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Canada is paying heavely for actions taken by the plaintive in a legal-sanction-poliotics-business assualt and it is not a journalist beeing slauterd in a embasy yet we are beeing puinised for beeing as gullable as a turkey.

So who is guilty of whay where when why who is in back of it?
China and USA have chosen Canadians as their weapon of choice as they dual it out on the world business stage.
Canada agrees with China if Canadians are beeing played in trade deals as pawns business competition and politics , that ignores our is beside the law, then there will be legal hell to pay acording to ouir laws.
Elephants and Canadian courts do not forget.
Canadian law is based on 1 simole premise. the Queen rules but can not break the "law" so if and untill the Queen is allowed to break parlimentary laws then no one else can first before her or without ger permission and break it . As it ia the Queen cab bot break her own laws so if some one else does then there will be hell to pay. simple.

If business leaders are to be played as pawns in trade deals or politics, they should consider them selves lucky if the fast one is pulled on them in Canada because i can think of worse countries in the americas that you could have been pulled over in that are not honest and practice other costody policies and laws, and will be better off and treated fairly and stay well in Canada.
China and Canada are not Vassels of anyone so if China is a good and serious partnet they they will help us get to the bottom of this especialy if Canadians are expexting to be threatoned by China as it is their good nsture top dop so and their culture, Vancouver is the heart of China in Canadda and this is beeing taken seriously here, but if Canadians are beeing played in trade deals as pawns business competition and politics , that ignores our is beside the law, then there will be legal hell to pay than other places in the americas untill thier rights are protected and the law decides what to do.

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