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The Question is not about oil pipelines , the question is why do we have to watch 2d tv argue about pipelines and radicalise protesters and make thier content filler all about pipleines or not .
Alberta has a company that own the majority of TV news medias in western Canada and the majority of oil in westesrn Canada and they willnot help BC build our own refiery so as to have a stable gass price and they will not help us launch 1/3000 net org worlld wide web businesses jobs and het they will have the news ask us to create jobs in Albeta of give thempiplines one or the other and when you try to give them high tech a reality in virtual webcasting now gagged by all the western tv monoplies newses like they were taxi drivers gaggoing uber or somthing. is blackmail , BC couild not even get 1/3000 startupos on a single western 2d tv news in 18 years how could we help a province that gages our every launched?
the BC people want an oil refinery in BC , our own gas and oil refinery so we can regulate oil, here , in east Van. so we can have good sustainable jobs in oil and gas if we are going top go for oil tankers in the harbour and millions of barrels of oil then we want all the way in , we want to export BC gasoline . oil and refined crude and we whant to launch 100 in alberta and bc so we can have a in Alberta, run BY the BC oil and gas industry 's prosperity it will generate, but we are stopped by the westwern and eastern 2d tv coup from letting you konow this.
the 2DTV news and investors in Alberta oil are filling the newsmedias shows all day every day with pipline protests adn the government is pouring cash into ooil commercieal on 2d in2d as if they were EGYPT on twitter going crazy, same same and in this environment of 2d tv coup and blocking tech startups in busiens ther is no way to help anyone as the news is stealing the venues like an olympics steal cash in a 3rd world corrupt country our 2d tv coup gagges andscripts the content to broadcast so it fits with investments no matter how bleak the out come is they pick the berries to blak out and the ones they will use as sponcers and content fillers in and industry it is history the way 18 years has seen 100% of the 2d c rtc gag 100% of www.3DTVCAnada.comjobs and startups. they will only tweek the stoks that can and one of them is oil, the oil patch pipline is a meal ticket for 2dism and 2dists in news so as to argue over piplines and black mail BC into a piple andmake us look bad when all we whant is a clean ocean and our own refineries to process Alberta oil at the border, so as to regulate our own pipelines, jobs same as Alberta whan BC caable tv rents and BC tv stations jobs.
THe people of BC Launched 3000 net org for 18 years and every single day we asked why does the 2d cable and telcoa ( Alberta RUN ) black out 100% of net org and social nets and use imported ones like facebook and twitter only on thier news do they only favour 1 car company or 1 poliotical party and 1 pipeline company and 1 cab;le 2d tv and one type of news that will not help BC promote and launch and or or at least 1/3000 launhced and gagged by 100% of the crtc as they even gag in the netire and org industry too all i cansay is the news never stops talking about Calgary's need for jobs bit for 18 years soon to be 19 years ther is no way to help them unless you let them build a pipeline and we , in BC would have to have our own gas and oil refionry and regulators and inspectors and industry so as tomake it worth becomeing dependant on oil like Alberta is . is an example of a startup for or or jobs in Albertal and BC but gagged by 100% of the 2d tv chat and oil and social nets newses run by a group that are single minded andhzave arbitrarly decided that the only saviour for Alberta is an oil pipeline and the 2d tv have to see irt through in 2d on2d over 2d by2d soas tohzve a 2d tv coup ther to make sure there is no startups in the prarie patch same same as they make sure theyr is no way to invest inCanada as a Canadian and launch a single for politics or cartoons. duhh .
There is no way to create jobs unless the 2d tv are paied tp advertise it or cover it inthe news in 2D for 2D by 2d same as if theyr were running an election 2d tv debate show so as to make sure theyr are no startups for and in the entire wporld in Canada's west and the next 1, 2, 3 years are planned by 21d in2d for 2dso as to brainwash Canadians into not trying any more as 18 years beeing gagged by 100% of the very newsmedias The President of the USA reported as cheats and crooked no goods that are unworthy of beeing newses, is so so correct , the news would not support any or they woruld rather have amonoply cable and hocky industry all to them sleves run by 2d sponcered by 2d and exclusivly the only 2d tv worth putting on the www. while they gag the www. 3DworldWide Web industry using a 2d tv news that will not stop the uber taxi industry but will stop the and all of the net orgs launched for 18 years and so so many Alberta jobs in or 3DFashionTV.comor and for 18 years they make the bed they sleep in a 2d tv show about oil so that all alberta has is an oil patch in2d on2d over 2d and BC can not even refine their own gass so that it's price will not change every day for 3 years while oil piplines comandear teh crtc newses and ther is no way to launch a in Alberta usingh oil money same same sameas in 2000.
If Alberta whant help from BC then here have afew hundred and and even a to help create high and jobs , gagged by 2d on 2d so that they can torture us with a 2d tv news crammed with oil pipelines eletions about oil piplines , he said she said cgats about oil and all so as to gag 100% of the worlds startups in BC so that we can not use them to help Alberta when the oil runs out too.
Alberta;s biggest problem is the same as mine and the same as Donald Trumps problem a 2d tv coup that have it all theru way and no way to help anyone or even help yourself in a 2d tv coup... of the 9:57 AM 2016-12-04

The Radicalisation of Canada by 2d tv .

