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WE are just a dot . com net org 3DTV website

one has to wonder , if all the crtc tv newses can block 100% o all the metaverses in 2000 and 3DCA.com 3DTVBusineses.com for 25 years and run stocks up the markets and down , trash inovasin and interfear in international politics and busienss or not, and whoes to say what interfearance is but the pope on 2D tv and not get blocked like a 3DTVCAnad.com net org , dit, can when AI canot tell a > from dot or a himan fro a crowd going viral in 2D fake croud of dots using their I filtering ICANN addreses trafic and teh advertng some one lese dots for the money you get from as many dots as yu csan fiter by thier dottraffic AI scripts used for 25 years ino 3DTV and politics in 2d , sooo, how can 2D tv news know they are repotng the news and not leavaing out the important punctuations every indevidual single dot can make. The things that interfear with launching A 3DTVCHAnnel.com for business or social net pleasure messaging or advertising 3DmoviCHannel.com or 3DadCHannel.com even the interfearance in news and periodocal in launching a 3DTVSports.com for hockey on headset metaverses for 25 years is in itself interfesarance in international pltics as 3DworldWideWeb.com and 3DtvCanda.com afe dos atracek all day and moverd for 24 yesrs around the world and bacl to Vancouver all the time redacted by the news and un mentioned in all the political international interfearance inquires on the tax bill is in itself interfreance in 3Dtelevisionnetwork.ca startups and busines in online streaming apps and the ability to cover uo 24 years is now being automated to perfection on converged news journalistles platforms te t=re 100% un interested in whether 3televisionCanda.com or 3DTVCHannelAmericsa.com have no way to launch feee from a sinple barrior thagt big tech nagagate around when they find yiu and not find yiu on a search or browser and AI is perfecting this so as ther is no way ti launch a 3DTVBrand.com free from current redacting processes and AI is now coming to light and fessin g up to beeng ther for some time n beta test dn this means the political will to stop it is just comung to liht adn thie is interfearinfg withthe launch of 3DTVCAhat.com and 3DAITV.com and 3DTVCBrands.co that are inder dos attack that is never mentined when tehy talk abkut inbternqtional interfearance or 3DTVCHannelchina.com or 3DTVCHannel.in or any 3DTVCHAnnel.us some how gaged by humans running AI scriots that also block and aell ads on ICANN addres and get dos attcked whie the 2D press cover for this 25 year long targeting by the never mentind dsark web 3DTVCHannel.com hacker network hard at work covering uo new head sert metaverses and strtuos for shopping and travel news and sport in 3D on 3Dwebsites for 3D and even the ones I gabe away for free all redacted for 25 years andn ntoi ne nternational inquiry ona 2Ed tv inquire searcins in 2d and go figure I get stuk reporting it for them. this is now interfearance of a new dimention it is 2Dinternationsl interfrearance and this is not allowe to be mentioned in 2D news because it involves the verncular 3DTV woch is obviously a thing that is internationalu dos attackined all day for 25 y ers an dredacted in parliment or they woyld be saying it in 3D on consortium 3DtVchannels and blocking me for beeign a dot com what ever using AI scriots and no fsculties around to profess any dis=fferance t;s comolete international intef=fr=earance and that is dfferent thanb international interferance and 2D tv international interfearance os much dofferent than regular or 3D international interfearance so thert is no interfearance in ottwa or the law but ther is in 3D virtual TVC .com business and pleasure and anyine who is launching a 3DTVCHAnbnel.com in the last 25 years is redact adn interfearwd in differently than regular and that is why we have followers too on sesrch engines whe ther is a hivkey gsme , thaks to ai redorecting the traffic so it all goes that way withiut intefearing interntionalty the regular ways and so it is pok i quess that makes it legal,

All day on internet free tv i am forced to watch the same ad over and over again hundreds of times and dayand I never use not even use or whant that product so i would nevr buy it abd they never offer ant=yhting else to buy so it's watwrboarding effect made me relise,
ON 3DCounty.tvwww.3DTVChannels.com if you have seen the ad bdefore ad do not what or use the product and are watching on a pc, cell or tv remote then we wil have a drect OFF buttion so that youcan flg the ad as seen and shut it off to never have to watch it again if the anoyed button is pushed or just for this show if yiu like and this will help if the AI bots are tsrgeting yiu then they wil target yiu better or not at all and just not show that ad again. custom ad block for seen ads option on 3DCopyrightTV.com the satqartuos most readated for streaming t inthe ftee democrcies for 25 ysrs 3DCounty.com 3DTVCHannels.com with custon=m ad block for like streams. www.3DAdChanel.com were you can watch or not watch the saem ad all day your choice after all ther is no over the air hokey in hasting for ree and ther is no way online yiu. www.3Dpresident.comof 3DTVCHannel.com were your ad caunts.

