same news that donald trunp says is fake as the www.3DFox.com and the www.3DPresident.com of the www.3DTElevisionNetwork.com is gaged by all the queens news emdias and all the USA news medias and all the Canadian tv radio and prese and all the fake newses in the countries that the "REAL NEWS" is saying are fke newses along with 18 years are able to see that one s globlay consistant and that is that the news that mentions 1000 gaged 3dtvchannels.com is not fake and the news that is hideing 1000 www.3DTVCHAnnels.com net org is fake is the www.3DREALTV.com news and the real www.3DRealityTV.com in unable to report the shannagins hurled an the www.3DPresident.com of www.3DTVBRands.com for decdes is gaged by the so called rral foxy newses that are fvoured by politicians crawling to the presses to get re =elected every 4 years and so the fact that the President of the USA says ther are fake news and that he hase found "real news" is faking the fact that all the newses are faking www.3DVirtualReality.com newss and pretending that no news is real accept the won that is reportin gfake newses, and they all are "UNABLEE TO REPORT that www.3DREALTV.com is gaged by a globe full fo fake newses pretebndign ther is no one in news stiffeleing www.3DTVCity.com and 3DCounty.com www.3DTVStartups.com in www.3DTVNewsNetwork.com busines online nd i have launched www.3DTVMAgs.com andwww.3DTVPages.com and www.3DTVHusiness.com net and org and had the"REWAL NEWSES" stiffel each and ev3ry one as if it is possible to hide anyhting in a world ofree press when in reality 100% are fke and staiffekeing 100% of www.3dWWWTV.com starti[s in news sports travel fashion and shopping online soas tobe in aposition to pretend they are real and others are fake and for 3very startup and this is not fake.
www.23DRealityTV.com is gaged by FAake politics and fake newses and fake telco and cable monolies that are realy stiffeleing 100% of 100% 100% of the time and not 9one is reporting it because they are all fake to some extent and they "oWN the PODIUM" and can fake news of www.3DSPortsCHAnnel.com oir www.3DNewsCHAnnel.com startups beeing gaged abd run their own content so that it all goes thwir way , all the way to the bank while htye see to it there is no way to intersate with 1 www.3DTVSTartup.com www.3DTVBRAnd.com in NEWs weathwr and soorts and this is not fake.
Fromm Russia to America from England to CHina from srch engine to digital tv news ther is no way to integrate with netflix ior microsoft apple opr twitter , no way to integrate with ONtario or Quebec or BC or Alberta bnews weather of sports no way tp integrate with CNN or FOC medias and no way to integrate 1/ 1000 www.3DBusinessTV.com stock oppertunities ina woprld that is run by FAKE NEWSES" that all gag 100% of s9omthing 100% og the time in 100 of the world new3dtvmedia.com apps for www.3WirelessTV.com politics and entertainmnet and just beeing elected and saying stuff is fake news, is a fake news itself because the same accusers will not say ikt in 3D on 3D over 3DTVCAnaa.col or www,3DTVCHAnnelAmerica.com or www.3DTVCHAnnelEurope.com or www.3DTVCHAnnelAsia.com or any www.3DWorldWIdeWebTV.com launched here by the www.3DPresident.com and this is not a fake news , as iy will hold up as a truth when cjecked and researched for the alst 18 yesars the news is stiffeleing www.3DCopyRightTV.com net org and faking in 2d on2d soas to have 2d tv elections andpretend no one has anthing on eachotgher and stiffel the news in 2d on 2d tweekable tv newses that are fake instead of real newses that are helping www.3DBusinesTV.com launch new apps gfor www/holodigiitalTV.com orwww.3DTVCArshow.com or www.3DTVPolitics.com and the fsake news is the one tht can not say www.3DCopyWriteTV.com net org are bbiong gaged by fake newses, thay are gagging 100% of the www.3DREAlTV.com and www.3DTVStartups.com net org in Vancouver Canada for decades .
So far the only way to tell if a news is fake is to ask it , "Woul dYou Say Tha tOn a 3DTVNewsNetwork,.com or anyh www.3DTVPress.com yjsy id gaged bby the entire fake nes infustry as they tweek investment and busineses so that it all goes their way and so that a 2d tv cartel canrun election t in everyh country nd continue faking the news for the leaders that complaine avbout fake newsea but wil not do iy in 3D on www.3DFWorldWideWEbTV.co www.3DTVBrands.co or mention that the www.3DPresident.com is gaged by 100% of the fake newses brvcasuse a real news would not do this it means they all are faking somthing fo their own profit or to have it all their way.
www.3dPreaidnt.com of www.3DTVNewsNetwork.com , www.3DCounty.com www.3DTCity.com www/3DTelevisionNetwork.com for the www.3DTVPress.com and for democracy and cgharterd rights to work and make a living frree from discrimination by a religion or group or cult ( like fake news) that would denie these charterd rigjts to make a living free of discriminaiton by fake newses .and because the only news in theworld that the president of the usa says is not fake, also can not cover or report 1000 www.3DTVSTartups.com netorg socil nets shopping channels nd travel news and sports web sites ae gaged by the entire worlds politicioans an dnewses makeing htem ll falers in 2d . it proves tht wwqw.3dTelevisionNews.com is not fake an dtghey all are stifflemg theentire www.3DBusinesTV.com industryu soas to get re-elected in 2D on 2D for 2D fake newses and that i am right , the only way top test a newses integrity is tosee how musch research or hisotry files that have on the coverage of 18 years of launched 3DTVCHannels.com that are beeign gaged by CAnadian 2d fake medias filters and how come searches can find thousands of startups but not one 2d tv news can report a single one of them beeing gaged.
10:27 AM 2018-07-19
www;3DPresident.com of www.3DREAlTV.com news about www.New3DTVCHannels.com beebign gaged by "FAKE NEWS"
www.3DSPORTSTV.com or www.3DNEWSTV.com www.3DTVPOlitics.com or www.3DTVApps.comwww.3DTVCHAnnels.com for the next 290 years so thatwww.
www.3DBusinessTV.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com
www.3DTVCanada.com www.3DSportsCHannelCanada.org www.3DSportsChannel.org www.3DTVsports.org www.3DWorldCupSports.org


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