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Right on time, as soon as they reopened the east cpoast telemarketing center again the spamm calles re started, at 8 am eastern time spammers now call The west coast (% am pc time) and spamm telemarket same as always a wekk day (not on weekends just 8-4 weekdays same as before) so there must be a connection somewhere as the telespamming stopped when the center was closed and started again as soon as it opened so the center must be hacked or something. ** VANCOUVER CANADA Sat Feb 23 04:50:08 2019 ** ™ 2018 TM, 2018, CharDan A I ltd, ALLRIGHTS RESERVERD. COUNTRY(s) OF ORIGINE VANCOUVER CANADA & USA. PROPERTY OF VANCOUVER CANADA, a WWW.3DWEBCASTINGASSOCIATION.COM/NET/ORG. LICENCED FOR DISPLAY ONLY IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE EXHIBITION OF THIS WEBSITE AT YOUR device. MUST BE ERASED IMEDIATLY AFTER. 8, 50, 4, 23, 9, 50, 6, 5, 0