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Feeding Closed Social Networks fake news.
IN to begining Unoversity bulletin boards avalable for chat or posting messages were a dial up moden affair and slow.
Today the Bbrd industry is everywere and fast.
Tday , ciuntry coades and large global websites are deviding and conquering the global www socil net iinot loop back closed political-search-chat-fake news soacial nets that can be fed a few advertisements and a few "official" fake news or tabloid journalism so as to feed the platform and grow a closed 4 pillar social net and it grows and feeds on bullying-gossip-fake news that will generate a change in people simmilat to grasshoppers that change into locusts and the 4 pillar closed socil net then radicalises whom ever they like and trolling and fake id hackers and closed search-chat-news-politics A.I locks the country or web users inot a closed world wide web where you look up italian food and get the same sponcers from you country coded closed platform as you do when yopu look up chinees food and so as i saaid you end up in a fake search-chat-news-political sink hole and markeing on a closed web with closed chat-search-news-politicians will never help you grow globaly online as all you can do is get looped back inot the same country code adresss and it's closed local database.
This devides the web into global and locak and makes the chat-news-search-politicians and business and politicians imprisioned and dependant on the good will trools of the to cable and teloco's and country code social net and they are activily blocking the woprld wide web so as to loop you back to thesir asdvertisiors -chats-searches-newses and politicianbs and the ris no way to ger the same socil net as we all use to get opn our short wave radieos , instead we get stuck in a look that is closed and ther is no way to sell a publication to your local news paper or the advertisoes in ot because it is not in the best interests of the convergent closed 4 pillar platforms and their socil net sponcwers that all run a loop back closed system so as to radicalise eveeryone over wars and gun copnrtole and sex and politicians and busiens .
IN 2000 i launched the3DCHannel.com amnd gave away 80 free socil netDomain names for chat and photo bbreds fo all kinds of venues and today if you launched a 18 year old 3DPhotonews.com not only is it blocked for 19 years by local 2d uhf vhf tv platforms abut ther is nop way anyone in .uk , .us. , .ca. , .in or .cn will eveer see your advertisement on your soocial net and if yopur in one of these countries and yopu pay for a search -chat-news-political presence ther is no way yopur global as the world switvh from .com net org to . country code and the platforms stop searching the www and only shoe results for your . country code and only show shopping from the same country code and ther is no way to even get loged intot he .com compna adress tjhat started up and was global as you only get looped back to the closed local 3 pillar "social net " that the service prividers supply and this limits your net nutrality , it limits who and whwere you will sell your works ansd it prevents you from buyimng cable tv from Lousianna or Alberta as the vdery cable copmpn aies here are the ones some times who are backing the closed loop soas to feed their social net and keep it closed and selling the same ads.
All the people going to the polls are forced to go through the loop-back-local social net and this allows hacker to tweek the entire platform instead of yoru advertising and busienss going global the only ones who have true global marketing abilities are the identity and hacker thieves who move in and out of the local p[latforms and hack and tweek the chats so as to bugger elelctions becuase they arew the only global citi8sens who are not blocked by 4 pillar closed socil net sink holes.
POliticians that do not use their .gov bbrds for el;ections and chats and politicians who uase a closed 4 pillar platform to run theoir election are not only left with 30% of the population not voting at all but so so many never even knew whatg the fuss was all about because they are locked out of the loopy socil nwet they are stuck with an dnbo not evewn use the cxhats-news-search-politriical system the politicians whants you to vote for them on.
this leaves advicates of closed looped socil nets and searching for business and anouncing innovation and startupos and voting for a politicians solely inth ehands fo the 4 pillar closed loop[ and with no net nutrality they can shut off even more so as to haver it all tgeur way and run a closed 2d tv eletion show and then take opver the country and it's internt tld codes and post their own loops an dsads and sponcer what they whim and call it a socil net " the socil net when in reality the world wide web socil net is becomeing extinct due to closed 4 pillar loops set up to prevebnt posperity unless it feeds the loop.