The uhf vhf media in monoply in Canada is set up to try and radicalise Canadians and it does not work
IB the USA everyone probably , has a gun , has a friend with guns and knows where to get one ansd is aware of some one who commited a crime witha gun or shot sopme one or is exposed to a gun or guns or dreams of hunting with guns or protection by gun. < The USA has a constitutional right to bear arm.
in Canada we are not allowed to have guns unlwaa the crown issues a licence and thats noot an easy thing to get , so. The USA get to watch films and movies and here we get stuck with Shaw or orogers bell and a few other providing our busienss and pleasure IP Adresses and so they block things they can monoplise on like USA and all their Netyflix com-panies films and movies . so Canadians get only movies some one has decided to let us get and so here are tonights line up.
moie 1, Guns peopel runnignaround the Galixy with guns thwarting ( torooling ) evil, 2, GUns a movie about 2 guys and some guns are thier skill, 3 an epic glactic battel going on for thwe last 15 years searies movie with guns, 4 criminals using guns, 5 a movie about olden times and killing for a cause. 6 a cartoon where the heros troll the vilians, 7 a comedy, 8 a netflix tv searies with horrer and graphic death, 9 war story where the enimy die. 10 entertainment, 11, A soap, 12 A Weatern with guns and good and bad guys to troll and kill, 13 a comedy with gun abd roberies, 14, an Proffesional assasin gone crazy movie, 15, people emprisioned and trying to escape, 16, movie. and thats only the first column as if the cable and crtc were trying to radicalise entertainment in 2d on2d over 2d by 2d for 2d enough already biw they have to trash people running for president of USA and gag tv startups and feed us radiucalised content over and over yeaer in and year out as iff the only movies they could get for free on Netflix were to include huns or terrorists or violence and imprisionment and thern is no way to launch a or or a and compete in a 2d crtc tv coup were gaged ands told what candidate is to be elected in the USA and goverment tv channels trash to aponant on their powere news shiws and then pretend they have no part in any radicalisation if it were to occur ar they wait cheweing their fingers nails off , for the next errorist movie and gun tv show so as to "NOT" or "Totaly" try to prevent radicalisation they seem to be themost radical socil net ther is in canada , obssesd with trashing religion politicians and and on thier 2d tv phones and cabl;e channels while they feed us movies that were free in the vidio store boxes as they went out of style ansd the resrt of the new content is totaly radicalied gun content or horror or violence evengomedy is about guns and with no way to launch a show or a show so this is a radical blow to the american economy as Canadians are the USA's best customers ands if the 2sd tv coup "Rdicaly" bancrupt every single launched in Canada for USE by new things like netflix , thenall that is left is a 2d tv coup filtering the movies so as to ARadicalkise Canadian even though qwe havwe no guns and no way to support Candate for USA Presidency when our 2d tv news medias are so so radicalised and bent on radicalising everyoine into their sponcewrs stores. especialy here in in Vancouver for 18 years, 5:06 PM 2016-11-27 of ,

Privacy online

Should your browser have a search warrent or be establishing a link to a retaler's A.I. computer cloud ever time you use it ? From a dos command promt , anyone can type Netstat -n 1 and again from another netstat command a second screen can show netstat -f 3 , who is linked into you computer's data buss and who is using your browser to report to thier 's , and i never see the police, in 2000-2001 the DOD used an ip adress tyo follow me for a while but quit , after they used a server adress to link my "ping hops" to thier server but these are named servers , today a ping can reveasl no name servers intercepting your calls and ther is no way to proof what software is on a "NO NAME SERVER's ip adress when they are not secure swervers intercepting your search to a website that is linkled to a no name server when you vote, and so the police do not use servers or browsers to follow my servers and i launched but browsers filter countries, companies, ipp adresses and tld trade name .com net org top level web-phone-business-domain names out so that each merchand advertising has to pay for beeing found in each country, state, language so that the only people that follow you are the browsers so they can filter the private use of the ICANN internet adress system to have it all their way , and so even if you pay to be found the private search engies act unlike a telephone and your connection is not secure even if you pay for a secure oscket licence and no name and search engines track and tabulate abd bill and keep records for the police in thier countries who need a warrent to look at it, duhh!,

Highway toll onthe toqnof Toronto , NOW WAY ! eh! Now way EH!.it 's to just fix the transit pronblem so it goes away yax paid fpor anall ithougher wise quit trying to too toll the rich and grid-lock the poor!