Interfearance goes on facebook twitter google all websites and political elections are or arw not beeing hacked all day every day . F not them why 3DTV is attacked, how do they deal with this kind of cyber attack 24/7 yesr in year out and whyu do they not stop it on the serers and software 3Dcounty.co get stuk hosted on. Because it is assumend they woyuld if they could but csn't then how coud yiu use the internet for politics for news fo business or pleasure when yu can not trust the intergity of the platfom yiur hosted on and say yu have secure tabulated facts and then pass a bill in the house when everyine was believing trh data and ther is no way to tell if t is real. Meanwhile if ther is international interfearance in ottawa aor not , how can yiu launch a 3dtvchannel in a 2D tv media that blocks the news of dos attacking 24/7 for 25 years they blick metaversrs and niw use metavesrs thagt do or do not have dos attacks all day and do or do not tell how they sti op them so as to pass bbrowser filtrs thagt blocl based on bak link aI bot information they use to see if the browsers or search should block and sell the traffic to ad erchants when a politician or business gwt blockd 244/7 for back ;iks images requests the big tecks use for filtering and ad sales traffic . Fr the moment we have to put a political pause on international interfearance n ottawa to look long and hard at who is getting dos attacked 24/7 for 25 years and who is not as this kind of interferance in 3DTVPOlitics.com is never discussed on 2D trv news or the periodicals and affiliates of OTTATA and so os the crime of ICANN traffic theft and the crime of search and browsers bkocking based on back link filters international interfearance enough to catch the eyes and ears for the all the politicisns in ottawa thagt are not coerrupt or international interfearance so they thoes whoare can carry on in secrt internationaly interfearaing s is their political immunity rghts anf thoes who are not internationaly interfearing can sttop the dos attacks that google amd searche browsers so so quickly pic out and i=use to block trafffic and steali tit for ad sales or are they just blocking the ones they whim and even thought they themselves and the politicin themselves are getting do attacked all day means noting to both international inqusiries and regular inquiries into why 3DTCAnada.com is blcked in the news , I s ot for back lk traffic or dos attaclks or just plain discrimnination and then when it is ok to reveal whp in ottaqa is a international spy or a busin4es international interfesarance traitor can be revealed with iCANn insiders and what ever ata least for 1 moment the crime of blocking and stealing 25 ytears of 32DTV startups is on the table and the constitution os safer because the is an economic opportunity that is doos attacked 24/7 and shoud br on the top of the tablkes of thoeses who are not interfearing at ll. Byut good politics poitics that do not hide 24/7 flaws in the internat so does everyine get 24/7 dos attacked orjust 23DCounty.com 3DTelevisinnetwork.ca and does fscebook and google find thhagt tey are dos attacked witg back links so much the facebook or google users can nit tell whi is safe and if they are then they are the saem as 3DTVCAnaa.com and no one is safe as the ddddos attackers that attack me and get me blocked on search an browsers for images they request thaty do not exist then how do the socil nets and 2sd t know whagt is theru users looking for and whatg is dos porn attack aso they do ot block themselc=ves or get interfeared wth. Is it safe ro use the net while beeign dos atrackes-d and who is mnub ne tothese filters that block 3DTVCBrands.com and sell ads on thir trsfic but not on big tech or ottawa even is pol=issiblke and what better way to ffnd out then to acualy stop blocking 3DTVBusienss..comnet org in2D on2D nes and redacting this kind of internstional interfesrance like t was a dos atack in international interfearance bhy politiciasn is moot and the facks are the dos atacks may have nothing todso with internstionalploitics but they do have everthing to do with 3DAINews.com launching and re purchase as it was deleted during a web register blackout and ssle of the registrars cnvergance in march and rhe blcak out f 3dtvchannes in april and the reaearance of the dot com startuos on a web .com collection of converged registrars and all this time continiouis seamless dos attackers posting quiries for porn that does not exisit but suspisiously look like java and pphp scripts on a servwr thegt no one wil talk abkut in ottawa as they focus on diversion after divrsionin2D on2D medias thagt pick and pick awauy at integrity and fake news that is allaround them and dos attacking 3DTV.news startuos for stramimng3DTV.com for years whil the political partuins pretend ther is no international interfearance in their wallerts I assur them to no avail that it is out ther and who is safe from it and get n answrrs for decades. So this is international interfearing in the internationbal interfewarances othf the people more than a few politicians and when the inquire can noit reveal politiicial imunity criminals it sy ure can answrs why is 3DGTVCAnda.com dos attacke 24/7 for 25 yers and who is in back of it that is ignired so ICANN can sell ip and trade name addreses for tsades ad pltics free form 24/7 dos attackes that are now ingnored. Housing starts in Vancouver are don 32% this year and up 140% ib toronto so if Ottawa is to have fsair housing coast to coast then Vancouver housing starts will have to be 200% or more to catch u to the other fair goers in statuos for home, eH!

www.3DTV.News www.3DEducationalTV.com . www.3DJournals.com 16 June, 2024 Vancouver , it hailed yesterday and the Oiled=s did too, the gsmes took a 2 dimentional 180 and the sun came out till dawn. too bad yu could not plae a bet on your favorite on a 3DSportsCHannel.com prefix or advertisors web casino localy or internationaly un interfeared with that I know,

meanwhile in 3Dcounty.tv is redacted adn moved to it's new registrr and needs money to even 301 back to it's web page so times are improving as i now know where it is it is on web.com and no url forward ir dns change is possible at thind -s artu icular time as it would nit cast to rent sndns after teh renevistion registry buyour asnd neww after market lising of 3Dcounty.tv is set u o i do not get url forwardong any more but this is the same os in 2000 and that swhen the world was supposed to end , if yiu belive that ,
There must be some person or corporation or stock market penny stock out ther that could take over running 3DtelevisionNetwork.com and 3Dworldwidewebtv.com intRAnet startups in a web of internstionsl interfearance and fake news, as i have not done a very good job at even getting past the news media and it;s now compressed into one or 3 consortiums of consortiums for 2D news clips (with sections redacted for each city so it is nt running at the sem time like abackgound AI bit scriot or 2 (remember clear your browsers cash after every website )) and I have no idea what to do with a 3DshoppingMall.com and its 3DStores as the big tech launch suffexes these shouod be reenue senorati ors by now , many 3DTVCHannels.com are 12 15 20 years old or more and nedve used for anthing but search key sales and firwall examples of back link porn spammers works so as to be blocked for 12 15 ovr 20 years becaue o f cyber attrackes and in the 25th year when all the medias are focusing on who will sell their 2D reruns and sports contracts for decades in in-advance a who''s ai is better than avataring is betrwr adn metaverese are now pre launched as fast as they can rturn out , i just can not keep up with e scriots adn fake newses but ther mi ust be some one who is and could if they were caption and sailing we might get out fo port , arf, so some one who knows aboot international interfearnce in 3DTelevision starupos redcated by 2d tv nes for 25 yesars could help ny organisation or org who now haw to oganizes a 3Dtvchannel.org or a net that knws hiw to run a 3DTVCHannel.net adn a busines familiar with launchng tpin.com mesaging system would have to launch 3Dworld widewebTV.com startups that are hacked by countries that internationaly intefear in tv same as here in Canda soas to have n way to worrk but pay rents to be parked and do not reipricate and i can makt do this with some constitutional backing that i no sappers or spurters and have not made a dime , go figure just rents, so hither must be some company able to pilot the starup through ocens of hackers adn the porn connections with search bot traffic theft scams and run and list on the stock markets at least a few stsarus for 3DcoyrightTV.com shws and a few sports running my 3Dtelevision chsnnels and actulay have a face not a telemarket for "do you want to make a web site scammers" phone calls al day or ICANN dos attackers that mark and monitor for 25 years and be able to disern and address endless interfearing stock market sales fo tevery registrar yiu use and convergance of traffic filtering by AI bits and the news in 2d , nevwr 3d, this is unhiman advertdng adn lke a fm frequency for mnews.
Only some one sme compnay some affiliate woud or could run 3DTVCAnada.com and actuly poitical and acedemicaly finction in a what is fake or real integrity in news and busiens investment when after 25 yesars i have necer been approached just had my cows milk stolen free so no one even investes in cow and 3dcounty.com have websites sitting around like cows doin nothing becaue therw is no pasture for them to use if yiu get my drift, the cows are redact4ed and interfeared with internationolly too and real business resiprosity in 3Dtvpress.com 's ir no resipy for success 3DTVSport.comis in the penalty box chewing cud every game and no way to bet on a winner soon in webcasting business and what is a meg tech AI bot scam and an ICANN address filtering bot good for helping 3DTV when it is a great key word to block of scrited to for any reason and why not anyways who's tp help a guy after 2d=25 yesars yu would n pbe a miricl worker for sure, as i keep rinning into AI bot scrits adn new rules to filtr just trying to host and run my websites using browsers and searchs sripted and tsaylerd by profile key words to block my every way is all i get and so I have to ask is ther anyone , rwl , that can do it for me as i csan not pay anthung until yiu can launch a 3DTV.news ina single ciry - townshio county -country i ever tried and if yiu can then lease do in 3D for me and yiur self as yiu can do this and I can not. i have provd it fro 25 years so my work is done,

