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Netstat -f 3 will atest to the truth when the 3d crtc are covering up for it.
When you give to a 2d tv charity website money or browse shopping or go where the 2d tv news medias tell you to go online this christmass, chances are 9.999 times out of ten you being tracked and demographicaly tabulated andf demographicaly moniterd . spyed omnand listed for later spamming by 1 or 2 of the netstat's highlighted established link listings and watched and scored by your browser2d tv chat - and bbrd affiliates , tacrged by 1 or 2 mega browser shopping online companies that support the 2d tv coup that gagges tyrolls presidents elect., wire taps the queemn and repoprts wepons of mass distruction wheee they were none , they tell everyone the 911 terroists came from Canada whne Cananda proitected the rerouted plaes and they gag Vancouber 3d tv startups pretendinmg we are a high tech hub when we are a sweart shop for the very 2d tv coupos that gag 18 years 100% of every tld launmched for 3d streaming tv online movies and sports who need communism when we have a2d crtc tv coup that can gag 100% of 3dtv for 18 years in every sport and arts and culturs ghere in Vancouver Canada , no way to use any newly elcted political party to launch1/ 3000 3dtv channels in Cananda same samesameas in 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004 ... 20013 2014 2015 20016 andf i get stuck reporting it. www.3DnewsCHannel.com gagged by uber 2d tv coups spo that there is no www.3dtvjobs.com for 18 yearshere in Vancouver Canada , go figure I gwet stuck reporting it because besides Donald Trump and me no one woudl ever evewn risk tewlling you they are a 12d tv coup. I would do business withthem , but the 2d tv coup will not let ypou, that;s the kind of people they are. go figure i get stuck reporting it because they can't as they are a 2d tv coup and that's the kind of people they are. www.3Drealitytv.com 9:03 PM 2016-12-17

One time wheni was robbed of a tld and ther was no way to rport it in TV news here in Canada i went to my elected local politician and asked for help and i was flatly told that it would be a conflict of interest if i was to talk to a politician about business without a lobbyist and now i find out all i realy needed to do was ny a 1500 doller diller and get special attention that way ,but this is ilegal i was toldit;s a crime by one politicians and the norm by others, so what gives? www.3DTVpolitics.com Uber confustion here, oif only ther was a class action against 2d tv coups. www.classactiontv.com 6:54 AM 2016-12-17
Reportingwar, crimesand terroism is important but so is reporting 2DTVCoups faking news about 3DTVJobs.com in Vancouver;s closed "high tech " industries 6:32 AM 2016-12-17.
Uber Can.t enter the Vancouvere Market because if they could then the www.3DworldWide WebTV.com and all the 3dfreePress.com startups.com gagged by the 2d crtc tv monoplies would be allowed to intefrate with 2d tv isits and 2diam and the 2d tv chat social networks along with UVE and even though 3DSportsCHanel.com 3DTravelTV.com 3dtvCanada.com and 3DTVCHannelA,erica.com have veeb hacj abd rehacjed and stiffeled adb gagged abd civered up by Ghadaffi like governments they have been gaged by 2d crtc tv newses for 18 years meaning the TV Cartels in Canadian Buainess can gag all the iNNovastion and www.3DWirelestv.com www.3dtvjons.com but Taxi Unions are npot allowe andbecause the 2d tv crtc is so so "TWO FACED" the result is politicians can complain about hacking and Uber Can complain about 2 d tv brieaking up unions but when 18 year of 2d crtc news medias hack the www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com net porg industries ands for 18 years they gag 100% of Vancouver website launched fro streaming www.3DTVAds.com and all the election money and govvernment ad money and ebates are funneled through a 2d crtc that haxks www.3DCopyRightTV.com startupsit means ther is a 2 faced government willing to support a 2d crtc that hackes 3DTVBusiness.com startups but allows the same hackers to report on and trash a taxi union , this means the 2d tv will protect thoer own 2d tv cartels at the expence of journalism and all it's faculties same same same as GHADAFFI!. Taxi drivwers beccome content filler while 100% of the 2d tv go about daoly weekly monthly yearly stiffeleing of all competion in www.3DVirtualTV.com and protect themselves while sacrificing anyonme that comes in theor way to a 2d tv "FAKE" news industry that is no more that scri[t reader who gag 100% of #DTVSorts.com