No tolls on Public roads please,
The pitch 2d tv is paied tosell is that billions a day are lost by traffic jams so a few who canpay for a fast privale lane will take yopur amd my place and make billions a day because they can pay andthe rest willmake ) dollers , stuck in traffic till the mad cows come home and by splitting public roads into 2 classes they will nothave tofix the roads for the millios who donot whant tolpaya tolland the richj willtake up the billions lost by continusing the traffic jams they wil be off the hook for crappy management and broken poromises andthe 2d tv wil clean up selling ads for tolls and theyr ability to sustain traffic jams for2d tv traffic rerports in 2d , by allowing the public roads tobe tolled the billions of dollers lost because of traffic jams can gop to consultants who suppirt tolls adn 2d tv ads fortolls andelelctions and theri promisis tofix health care adnfix jobs and houses and fix the rpoads can continue with 2d on2d in 21d over 2d soas to have a 2d tv ekelctiosn show same same as in 2000 , when i said theonly thoing preventing prosperity is a 2d tv coup and then todauy President Fonald Trump agrees with me and says they are as crooked as ever same same as i said in 2000,
Cash for acess 2d tvnews medias gag 100% of Vancouver's 18 years startups fpor jobs and ther is no way for a Vancouver president to even use a don vally or qew because the 2d tv runa closed Canadian market. Tolls are for 2 rier culturs thoes who can beforced or have money will get netter results if they pay a toll and the rest can rot in traffic jams ,now we need 6 nillion is a cop out, the news love this as they use it to makemoney reporting hacoc as politicians launch carbon taxes and tolls and businesses get gaged by 2d tv coups when they launch a or 3dfashion channle so mo ome profits but the insiders in 2d tv news and theh tollers and ther is no way to resolve anyhting uasing a 2d tv coup out to preoffit by the miss information they dissiminate to generate more comfi=usionma dn sell more 2d tv adds and in 2D. 2d tv and tolling are a soape opera same same as wirless tv phones and all the new things the 2d tv uber while no oneelse can launch on a 2d tv coup. jobs ,jobs and more jobs that wqould pay for roads and schools are lost because a 2d tv coup have to gag this technology or thises medias for them sleves so as to have a 2d tv coup to runelection 2d tv denate shows and bilk taxes in ads for tools, same same sameas in2000 favours are paued out to 2d in 2d so 2d tv can cdhange the subject towar or policing or charity same same and ther is no way to use them toreport 2d tv coups in busienss
Asgovernment after government elected in Canada travers the world habding out millions of dollers here and millions of dollers there to countries with or witrhout public input the school childeren and teachers go without for years , as the laws change so that public retirement funds are invested into one or 2 cell phone companies and the entire 2d tv crtc medias pimp one or 2 cell phones the world launches the next technology and leaves them in the dark and as Gasoline tasxes are collected for public roads and Toronto anounces they have a transit problem that costs them 6 billion dollars they are admitting that the gas tax was a failure and the tax on cars was a failure and they have no way to use the federal government to make a loan so they have to raie the tax on the use of public hughways or sell them to private companeis who will toll users for them . same as in Vancouver the toll companies make more money off of thweh public roads than the government and wjile ther is no monwey for educating the childeren of canzada the elected governments each one continue handing out millions of taxpayers money plus think tanking new roads to place tolls on and no one knows how much or where theyh ,money they have is all going wrong or cares to fix it and cost tax payers less they just think up new taxes andadd them on to the problems without adressing the ineffeciencies so as we look to the world to manufacture the next techno.ogy so that Canadian can enjoy it because ther are so so many sold in so many countries that we finaly gwet a surpluss and the surplus is shipped to Cananda for dumping on a technology starvesd , uneducated , next generation all we can be sure of is no one willk cut waste costs and fix the over taxation , allwe canexpect is more of the same and as millions are spent on 2d tv ads selling the ideas and commercial ads on the news about should we or shoulden't we have a toll on roads , again and again the smawe same goeson and ther is no wayto participate or scimm 1 billion from the 5 billion problem and fix a road so that ther is no tolls and fix the gas tax so ther is no gas tax and stop spending mponey on selling indeas in 2d on2d over 2d soas to havwea carbon tax (ddt tax) on poision emmisions or tolls oon roads abd as the news only report stuff that will enrich themselves and starves 18 years of startups and and all the news technologies so as ther is no news of why we have to be last on the technology released and why our schools have to waite for a surplus new products released in every country but canada finialy get tyo our universities ansd public schools go without this and without that and ther is no money for invdesting because some one took all theh unions and publics retirement finds ansd sunk them into an Ontario telco company'd cell phone and now ther is none for building roads to end toronto's 6 billion doller transit problem and all because we are so so bent on stiffeling innovation , and stopping startups like or so as to have a 2d tv coup thger to make sure the public are filtewrd andrtold what to do inspite of democraxcy and inspite of promises and inspite of constitutional rights todo busiens free of discrimination by 100% ofd 2d tv news and crts licencedmonoplies that see toit ther is no wayu to use or launch or in a 2d tv contorled social netwhere they decide what is viral on who's compnaies chart . when and where and why and then dictate the news that we are going to be tolled ands told about tolls by trolling trolls in filtering technolgy anf newss from Canadians and their technology startups and using the 21d tv to see to it ther is no way to launch a on the world wide web from Canada because the crtc 2dc tv can not and not integrate with the public they arfe just a mouthpice of the all mighty dollar and care not if politicians travel the world handing out millions of dollers here andther as schools IN BC go without and thousands of globla internet jobs on thousands of Vancouver 3D tv startups and even are gagged for 18 yearsd as 3DTV is a prime egasample of a 2d tv coup making money off of stalling technology and selling stocks in compnaies that are old tewchnoloigy using all the money the public saved for pentions to buy 2d tv ads and payu for sports and instead of being ablke to run a fund raiser in 3d on 3d over 3d on my govewrnmentssee to it the crtc 2d tv medias and dragfons in busienss gag 100% of 3DVirtualtv.comands and all the socil nets for3DTV so that the world canenjoy new techno.loiges and so that my childeren andyour go for 18 years without a hope of beeing able tolaunch a single using a 2d tv crtc socil net that is bent os seeing to it we gewt