So let's sit back and search for 3D TV channels and www.3DTVCHannels.com could help yu as it has nt been working quite well latley becauwe if international redactin interfearance to say the least The simpelest way to find out if 3DTelevisionchannels.com are beeing dsciminated against is to ask one and on 2D tv if they stop discriminating then every politicisn on the planet could presch in 3D and not be redacted by 2D interntional interfearance and this would tell the comoetitn bureau that ther is no discrination or international ontwrfearance in 3D tv jusrt ai bit scriots written to stea te-raffc by servwr host or any round robin that happen aling and thtas why d for 25 years ther is n 3DTVBrands.co ona single 2D tv news and that would be a good thing the point is it[s how you use it bot the scriot but ther cribe that is discriminating the scrit s net nutral the news is dicrinating for the scriot to be functionng. AI i is nit smart enough to think uo 25 years of ways to procrastinate and crete jobs at the same time yet this takes humans and international interfearance soe toes youhave to look twise even forn the 3rd diomention just to see the forrest for the trees. 3dcounty.com 3dtvpam.co 3Dpaintings.com ™ 3Dfaces.com ™ picture postd 2003 circa. AI can help the wave i trsaffic when the socio nets get wind of the score in last nights game it aught to fill a few traffic catchalls and sell a lot of ads on socil nets tday wil be tip tspping searcha dn replays while yiu can not get a gsame on rsabit ears here in Vandcouver est hasting if yiu had a crtc running the over the air licnce then they would leave yiu in the gully and the pension would leave yiu with cableless nes and the interne tis not carring the game so yiu would never even know ther was a gome going on. www.3DTVSports.com blocked so the catchalls are full of don't you realy mean for 25 years ther is ni 3D or 3Dtvsports.com to watch too. so much for comoetiton in sprts .
It would be goog to know that ther is no politicians in office that were internfearing localy or internationaly in 3DTelevisionCanada.com internt launching and that it is just 3-2D tv interfearing and cyber porn back likers and a few jelous 2D social nets or searches and thats all but to have 100% os 25 years of 3Dcounty.com metaverse activities and startups gaged and blocked nd redacted from social contact by 2D tv news for busines fo 25 ysars is unsetteling to know the competition bureau csan nnot see anyh=thing wring woththe picture, www.3DMovieCHannbel.com a 3Dcounty.com production. www.3DSPortsNews.com waiting to start up a ffew 3Dsports.com websites when unredated in the 2D socil nets and you are all invited when that day arrives in the futre and people wil be able to 3DGPTCHAT.com with 3DAINews.com avatars and 3drealTV.com sucure so we launched dot com and net soas to secure our branks(cugh) and as told by registrrs as th thing to do for apps ad actors online for headsets startups and not have to wory if the 2D tv news will discrimnate against them for beein a 3DTVCHannel.com in a 2D tv monoply as ther wil coem a day when the 2E tv monoplies blocking 25 years of 3DTV wil no longer do it snd sctualy embrace 3DTelevisionNetwrk.com work and how to launch a 3DTvnetwrok.com ona 2D international interfearing media monoply aroh the owrld as i have launched dot com startups n evey country and ever time a party of poloticans go abroad the go min 2D n2D over 2D nee asnd necver return in2-3D b2D tv chsneks over ther and so yiu ca nove can gp vper ther ther untill its over over ther is still true over ther and here to so yiu csant go here until it's ovr over her andn when discrimination and competition bureaus and crtc newse allow 3DTv here it wol be over ove herew too. and then the international interfearance adb comoetition bureais ther canb come over herw wwwwwhn=en ti;s over over here too, and we cdann have internation 3D tv newses loom int 2E international interfearance in3D over ther and here. and this would be less confusing when the ucomoetition bireaus look for intr=ernational interfearance in the ointertn3dTVNetwork.com indistry here an ther and their job will be less restraind too., litteraly speaking ther is no law aginast blocking ICANNB trafic and selling ads on it an disriminstion by 2D tv medias for 25 years international interfearance is bu ig business like it ws 1492 nd lawlesness in the west ter is o way to protect yiur sellf from 2 dimentiona interfearance in ternationaly or localy unkess yiu do it in 3Dimentions not 2.

