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Remember chek the "Find Me NOT Find ME" search engine fraud ! some body find me a lawer it's fraud!

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Imagine the shock!

Imagine the shock when ffor 25 years here in Vancouver you discover the search and news industry are fake and startup blockers!

Imagine the shoc and aahh when the converge and fire and it gets easer to block ICANN addresses as they close news medias by the dozen and fire the journalistgs in news so it getds easer to tweek politics and business!

Imagine the shock when you find fraud results blocking yourvery purpose for a startup 3DTV medias for ads and business news and sports fashion and travel realestate and movies like www.3DCA.org startup how can you run a startup or an election or a business when your targered for 25 years with no constitutional pro bonno legal acess and cleaned out by fake social networking news and medias advertisign on your startup and stealing it's traffic -purpose for beeing through cyber AI player-piano scripted bot scripts cyber squatting on your very startup and it's ICANN address comminting traffic theft millions of times a second for money.
these 3rd party cylos are commiting ICANN traffic website theft, these companies should concentrate on real search results search nd ICANN address security insteead of chats and bot scripts that find you not find you and block your traffic or steal it if they are integrtous news and medias first before Automating scripted bots to do the same thing 1.o4 million times a single dot com if they are so called respectable trusted political and business platforms ?
Fake, Fake and Fake again search and news integrity is fake and intent online is fake too news as weeb traffic theft is now not even a dark web crime.

Imagine the shock when after 25 years these social nets are still blocking your www.3DCA.org startups and still using your ICANN addresses for their own means

Imagine the shock., so , who do you report cyber crimes of ICANN TRAFFIC THEFT by AI Bot scriptas to as they listen and chat usig false ICANN stolen traffic they block to spread confusion and brand over for a fee they must see some value in blocking all these startups all the time in every venue for 25 years and target in a find you not find you script written to sell ads and post fraud right on your ICANN www.3DCA.org startup and use your brands as their tools to sell ads and targety you for blocking? The police,m politicians , your clients and social nets but the news are hideing this and so you can nopt tell the news and get any response as they must like the way things are as they will not report ICANN Traffic theft and this pattern of ICANN sddress traffic theft cover up goes on in their 2D TV news and medias and 3rd party bot scripting fake ads and news.??

there is a lot of money being made in a find yu not find you trffic theft ring of fireing news and covering up using consortiums and 3rd party to block startups for news and medias. ™ 2000

3-D Educational TV

Your metaverse is what you make it. A must read from Harvard Business Review Home Harvard Business Review Home How-brands-can-enter-the-metaverse online via AI or Virtually!


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Cyber crime insurance comming soon.

IS INTERnet or the INTRAnet insurance protection or both that you would be buying?
Consortiums of big startups are claiming to be king of the social net in each country on nodes called intRAnet messaging systems and web portals claiming to be the social net when actually the www intERnet is the socil nnetwork built to socialy network globly
THis runnaway overstepping by 3rd party AI Bot scripts that you paid good money to to be found, ends up spoon fed anyways to groups claiming to be the best browsers, searches and social nets is having a negative affect on the worlds economies netwrokings and people even politics as the 3rd parties target id profile and phish using ctchalls and round robin traps to try to fence stolen ICANN traffic via social net by news medias.
When the intERnet social net and get blocked by local intRAnets claiming to be "THE SOCIAL NET" (s) wile blocking the delivery of communication on busineses and peoples web traffic delivery system and medias preacking their 3rd party as the worlds socil net so as to decide the business traffic's destination and this is a cime that can bankrupt business and startups in every country as they csan not use the INTERnet because of crimes by 3rd party socil intRAnets self proclaiming themselves as "THE SOCIAL NET", and not a wen site strwaming media like the rest of the worlds streaming medias websites and socil nets on the intERnet.

IS the INTERnet or the INTRAnet startups the social the web that is being cyber crime your protecting and insuring . insurance agains Cartels and consortoums on provate socil nets or on the www socil net this is the problem ,
IS INTERnet or the INTRAnet insurance protection or both that you would be buying
That is the question before you can be insured against ICANN address targing and traffic theft crimes on the workd socil net. Cyber crime is so established now that personal Cyber crimeinsurance is being reconsidered again. the internet is ready for hit and run cyber crimes and id profiling , targeting and bullying by consortiums and third-=, even17 party established links per website searched crimes by AI bots on social net intRAnets nodes that are branding over ICANN business using their own traffic or selling stolen traffic in milliseconds for and other targeting AI Bot wares during elections for sure. Www.3DTVCanada.com 3DTV.news.com www.DTVPtwss.com www.3DCounty..com www.3DCopyRight.com %t www.3VTechReport.com for www.3DStreamingNews.com on the www social net.

What Is A 3D Streaming Broadcasting System being branded as?
for 25 years the news medias have reported it is dead industry.

SBS 180 years ago and today?

Fabulous Youtube 3-D History- Video Virtually! Fabulous 3 - D - History -- Video - - Virtually!-

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if your going online go Virtually!

May your metaverse come sooner than mine.
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