for their cartel gazibo pals. 3dtvchannels.com and 3dcopyrighttv.com startups are not able to ikntegrate in dictatorships and in the 2d world wide socil net for jobs same sam same as UBER.com gets to do businers and mega onl;ine shopping portals but www.3DStores.com is gaged for 18 years by all the crown 2d crtc and that is discrimination , so while 100% of the 2d tv discriminate against 100% of the Vancouver3DTV.com startups and 100% of the www.3DTVCHannels.com and allthe 18 years of busienss is l;ost because they still will not talk about this, (UVRT chatting and discussion is a bread winner but 2d tv crtc coups is a secret) preventing 100%of the 3dbusinesstv/cp, startups is all they accomplished in 18 years proving they are as Gonald Trump promised in his election a bunch of crooked cheats and with no integirty and 2d tv crtc cartells same as dictaoroships will not stand for 3DTVJobs.com or even an 19 year old industry of trying to launcch 3DTVSports.com net orgs in a crtc 2d tv coverup ring of cheats calling themselves an integritous industry and business , ( 3DTVCAsting.com ts a very difficult proffestion to be in when your country has a 2d tv coup crime ring tweeking the market thier way instead of journalism and a free press is a fake profestion as ther is no competition in a 2d tv coup market , just a 2d tv coup thats all and they use it ti trash Donald Trump's presidency because they whant to elect a 2d tv coup pal so if Uber can launch in Vancouver usinf 100% of all the crtc news and busiens medias and the stock market and charites but while 100 , 200 , 300 www.3DTVChannels.com get hacjed by the crtc and gagged by 100% of the queens Canadian presses and licenced newsseqwws then ther is no radio free Americas or europe just a 2d tv coup using uber as a content filler untill they feel like it, then that would look bad in the face of libterty in busienss and a case for the history books on discriminaion by the crtc gangs from 2000-2016 same same same as a dictatorship ny politicians but a dictatorshipp by crtc 2d tv cartels and 2d tv news in canadian presses and because theer is no way to use the crtc to report a hacking by the crtc gangs ther is no way to innovate and to do busienss in Canada ( the USA's Best customer is gaged by a Gadaffi like 2d tv coup and so unless you pay some invisiable piper to rid Canada of it;s 2d tv coup , then you should have realised ther is no way to use Canada for anything but null crapping via a 2d tv coup carttel so that not even 1 www.3dtvphone.com is [possible in 18 years here in Vancouver ( the cover up is we are a high tech province nu the truth is we are a sweat shop for the 2d tv coups cartel affiliatwes andther is no wau to integrate in their 2d tv high tech facade while forieem currency proffits and 2d tv crtc startups proffit free of discrimination like theyr were UBER backed by a 2d tv coup. This type of discrimination make MIcheal Moor look like a staged prop.
THis is why all ther is to do is report it because the crtcv 2d tv Canadian press will not . they would trash politicians and Taxi ubions but they will not stand for 1 3dtcvsportschannel.com or 3dtvpolitics.com in 18 years profing theyr discrimination is affecting the 3dtelevisionCanada.com industroes and no one in governmetn will step up and prove they have the _alls to take them on , BUT DOBALD TRUMP. and that's a glimps of how low the 2d tv press is on the integrity scale because Canada has a 2d tv coup news medias that gagges competition online for 3d social net tv startups and on;y 2d tv gazibo inmdofeerrd asnd theor 3d tv coups are allowed to be ,
19 years gagged by all thwe 2d tv news medias in Canadfa here in 3dcounty.xcom on www.3dVirtualtv.com and still trying. 8:22 PM 2016-12-15 www.3Dpresident.com of www.3DCounty.com a www.3dcopywritetv.com gagged by the Canadian 2d tv coup for 18 yeaers and still 3dvirtualtv.com trying to launch a 3drealityrv.com show in a 2d tv coup.,the whole wolrd wide web is watching a 2d tv Canadcian coup gag the entire 3d reality tv. com industry while they debate UBER. There you have it the 2d crtc can protect thier 3d ist monoply while debatring UBER and taxies proving ther is no way to do busines in a 2d crtc tv coup in 2016. or Y2K 2000 because the 2D canadian tv monoplies will not allow any busimnes unless they get a cur oe somthing that makes 3DTV impossible whiile every othwer Movie and cable industyry inthe world get to n]=markert 3d movies films and social nets 100 of Vancouver 3DTVCanada.com gets gagged by all the 2d tv channels in the Kingdome.