Is a looking at local and internationak interfearance frmn a 3rd dimentional view a good thing or bad?
When all the sports and news is converged inn to one or 2 consortiums of busiens and news medas for them and then after fireing all the journaists and mkong every cotyu news the same feed then start up a new intRAnet nde or 2 so as to gbe a news and streaming 3D heeasdset jetset and give a 3drd opinion or news or chat with yiur avatar in 3D on a 3Dtvchannel set uo for chatting about internaional competitions like sports is gping when the 2D tv newsew gwt around to stop dictiminateing againt 3Dtvsprts.com and 3DwebcartingNetwrok.co and the 3Dworldwideweb.com can integrate in busines and pleasure and 2D tv news and all the contnet they have to reseel and reassle in 2D soasdt oget returns on reruns of 3d contetn the comoetition bureau os protecting by blocking comoetition soad as to let the big techs resellit , just one more time, on new cabke tv statuos thaty also block 3DRealityTV.com and 3DrealtyTV.com and al the 3DTXHAnnels for 25 years and ewvewn the ones i gave away in a potlash for the Y still blocked and discriminated against by th 2D tv cartels and consortiums sert uo to resell 2D content and pay the saleries fo 5he comoetitioin bureaus that block 2-3D tv so they can sell reruns in 2d for 25 years with no comoetiutin formn 3DTVStaruos.c like they do every year when i launch a few n more and deminstrat how when wher andwhy ther is 2D tv international interfearance and they wik bit report it. and then theris othe countries that discriminate against 3D tv shows..com and online 3Dstrwming tv.com startos s they cn sell internatiomn 2d cntent over and over agin on new international affiliats strtuos and run ads in 2d reruns from last year and never have to pay for news or new contnet as thehy block it as if it was 3DTVCA.com in 2000 and so woth all the momentum a 2D tv news media can consort they discriminate against 3DTVcomoetition buroing by a 3DCopyrighttv.com startup for 2d years they block 3DCounty.com metaverse and the 2 +d tv newses wallets ar ther waiting to poclekt al the misic and content it can pack into a 10m years contract and block comoetiton at whim using the one or 2 politicians and news channels they allow to be left as the onlky way to launch past the drafons dens on 2Dism and have a 3Dsportschannel..com in east hasting for 3DHockeyTV..com inthe next 10 years free from discriminatioin by 2d sports internationsly tp as the discrimiantoknj of 3DTVPolitics.com is proof ther is no way to use the comotition bureau to internaonaly or localu look into international and ocal interfearance in 3DTelevisiomnetwork.ca and if politicians are in aware of theis reality then they are incomoetant or redacvting it. www.3DTVPOLitics.com insports. the nost followed and search ed 3DSportsCHannel.com online. www.3DTVSPo4rts.com , ( anyine need an ad slot let me kknow)
if the CRTC or the Parliment or the Canadian competition bureau whant to see international or local interfearance unredcated then all you have to dp is look up how many 3DTVCHannels.co were launched in the 3=2D crtc news medis in any vusiness or imternet streming news ssports travel you name it industry online in the last 10 yesrs , make it 20 . no no make it 25 years , hw many #DTVCopyright.com startups were discriminatd in every busiens they maunched for 3D head set and stwron webcasdting on cable or oiver the air that they looked ibto and found no international interfearnce then. I have a few dozen i bought and launched every christmas and yu can use each ine to se if 2D tv discriniated against any of them oor wors adverrtised on thery very ICANN addrse and i can show yiu millions of examples of 3DTVSearch.com syartuos blocked and adverttisned in by the samen registrars as they pass my doanmoans around like they awee selling stocks for 3DTVfuters.com startus they discriminate ahaist every day.
> the comoetition bureau can not fnd any discrimination then we need at least 3 comoetition bureaus to moniyter and elect eachother and we can democratical answere is 2D tv a good thing or bad in 3D and elect our wn cometiton bureau do see why 25 yesars why 3Dtv why the internt 3DTVCHannelsco jare blcked and cyv-ber traffic theft is legal and how do yiu email a letter to the comoetiton bureau when yiur blocked in2D by 2Disits fakeing the news abut 3DTV for 25 years actualt disciminating agains every single 3DTVSTartup.co I own and wwh knws ow many million dot coms just to resell 2D tv contnert on a crtc caonsotium or cartell newse and convered journals. whike he comoetition bureau look the other way are they paid form by taxes or the crtc consortiums if they are nt interfearing then let them say it in 3D. Vbr> www.3DwordwidewebTV.com no were to go when yiur redacted and shipped out to server afternservwr and registrar ti registrar and off lined facing a 2D tv discrimination platform yu cn not socilky network with as they religiously bent on 2d content to make 2D a recicrication just dicrimination and nation with no communication and its bent on 2 dimentionaly 3D news retention and to keep discrimination all across the situation till they rerin aaaaaaaaaaaaaan election and fix the 2D news , so it all goes their way. Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

AI can cause a crises as it can block 3DTVSports.com for 25 years and block 3D television network.com startups at every shot on net s3dstores opened and 3dworldwideweb.com travel fashion and politics while dos atacks and search catchall own the web highways and ther are no sappers to call a govener of a county must act in a minute man or be blocked by Ai on the fly.

www.3DSportsNews.com the 3D gaames have started in 2000 and the 3DWorldcup round robim goes to the AI catchalls filters bots again bots again as they referree and score on an empty net they win every game.

If yu build a 3DTVCHAnnel.com in a news media vaccume and it croes for help from doss attacks and fais , does anyine in politics law or competition burieaus so it looks like the 2D tv newsedszs like the idea of dos attsacks every day and no way to launch a 3DTVCHannelCanada.com nagazine and so the use AI to see to it for 25 years ther is no way to use the crtc newses for launchign a lke Vancouver or toronto feee from dosss attackers and 2D newses and Ai is probably just going to make it worse as thee trend is continued woth international support the 25 yesars of reporting it means a lot to thoes who understand why and no way to ask them why an dfind out so there goes posterity too, and I is realy doing a number for dos attackers in the mean time and metaversrs 25 yesars ld are getting taken down and this means if a startups falles does a comoetition bureau hear it. it fall.? AI will have to figure that one out if it it's so smart the it can get my my message, sent wtih a wink blnk and a say no more. if YOU know what I mean! www.3DTVCHat.com

I wrote a simple ai script to count web traffic and dos attackers trash it all day and all year long like professional phone scammers online they rule while no one can stop the so ther is no way to count likes and not likes or votes or survay when hackers crash the simpelst AI scriot in the begginers book of web scripting or an election survay by a 2D tv news pudoim and so AI can not help and humans can not help then ther is no use for survsys when the hackers run the AI scriots that dis attack and mess uo yiur counter especcialy whenr the news is redated by 2d tv so ther is ni news of 3DTVCAnada.com 3DTVCHannel.ca beeing hacked alk dayt for 25 years and htis is ai problem with authentic information and itegritous informtiin dissiminated by 2D news when it cones to cyber saftery they would not tell you how #DTYV gets hacked in 25 years so how could iyu trust them telling yiu a politician was hacked ijn #D or 2D after all no court would belve a witness that hides the facts so how could a sponcer do it and for 25 yesars it is hard to hide the fact that 2D tv is internationsly interfesaring in 3Dtelevisionnetwork..com startups and getting paied for advertng thsat they are nit. tax grants and all no way to arrive and a canadina solution for dis attacks security or 32d tvas.com startups ina n insecure 2d tv platform or online when 3Dtv is gagwed from head set news for 25 years everyone is the looser. www.3DSportsCannel.com an illistted form of sreaming 3D tv sport reporting for decades from 3dcounty.tv ™

With this new politicians can pass abill to stop interational interfearance in politics withliut affecting the 2D tv coveruo of 3Dtelevision startups fr 25 yesars having to be protected and so ds attacks can carry on an 2D tv news can fake competitoon and Ai bots can filter ICANN and stok ipo so that ther is no competition bureau or work or discrimination inquiries inot dos attacks and other AI thayt van block 3DTVPOlitics.com and startups for hed set metavers for 25 yers and this ower of good and bad is ow perfected and so politics canb pass a bill for some while other and their startus are still inthe streets and no way tostop ai that does this using the exrinct free prewss or 3DTVPress.com and this is now exasprated by AI bills that only focus on owngng the podium them sevles and so Ai is good or bad depending on how you use it. Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

It is good to know that politics has embraced AI governance and that in the future when car bus and truck traffic or web trffic AI breaks down and all the box cars stop running and gridlock the nation because of an AI glitch, that it we have hemans intellecence journey-men-women-persons to fix it. www.3DTVTechrepor.com from the future.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

