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look out Pokemon integrated 3D VéR is stepping out of the closet!

So as to create jobs!

WE have to env "DOS" attacks by 2d tv cartels like the crtc Gazibo gangs, as they discriminate against net org for 18 yeafrs in a row!
There is an entire world of jobs in net org startups and manufacturing and advertising for net org busiens gagged by 2d tv busiens and news medias here in Cananda alone, anda world ofoppertunities and jobs in 3dTVPhones and net org busiens gagged by 2d tv for 18 years and and a woerld of education and new toys and games in jobs andmedia in 3DWebCasting, 3DTVFashion, 3DTVSports, 3DTravelTV, an entire world of jobs and new products in and net org and social networking sites and advertising even sexy fashions and cars plus a new3D 4K virtual reality digital world ofweb tv and public , web casting , on networks that are free ad bublicly webcasting without a 2d crtc btu gaged by all the 2d crtc busiens and reality tv journalis and a world of electronic designne and AI for new safe products that are not full of web holes afor 2d hackers and sony to battel in 2d on2d waiting for 3DTVJobs tooas 2d tv hold up the and the webs entire of new web social nets and busienss startups for 3D that are unable to mount on 2d tv social tweets and search platforms because the 2d tv arecovering up the entire uber3dtv industry and this open the door tothe history of startups in education and virtual web tld startups and dos attacks by 2d tv coups reality tv actors in busiens that 2d crtc tv facullties can not even mentieon ( DOs attack by 2d tv busienss newses) for some reson even Keven Oleary can't say startups on 2d tv news cast while he riun the busiens shows and belches fire like a drafon and thats a DOS attack a (dos attack lasting 18 years is historic)by all the 2d crtc uhf vhf 2d tv reality ad all the dragons dens are as void as tax payers cbc files when it comes to 3000 Domain name adresses frobusiens startups in the net org industry gagged and buy the very champions fo crtc standards they do it freely and net org hobs are DOS attacked by 2d tv busiens and investment tv shows for 18 years there has been no documentaries about it as an entire world of net org 's startup net org domain name services 2d tv DOS at6tack and tax funded newses denie service even when new 3dtvchannels are re adressed or hacked the 2d tv dos attack is thourough and noone even knows their adresses or that they were launched and 2d tv socil nets are quick to cover up the tlds and jhoyrnalists use the hash tags of the domain name adressesdn so a 2d tv dos attack gages 100% of 18 years of 100% of the time on a 2d network where 100% of the socil nets is in 2d for2d by2d and is a dos attaxcker od net org tlds themselves. uiber vrs taxi content filler and political elections for 2, 3 4 years are given special aces to 2d tv newses that 18 years of 2d uhf vhf "DOS" attacks of report by tax funded 2d tv news giving special acess to 2d reality business dragons and in 3D on 2D denie srvice to 3DTVStartups running none stop 2d election and uber-taxi like disputes as dos attack content filler everthing from sars to mad cow , bird flue and gterists in 2d all soas to have a DOS attack on 3DTVJobs adn gag funding and startups for 3DEducational TV jobs, as total preferential acess to2d tv companies by politicialparties as they denie 3dtv jobs service too, and like 1500 for acess a 2d tv DOS attack for 18 years is a historical event and defies the Consitution of many countries as 2d tv dos attack or it's a dos attacj while they are Dos attacked and the entire thigns are coverd up by a 2d tv DOs attack PAY to play 2d tv coup. pretending to be busiens news. and uhf vhf 2d tv busiens is a 2d reality socil; net doing dos on tld adresses and 3dtvsports 2d tv DOS attacks too, as 2d tv is all about NYMB and uber-vrs taxi content filler for their tweets and agaionst 3DTVAds for 2d jobs andf 3DTVADS for 2d reality tv and 2d sports for 18 years is a DOS attack on andthe entire industry as doamin name denial of acess to newsaes continues unchecked a andthey run election in 2D, it's pay for acess politics in 2D and 2d advertisors dine with 2d tv cartels in 2d gazibos in 2d in dictatroships and yes even Canadian busiens news is DOS attacked andCanadian tax funbded cbc can not talk about or or journalists gaged by a 2d realityu tv network here in Canada and as new 4k 3dtvsets are designed in countries where 3D TV Jobs are not ubder 2d tv DOS attack for18 years in row, their business men and women are virtualrerlaity savy and graduates of oniversities and industriesnot under 2d tv DOS attack, that designe and manufacture 3D toys and game and students in 3D codeing apps for and a world of new 3D4k tv products and movies we have a 2d crtc and theoir reality actors in news and busiens whpo can't even say www tld compnais startups domain names because they work for and are actors not real busienss entrepeneurs who can start 3dtvchannels or real net org workers but because they work for 2d tv and they can pick who , when