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Congrdulations to Alberta's new Primier, Jason Kenney.

A good omen, the herring are back in the burrard inlet and the salmon have chased them under second narrows bridge in the inner harbour and the burrard orckas pads are back in the inner harbour and they are lounging around after having chased the salmon as they chased the hering into the shallows of burard inlet , thier home, as today, after 60 years of polution that had nearly made them extinct they show clear signs of recovery and the once poluted inlet is now showing real time signes of recovery and that it is cleaned of logging and mineing polutants so much so that the endangered species are back and starting to recover in numbers and even normalise thier lives with the seasons.
This is a sign that we now have ahown how to save species and create jobs for the future in a cleaner environment, thanks to BC voters who for years worked so hard to clean up burrard inlet and the inner harbours so they would and could return and we have and they are back not one time but several times this year alone and that is an good omen, one that is promising good thnigs for all Canadians and a sign of good faith in environmental rescueing and recovering from over polution instead of turning a blind eye to the environment as we have in the past.
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