? what ever happened to the Art Institute it used to be Ai for years as the key word advertisor of the AI bot world and now 3D is 3Dpronting and AI is chat what next is ggod for Ai . %is Do yiu mean us AU god m or realy realu good? or do yiu mean is it good or hurtful of so al you need to do is look at this ICANN non stop dos attack by Ai bots ! they do a realy good job of attacing yiur 3DTeelevisinnetwork.ca and no one can stop them so this could affect you for years and years because ignoring #D being attacked is incompetance and ai cyber attackers real bad to ignore in busiess asd inovtion investent and 25 years of not findig anyne to invest in 25 year old apps for 3D and then use 2d tv to ask for stsaruos is phishing for taffic theft like the ciber dos attsackers know somthing the ivestwrs whant bkoickd so they can invst in it whule yiur bloicked and ai is doing this so it is good for the squattwrs and ohisers of startups but 25 years it isno god for AI 3Dstreaming TV asnd avatars on virtual3DTV.com instemnts in vrtul3Dtv.com staruof for 25 year sre still not even mentioned by 2D tv looking for staruos to report on and yiu h do not have to go fsar to fond 3DTVStartups,cm for evey head set metavere in the ladt 25 yers alrwady stsared uo amd wth milkions of followe4s on searchand AAI bot scriots follong the 3DCointy.com stsartuos and even cyber squatters dos attacking 3DDTVBrands.co startus alk we need s some one wirh minetyad na staff to run them and they already are started and proven top seo search keys and i get so much traffic thagt the dos attackers have to blck the web site so the search engines csan gert stoeln trafic for 245 yw4s in a row and twice on hockey game day. ( depending on yiur vernacular) 3DTVCAnada.com has a startups for every city and a tv channel for lauching it on too coast to coast waiting for invetiers and a penny stick to parner eith all i need is a few dozen fully operational partners readhy to co-launch sand no ned for anything more 25 years waiting for 3DTVheadset startups to be mentioned in AI apps fro shoping and travel and avatars for evy ine too a`nd yiur prefix addreses and suffix addre for yiur AI bts chats and avatars metaverses and busines in 3D l we need os backing and a sock ipo fr a few 3DTVCHannels.com and 3DTVStartups.com is starting uo 3Dstartus.com net orgs likee it ws a go daddy page. so fast it will amaze yu how fast 1 few dozen 3DTCHannels.com thatg ae already nillions fo key word ad revebeuse genorsters by the million can spin of sales when not redacted or blocked by searches and registrar musical chairs. integrsted sn running ready with synergy for years looking for investors asdn people who build stsartis should have a good deep look and see all the dos atacking means these stsartuos are the best tobe ds attaced in 25 years. the best ip or OCANN addree as worrds could say less than ictures on 3DsportsTV.com 3D faces.com are 3Dprinted and 3Dmovechannel.com is waiting for the next 3Dmovie ads and no need fro seo when yiu advertse on the 3dadchannel.com for headsets advertise on or join the trffic being stolen ither way the best investments are yet to be used and 3dworldwidewebtv.com os waiting for you to do it , I can not do it al myself i canhrdley even tyoe i am so old now from waiting fro Ai to sop stealing taffic and niw international interfearance laws wo ill sotp icnn traffic theft finaly buy ai bot laws ICANN wil run smothly nd 3DTVBrwnds.co wil be the best investment to coem aling since talking socks ona superbowl i 2000. The use of some omes ICAN address trffic as a key word is bad faith. www.3DTVCAnada.com. Using dragons dens to pump and dump innovation in 2d while music suffers 3D head set 3DMusicCHanel.com startups are international redacted y big tech politics for 25 yesrs blockig the crouds redacting them because 2D tv whant to own the podium for a few more bets in sports ciming in 25 yer5rs qs somting and AI in politics law was guick to be cononised and flaged so as 2D concerts in 2D can preach n 2D platforms in 2D until they get around to ip offering 3DTCCHabnelss.com of their own convergancees and AI is the tool they useed and use and it is banked on and arriveal can get millions form un tenderd surces whik the r is n AI rotection from 3DTVpolitics.com traffic theft then hiw can you have an eletion in 3D on 3DTVChannel.com gage by 2D tv internatiola interearance withiut pliticisn involved . Could 3DPrinting pring up a solar powered well shadded and fully otonomous trailer community on governmnet lad with old people in mind ajd a side walk for their golf cart ai driven safely, so as to retire in a home under 350 000 the recomended avrage cost of building a home and then they can build their own home if they like on thier own dollers and not have to climb any stairs of elevators instead of huge chiken cages. it coud be a carch 22 for sure.

Freedom from 2D discrininating for 2D business travel news and sports for 25 years in tax funded nes thaty fires journslists os mity interteafred with as my 3Dwebcsasting associations have revealed it samns to be a 1700's rerun and the 3DTVCHAnnels.com o are in 2d search cztchall for domains the bastile run by 2D tv newes and their web traffic politics, soas to block musioc and movies startups and hide this , accept in the case of AI beign used against politicians and pilitiician onley ( ho mentin of journalism or h judges or 3DTVCHabbels.co or syber security fron 3D coups in dictatorshuo and 3Dcoups in republics goe a stray and =2D dictatorships on 2d newses in generalk ) while banks lose oi=ut on 3DTelevisionnetwork.com busienss fo ads for 3DMoviechannel.com 3DTVshows..com they =gt nevewr make the 2D tv news es dark web or their live peridicals and eeven the "HISTIrzy" channles laugh rteack compntent from rerins on tv searies like fort apchiewe online is blocked and apachie ss=does not rin on the new platforms on your pc then stock markets canad starting up in 3DStreamingTV.com for 25 yewars then what else dod they block for 25 years online as 3D virtual realiity and 3DrealTV.com and 3DVTV.com is and was gaggged by 2D tv for an grand prox total of an olympoc 25 years now no ohter industry can match the efforts and costs of blocking 25 years of 3DTVSPorts.com pleayers using 2D tv social netwroking to do the coveruo is enough to make yu wonder who what wher when and why or how many other innivations and things is the 2D tv blocking as if they were 3Dcounty.com having a potlash in 2000 Y2K Vancouver Back in thoes days ther were no 3DTVCHannels.com net or org tv just me, and blocked for 25 vyears it is ablut time politicisans and the pope stoped fsake news so that 3DTV.news can be inredacted by the CRTC web sites supportng traffic theft and se=a tealing 3DTelec=visionchannel.ca news away so thagt no one iknows how to get a hockeyu gsame over the air on tv free or how to launch a 3DMusicchannel deofre Taylos swift finishes here next rour, and how to stio 2D tv ai frin-m filtering out 3DBroadcstingnetwork.com cop ip stock offerings for 25 years so that they can own the popes podiums and make it a joke when they block him in 3D on 3D over 3D for 25 years dn this is nit funny , I not trying to be fully as you can not evern be a facitious journal entry without beeing gagged ot prsise a preaching and knowledge is blocked and by 2D tv of oaal things, for 25 yesars is criminal use of ai in any script. then why not celebrate the speed at wich the politicians passed the aaaaai international interfearance bill and pas a ttrailer park of=r 2 for the homless old age pensioners lic=vng on the street they do not need a mansion in Toronto and how about the cost of livivng in Vancouver they need a pension thagt is relative to the cost of livinh annntoth e cost of calculating an coast to coast average of whagt theroratoricaly calculaed cost is as the cost of living and we need 2D tv to stop discriminationg against 25 yeards of 3DTVCAnada.com web starttuos using AI and ists search and vrowsers to block the news for themn, if the news bent on and religiously tracking and blocking 3DTVCanada.com then that would b man kke the bulls red in advertising for sure then or now and getting away with 25 yesars of redacting 3Dstreaoming tv chat is worth millions fo dollers n ad revenue for the blockers than whee is the constitution for your belifes dn wher is all my 25 yesars of web traffic banking, and how to yu get or gove reciprocity to a 2D tv news media thagt taxes and blocks news for money, while the government gives them selvrs new laws fro international interfearance and has t otak on to the end a few huses for the poor and destitute your and 63% of Canadian ststuon g a home or a 3Dtvchannel and put the puck in the nets fo everyine not just their goles and so just as wen i reported tough toe ai shannaigns in te forst election and bek for the politiians to tack ona bll for himless under 35p.000 via trailor park pension housing and 2D tv las against blockign 3DStreamingGTV.ca startups or ay least a tak on of a bill for a rsaise of thoes licing in te most expensive cotoes nthe Canda ,THAT THEY BUILT in their life tims so as they are the most expensive inth dominion and at least tack on a bull for weapons against 2dism terrorisemg the community withthe same af and the same news on eferhy sthy inthe country iver 1 or 2 news medias thagt block 3DTVPOliyicalcpm eligion and even potlash in 3D for 25 years soas to have ot al go ther wy and help the wprl wode web demiratic ICANN system when 2D ism is ufising AI to block stuff and you cant get a hokme to etire in a trailer park for the love of politcs and money. i wish Haky Webster was around he knew how to make things happen in BC news. is 2D TV news AI used to block 25 years of 3DCA.com streaming head set and stereo busineses launching or are they doing it manualy as they continue internationaly interfearong in 3dtvpolitics.com using AI btoblpck the news of 3DTVPOlitics.com in 2ED soas to doa stick market end rin ot trww on pr-emptivly uppon launch %t www.3DVirtualTV.com a 3DVTV.com startup pre-emptivly blocked by 2D TV in 2000 you see. make me be susspicious of te 2D tv news you see!