a single phone made in Ontario or none ata ll and bent on seeing to it we gedt tolls onroads andpay taxes for carbon (DDT) emissions and see to it ther is no way to stop governments fromhanding pout tacmoney we dpo not have a need forschools andraods all ovwer theworld instead fofing Canada first so that we get new technolgy first and not last and so that we can supply tyhe world with a fix to transit money weaste instead of tolls and same same things that caused the probl;ems going un fixed and slappedwith a bandade-tax-toll a in the meantime good money is filtwerd into private banks andwith no way toparticipate politicaly or technologilay launch a new thing in Canada we have more toworryabout thamadding toll costs to a 6 billion doller transit proble, in Ontario as the government turns down loans to schools or ttc they garentee nothing andelection promisses turn inot vapour and in 2d on2d over 2d byu12d same same as if gthey were deciding toleach tretirement funds ina co-odinated 2d tv cell phone or toll they prove that ther isnoway to fix a problem using thesame methids as all eforts are "faied" and the news report Toronto spends 6 billion dollars on tyransit problems every year admitting they do he same thing and get the same results and thats crazy, so doding the same thiong and adding a tax or atdding a toll while never educatin gthe childeren properly and never selling home made gassoline tax free so as to have actual inhoyse proiffits andinstead of importing gass andthen taxing it all themillions of things people and compnaies cando if theyr wre not gaged by a 2d tv coup agenda and theadd money they gedt from cartelling public and their investments and stgiffeleing techonolgies soas to have none , not one possible in Yoronto to tax for roads aor schools is crazy too and thewn to go around the world and hand out millions of tax payers money qwe donot have to give a way and could havwe used to see to it ther are no rtoad tolls is crazy. and unable touse a 2d tv whpo is out to trash politicians andhalloween parrties so as tomake money off of the sensationalised stories is why we can bnot use the same2d tv newzes tolaunch a in Vancouver and because we are taxed by 2d in 2d on2d ov eer 2d through 2d and use the taxes top pay 2d tvb for ads topush push push stuff we have no say in on tax payers therh isno way to see a fix, while they sell ads for 3D movieson netflix in the usa dnthe world the USA's best customer gets 2D netflix and100% of theoir net orgs gaged bya 2d tv coup using tax payers retirement funds ad revenues and promising tolls on public roads why 6 billion dollar trasit probllem "150 million for roads is not possible i do not know inToronto profits go into 2d tv and come out 2d and ther is no way to teach or use new technologies untill the 2d tv allow thento be sold in Canada ,andthat is well andtoolate as surpluss products replace innovzation and startups instead and the world wide web is seeded byevery country in 3d we still go arounfd the world handing out millions in development funds we should be using here to make us a beeter and wealther customer for the USA tosell to , but cuttin goff the usa from their best customer and the world looking for a "best customer" to sell to is not going to help the amewricas same as trying tobe a "northern state" and do busiens when we are technologialy and educationaly gaged bya 2d tv coup out tomake an ontariocell phone compnay the only canadian twechnology allowd is stiffeleing the wporlds economies . and ther is noway we should take from oure componaies and childerens education soas to suypport a 2d tv coup ( hocky fubding or not) we need tobe able to make andgwet andsell 3dTV in 2000 same as therest of the world and we need to be able to launcha or a and sell 3DViewers in 2000 instead of beeing gaged for 19 years by a 2d crtc coup ( evenuber gets supported by 2d tv who wil not suppoirt startups who they discriminateagainstevenbetflix canada discriminates agasinst and technology for3dtvchannels and is still gagedby 2d toronto tv monoplies is gaged too, proving ther is noway touse a 2d tv coup to doanyhtiong they rule out. andwith nop integrityu in 2d tv news for technologes like or startups ther is no way to use Canada for busiens as they are govwernemtnby a2d tv cartell and politicalparties that see habdouts of millions of dollers as a way to get elected the problem is they are not handing out mainey they have anthey are shoritn our roads and highways becauwee theywillnot movemoney to the problewm they only whant to tax the problem away. this shows in 2d on 2d , to the usa and the rest of the world who get netflix 3D movies on thier ip adrss and byu choking off the USA's best customer CAnadian the terorists win, and we do not. all support more tolls and more taxes wihtout the goverbnmetn probing they know way todo with it so that the public are not stripped of the ability to launch www.3DCopyRightTV.comor net product made in Canada and se we can export new jobs toplaces where they would never invesnt a thong or a to sell new products on and export jobs tpocountries where they wodul never invent and make a new 3dtv toy or game andso that we canpay for educzation andcreate a new generation who will in turn invwent new products to make and new jobs making them and export thoes jobs as we ppioneer new technology instead of beeing on the end of the stick , stuck on 2d tv coup waitin got them to sell 3d tv movies on netflix to canzadians ip adrsess as they invent new products andswell them innto every school and country andend up wioth obsoleete surpluses that they now shipto Canada because we were not allowed the technonolgy as it would interfere withw crtc 2d tv coup to bilk retire ent funds for berby madioff investments and to feed 2d tv dragons dens for years as theworldmake andsell 3d tv setdss and movies in 3d on 3d virtual tv viewers and apps a new technology and the world of education are choked off the 2d tv news is ther to pretend ( like GHadaffi 2d tv ) that weverhtign is allright and stuff an old product down our sticking this christmas again same same as in2000, 2001, 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 ther is noway to uszea crtc 2ohave a country where anyone could launch a 3dtvchannel wirthout the cbc andthe entire 2d tyv sports industry see ing to it Canada and Canadians get gaged andhave to pay a road toll tpo pay for toronto's 6 billion doller transit problem , same as in a 3rd world where the 2d tv and government woiudl travel the world handing out money andtaxing tgheircitisens who are not allowed tolaunch a 3d tv channel online in a 2d tv social net like the olbe Canada has whewe fpor18 year Vancouverites can npotuse the crtct olaunch 1/3000 or even mention the inocative ways the 2d tv come up with to see toiut 100 Canada's ne torg are gaged and not allowed to even be mentioned on Bat street with billions goingtoads for 2d tv over 18 ysrs anbd not one dime to helkp in Canada industries it is only explainableby 1 deffonition we are rulked by a 2d tv coup!. 3:48 PM 2016-11-24 and for , Heko save the USA's bestcustomer from falling behind and invest in new3dtvchannels.comnot 2d tv coups for a change and stop the 2d tv crtc protectionism that is stiffeleing our technologies new andorg startups using a 2d tv coup

