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One day IN Richmond BC warehouse a kid caame to me and wanted to use my companies printer and technition to learn how to makwe a driver for a game called "EVOLUTION" as he needed the code so as to be compatable witht e worlds most popular printers he needed my help and so i gaame him a printwer and my technition and week later he and his coders left proimising to help me one day if i need help , ( today would be a good day to get that favour honmered)

Coders are in Demand BC Needs coders adn Christy Clark is WRITE ON!!!, Coders are in demand same as word processing professionals were in demand kids need code if they are to create evolution in software apps, and they need all the right code not softawe already written but they need to know how to code in all landuages by beeing code literate andrweading any manual andpick it up like they were readinfg a book or reading a different story, a math novel an archaeology teext and short poem or hycoo! they need to learn crammer codes and verb codeing and noun coding and other concepts in coding sooa as to create software packa for themselves to startup new apps for new comnpnaies and integrate them withthe Davoxs nillionares soas to have global prosperity as ther is no wayu to launcha cellphone in Canada first or a new apps for aphone as they all get launched off shore fiorst and the last place to ge teh app is Canada we need coders that code in all langusges for global competativeness and markets,

In 1978-1985 , at that time i was working for Epson sales and service North America ESSNA as the western Canadian Sales Representative and i was approached by the faculries of the universities as they were interested in what "WORD PROCESSOR" should they teach, seeing as i sold the most popular and advanced and reliable printers for word processing at that time the Epson mx-70-mx-8o and the s-100 cash register Seico mechanisms were in all the tills, our printers were the hottest sellerso they figured i knew who was selling the best WORD PROCESSORfor thgem and they would all use that complanies platform for ever ,(wow) it in all schools. Well i set them streight , thier job was to teach the theory of word processing and how to read a manual so as to get a job at a place where they bought a world processor and need workers to run it, not learn one software pack and get the school addicted to one compnaies products, wow, (Word Processors) were to be used and to be ablr to understand primtomg ypu needed tpo seporate the news papers from the business letters writhers and a Gootenberg application from and notpad email word processor ansd teaching one only would be a gazard to prosperity and the industries who all needed a different WORD PROCESSOR than eachother in the first place so ii told then to pick the top 5 or 10 ansd do a studyu of all 10 and the differences in all ten ands the benafits of one over the othewr and how to read their manuals and learn from them all how tto Word Process as it was plain ther was prwssure on some faculties from one company to use theirs onlya dn other facultie members were pressing to use the competitions i could see they were at aoods as to picjong one because of the fact that the school anmd education sysytem was looking for a compnay to give them money to teaxch one code only so as to sell their platform ansd it;s Word PROCESSOR software it was plain they were missing the point.
The university had to buy 3 word peocessors , MIcrosoft , unix and s1000 too so as to be ab;e to compete and graduate usable workers in the world of word prpocessing they had best not sigh a contract with one compnayh onliy am d so it is today.
Today we are going to have the Provincial Government of BC promote and pay for CODERS to be taught in Schools at the tax payers expence and what should they be tought , uniox, linux, perl, python, java and plc html and phone platform or should they be working for a gaming compnay and pimping theior games? this is the jpoice pof the provice as they will be paying fpor education unlike football or sports where a compnay can pump cash inthe dep[artment edducation can ntpo facvour one computer language code over the other and can npot favour one platform and produce a good player abld to transfer tpo another team if they only know one gamers code so the task is to teach coders codes and this means the parrents will have top help withthe homework??, wow, as long as education is npt a cahs grab or closed industry like 2d tv is closed to and for 17 years here in Vancouver BC the entire parliment full of graduates of faculties i helped can nto even say ona 2d tv cartesl network so this hinders their work too, and we have to teach the next generation how to be inovative and launch in an environment where startups are gagged by insiders deciding on alls behalf the corriculam in education and busienss tv content for investment and for the next generation we have to be able to integrate witrhthe billionares so as to have prosperity as it is impossible to integrate net org withthe 2d crtc they buy no ads from anyone but a few socil nets they usze to go viral on and so we can not have a schooling sysytem stuck like a crtc on one or 3 socil nets and a corriculam stuck on one por t codeing platforms we havbwe to be open so as to have oppertunities to create new platforms for fauclties to teaxch in the future and get out of the radical left and radical righrt 2 choice only 2d cou cultire and openm up education soas childeren learn how to read a programming code or launguage manual anmd the differences and bennafits of different codes and different platform and how to use one programming code over the otyhjer ina given situaltion soas to do the bet coding job for Canada and the world wide qweb in the future we can nto be sediced by cash offered by a single compnay that need to tap kids to sell games or so as to fill their factoories with episons or delts like in a Atwood Novel we need to tech the childern coding and all the computer lauguages terms and what platform does whot for whom is a good atart and that merans the education system can not go to b4ed with one or 2 compnaies only (Scandanavian schools do not allow computers untill college soas to get rewh worlds highest grades scores) and we have to teach everyones coding methods not just one compnaies. needs coders for platform too needs 3d tv coders dtoo and the entirew world pof and and and all gaged by 2d tv as they push to be a monoply online and gag 100% of every single coded website i wrote and launched even tvpin/com codes for shopping and with not 1 single faculty able to rick talking to a startup for fear they qwould lose a contract from a big gameing firm woudl scare all the good faculties out of any university, so we need to have tghe government independantly fund coders and codeing in schools so as to teach the childeren computer code (s) and platforms and how to read computer code manuals not teach them how to use a fancy 3d graphics pack made by one compnay so as to fill a market niche for them and them only, thats for sure that is unles the original educationl ethics code has change sinlce i sold pronters for codeing. odf and the a Coder for yearsd a s i use to read tv set schematic diagrams and fix tvs before i wasa computer programmer and sales rep i can tell ypou the leap from tv schmatics to computer schmatics to machine language to coding was something to experiance and if i was not a tv repair man first i would never have made it. so i know codes andknowing how to fix 1 tv set is a dumb as knowing how to code in one language or using a software pack thet needs an update or is abandined for somthing nw. codeing is codeing and it is plurlaism in text form and therfore the schools have to teacj a diverce methodology and resist the temptsation to put a computer a dsoftware pack on every desk from one compnay same ssame same as in 1998 or 1016 the education sysytem has to independant and call the shots not sponcerd bya compnayt that would not even mention 1/3000 gaged here in Vancouver by a unknown 2d tv media code wheere they use one o=r 2 compnaies and call it vlobla viral yet gag `100% oif but the us netflix sell 3dmovies and not one politician can sayy Vamcouvwer and it's old enough to go to school but needs the school too teach to the students and be able tpo mentionm 3dtvstartups and 3dtvjobs unlike the politicians and 2d tv presses. and this will educate andproduce prosperity and promote pluralism so the point i am trying to make is we nbeed to tech coding in schools so every9oen can get a graduate who will help their compnay not just one or 2 sociul net firms ort 2d tv channels or game compianes we need Christy Clarks codrs now.
One day a kid came into my warehouse and needed to code and we tought him the code and thats what the schools need is to be able to teach jids the codes they need to be entrepeneurs and sucessfull. 1:27 PM 2016-07-14.

Wow that's not all the schools will have to review copywrite code compilers and be able to recommend a compiler that will assemble their codes inot marketable coppywrite products they can use for making jobs and selling compiled copyright code to the world and thst why they need to teach multy platform codding toi coders and complilers of the future. coders are important to internet copyright marketing new products ansd codes. 2:15 PM 2016-07-14