3DtelevisionNetwork.co is blocked bhy 2D tv and the consortium busines in over the air broadcasting news and busiens hournaling for 25 years so all the ACTRA and SAG copyright unions would be ane are safe on a 3DGTELEVisionNetwork or 3DTVCHat.us or ca becsuet no one in the 2D televusion industrry woukd steal and use your 3DCopyrightTV.com content or your 3DCopyWrite.com scrpts and advertosong clients as the entore Canadian 2D tv netwoerk of news and sports tafle and movie busines does not reconose 1 single 3DTVStartup in 3Dcounty.co t os the safest counrty to launch 3D tv music and sports news and shoppig on the 2D television networks as they have proven to be able tdiscriminate against real3DTV.com and2d tv nes rhwe is no mistakig a fake 2D tv report and 3DBroadcsetingnetwork.cm ona 3DworldWIdeWeb.com thayt 2D tv blocked as he real thing. www.3DWA.com a 3D webcasting Assiciation of 3D busiens consortiums of ICANN busines nline to mark and monioe for sure. I had no idea the pope was supporting the corect us of AI for 1 years as i have n[been blocked by it for 25 years incarserated by a 2D tv consortium and my ICANN email and web addrses are sued by radactaion and all the browsers and searchees for blocking and adverstisont and all my 3DTVCHannels.com were blocked and used as key words to market millions of nt billions of ddollwers while all the cybtr security in the world cxan not stop hackers from back linking and brows4rs from blocking thoes backlinked soas browsers can merge in busiens with searches that bock internationaly usign AI to actulay sell ads o the dark aftwe=rmarket for uour properthy and seel proxxxxxxxy orefisxes for youye and hack the ver te=xt so you can ot tell if it is yu spenning an dtyoeing r a regular hackig an ddos attacking via back doors agsain just because of a auto udate instalation you can not pre- emtivly orevent, domain and cyber attack you day and noght from AI scriys that cybet attacked politicians who now have special laws the we probabvly can use in the common day to today life of a h judge and a lawer soas to have ICANN addreses actually work even they are disconnected or shut off from cyber attackers while they wait for the cops to bust them and stop the cyber and back link attacks so that the browsers ai stops blocking and search engines stop blocking and all the news medias in crtc stop blocking and the stock markets stop blocking andthe socil nets sgtip using and all these in AI sciots all blocking 100% id 3DTVSports.com and televison streaong startus online for 25r years

Fabulous Youtube 3-D History Video is proof if this can be done then ther is hope for 3DTVCHannels.com and 3DTVSports.co and even hope for 3DYVHockey.com on a 2D tv network news. go figure i get stuk reporting this as no D tv news is fessing uo to 25 years of 2D trafic theft ai scropts cmmiting a dark web and international interfearance in reportin a sin and the pope is on te ball reporting ai sinners for 1 years is great news then it;s 2 against 1 religiously standing uo to their belifes that AI should not be used for bad and therfors is good. eh!

Now that 2D TV is politicaly bound to realty TV in 2D we have to pass a law that fake or deep fake 3D avatars of 3DTVNEWSCHannel.com content and 3DCpyrightTV.com 3DTVPOlitics.com international interreafance and fake AVAtrs on 3DCopyrightTV.com net org poltical news is safe and free forn waskel wussion web harers dos attaing you dtat patch making footy prits o your hard drive 3DTVPolitics.com net org website fo 3DStreamingTV.com that woukd be theri next plitical agena=and asecuring the rights for a 3DPresident.co to have 3DTVCHAnnel.co and 3DTVPOlitics.com it safe from fake news and 2D TV ad monopolies in sports. 2D ai has to stop targeting and blockig all the popes 3DAItv.com shows too. selling the ICANN addrses and ads for then by the biliins every day .

www.3DAINews.com net org can use the 2DTV cinsortium in Canda to report on a 3DAInews.com and not be redacted by 2D AI newses as it was discriminated against for 25 years and the pope will back me uo on this i am praying for him to help stop 3DTVPolitics.com dicrimination in religion an dpolitics bya 2D tv news consortium and fix the stok markets f sp they can reflect heaven on earth and nt a dark b=web cu ybersquatting ion ICANN. . thank you everyine for supporting 3DTVCHat.co AI it is a blessing and not a joke and i appreciate the fackt that even thugh it was not publissed you were realy trying to help and the that blockes the news soas to advertse on it must have put a million ads on your efforts and blocked you too. if god can make this then he can help me stop 2D tv from monitizing on my 3DTVChannels.com .