Hats off to the crtc they sucseeded in preventing 1--% of the launched in 2000 to makeot too market in Canada Vancouver for 18 years.
There is no way to use the CRTC newsand fake presses ( in 2000 they reported 3dtvchannelswould be comming soon , in 2005 they predicted every home would have a3d tv set . in 2000 i predicted the crtc woriuld gag 3dtv startups in 2001 and in 2006 i predicted 2d tv would gag startups inm 2007 and hatsoff to the 2d crtc for gagging all the world s startups in 2007 - 2016 it's amiricalhow 2d crtc can hah 100% of 3dtv and a taxi union get un=berd in 2d on2d by2d tv coup, for 18 years to even begine to doccument t on the difficulties A Canadian in Vancouver has trying to launch in a 2d tv and search world where no one ever even discusses 3DTV dragons dens or 3DWEBCASTING entrepeneurialism in a 2d tv dictatorship in 2003 or 2016 and the differences between beeing gagged by the crtc in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 2005 2013 2014 2015 ... etc.. so the idea that the police are invading your digital privacy without a licence means they use the search-chat-2dtvcoups's data bases for information so as to solve a crime or catch child porn and that's all they are budgeted for . period. the big money for invading privacy is all on 2d searcg and 2dtv coup chats. plus most of the rest of investment by government and security goes to keeping it that way.

It is impossible to have privacu and get business dealdone or discuss new things under a non disc;osure , online . ther is no way to search for andlink to a lawer or emailadress ina cloud without the browser's shopping affiliats robat following you or waiting for you on the very servers the web site share hosting with and if you set up your own servers they are promtplygacked and all the time the same samebrowsers adntheir affiliates ip adresses are uswed to update or lik software that is actualy "SPYING" for this and that country-company-language- or a file is apended soa your are billed or an appache server stats program that reports trafic so as to choke off a group on this server and give the bandwidth to a sports betting sight for the next 2 hours and then report "Hackers" di it " ona 2D tv coup news same same sameas in 2000, 2002, 2003 2005... my sites are trade names and adresses adn th4ye are used by search software bots so that if you link to one when it is parked itis filled with local or paied for advertising in some clouds, and the police could not care less, the privacy online for a busienss is a no go , the telephone is more private than your pc before you eventurn it on. the webis not connected by a telephone operator andplug in a wall it is served by softwares and updatews whom ever gets priority at the time your usingit and ther is no way to tell if the police even kow the hackers methods or are attacking realtime , only the data files of teh telcos billing dep[artment and the software on the pc and servers and the bots and the ipadresses of shopping mega corporation who make the browsers and the accounts they sell the information to and judges with warrents and presidents of tehcompaneis making the updates nessary while you vote know your private use aa police need a judges aproval andthats the laws. beses hackers frequently marathone for the 2d tv newses adn the presses and pretend they are find9ongback doors left their by compnaiesso theycan imvade your privacy, or hack and gag 100% of every launched for or or in Vancouver where Realistate is serious and not a scam, and for 18 years ther is no data in 100% of the crtc and the politicians on their "real news" can't mention 3D or they will go virtual Samsung or somthing as my sites results and my are filterd and not a tweet from single radicalised uhf vhf 2d tv rock station results in 100% of the beeing unsuable and ther isno way to sighn a non disclosure witha single musicians note , without beeinf tracked by 2d tg affilats software reporting systems and the police have no money for pensions let aloone doingwhat rhw 2d search and chat spyware does when it sutsw off websites for spelling ot typeing or because they whant to sell millions of or as their results inducate there is a bug demand for or and so in every country a merchant will havw to pay to be found because some one typed in or and so the spying and privacy istrashed like a politicians in a USA election, by the 2DTVCoup and the Gazibo boys gangs ( now run by women too!) and tehr is no privacy browsers are owned by doo doo peaking tabulators , Every one's web site , cloud, chat and search is linked to a company server or two or three depending obn the traffic the tld genorates for the cloud or browser, and the traffic is weighed and advertising prices are adjusted and the search become a none disclosure for the comp0any that owns the browser , not the police, ypur data travles through no "operator" who is discreet, but bots pass you on to the next ip adress and server or no name servers so as to deliboratly follow your private use and so the idea that you will boot your computer and load a spy-browser and surf the web free of voierisiation is as fake as a 2d tv election poll as everthing from net orgs and 3dphotos and 3DSports startups are tracked by 2d bots and no name servers the police are the on;ly ones you cvan be sure are not tracking you these days, but since 200-2006 i havwe never seen the police linkled to my ip adress but i complain every election and every time i launch a new 3dtvchannel that the website is filled with searcg bots and as soon as you laybch a within a week the search engines go from 0 results to 30,000 results ansd none of them my actual webpage , and fo 18 years every launch isa imediatly stiffeled by the very search engiens the 2D TV use as adffiliates but the only press i ever saw online was the ones that wire tapped the queen and my phone , but i have never seenpolice , ilegaly wire tap my ip adres .
There willbe no privaxy possible using the worlds current browsers as they are all reporting ypur web use to companies that pay themtoo and these companies dpo npot have a searcg warrent .
There is one consistancy in 18 years in all this you can be gagged by 100% of the entire 2d tv press for 18 years while several browsers report your every key stroke to compnaies that are "doing you a favour and monitoring your shopping and search ahabbits " in other words they are tracking your evermove so they need no search warrent thier built into thwe browsers and complaiaing to the polive the human rights police the politicians and the entire crtc news andpress is like a taxi driver using the news for support against uber, ther is no way touse the internet for voteing or banking oe shopping without the searchengines tattel taliningt every place you go to thier A.I. collection data basses and they do not need a search warrent to invade you child's or you privacy online for 18 yearrs and the policce can do nothing about this voierism assault as they would have to use the very same browsers on their p C's too!

