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Dopeing the news!,
Should the 2d tv news be raided by the pot police for promoting the sale of comercial pot, still an ilegal act and medicaly controled for years substance in Canada, tax free?
The stock market, the politicians, the news medias and the politics-search-chat-news-2d tv advertising industry in Canada are willing to pull out all the syops to launch POT stocks in the news but try to launch a www.3DNewsCHannel.comor 3dtvsports.com , 3dtvtravel.com 3dtvauctions.com 3dtvrealty.com 3dtvfashion.com or list a 3DTVCHannel.com for www.3DTVJobs.com and the entire crtc along with the 2 d crtc chat-search-news-politics monopoly in canadian press , run by the 2d news on election ad funds and government advertising for everthiong from pot stocks to uber licences and all under the scripting of 2d journalists nad 100% 2d ist Canadian (no-tech educatio for 3DEducationalCHael.com startups , nut pot startups get 100% coverage in the news and gagged3dtvchannels.com get the "s0olitary confinement treatment{ necause they are discriminationg against 3DTVBrands.com and all for 2D TV stocks and 2d preses and uhf vhf crtc monoplies that tweek the stoaks all their way, same same same as in 2000, preses so that ther is no way in the entire world wide web in Canada to use the TSX , CRTC, news papers, ombudsmen, even hollywood to report this but list an ilegal substance on the tsx and the laws are moot, with a dictatorship in the news preses pimping thier own medias launches and selling poot stocks instead of providing a public broadcasting network to use to launch 1000 3DTVChannels.com in 18 years is a glimps of how corrupt the news industrey is , they push pot stocvks and gag www.3DTVCHARITY,com and the entir 3DTVBroadcastingNetwrok.com as MY capital city www.3DTVOttawa.com and 3DTVVictoria.com get gaged in the presses the real news is a 2d tv coup selling pot stocks and gagging 3dtvVancouver and 3dcabletv.com vbsuiesn for their own benagit a gadafic likenews and media set up using taxes asnd the crtc to sell pot stocks and gag busienss in 3d television news and all the key 3dtv trade marks in 19 years i realy what 2d tv news is all about a gadafic state of affars for Canadian busineses and new compnaies looking to list on a 2d tv tsx controled stock market monoply run for 2d in2d pon2d soas to have 2d tv ther to tweek t5he results their way, same same as in 2000, and the realit is ther is no way to use politicians -adjudicators-the press or politicians even sports to iradicate this . investment in high tech startups is pre-emptivly stiffeled by a 2d tv press that would sell pot stoks and gag 1000 jobs on 1000 3Dtvstartups.com for 18 years like they were 3dcookies.com to gobble up andfeed to their 2d tv preses, and so in Canada the tsx is a 2d tv coup run cartel that gages 3dtvjobs.com gages 3dtvinnovation.com and sell pot srtocks after they revoew the days news items and desode who they will support and whgo they will elect and who they will filter and hgag and stiffel and who will help theirsales of pot stocks ( still ilegal) so as get ad funding and tax medicines and help who they want to, to list on the tsx with an army of 2d tv medias gagging the industry , UBR or pot stocks take Canadian press priority over 100% 3dcopyright.com www.3dtvstartups.com so that the 2d tv news medias can play "dictatoship" and launch pot stoks ( pot is i;ega; but allowed to list on the tsx, instead of 3dtvbusienss.com giving you a glimps of the news media's intent , integrity and controle over elections and politicians in front of the crtc's noses too, and the worlds presses as the push pot stocks and gag 3dtvCanada.com sports and new products from the tsx here ( they moved the Vancouver stock exchange in 2000 so that madoff and enron could inside trade like they were 2d tv news medias , and new streaming web startupos for 3DTV products they will not report are gaged or even mention in stock market newses, as they gag high tech coders adn startups so as to milk the 2d politicians high tech cash grabs and spin it into 2d tv ad money same same as sports, on 2d cartels and prevent investment and news in 3DTV sports instead. for 18 years the 2d tv run Canada so that they can list pot stocks and tax medical ppatients and hah 100% of the entire Canadian3dtv web casting industry soas to retain 100% cintrole over teh tsx and push pot stocks instead , because it is legal to gag 100% of a company for 100% of the trades in 100% of the Cnadoian presses and journals fopr 18 years while selling astocks to grow pot , whay it next heroin stocks in 2d on2d for 2d tv busiens that gages 100% of the 3dmoviechannel.com soas to retain a monoly in wich to elect in 3d on3d more 3d tv polititions and sell more pot stocks and hah more innovation in 2d same same saem as when they were uhf vhf 2d tv newes gagging www.3dcookies.com in 2000 befire it was stolen and icannrecord hacked to show it launched in 2008 same same hackers t hat stole other trade name3d tv startups and all so that a 2d tv coup can sell stoks for pot while gaggingt 3dTVCHannelAmerica.com and 3dtvsports.com , proving ther is no integrity in the tsx or the crtc or the 2d tv busienss preses. just 2d-ists and pot stock pushers.
When you can't trust your 2d tv news medias -politicians-chats-search-stocvk markets because the news about them comes from Fake news and fake-fake newses out to pimp pot stocks and gag 3d tv Canada startups then ther is no way for a constitution that promises to protect people from discrimination bya group or company in Canada. and when you can;t trust jpurna;list periodicals documentaries news and radio facultiews then ther is no romm for prosperity in a dictatorship run by a 2d tv coup that gages 3dcopyrightTV.com busiens and sell pot stocks instead. www.3DPresident.com of www.3DNewsCHannel.com and the share holder of stocks for sale in www.3DSportsCHannel.com if ther was a stock market open to new3dtvchannels,com in Canada i would ntpo be reporting this as it make it easy to run inside trading in the news rooms as they desicide what to gag and stiffel andwhat to pimp in their news before they tell us on it in 2d. same same same as in 2000 no changes by any politcians in 18 years give you a glimps of why it is easy to sell pot stocvks when pot is ilegal and2d crtc tv news can gag 3dtvstartups whe it is an act of dicrimination as the shoose what ilegal news to report so as to profit by ir and stiffel innovation fo rtheir s[poncers at the same time . soonthe news will get revenues from pot stocks and in 2d on2d dictatorship newsews sell somthoingwelse that is ilegal soas to get inon the inside trading in rthweuir 2d tv news rooms same samwe as in 2000. it;s 2d tv news selling vulture or Dragon capatalising nes that hurts startups and prevents 2dwebtv.com net orgs in Canada thats all they are insioders and cheetys same same as in 2000. The news medias must be all inside trading and is such a hurry too to deal in pot stocks or somthing. not integirty, as this is one scam that Putin is not behind because the entire scam is a 2d tv coup posing the problem when yu can not trust your 2d tv news medias then ther is no reason to have them. www.3DTVTechreport.com 6:51 AM 2017-03-28.

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