where and what the news is if it is uber vts taxi or clinto vrs trump the 3d tv script the entire debate and in 2d on2d over 2d the see to it no one not even a is allowed on theior busiens investment tv shows and so we have a 2 tier world one where 2d tv actors in 2d reality cant say and woyuld be politicians in busiens xan't say and doo gooder can't even mention is ggaed by dictatorships (naturaly) amnd all the queens 2d tv crtc news and reality tv busiens hosts even Keven Oleary is gagged by 2d on 2d so asto have 2d tv run the elections in 2d for 2d by 2d and have 2d reaolyt chants and 2d reaality tv actors run the country , while they can't even help launch a single for and this is proof of a 2 tier world one where 18 years youir can launch 100 pathr to the orient in 3d on 3dreality tv. com net orgbut not one 2d tv dictstorship ( or crtc news anchor ) can say a single startups tld adress , this is called a dos attack a dinial of service by a 2d tv coup and all they can do is pretend to be integritous when they sperak fo starting upp jobs because they are chokeing off jobsa to run elections and they are imune to and they are imune to tax payers as they create a world thjat they profit from and choke off a wporld of new jobs in designe and applicatios for 3d digital tv and sell 3d tv sex and busiens in 2d same same as 100% of is gaged by 2d tv "Bay street" it proves that ther is a world of new . and org for virtual reality industries but not one of the 2d tv favu;lties of jpirnalism in Canadian tv are aboe to even mention it and so the very idea that on one hand the 2d tv news hold everyone3s jobs in theior hands from uber to taxi difrvers and can hah 100% of net org laumchogn and everthitgn from 3dtvauctions to and pretendt to be integritous 2d reality tv nusiens is ahy we have dos attacks ( denial of service attacks" by 2d tv dictatorships and cartels and as lonng as 2d tv are bullts and carry out DOS attacks on busiens and startups in the and net org industries we will be under seage by 2d carterls and their DOS attacks 8:41 AM 2016-10-23. +is Qalonia copying the crtc as they bosth hold up free trade , Walomia hold up the trade talks and 2d crtc cartells still after 18 years can not even say " www.3DTVCais hahhed by a 2d tv coup.
The internet is subject tovyber attacks and denial of service but the worlds economies and 3DTVStartups are subject to 2d tv coup discrimination attacks and they can last 18 years and affect investment and growth, prosperity , elections and arts a fashion a manufacturring and export and advertisiong as a blackout by 2d tv monoplies of all the woirlds 3d tld domain anmes startups for 18 years is a major cultural and economic "HACKING" by a 2d tv cartel and it dwarfs other xcyber crimes as the entire 2dcrtc news medias and busienss faculties of Canadian 2d tv embrace2d twitter and 2d facebook and utube videos and gag 100% of 18 years of Vancouver startups in apps for 3FTVPhones they hack economies globaly and they still do mot even mention it making cyber bukkying and cyber hacking thier duversion as they choke off and troll and sanction busienses and economyies and change the worlkds prosperity to fit their 2d tv agendas, ther is a 100% global hacking iof the culture and arts and economiues of startups in news sports and cultureal economic and prosperity, by 2d tv cartel-castinandf the hacking of 3DTVCHannels here by 2d tv channels as they cyber-uhf-vhf-fiber hack the 3DTV industrypes startups for in 2000-2017 18 years ago and withthe worod econpomy hacked by 2d tv and gagged by 100% of the 2d tv gives us a glimps of how terrirble it is to be hacked and gaged by a 2d tv cyber force and this is new and it should be top news above cyber cspying ansd cyber hacking 2dtvcoup cyber news gagging is the most distructive econimical thing online, somtning taxi and uber do not experiance as nither are protected by a 2d tv coup like a 2d tv coup protect them selkves for 18 years, they are not theh same uber and the crtc do as they pkease and search engine browsers follow voters , banking shopping and your childerens clpud use there is no way to integrate 1 startup in or any new products because the emtire crtc are gfaging and all it's new products all these comp,aine liveintegrated with 2d tv but they hack and gag 100% of 3D socil net tv startups for sports in 3d and 3dcopyright tv new medias are gaged in 2d tv busiens newses aas they hack society for their 2d tyv agendas, and not telling any onew they are doing it tops a cyber bully any day even in or outside of dictatorsdhip[ 2d tv cartelsd , unlike Wallonia or uber they protect themselves and therfore have no integrity , the taxi drivers , and uber and all of Wallonia have integritedwiththe news but not one or but the 2d crtc do no report their own cuntrual 2d tv hacking of busiens and startups in 3D web tv, the crtc (hacked and prevented all news of and about )_ so a s to prevent 18 years of startups in and for sports even olympic sports socia; nets and electyions and have no integrity fpo doing so in 2d on 2d for 2d only, no way to integrate