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Happy 150th Canada

Canada is celebrateing our 150 th, birthday and it is common knowkedge here that as our spoken language is English and french, Canada is made up of a population that represents over 100 countries , and so we are speaking over 100 dialects from around the world, as we say "Happy Birthday CANADA!" and over celebrate our 150 th. 54:23 PM 2017-04-05

www.3DRealityTV.com "Softwood Carbon Tax?"
THe Canadian government will have to charge 20% softwood export Carbon Tax on all softwood lunber they ship to the USA to prevent new preposed 20% duties to softwood exported to the USA, and changes in the NAFTA agreement else the new goand level the field as the BC government will collect it as duties and this will mean the trade agreement will not have to be changed at great cost to jobs on both sides.
this will bring the price in the usa for softwood to an even playing field and Canada will not loose revenues and have to pay duties. thus ilimiating the need to change things as they are. ither way this will make a house in the USA more expencive to build. the money can be used to build the pipelines , whch will in turn face an oil duty that can again bw collected by the government and applied to solar which will be taxed so as to not have a trade war as solor research is no longrer an USA agenda it will not be facing a duty and so the NAFTA agreement can remain unchanged as we put a "carbon" tax premptivly on BC softwood exported to the USA, to prevent the need for duties we can carro on as if ther is no need to change the trade agreements , thus taxing any duties before they become in effect will prevent the need for talks and we can all go back to work. www.3DRealityTV.com Tm 2004 11:50 AM 2017-04-25 . www.3DWesternTV.com 11:44 AM 2017-04-25

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