AI ia a script with the knowledge of a few million PHD and Dr degrees in evry venue of knowledge in a body of a 2 tear old child and able to pull a 2 year oll's like tantruum in quantum and cause all kinds of interfearance ant messy affairs and thats only when they get their handss on a telephone. there is no politics religion business or pleasure that can hide the nesses they make forever. www.3DTVtoons.com Now that the Canadian Governmant has passed the AI billls in a quantum speeedso as to protect politicians from Ai targeting and deep fake international interfearence they can fully concentrate on deep fake search and ICANN traffic theft by interntional interfearance in ICANN addreses for busines and pleasure for .orgs and for the taxes they pay to have a country thaty is nit interfearesd with ib work and pleasure online when you search a postal address a pliticians or a business or a persons internet addres the international ontrfearance in onovstion or startups and they csan prevent foriegn websites from advertising on your internat ICANN and icANN teade nakes for 3DCounty.com 3DTVShaows.com and 3DMusicCHannel.com can run 3DVideos and 3DFaces.com after 25 years can feature 3DFaces and socialy net 3Dpaintings.com and 3DTVCHat.com and 3DTVpolitics.com can make facitious cracks at the 2DTVNews consortium and their 2D political debates every election and not be blocked and ads sold on my websites that are cintuiniouslt discrimuinated against every time a political fury rushes a bill ablit AI into law while the 2D tv news monopolies block 3DTVChannels.com and web pages for 25 years an kl this local anf deliborste 2D discrimination against 3DStores.com can be brought into the open and used as exaples in how when wher what and who is in back of 2Dism in 3D head set launching of 3DTVSports.com for 25 yesrs and why it is so important to blck 3DTVBrands.com amnd ise them for advertsong while the 2D tv interfear in busines an stock markets usign the same dark web they use to block hackers for 25 years qhile tey poass AI bills in a week end and fly around the world discuaauin hwhy=t ia bkocked by 2d tv for 25 years and may be the 3DStwreo association can get an apology from the 2DTelevision advertising and srts industry as even the sports illistrated in 3D edition bit thw dust soas to make the way for 2D sports inillist5rated d for 25 years and why 32DETVSports.com 3DTVSex.com illistrated is impossibe in a world where 100% of 3DTVAI and the ris no reasson why a big tech search shuld be able to use everyines postsl or internet ip addrese for advers tosong on wothout apologising for 25 years at least and now 3DCounty.com can have a 3DPotlash with 3Dmusicchannel.com and 3DTBsports.com and 3DTVtrsavel.com can feature DUBIU is it likes and not get gaged internationaly in Canada ir internationaly online becaue the Govnmant is going to ask the 2D tv newses to stop doscriminsting against 100% of 3DTVStartups.com in Canadian 3DTV and prevent big neck because now the internstional interfearance inwuiry and the comoetition bureau and the pope can talk ablut 100 200 300 3DTVShows.com comming to the world 3DWorldWideWeb.com on 3DTVCanada.com 3DTVCHannelAmerica.con 3DTVChannelCanada.com 3DTVCHannelAsia.com (fsar east included if the like and e the news east as they love spprts ) 3DTVSPorts.com form all over the world in 3D and whoeve affiliates wth a 3DTVCHAnnel.com wil be as protected as a politicians in Canadian press firom DEEP FAKE NEWS blocking all the kins domaininons and 3DTVFasion.com net tyends on 3DSocial nets for cars and sports and I am so so happey afte 2% years of trying to get the government to stop aAI attacks by 2Dists, ICANN report 3DTV is targeted and abroud and actulay prevent 2D tv and theri search an social nets for deep fake search results and browsers blocking of ICANN addrse and this way ICANN addrse can be easly recognised as a politicians from a deep fake search and browsers agendas and content . aand so we patiently awate our frst sponcer and our first 3DTVbusiness deal ad pour 25 years of launching 3DTVCHannels.cpom that are imediatly ICANN as popular as 3DTVToronto ina hockey game and now 3DTelevisionnetwork.com and 3DCHatGPT.co and 3DCHatAI.com net org us ca can join the 2DTVNetwork.com news and sports tavel and fashhion shopping and politics free fronm dicrimination by all the 2D tv newses form the last 25 years and all the discriminatioin they planned for this year anbd finalt after 25 years relaunch 3DTVBrands.com and 3DTV.news and 3DTVCArs.com and 3DTVTime.com and all the 3DTVCHAnnels.com and nit be dicriminated against and hacked every day by

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

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When building a pyrimid of pages for your web site and the bricks are all identical in phisical cinstitution and they are just to heavy to move then you have to induce harmonic resonation and hoin in all the voices so as to make the brick vibrate and float magicaly along so that you can move it with 1 finger in harmony. like the firwalls for traffic theft and the bricks and morter that block 3DTVStrwming news medisas the way to remove thee mnsterious unconstitutional bl0cks os to use your voice in harmony and resnate. www.3DeducationalTV.com on gthe old old 3Dcounty.org 3djournals.com but frget the 2D tv news consortuin they are on a divverent frequency and not harmnc withthe voices of 3DTV.news and their voice ns not carry 3DTLDs.com so it csan not move a single 3DTVSTartup.combrick and morter 3DTVchat.org on hold aiting for the right instriment and crowd to lainch it magicaly into place harmonically.www.3DTVCHAt.com waiting to be afiliated with things that are omnious so as to be unredated and safe in a country that would unredact them and until then sare in a parking page that is integrious waiting for a sports that is abut soorts and nt the rrsdarion of it andfh store that is nt reand g 3dstors and a travek that is nit readacting 3dtravek and poltics that is nit redacting 3dtvpolitics and for anyrhing to haooen that is thge keast looking like a comoetiton bureau loiing into why 3DTVCanada.co is gaged by ann the consortiums in 2D tv and allt are doing ata this particular timne t of 3DCoytightTV.com in news.

Is AI a consrtun maling uo rools to get tax grants for contnet a and blockimg 3DTV for 25 years whule they lobby a good thing or bad thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is a voice a good thing or bad thing?

when you are the only 3DTVnewsconsortium in "competition" with your self then yu can claim to be the most watched and popular news in Canad or sports but when you bastie allk the comoetition then you become the most resented and not liked news media in Canada becaue you are t you make a block and he only news media and ther s no one else to not like but you and whe your the most redacte 3Dtelevisionnetwork.com in the world then your the most watched redacted 3DTVchhanel.com inthe wordl and that is us www.3DTVCAnad.com sports on 3DTVCHannels.com and 3DSportsCHannelc or the most watched redacted tv metaverse for sports in the lasty 25 years evewr to be hagged and rwdatec by al the 2D tv news mediss rea=dacting sports startios online and this is a good thing to tesft if of yuur ever ask the question in 2D on 2Dtv then the 2D tv answers has to be redacted in 2d TV too. www.3DTVCHAt.com the most redated chat ever launched in 2-3D in ant metaverse