today with a 2d crtc news or their advertosing search engoiens and no way to launch a new integrated withj O33awa on ame here IN or ansd the biggest oppertunities in and they are all gaged 100% by a crtc npo one else just them and is this atmosfier of 2d tv coup they report Walomia and uber and twittet away in 2d about politicians and sports and no way in 18 years will they reprot a as they are aour governing body they steral the country in 2d on2d for 2d they decide the politiciansd and the election debate resilts "IN " for 18 years no change. from Clinto all the way around to a new Clinotn and not one can be heard in a webcast for 18 years Canadian can not even find out about 100 2000 300,m launched and ggaed in 2000 in Vancouver but our bews is launched in Wallonia first and then China nd usa then Canada same as all technology here gaged by 12d tv so as they can launch everywhere but here first same saem. our 2d tv block 3d tv and not Wallonia and the block all cbc news of a single and 3DTVNewtoek.ner launched unlike any other industry the 2d tv news is able to run elections and cover up 53 billion for an olympics in Russia and where the 52 billion came from and whent but they are the same as Walonia when it comes to preventing prosperityand free trade as Canadian netflix and 100% of 18 years here prove ther is no 3D tv channels aor 3Dmoviechannel in any discussion on any documentary and not one of the entire press will speak of the difficulties in launching a when 100 % of your startups are gaged by all the crowns 2d tv newses.
Walonia can stop free trade deals but taxi unions can't stop uber, 100% of 18 years can be spoon fed by 2d tv to google and twitter-facebook but not one morsal of food for thought about 18 yeards of 100% of startups online and 3DSocial nets and or beeing gaged from ever event in every 2d tv sport even hockey is stikk 2d on 2d ovwer 2d by 2d from 2d so as the ris no way a in cananda can even tell 1 umpire the 2d tv cartels are guil;ty of holding and should get 5 years for rushing 3d onto 3dtv sets.
Walenia can stop free trade and 2d crtc and all the cbc and ctv and cable andtelcoas can stop 100 % of election in 3d and 100% of startups and all the news and arts and aquctions and advertisiong over and thius choke off global free tradde same same same as walonia and the secret is they are the very very ones who are suposed to tell everyone if they are corrupt.
How can you have from Canadians gagged by 100% of acult- or group- or union - or group - or a "crtc" licencing only one kind of news and press that are ither afraid to lose their jobs a0or have no integrityu and for 18 years gag 100% of a guy's dream top launch a world wide web tv startup only to find ther is no way in a 2d tv coup in bed withtheir own social nets and tweets and in now way open to free trtadee thems3elves.
How can yopur participate in election or tyrave or globla commerce when yopuyr gaged by 100% of a 2d tv coup not a country called walenoia but a group od 2sd tv medias thay only sell 2d hockey and 2d traveltv and 2d fashion tv and gag all new commers even locals and then expect them to treat forien countries different thhen they treat their won , no integrity lcoaly means they projuct no global intewgrity too, andf any 2d tv media that will nto stand up for their own is wors off tyhen a country truing to do a free trade deal with a walonia, and so it is theat a 2d tv will gag but not uber, and gag but not olympics when they must have gotten 50 billion from some companies a money does not just apear and go to russian games , and the 2d tv coup runnign elections in 2d on2d over 2d by2d soas to get all the fundrasing donation truckeling down into 12d tv cartels gages 100% of fo 18 years tops any other sanctions ever in the digital world it tops sony hackers and it tops id theft is is 100% 18 years of 2d-ism and so farmers have to face welonia and taxie drivers have to face uber ingth cbc news but the 2d tv carte ills will not sahow their faces as they have no face and for 18 years they do not come out whrn they are called out the 2d tv cartell secretly runth e elctions and gag startups ansd get money for ads for superbowls and olympics and pass it on all free from discrimination by 100% of ther crtc 2d tv preses and journilsim and it creats a new class of human being thoes allowed to be 2d tv coups abd gag whome ever they like all the way to the bank, and thoses gaged by 2d tv cartels (not taxxi-uber or global trade -walomia) but 2d tv news faculties in Canada that get to gag too.