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Happy 150th Canada

Net Nutrality was set by the USA FCC so that governments services, Voters, politicians and small businesses services would not be slowed down or trunked during elections and every day use of the United states of America's internet highways , by setting net neutral laws they insured everyone would cruse the web at the agreed speed limit, and speeders would be pulled over so that everyone gets the same speedy acess for work and play and all their traffic without time out redirects and equal on and off ramp acess for the same social advantages and seevices, untampered with by corporations or local politics tweeking based on software A.I. or traffic software filtering that could be set to take advantage of some web clouds or sites while favoring others, so, it was agreed that even though large cloud and Hosting compnaies wanted to slow down certain websites, social nets and the odd political candidadtes, for money, so as to give more speed and bamdwidth to the top paying customers , it was agreed that this would make the US internet usless in more thn one application and especialy usless in a global web nire would they accept this slower service provided when their website could be cut off, slowed down or trunked on a dead end server because some other top paying entity bought the entire internet highway service and so even though this inequality in services might not seem to be a problem in some countries in the land of free speech it 's just a choke, and could be a dig problem to nutrality online come government servcies, startups , Lawers, elections or stock market softwares.
The social nets Companies that host cloud servises and some large compnaies would just love to be allowed to clip election candidates services (just another thing for hackers to tweek) if they dissagree with a platform issue or a competitiors service-app for more noney than the get from providing nutrality and thoes who could pay for using some one elses bandwidth and sell it to the top bidder and slow down users websites as they whimfor what ever reasons theyh inventory, or because they were paid to by a wealthy competator and because money tweeks integrity, they could probably interfear with elections or the coarse of politics and politicians platforms who are running for re-, election or government services or presentations for government new software for governments services and for sure during elections, if it would give them an advantage in the long run and because they could.
The FCC will review the net nutrality act and decide next month the fate of the Americas internet highways and with it the small busienses websites net nutral-equal accesability to global narkets , next month and this will affect global users and their cloud services for investors and busiensses un a very competative global internet highway, and it's service providers in the web cloud market.
www.NetNutralNews.com 3:21 PM 2017-11-16

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