I gave up trying to launch a because the browsers and thier bits use up the bandwidth and caqn't find yopu web page making it im[possible to use my ip adresses fro busienss,

the world is a sitting duck for 3d tv browsers adn chats bots. and they do not use search warrtets or care is you use a cloud or your own servers they penatrate adnphish and tabulate your everyprivate use of the internet through thier browsers and the polive do not. Preivacy online is a fake news item. www.3DTVCanada.com8:22 AM 2016-11-17. The Americas, Who could not love a place where YOU!, or YOU! , could run for PRESIDENT? .... EH!

The entire world is waiting for thenew President of the USA to take out the 2d tv news medias that trashed him for over 1 year sameas they gagged 100% of the internet busiens startups for net oerg in 18 years we have all waited for a chance to [-prosper free of discrimiation by a 2d tv news medias that trashed the new USA presidentr for eons .
the world cannot waite for the US elect president to trash the 2DTV coup and their 2DF social net medias newses reportin gpolitics travel news arts fgashion travel and sports .

How does a 2d Canadian news cartell gag 100% of 3DTV news tlds on the www startups e in 2000 or 2016 , wow,? , the Canadfian Middle class are the USAès bestr customers and when they are in trouib;e , gagged by 100% of the uhf vhf for 189 years on all things , even sports, itès news and when the 2d tv cover up all thewww startups in 18 years thats history.
The need for 2d uhd vhjf tv to gag stuff is obvious , they gagged 100% of the 3d tv startups for 19 years then they gaged news startups after Donald trump was elected and this is a glimps ofg the 2d tv news integirity so as to skip the social and legal problems some people havre defending their jobs and constiutional rights and while the entire DAVIOS croud watch and doi nthing to protect the midle classes 3DTV web sites starting up , a the 2d tv wave of 19 yearsd of 3D movies and 3d viewers launch for 3dtvsets and tyher is still mp way in tyhe Canadian crtc to be included.these moral dilleminas are not troubling the 2d tv news as they reportr the strife between uber and the taxi industry And uber getsd front page qwhile gets gaged , with no croud funding for 1/3000 the writing is on the wall , 2d tv is acoup, so they skip the morality and ingtegrity needed to be a news and go directly to a 2d tv coup agenda after the 5th election on 2d for 2d byu 2d as the 2d tvb social nets plow like a oil tanker into the docks of our news and press industryu tyhe momentum is so so greate tyhat the 2d tv cn not stop trying to reverse the election for th emoney and viralnesses of it all,
as the 2d tv coup have iu all their way how in all the worlds tlds do you start up a news in a Canadian 2d tv coup without beeing fgage by everyu blackberry sold.. There is no possible way the 2dtvb cartels could have helped them se;ves to an unsuspecting world online . ???
where ther is no way in 2000 or 2016 to launch a single net or org in Canadfa without beeign gagg ed by 100% of the 2d uhf vhf coup , go figure I have to report it ION 3D on 3 D tv channel . no dought gaged by a 2d tv coup as is all thje onte world wide web startups in streaming news online for the last umtine years sam eAs me and m,ty 3dtvchannels .com gaged hwere in Vamcouver BC Canada by al ther is in 2d tio gag a startup for 3DWebcastin net or org. for sufre theer is shannagins here like a enronioen spell going on so as ther is no way in world wide hockeyu ganme or news channel to start up a
The most extrodinary thing to come from 2016 USA election is the momentum a 2d chat viral 2d and news have on election resutls as the news and theor 2d tv chats pretend the resistance to democracy will triumph over the vote in ther usa election 2016 .
the social net the 2d tbv use is still trying to protest the election as did the entire "corrupt 2d tv news " industry as so declared bhy the president elect and now the 2d tv in conjunction with the 2d tv ban news websites same as they banned 3d usres chatsd in 200 and 80 free social nets for business and fun in 2000, becausde they were www.3D chats on www.3DCopyrightTV.,.com net org styartup for 3DTV jobs , same as troday , com websites set up for news . thwe total exclusion of all world wide web sites is based on the assumption that .co websites are scams , as so a president can pledge to bann all muslomes or build a wall to ban all hiumans of a certain kind and be elected by 2d on 2d over 2d whilwe 2d tv bann all newses obnlinde because they atre .co th t means .co can purchased by people wqho would be banned in usa 2d tv news like theyr were a 3dtvchannel;s or a thibng that caught fire without proptection by any gag laws , or tyhat nmeans the 2d tv coup- do not like startups that are .com ot . fashion or .( go see for all the tlds on sale today ) or fake 2D tv launching an anty reality tv . campaine like the one the conservatives did here to gag , years ago, or the 2d tv and thier social newts in 2d seeing to it ther is no business tv for 3DTV entrepwenurars as 2d tv make suire for the 18th year ther is nko way to launcvh a croudd funder for a single in the wetern world same as 2000, as 3D virtual tv after are pre-emptive gaged by all the 2d tv newss in western americas and Canada it gives you a glimpsd of the future for sure, let's hope theUSA King of2dreality tv can help yjr worlds 3D www reality tv startups so asther is integiryty in the presses. reportingthe news in 3D on for years in a 2d tv coup for saure. 9:10 PM 2016-11-15
Because 2d tv would have you belive 100% of 100% of all the 3DTV newses are the same same same as the 2d tv fake ones they found one day in November 2016 streaming news startups and no one like fake news but to protect a monoply by faking the inegrity of ritouchousness by selfy deg=cree nd then trashing the now peasident elect by 2d in 2d on 2d so as to have a 2dtrv coup is no dicwetrsion from the reality . www/ is as gagged in a 2dtvcoup as evder ther could be a startuop for and as every device for 3dtvglasses or 3dvue or 3Dsam sunge or 3D socy layunch the same same fresults as i found in 2000 occure a 100% 2 d tv coup ate ther to see tio it ther is no wayu to launch a in a north American world in 2000 or 2015 withput beeing gagged 100% by all the 2DTV news medias gagging .com websites in 2016 same same sam e as uhf vhf gagging 100% of the net oprgs launcked for business in 2000. teryiong to launch in world of 2d tv witchj hunters looking for fake 2d tv newas startups. same same as in 200o my hopw is the USA president can bust the fakes and help aCanadfa l;aunch free of discrimination by 2d tv coups that would actulay go to see thatr 100% of all the www.coms l;aunched from 2000-2016 arer gaged by 2d tv ones.. of the
The suprime court of Canada should regulate "NET NUTRALITY" not some 2d uhf vhf crtc cartell or thier "one stop social networks" tv gangs and radicalised chat users and with 2d tv monoplies regulating there is no oversight for thoes their 2D socil nets troll.
! The CRT shou;d not let uhf vhf 2d tv and their 2d social chat sites regulate itself and report the news as if they were net nutraal , they are 100% dicrtiminating against and and 3DSocial net tv startups for 18 years makign them 100% net biast and in capable of beeing net nutral as they filter net org from the news they are responsable for the social fabric of trolling in 2d on2d using 2d socil nets so athat a group of "Selfie addicted youth are roamingthe streets still protesting the american election on 2d usung 2d tv social nets and tweeking the news like they were part of the worlds 2d tv news and as thwe 2d tv use the 1 or 2 socil nto instigate riots in eqypt or protests by selfies they are 100% in favout or trashing taxi unions for uber but they stiffel 100% 0f 18 years of startups and jobs 100% of the social nets tyhey gaged 80 free socil net i gave away in 2000 and every single or socil net lqaunched in 18 yearts makign them 100% un- net nutral and stillsupporting the same 2d socil nets that cause millions of dollers in riots and socil dfamages. a 2d tv coup should be on fiction tv and not allowed torepresent the presses as and and and all the in the world I launched are gagged right here in Cananda the suprime court should shut tyhem and their 2d tv coup social nets down before they start another riot or hurt some one , The crts owe Cabadians a truly net nutral television industry not a bunch of uhf vhf tv monoplies that are now nothing more than a website withj as pal in ottawa soaas ther is no uner competators and allow true net nutral and true socil nets to replace the 2d tv and their one stop 2d social nets sites that gag 3dtvchanne; news and for social nets that are not dependant on a uhv vhf 2d tv coup news coups that discriminate 18 years against Canadians and their net and org charity stasrtups discriminating 18 years , 100% 0f the time is not net nutrality is is discrimibnation and the crtc owe Canada and the world a net nutral television news industry, incapable of discriminzation instead so we need a net nutral crtc first. then we need net nutral social nets for them to use, if only ther had been 1 out of all of the crtc tv uhf vhf radio or canadian prwesses that could be used to launch 1 in 19 years it would not be a constitutional sham , but 100% of all social nets in 18 years is no mistake it is an egsample of a 2d tv coup using their nmonoply state status to gag 100% of a industry for 18 years while htyre play 2d socil net tweeking the worlds economies and politics all their way. and that is anty-net-nutral as anyone could imaginsd a 2d tv coup gagging an industry because they wnat to take it ovewr is not net nutrality its a scam. a 2dtvcoup. ! 12:09 PM 2016-11-13

This is the first election in the USA run written by, financed, produced, directed and acted by the 2d tv social net bbrd chats instead of the 2D tv networks closed door political marketing gureus, and the issues were replaced with the need for chats to go viral with the election campaines, and the govornance of the election is reduced to the rules to a "Who's the weakest link, on video chat game"

Election USA 2016 May the best Win.