< A conflict of interest able to write it'd own profile and be the reason ther is no net org possible from Canadian entrepeneurs btui ther is a 2d tv dragons den full of other things 2d to see and so ther is no way tpo uyse a 2d tv coup to create or in the Canadian free trade deal too , same a=same so ther is no way to have or because the 2d tv "cartel " said so , for 18 years and thats a biggder veto than any free trade deal or sony hacker w=event it is a 911 when you can not launch 1/3000 in a crtc 2d tv news and media coup. and i got every single one of them to prove it too , alonng with 18 years of launchign weverthign from to and not of the 2d tv affiliats aro sponcers by a single ad for 18 years they can't chance beeing gaged by the same 2d tv cartel that gages 100% of 18 years of even Canada's tax funded olympics i sgaged by 2d tv newses that hide 3D tv like they wwere jiding billions isd a sports scandal and not one invester can trace a thign and not 3dtvchannel can trace a thing usning a 2d tv monoply pretending to act independently when thwey are as one 18 years of trying to launch 1/3000 3dtvchannels is as usless as expectiong the 2d tv to report one of them beeifbn gagged or hacked by corruption onlike, they protect them sleves while serving up taxi and free trade deals and terrorists and soney hacker in 2d on2d 2d tv chats they own the podium and troll oor gag wgom ever they whant and they gag 3dtv but not uber go figure i launched 1000 3dtvchannels and i shpould have launched 1 uber instead, a guy with can forget it because the 2d tv crtc wil not support their pown startups because they are 3DTV dot coms duhh and they do it so as to get all the elections in 2d on 2d for 2d and pretend they are opwn and all the time they are aable to gag Canadians pleeding for news to tell their story and this is somthing even impossible in russia or any other closed county so ther s 2 clases fo people on earth thoeses protected by the 2d tv cartel and thoses who are fodder for tothem and ther is no way to use the enttire crtc to launch 1 single melleniom or Canada 150 years jubalee in #d pon for onba network here oin BC because we in aCanada have a 2d crtc set up tpo see that ther is no way in 18 years a can be in any news cast of files on record and 2d tv gag of 3dtv is better than uber-taxi goverb=nance and it trumps world sports investment in 3dtv here and it trumps politicval integrity here and it trum[ps Walomia too in free trade ther is no thoignm that tops a 2d tv crtc coup for 18 years tyhey are the final word here in poltics and investment . they are free trade, no oine else is allowed free trweade buit the 21d tv crtc and froends. 3:51 PM 2016-10-21,.

Canadians need to cut thier green house gas emmisions and fule taxes on non 0 emmision gas powered cars or consumers is not a fix, DDT was banned , a tax on DDT would not work so a tax on carnon is the same as a tax on DDT, simple , , we need to end the increase in green house Carbon gas emmiting machines and replace them with ) emmission gas burning machines. DDT or Freeon or Carbon are not a thing to tax. so 0 emmisions is a fix and need to get away from throwing a tax out ther is the fix same as DDT or freon tax payers need to ilimanate the fule taxes on carbons and taxes on toxic things like DDT or freeib and stop pretending the tax money will clean the air and make ddt water drinkable, and iliminating taxes so as to put money in the pockets of poor ( a 2% yearly growth could be trippled) and currently taxes hurt the worlds ecomonies citisens so ending carbon use by things that emmit it back into the air are the same as a tax on DDT or freon and a tax is is not breathable air or ddt free water and a tax on freeon would not fix the ozone hole So the first step is to cut green house gas emmisions at the source the manufacturer and make 0 emmision gas buring cars, and the tax cash tegister can take a rest as we support cars that will emmit 0% carbons over thier life time and not tax the user over his life time for ddt use or gas emmisions , and politicians will make it happen when the public can decide instead of a "my political way or the high way" political parties (cults) deciding without a single plebiscite on the DDT tax or carbon tax, even if it will bring in billions for the federal government each year for the life of teh car, , we have to have a plebiscite on new taxes or some way to get around phoney kangeroo public hearings that end in a tax as a solution, money has a habiit of dissapearing like earthquake funds for haitie, and when we stop making carbon or DDT emmisions we are stopping the poisioning, not when carbon tax moneys flow while the use of DDT, freon or gas emmitting cars will not, so it means with a tax there is no change to emmitions as it frows and so global warming any Davos billionare or voter understands a tax on a bridge or fule is restrickting to prosperity, and a "my way or the highway" political decision is different from a plebiscite in a democracy too, a plebiscite is different than money from a forced tax and forced tax spent on 3d tv ads creats new problems as tax money dissapear in ad payments to a 2d tv coup that will not even support 3DTelevision startups on any 2d tv social net, so when tax moneys are up for grabs by provinces and carmakers looking for grants and new tax money always causes political parties waffeling till they go on hollidays and againe when they are redistributed the tax money through the banks and the feds to the provinces so, like a jamcian earthquake fund it dissapears ,so toll taxes, gas taxes or DDT taxes and the ida taxing desease