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Geeks of the world dream keep the dream for me!! 2:53 PM 2016-08-17 D Collins of

In celebration of 3D webcasting and all the new 3D and TV and 3DTV socil net websites starups and incubated in servers adn hosted all over the world in search of faculties or entrepeneurs and a buisiness environmnet favourable to new net org launchng in closed news and medias here in Vancouver they draw no interest from anyone for years , has no email from oct - june and with the net org sitting on servers in toronto for 7 years and now Vancouver whee the spammers offer a web page built for 200-500 bucks is the only internest in the entire industry is a crime in itself and dreaming of a net org in country that has no internest in one launched is an indication of the futility of dreaming of it, and with no way ti integrate backed by no interest by any crtc tv, movie company , cable or indy incubators (not one tiny baby dragon) or politician's internet incubator for 19 years is interensted in 1/3000 or dreams of a geek and his startups in 3d digital media , thus, this means the tld are wasted here on a sysytems incapable of integrating so far and with othewr intersts and the tlds should go to some one else who can dream big, and creat prosperity in an environment open to 3d digital medias center .com net org and with interenst active investors who are knocking down doors for oppertunities in 3dtvmedia that are missing here for 18 years and to some one who can carry on a dream of a 3d digital media center like i did, and other stasrtup centers for 3d webcasting like idream of free of dicriminatrion by 100% of the journalists news and medias dragons that circle our internet socilay and are not interested here, in such things, and so because new medias and and 3dvirtua; are unable to penetrate a 2d crtc full of closed Canadian faculties and 2d tv uhf vhf medias for 19 yearts and launch a siungle integrated new digital media and get more responce than a hord of graduates who wiull build a website for a tld and thats all the integration ther is here no interest in 3d tv web development , 3dtv manufacturing ort netflix 3d movies , as the integration of products collect cobwebs here along with 2000 other over 19 years (even is gaged by 2d tv sports channels here and that snot a sporting thing rto do to aa startup dream for net or orgs , but hey the media industry iw worse in Lybia and 3d is of no interesst to university or politician in Vancouver as i find out for 19 years and a dream is justg that a dream , 3dtvshowbiz.nets waiting for the economic turnarround and prosperious people looking for a place to inovate a ad or a ad is a dream here when the crtc are actualy biast for 19 years ther is no in BC in single crtc tv news library not one tld launched thats bankable 3d digital tv historyu that can not be changed by athe crtc history in 2d uhf vhf librarys too foir 6 years the uihf vhf would not mention startups and still fodo not and we are not lybia 2d tv , this is why i fugure a dream of a 3ddiigital media center here is a crime ntop dream and in this way ther is no hope withpuit a change, politicians have to able to say 3dtv stuff and should not be gaged and shopudl not be spammed by graduates who whanrt to build a website for 500 ther should n=be more to then a soam for SEO status and a beeter , environment to change from this dead market to your healthy one and becuause of inactiveiity i feel liek dreaming on withthem is a crime nota somthing attainable in 19 years so i should pass them on to some one now and here in Vancouver where movies are all booked for 3 years and sports is booked for 10 years there is a crtc that has clainmed social net working is a few compnaies and they even use them for chats and emails ( am I deaming) and 2d uhf vhf digital news in 2d and no netflix 3d movioes on a canadian cables copyright blocking ip adress so the net org integration wish and dream is usless here, and i am too aold to keep trying to find someone here interwzted in 3d or 3dtv or 3dvirtualtv or a on a ina and other startups for jobs are justg a dream that s all they are a total waste on man=wooman=kind so the trade names and launchign them here are a garentee to gert them stuck here unable to flinch a eyebrow because of the impossibilty of integrating 1/3000 with a crtc news or 2d tv press or journalist in 3d sports here for so so long it would be a crime/ not a dream to try to startup az 3d digitial medias center in a place wherre the politicians can not even say so with a broken heart i give up ,]several and many new 3dtv and 3d digital tlds in the hopes that some one whp buys them will create an oppertunity for 1 or 2 of the other 2000 and together create and oppertrunities so therew is a need for a dream instead of it beeinf a crime to try, I hope ypou can prosper through the wedges created by 2d socil net-2d tv cartels and government newses and theoir allowable technolgy investment busienss annoubcements and prosper withthese tlds as they are not causing any interest here in Vancouver i can't justify owning them and having the dream of launchuign them here, simpley ther no way to use them in a 2d tv coup when the cable tv do not have the local time and the government are in bead with 2 or 3 socil net compnaies only and not their own serbvvers or service the technology and support interest and oppertunityes are not here as i have proven and so the names anddreaams are a wasted 199 years and i can't have thois as it is like a crime top whanrt to start them up or somthong so of whish them a happy future in good hands and promoting 3d and digital media in the new owners dream if it is possible at all i hope some one trys as a lateral the ball and look forward to again donate free to the worlds markets (same as in 2000) legendary tld adresses and startups for posterity (* i hope they fall inot integritous hands and not a sdcalpers hord of tlds as was the case in 2000 withthe mellenial 3d and tv free 90 tlds we gave away and were all scalped instead. a startup from .