Congradulations President elect Donald Trump in your vistory oveer the 2DTV presses and their Biast attacks on the middle classes choice for president.
Let's gave ot the same 2D media is run as a bully and they bullied and mis-quoted every thing you said for your entir election Campaine , this is the same 2d bylly cast and crew runningn the same 2d newss medias that bully and hah 100% of my companie and 100% of it''s US and Canadian startups for 18 years they discriminate and bully my every and they will go on starting new ways to bully soas to get it all their way, (They treated you with contempt , they treated you like crap), same as they bulliedd and gagged 100% of the www startups in streamming virtual reality tv for 3DTV here in Vancouver Canada since 2000 and i have seen no correction in thier discrimination , no change for 18 years same bullies same treatment of middle class 3D TV web medias starting , beeing hacked and having no crtc presses or newses or acess to the politicians and completely discriminated against by 2d crtc licenced bullys in arts fashion travel sports politics business realestate and launching so as ther is no way to use them to report a hacker or launch a new as theh worlds top bullyies the 2d tv news treatyed you like a criminal, they are behaving like a judge , jurry and executionor , and they will not report 1/1000 stries of launchign 3000 3dtvchannels ina 2d tv market in any country in the world even th USA because they are plain an d simple bullies as this is how they sturring up trouble and then make money reporting it.
, and you succeded in spite of their spitfull professional attacks, Congradulation you did what i have been saying is the hardest thing to do in todays world you found success while beeing bullied by 100% of the 2Dtv coup for your entire election.
Congradulation from Canada and the net org for net orgs just like your shows and we are not 2D TV Bullies like the ones that gag 100% of the middle clases startups and Nully you for your entire election we are new and we what to creat jobs and make the world a better place for America to be great in again too, in spite of the 100% complete 2d tv nully (2dtvcoup) that discriminates for 18 years and makes an election inbto a 3D TV BULLY and Hate group now roaming the streets in some states and insiting vandalism and bullying you up untill you were elected and then they go i-Polar and trate you nice, a 2 faced group that can bully ubtill they are stopped or replaced and so,
Congradulation on making your eletion a sucess when you where up against the worlds biggest Bullies online and off the 2DTVCoup. D.Collins www.3DPresident.comof 7:29 AM 2016-11-10
The promice to make the miiddle class prospertious is only achievable if you can create a Cloud owned by middle class workers in stead a 2d tv coup , they got the last 2 Canadian and us elections wrong they push push agendas and then declare them as socialy accepted all without even imvolvinmgthe real canadian they gag startups and sell ads only for companies they own or owned and operated by and for the wall street Berny Madoffs to sell in their dens, and theyact as netnutral advertisors and the billionas or Manhatton and the upper classes unable to help thepoor mases is because they tooare strapped by a 2d tv dictatorship thaty can gag 3dTV and sell ober at thesame time they claim nutrality, unable to use the 2dsociol net to profit Canadians are pushed in credit card dept and with no way to launchnew technology and schools groping for money to stay afflote the future looks sparceer as only the crtc here plans technoly use on their 2d tv social net going viral ther is no way to use socil networking to launch a 3dtvsearch or in a Canadian 2d crtc coup that gag startups for but patrons to BlackBerry and gages all the middle classses new innovations you habe toinvest public workers retirement funds in what they tellyou to even if it is a 2d tv phone, and taxing for carbon or troll bridgesandtroll s on public highway development is a gimmy on a 2d tv cartels socil net, and everyone can see by the fact that after 18 years there is still npo way for a middle class person to launch a or or a company with startups in eveery Canadian metroplus as the 2d crtc tv couop i s ther tio sell ads for their olympic accounts and 2dtv is ruin a by a small group of cylo investment ther is no way to acess the entire economy using the radio , television. or papers for 18 years because they are used by the elete to tell everyone who to vote for and today they only interface with a few affiliated search and browsers companies that follow the middle classes every key storke and use the data to market the same same sdam,e 2dtvcoup's compnaioe sand partners And for 18 years ther is no way a middle class could start ghealthy middle class busienses so asot create a middle class televisiopn network full of middle classes busienses selling new things for sports or travel or realestate or fashion on a middle class television netwoprk in this 18 years closed 2d tv uhf vhf only economy.
Middle class can not launch middle class stocks for middle classes to invest in as the markets are run by 2d tv and the ad money they get from shnooks and cheats like enron-berny madooffs and the entire world wide web of middle class tv and 3dtv and hd3dtv and holodigital glasses adn virtualreality and social networking is gagged and filterd so that5 the only new prosperity is possiblke if tyou are a "Quality Production" iliminating the netiore Canadian government from the ability to help a middle class busiens launch in a 2d tv coup what can not even get the election will of the people right as they are so so biast as to gag 18 years of middle classes and their startups in 3DTV from even talking toa BlackBerry ot apple or google products and since the only compnaies that can use the presses and Canadian elect aare the owners of teh hockey and travel and sports and news and fashion and movies and ev en realestate are one and the same as the 2d tv coup that gages 100% of 18 years of staertups for and al the thongs launched in in 2000 anmd the social nets givien away allbeeing gaged by no one other than the entire crtc uhf vhf catrtels is a glimps at eh fututre possibi;ities of starting up a middle class again in a 2d tv coup that can nopt even get away from biasts long enough to elect a middle class presidwent without them trolling the candidates on behalf of the 2dtvcoup intwerests and so ubtill the middle class and the upperclass can launch and without beeing gaged by 100% of the crtc for 1`8 years tyher is no way for the old or the news President elect to rescue or create a middle class America.
Canada is the biggest and best customer of gthe USA abd the 2d tv coup here make sure there is no way a middle class person can launch a m so as to advertise anyone else or theor products and the entire economy is stuck waiting for blac k berry ot apple or some forien country to launch all their news products first and the schools adn trades are not even sopported as 13 years here in BC the schools are under budget and the staff and students suffer from a work to rule only curse. and the budgest go unmet and strikes and lock outs fireings and stalling prevent anyone fropm a half decent education that will get them into a Canadian university , we end up building trade and proffestional education systems that only imported immigrant workers can manage ro erun aas ther is no way to launch a ro a startup in and on a closed 2d tv crtc special net using a browser that reports evey key storke top a very small handfull of telco -cable and affiliates clouds serversd and trher is no way to even mention a hacked and gaged by 100% of the 2d tv medias discrimionation for 18 years ther is no way a president for the lastr 18 years has been abl;e to even say or be seen on a and so the biggest problem facing anyone whop is a champion of the middle class is the 2d tv coup gazibo gangs and their pre-scripwted news agendas that attacked you ansd gag me and hold the Canadian Busienss hostage in a 2d wirellss coup where for 18 yeasrs yopu can't even launch a single 3dCopyrightTV/com products on 2d tv crtc backed brak berry of compalin that 2d tv is gaggign 100% og new medias.
It is easy to promice the middle class a hand fo help but the same 2d tv that pre-decided to trach Donald Trump and trash his every speach and trash his every promice and trash him even up to and during the election results and so ther is no way to save or rebuild the middle class in a country where the news sports travel arts fashiopn realestate andpolitics are dictated bya 2d tv coup even durignt he counting of election results and this means the only problem you will have is the same one you had and we all duffwer from , that is a 2d tv uhf vhf press coup that does not even integrate with the middle class, or the middle classes busiens or the middle classes investments and instead patronises search browsers that spy and affifliats htwe witre tap the queen and startusp the 2d tv back for the money they get from it like blackberry phopnes and withtghe entire crtc efforts seeing to it thwer is no way fopr a middle clZAss in Vancouver to launch a siongle you cansee teh writing on th wall . the 2d tv coup here are preventing the entire industry from launchign never mind a few middle class 2d tv channels too and ubtill Canada gets a healthy prosperoius middle class yopu are out of a customeer for US goods and untill the wopr realises that taking care fo your customers needs and satasifiying yo customer comes first instead fo beeing gaged by a closed 2d tv coup that trashes politici9ans as they report the election results because the re is money in it and none fropm the middle class then ypu wil be in the very same position the middle classes in America and Canada are in for 18 years , untill the middle class have a uhf vhf middle class and aan internet middle class ther is no way the Canadians can play the role fo best customer.