Businesses that do not buy a .com adress or net or org and do not set up on their own pc computers in their own adresses adn run a server to serve their own website on their own computers from their own adress on their own ip are forced to operate in a closed loop[ provioded by them by some other entity are bannised and trolled and bullied out of the closed loop by the vdery fedddi g of ther [latform fake news-search-chat-political bullying And so ther is no way to use the closed platform for advertising globaly or localy as it is biast , and ther is no way to go to your politicians .org and see their p-latform free fo trolling and chats innondated with russian hackers, ansd because ther is no way to use the companeis .com adrss for global business growth because the country your invest8mng in is running the same compnaiews llop back platform your stuck on only it blocks you and loops them back to their advertisors this prevents you from social networking out side of their loop so as to feed them selves and choke off competition if it acurs for all buit their sponcers, and it serves to starve the rest of the www social net and it's search-chat-news-politicians that the platform trolls and because money talkks very very loudly it makes it easy to bribe and be complacent and even rolerate a hacker ridden closed socil net and use it for elections instead o0f the ddot gov the taxpayers p[aid for instead.
World cup closed loop back A.I software runnign a closed chat-search-news-politics platform set up to feed itself (with hacker anbd fake id users ) and fedd ansd fedd untill theuy have a2d tv electiopn show full of content created on a closed platform to help it elect more support for itself soas to keep the world wide web closed socialy and mnake them the source of what is viral and what is politicaly incorect.
Feeding Closed Social Network platforms fake news is distroying democracy and net nutrality so as to prevent world wide web busienss and socil nets from thier zone.
As i said to a hosting compnay in Arizona, California, Verginia, Lousianna, Toronto Vancouver Britton , France , india, asia ns china the carobean and germany and many more ther is no way anyone here is going top buy cable tv from you providers and ther is no way you are goin gto by 1/6 of our cable and telco tv news-chat-search-politics medias and closed loops prooducts and ther is no way we will by youirs because you are not even global your stuck in the same sink hole as we are a closed 2d tv run chat-search-news-sports-travel-realestate,shopping,auction,movie and news loop set uop to see that your search-chat-news-political socil life is lomited to the loops they set up and thats why i keep trying to l;aunch www.3DCounty.com a www.NetNutralTV.com and for 18 years get a press publication bann and gagged by all the 2d tv news and print-search-chat-politicians on our lcowed loop baxck sysytem here so as theyr no way to use them to launch a 3dsportschannel for any sport as they all are franchises of thje 2d loop.
Pllitics should use their .gov adresses and stop feeding the closed loop and their hackers abd start backing the citiswens and their www startups and chat on thier own web servers and not sopme hacker haven where htye get trolled and tweeked by anyone an deveryone so as to feed the closed loop and starve democracy globaly . duhh!
www.3DPresident.com of www.3DCounty.com and mayor of www.3DTVCity..com a www.3DwwwTV.com gaged by 2d tv and theior close uhf vhf loop[ for more than a decade so aas they can close as many door as thety can and run the stock marketsd and politiciamns and chats ansd nefake news til they rich at the expence of everyon opand everhtoign else not conforming to their closed lopp A.I. software and fake net nutral rules. 3:45 PM 2/22/2018

British Columbians are anxcious to see oil shipped out of it's Kinder morgan pipeline twining project.
All Canadians can,t wait to see all issues put to bed and to see it's new fully functional west coast emergency ocean oil spill clean up services twinned so we can get on with it too Canadian coasts marine ecosystems diserve a future that is spotlessly clean.
Albertans and All Canadians awate the day we celebrate it's completion and raise a glass of wine in toast to Alberta for helping Us get it done quickly and cleanly
Canadians deserve a clean ocean marine life coast to coast with safe , overly safe pipeing and shipping practices so that all future Canadians can be as proud as we are husbanding it in the west.
www.3DWaterTV.com 4:56 PM 2018-02-22 chat-search-mediaa-politics

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