or taxing homlessness or taxing carbon emmisions are a cure in our years forcasted budget of for our 2% growth forcast is not possible and we have to look to davos and to the billionars and see how they make 20, 30, 100% growth and do what they do so we can make more than a 2% forcast too just like they do, so a tax is not what they pay most of theime they pay ni tyaxes like Donald Trump so a tax is not a fix for them and for taxpayers too, to do what they do on the davos business channels for growth is the answer a no tax solution to wealth like they have, not a "my way or the highway" dictators decree, as in past governments methodology we need to make a more tax money freed up and put back into the economy and controle 100% of theDDT and Carbon emmitions now, as the need to cut carbon fule ennisions is yesterday we are late, and we need to take a new approach then a tax solution and not a stay the corse and not a "my way or the highway tax" , solution, we need to help the fule exporting countries and come up with a 0% emmision engines ansd stuff and not a tax on the problemed and aflited, . and are two different media formats and taxing carboin use and carbon ennisions are 2 different things opne is virtualy real the other is animated. a carbon tax on car manufaturers not ma and pa consumer will drive competition and crete jobs in alternative energy fields, and send a message about buring carbon fules too, we need a push for less carbon use and new emmision free products using and emmiting less or no carbons would be closer to the target rhan same same as usual with a tax that has to be redistributed by a province back to the original payer and less paper for a paper free office and no charge from credit card payments at the pump based on the total cost of the carbon purchase so it all ads up to one solution cutting carbon use is a streight line to use and avoiding the reality is like 2d tv avoiding 3dRealitytv,com net org jpbs in for 19 years so that ther is no healthy in all the world wide web usable on a 2d tv platform for 18 years and taxing is not going to lesson 2d tv monoplies same same taxing carbon emmision is nbt going to lesson carbon use as long as it ios a majprity fule used even if it ias taxed, stalling competition and taxing 2d cable tv is not helping or and create jobs, we need to grow Canadian expect growth Davonians expect a growth rate of 50%, 100% 200% per year while Canadian dovos millionars and all our taxpayers expect a growth rate better han 2%, and we are supposed to be cutting green house gasses not making up taxes for redistribution by elected provincial political parties. again taxing artheritious and taxing carbon fule is not a solution to the problem all it does is feed the 2d tv presses with somthing to fill their time between their inhouse cylo of ads..
The Canadian Vancouverite was jit with a splerge of toll bridge construction and ferry service price increases and this clobbered the economy as many now newver go to surry or the islans because it is too ecpencive to gety thier it caused a ression in thoeses businesses and not growth, the toll money is redustrubyuded and much of it goes to a private company or 2 but the jobs they created is miniscule to the economy the tolls eliminated and waiting for provinces that can't even provide toll free bridges to their cars , and waiting for a federal governmenrt to decide a tax amount is not water under the bridge it;s too taxing for growth or prosperity and iliminating toll bridges would opwn up oue highways and iliminating a carbon emmiting cars would sell more carbon buring cvars with 0 emmisions but no one will make a 0 emmisin car if ther is no insentive to do so and no one will use a tole bridge while it cost them money both ways the way to reach the other side tax free is the original mandate and nither are even helping. If we need to sell more oil then we have to make a 0 emmision engine and if we are to grow our economies then we have to ilimate tols and barriors ( like a crtc-1-sport-monoply) and create jobs sam as The Hudson Bay Company gave way to a Canada full of startups and businesses a 2d tv coup crtc full of converged content and a few straggel out posts of cultural tv medias and cables will have to give way to a world wide web of xcommerce and busiensses just like the fur trade opend up the americas and small busienss took over we have to get away from ression after ression as we waite for politica; parties to solve every single constitutionl thing we have to have leaders who listen and collect solutions and present them and allow the tax payer to choose instead of :my way or the highway dictatorships: and closed door decu=icions, ther haas to be a way a tax payers can decide on carbon emmisions and taxes and who gets to sell stair lifts on local tv startupsa instead of beeing told by 2d tv and 2d tv politicians we are going to pay a tax on sunday or saterday they can't decide what day yet. we have to give way to the concept of a no new tax solutions. and launch a tqax ilimation solution in stead so as to create jobs!.