!* yuears i tryed to launch in the USA and Canada and not one 2DTVCOUP is even interested proving ther is no acess for anyone in the 2D TV cultire but the richest advertisor and withotu a news and sports travel and arts fashion and realestate entry into the econmy and the world wide presses and with no way to even use a single elected offical to complain that the middle clases 3dtv or 2d tv or new hoplodigital startup is beeign gaged bya 2d tv coup in dictastorships and even in Cananda ther is no way yuopur USA middle class wil find a middle class in any opther country than Canada to recipricate stimulaous investment and buy somthing from the usa middle classes as the are helped so just helping the USA middle classes will not make their biggest customer Canadian better off soas to buy USA or TRavel to the usa for arts fashion news busiesn and realestate and withthe entire Canadian middle class locked down by 2d tv coups and theri BLack berries for 18 years ther is no t much left of teh Canadian middle class to help and so untill a guy like me can launch a few dozen and leavde the lower class and enter the middle class ther is no hape for th emiddle clases that have no websites top launch and as i said in 2000.2001. 2002. 2003 2004 2005... 2016 the 2d tv coup here is as corrupt as President Elect Donald Trup declared in hios election promises to help the middle class and witha closed 2d tv coup PIMPING their own selfy news and choking off 100% of the Canadian and their startups ther is no middle classs for you to help become a better customer for the USA iot all starts at the same place you started a place where the 2d tv coup run the news and stear the content to excluded the n middle class and therio startups so as top have a 2dd tv coup run ther election and in a 2dddddist biast way rig the news so as ther is no way to launch a siongle in the world wide web withopyut it beeing gaged by the same 2d tv couip that tryed so so hard to trash YOU . the president elect and the same ones that gaged the and and all the and in Canada and untll the middle class here is saved from the 2d tv coup that tryed so so hard to trash your campaine and your integrity so in order to rasie the USA midel classes you will have to fix the financial state fo the SA's bets customers and that means me. and my fellow middle clases here currently gaged by all the money invested in Blackberry and 2d crtc tv .
After 18 years ther should be many stcoks avalable for and many new ahould be slelling on ne gtorg free from duiscriminatuion by a Canadian 2d tv and their 2d presses and they all should be advertisable ion a Black berry without beeing 100% gaged by al teh queens men in politics and busiens arts fashiopn travel and news tv.
The path to middle class prosperity is not the same one the 2d crtc monoplies support and wiith no middle class support here in Canada it is impossibl;e to launch a siongle or com or net or org in the world of busienss and no way for middle clases to support middle classes startups and with huge compnaies tracking your evey cloud entry and blockinmg your every, for 18 years ther are a lot of bancrupted middle clases out thery that are skeptic of any hope yopu had of supporting the CAnadian middle class . o0ur 2D politicians wil fall into line with wall street or Black berry and spill billions of dollers down a 2d tv coup startup in the hopes of stiffeleing the middle clasesa nd funneling all new things into their cartels pockets and by gagging 100% of teh startuips 100% of the time for 18 years in all trades adn venues even during a car crises years ago adn today as we see the crtc stiffeleuing 100% of the new businesses the curse will continue and like a baseball team curswed by some magic the entire economy is cursed by a 2d tv coup and ther is no way to use them to launch a middle class or and with all the dot coms gaged by a 2d tv coup here it will affect your middle class Canadian customers bottom line and untill the cure against small and middle class busiens is lifted here in Canada and a can advertise on a dozen middle class owned crtc tv newsses the econmies of Both countries wil be in the same situastion you were when they trashed your every doller spent on yoru election the same way.
The MIddle Classes need a governmetn and a television and news and staock market the middle clases can use to build or recover and as lonmmg as the wrold ias subjects fo the same same 2d tv coup that trashes peopel for the money they get paid from afilliats ther wil be a trough of cahs that is iresistable to the 2d tv coup- and they will favour the mopney of ingrity aso as to please investors first and ther is no way to use a 2d tv coup to launch a middle class when the crtc is agasinst it in proncipal and in reality 18 years and ias gaged by al the 2d realityutv cartels newses and hollywood medias and that is aglimps of how it is impossible to use the current press and news and faculties of busiens and social ethics to launch a new middle classs busines startups on a black berry or any other wirelsee tv phone and the trickle down affect is the same sdame as it has been for 18 yerars the 2d tv presses have no ideal what the middle class need or whant the 2d tv coup only know what makes them money and who to back that has money and ther is no way to use them to launch a 3dcrtc or any onther news thign because we live in a 2d tv dictatorship and the 2d tv cartels do not want 1/3000 to be a success , in sghort the 2d crtc have cut the middle out fo the worlds economies dn they now have it all their way and would rather call an election and trash the candadte thjey do not support righ tup to the election results and the even the day after , all so as top make money first and to ataain pole positiopn , and pimp their own tv shows ansd channels and actualy prevent a middle class from doign business.
The idea the 2d tv coup will help you build a middle class after thye spent 19 years iliminating it and all it's new 3d web and socisal tv tlds is doomed to fail as the 2d tv gag new and entrepeneurs in new online busiens that they do not pre-aprove and so ther is no way you can rely on them as they have no integrity for 18 yeaers they only care about them selves.
The Canadian Constitution states it is ilegal for a group or cult to discriminate, ilegal for a union or religion to prevent a person or company from working and making a living free of discrimiataion , and untill it is possible to constitutional participate in Canadian press and news and television busiens and aarts fashion and online social networking, integrated withth eCanadian governments 2d tv news and preses ther is no way YOUr new Governemnt will be able to build a middle class with a good customer base in Canada and the trickle dopwn affect of a 2d tv coup dicriminatuiong all day year in and year out soas to have 2d tv on Ablack berry and every one lese starting up gaged in 3DwebTV industry ther asi no point in even trying as Einstine said if you keep doing the sam e experiment over and over and expexct diffelet reults ( if you expect the current 2d tv couip to help a middle class startup in advertiszing online in 3d or anything else ) and expect the crtc 2d tv monoplies to accept ypu and your neqw middle class startup then you will fail and Einstine was right you will always fail because the experiment does not an ddid not work meanign ther is no way to use thoses toold to get results. As long as 100% of the crtc is tuned to gag 100% of yoru busiens before you even launch ther is little hope of success, so trying to invest is just a waste of time money, and this hold true especialy ina 2d tv coup. of net org/middle class startups in www casting Here IN Vancouver were the 2d tv actualy gag 100% of 18 years of businesses launched in Vancouver for 18 years mow . so using them is liek doing the experiment ovr again when you know it will fail due to the saem discrimination and biast yo0u experianced running for President of the USA.

The Canadian Press and all the TV news channels here are geared to provide protectionism to themselves andprevent startups and innovastion outside of their own uhf vhf monoplies and the crtc cartels actualy prevent the middle classes from participating in the woeld wide economies here at home and theer is no way to use aclosed 2d crtc press or country who's medias are geared to opress thier own middle classes online tv and news sports travel and arts adnm fashion startups and expect growth in a middle class here and this will stop your best costomers from every buying or going to the usa as we used to FREELY DO when we were middle classes in the Election reuslts.1:51 PM 11/9/2016