You cab use rthe Canadian press to launch facebook or google , UBer or Amazon but IN 18 years I vam not use all of Canad and all the politicians and 2d crtc news medias in it to launch 1 3DTVCHannel.com an 3DUberTV.com delemina for historians . www.3Darchaeaology.com

Wow ,
If you whant to see who where when what and whay your browser and business interests are torlled and tracked and followed and then ( if your a 3dtvchannel.co,m , gagged) listed for spamming , then make a snide remark about a few " netstat reguars) perhaps even a snide remark about Canadian 2d tv cartell newses and business cartels and then , hit ypur netstat the next day and see who is loged onto you ip adress and establishoing a link and 123 www.3dtvbingo.com your in touch with who gets away with voierism eveery day week in week out , year after ywar and no one bothers to even bust them . and while 2d tv preach all about who' was hacked and how many billion names and adresses and p[asswords are breached the 2d tve new wil be sure to cover you up like a primitave tribe in 2d social chats the netire affare will have tpo wate rpo 1 2 3 years befoire the 2d tv wqill even admit something was hacked and you willhave all the 2d tv spyware ip adresses adn software and what rther were runnign when they established a link on wha t evder you were doing when you booted . under the disguise of updates dn and "specia; member status " the same same 2d tv compnaies thatr gaged 3d on ever divice launched fpo 3d streaming 3d tv from soney tpo 3d viertual reality visors and games for 80 . no cords or wirrelss needed and because we all lice in 2d tv cartels ferom dicataorships to free world stock market ther ias no way top even report a 2d tv coup when you see one.
The Delemia goes on , how can ypou have a closed 2d tv crtc coup and UBer free enterprise in a 2d tv Gazibo and pretend in 2dc that your an integritous 3d tv news and business information dissimation organization on twitter or facebook. and save face at the same time as they conduct uhf vhf and cyber interfearance in www.3DTVJobs.com and high tech and virtual3dtv.net busineses trying to sell ads for sports in 3d since 2000. 9:11 PM 2016-12-15 www.3DTVTime.com

But you can use netstat to see qwho whenr when wheat and why and how your every intewrnet browse from your child roto your grandparrents is watched and tabulad3ted and scribed and ther is no way in the wporld to get THe President of any country to llok inbto why the internet is so so so ablke to hack and gag and cibossh every startup in 3dtv fpro 18 years without a single 2d tv news or Micheal Moor even bothering to laubnccch from Hollywood to moscow a 2d tv documentary on how thwe entire 32d tv coup gaged 3dtv webcasting in Cananda fo 16 years or 18 and becvause cbc is stumped and ctv is stumped and shaw ansd rogers ansd bell are all stumped as to why ther is no 3d tv ic cananda possible on a single stock markert for 18 years means you all should fire up your netstat and see who is voierising you and your businesses and startups too. www.3dtvtoo.com iis gaged for a good 2d tv xcoup reason and all thew 2d tv startups in social netwrking and shopping for 18 years now established as huge megaa media monopolies runnign the ads for sports are unable to explain why every compnay from soney to sam sung that launches a 3d tv web casting toy game or visor for 3dvirtualtv is trashed like they qwere Donald Trump runnign for a 2016 election on a 2d tv coup with 3000 3dtvchannels.com gaged all so aso to wensure a 2d tv coup batch pof jobs and i assure you the 2d tv coup could notr care leess about thier emploiees than a they did for the last 18 years. www.3Dpresident of the 3Dwebcastingnetwork.com launched onlien foro globla busienss and gaged by the entire 2d tv coup. that trashwed the president elect of the USA in 2016. 4:29 PM 2016-12-15