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Happy 150th Canada


The new reports that a home owner looking to buy in Vancouver would need to make a minimum of 300,000 dollers a year to get a house in Vancouver and then it anounces that the Liberals will pass a bill that would raise the income tax of people making over 250 so thatthay pay 75" tax , wich leaves a rake home pay of less than 100,000 so that a person looking to by a middle class home would have to make over 1,000,000 dollers a ywar to live in a middle class home and thats a lot of money for a small busienss or middle class busiemss to make in profits seeing as the same gfovernment is willing to finance and fully support with tax breakes and perks big forien companies to set up busienssn using middle class taxes that should be a flat tax on everyu one not jusat small busienss home buyers trying to make a licing free from discrimination by any one group (politicians who get in office and then try to solve everthing with a new tax on the middle class or small business ither way the reality is ther s no way to use 100% of the crtc for 20 years to launch a single 3DTelevisionNetwork.com or 3DTVCHat.com or 3DRealtyTV.com ina 2d crtc cartell that is not interested in small business startups in hd3dtv.com webcasting in news arts fashion travel andsports and beeing boycotted for 18 years by all the queens 2d crtc medis is no way to make a million dollers a year and buy a home so how do you launch a www. 3DTVCanada.com and hire workers that are supposed to make over a million dollers a year so that they can join the www.3dWorldWideWebTV.com www.3DTVStartup.com family of new www.3DWirelesstv.com and vreate www.3DTVJobs.com and create a middle class when all ther is is efforts to tax you out of your middle class homes in the process so that you can bevome a huge international mega company that gets politicians working on tax breaks and insentives so that you can launch in forien countries andhere at home and be able to compete with companies that are givien a tax break while youa re taxed so as to pay for thier tax breaksa and perks without have to move to the boonies to do it while 2d tv and thier sports get all the breaks that you don't get because your gaged by all the 2d tv politicians chats news medias and search engines that can;t ( or won't ) find you because they whant your market nich so all they do is fake the results and find thousands of websites and trolls using yoru tld as a key search word soas to sell millions of ads on thousands of results websites that they decide to find instead of your 3dtvbrowser.com or www.3dsearchChannel.com or www.3dtvstores.com so as to block your startup and launch their own army of results using your trade name andtld as a search engone , and still make enough mony to have ypur emploees make over 1.000.000 dollers a year so as to lice down the street from you and work inthier middle class homes and pay taxes in Vamcouver middle class homes zs amember of the Canadian www.3DTVVancouver.com, www.3DTVToronto, and www.3DTVMontreal.com middle classes?


First, Texas is under global warming attack, now it www.3DBusinessTV.com Canadian Tax reform

Middle class , upper class lower class and no class at all is not an excuse for unfair and un-equal taxation as rhw working class carry the dept and tax breaks are only enjoyed by the rich and corporate hiants ther is no fairness to this piece work of taxation. The best solution is tostart flat and charge everyone the same, accept the destitute ther is no reason to abandone a flat fair tax system.
To reform Income Taxes in Canada so that it is fairto all, is to implement a FLAT TAX!.
The lowest income earners can be exempt as a minimun wage exemption cut off figure is uniform and the rest of Canadian can just pay a flat tax with no way to pay less than anyone else the flat tax amount can go up or down a few points when needed otherwise taxation would not be equal or fair uness everyone pays the same fair flat tax .
A flat tax would save millions as the politicians would not be able to waffel and preach all day and all night in parliment and wat millions of dollers argueing over what is fair andf what is not who is rich and who is not, what companies are expemt and whit politicians working on some other dayly business than debating waht is fair in taxes would profet everhting they discuss thatiis not taxes and the time and money saves by having politicians debate medicine and dept and how to launch a www.3dtvstartups.com in a 2d uhf vhf cartell bent on loopholes and exclusive acess to politicians and theinternet backbone and monoplising venues for exclusive acess to advertisng and elections debates agendas and they stiffel 3dtvsports.com net orgs soas to profit from wor4ld sport in 2d for 18 years now, and 2dnews 2darts 2dtravel 2dfasion 2dmovies 2dentertainment and 2dadvertising so as to be in a position to stiffel all new3dtvchannels.com and this ineauality in trades adn virtual3dtv.com startups would be more benaficial to Canadians that have a 2duhf 2dvhf monoply running the parliment debate tv shows soas to stall entrepeneurs with unfair taxation while they get all the breaks so as to waste canadian time and money featuring 2d tv politics shows based on fair taxes rhat are realy a soap in 2d scripted by politicians financed by taxpayers providing 2d tv news withj content based on argue away millions of doller and weeks of parliment time (time is money)on a 2d tv show featuring a faulty class based tax concept like targeting a canadian claswith unfair taxation just to get exclusive tv co ntent to stall entrepeneurs in 3dtvpolitics.com another year same same same as in 2000.
There is no way anyone to charge everyone fairly and voters could not say that that was favouring anyone or penalising anyone and no way for companies or people to chea and not pay any taxes while the dept is carries by the rest of canadians.
Call it an admittion to Canada charge. 2:40 PM 2017-09-18
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Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Vancouver pikot Marajuanna Vending Machines in thier Casino;s and Hotels Other Canadian Provinces plane ways to link alcohall lays to pot while cigerattes kill millions and get off un-recriminalised the efforts to capatalise and re-criminalise at the samwe time are making 2d tv content filleerrs and spending tax dollers so as to have to rase the taxes from the miffle classes businesses to pay for it all, , when can we order pot on Amazon??.
meanwhile some provinces are piloting new markets wjile others are planning ways to profit from re-crimina;istion by alchohall laws and so the entire 2d tv -chat-advertisjkng -politics cylo spims off profiting as comercial and to re-criminalise effort to profit from it it and no one cares about the sick and cemo patients or, mental and alcohal-tobbaco adicted patients who were what all this legalisation was supposed to be for , so they could grow and co-op medical marijuanna for thier sicknesses as the Canadian government legalise commercial pot stocks-grows-distribution-and inacrceration pl;anns the Business community and the sick and needy are represented by no political representartives. www. 3DpubTV.com business chat

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