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Virtual Sports History!. www.3DCruises.com
the Guinness World Records holder of the most redacted and blocked strwaming 3Dtv starttuos and innovstions in 25 years in a row . unbeaton by any gig tech by a few thouysand redactd and key search ICANN addrsawed ever cyber squatted on by the most cyber squatting conssortiums inthe most countries for sports ttreavle news and all venuse even politic online in the history of messagng and bastileing. the secret is how csan they redact 3DTV.news and stsartuos for 3DCopyrightTV.com et orgs for 25 years and ot gt redacted for doing it in political areans withiut inside asnd or political international interfearance and keep tyher 2d faces www.3Dfaces.com a place for 3DTVSports.com faces in sports that re redacted untill 3dtvsorts.com itself is unredacted in the news it is a bastile production

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?www/3DTVSports.com Canada'sleading 3DTVSport.com and first to be redacted by all the 2D tv newses instreaing sporta startuos for 25 yearra the most bloced 3DTVCHannels.com net org on the plnet. 32DTVCopyright.com 3DTVBrands.com the most follwed 3DTVNews.com in the bastile.

thanls to AI the most revenue generating ICANN adresee ever blpcked by a 2D tv news newrks in 25 years. a

63% if Canadian give up on the idea of ownng a house, od age pensioners give up on beeing able to feed house and pay for the costs of living and are in the streets homeless , 3DTelevision startups for 3DSportsa travel news can not find a country or a free matket that will house them and rent evections has moved to registrars and hosting as they buy uo web server round robon catchalls and cyber attacvk your website with porn that you can buy omn demand from any cab;e or streaming vidion company thaty the 2D tv ne or media use or are in back of and they use the same content to back link your web startups so they are yain3ed on search and browsers scirpts and markd andmonitored for web traffic theft and resale of or dilution of your brand soas it is confused and your trade markable plus the registrar is sold and flopped and your rents are raised and all the time for years and years you are cyber attacked (serch the word ICANN )"internationally") and so AI is used to block yur 3DTVSport.com is stuffed in a web traffic bastile and redacted in poitics d=same as journalists converged and bastiled with 3DTVCanada.com startuos for mags and web sites streaming3DTV.comn news shows ar bloked and bastiled by key words iCANB traffic theft nd steal traffic and fence it through 2D tv news and their silos and when yur country converge news into the same vidio clip for every city bthe country and ilimate 100% of the 3DTelevisionNework.com startups and the 3DNewsnetwork,con for entertainment and bisnness or a shagged as the 3DMovieCHannbel.com ther is only one busines left that is AI traffic theft and with no politcians or banks or new mediss oscil nets or police and judges runing on politics that allows 100% od 3DTVBrands.com to be redacted in public news content for 25 years then who need a dictatorsho all you need os acorrupt 2D tv news monoply and the advertsing they the oly neews medasd left un readactrd is the most poular news in the country as facty then you caught in a catch 22 youi can bt use the poitician or and banks aor the news medis or the oi9ce to even mentioncyber trfoc theft and dolkution by search and browsers pkafors thy bock and sell ads on ICANN cromes are the only online buiseses to maske billios an dblck who evertheuy whim so who dneed dos=ctators wl you need s a monooly in news and blick to justice political pyuromid platform and 100 rhe news media to block you whim and you have the most pipular news channel in the country even if it is blocing innovation and political and educational conter in 2d for 2d ovwr 2d coups set uo toe redoect the iCANB traffic righ tinbto the obly news medias left standinbg abd ther is waiting a trembeling left over of what was journalism and we havea 2024 bastiles fill=ull of 3DTelevusins ICANN addrses black linkded and imprisioned and the public watwrboarede woththe saem contnetn and ads forn[m the same companies thagt are not reporting cyber dos attcks onb the very domain staruos they redact and for 254 years they make so much mney that they can build fake news and avatars to fake the news and fre and imprision in the hight tech bastile and searcjh prosions and own the podium in 2D everhy election so tas to perpetuate the bastile like imprisioning nd radcatong of 3Djournals..com and ay othe head set on 3DTV for 25 yesars.(bastile is an histrical french Canadian worlrd for discrim=bing 3DTVMontreal.com 's www.3DNewsCHannel.com ad it;s web traffic's situation .

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

It may be good or bad gut it is great when you can report it stealig web treaffic and tweeking politicians and runnong a scam that allows it to own the pocium and improson cometiton in a web bastile and prevent jurnalism and politics in 3D soas to make milkins faking they are doing somnthinbg abut it for 25 years whie they ate supporting and giving grants to the very big techs and 2d tv newsst hat are doinbg it and ala the tie bastileing nnovsation and 3DTJos.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

if your a tffic thife it is the best thing to come along since the bastile.

3DTVCAnada.com comoanies online for 254 years it bl9cks head set metaerses like 3DCounty.co and all the ustarus in ot so as o sell the dilutio of stolen web traffic the AI bots block and big tech get to launch porn on demand over cable services and block cyber viction of traffic branding traffic while the politicians pretend there is no 3Dtvpoloitics.coj or a singe shanaginb in 2D tv searc and traffic theft does not even raise an eye in the house of commons competiton bureau the cyber crime devisions and the copyright and ICANN address system and political integritym where for some reasion not a single politicoans is constitutionaly available for coment in3D on a singel 3DCopyrighTV.com channel that is blcked by th comons crtc channels. and untoll ther os integroty in the ICANN eail and web traffic the entiee thign is just anthei way for big teck to cyber rent eveict and the 2D t5v news to redact innvstion for 25 yesrs and 1/4 od the century and last cyber traffic theft is the biggest industry imn the world and 3dworldwideweb.com streaming busiems politics and socil networking s blocked and the steafic stolen and the websites surgicsly cyber attacked day and noght by cccchatchals and AI bots and the 2ED tv news is making money askig an obvius qquestion os AI good or a bad thing , while the news use to to own the podium evry electon and every time you turn an ICANN addres intoe big tech key word in search and web trafic and so for 25 years ther is nothign to do but eport in 3D on3DTVCopyright.co startuos that are blocked and living inthe web steets o r bug tech city AI bot traffoc theft and ICAnn over branding and when you are marke-ed and monitored for 254 yesars t si impossible tp evwn have a ICNN domain and ip addres fre form discrimination by news mediasd and fre from poltcal interfearnce or redacteation and so when yu use ai to do this it is imrisonng stsrtuos for 3DTVC so asd to be monitised and diluted and usee as a hey searchg word and this is the biggest indusrty in the history of internt use the blocking and stealing of web trafiic identity and traffic . and one day resal not avatar plliticans na dreal searck and ddominio dorectories and real web regisr-ters and hisitng with huse the vey same ICANN addrses only after thegleeen it and brsand it a cybwre attack int in sev=cret 2D tv dark new]less web protection by a 25 year old AI and human cyber attaced and trafic theft rings called cyber security thay has not and is not looking onto ICANN traffic markn monitpr consortiums thaymake sre from every country in the world thaty traffic thes=ft andstolen trafc is fences=d by big tech AI bots for 25 yesar and not a single politician looks into this evry time ther is aan election and 3DTVPolitics.co os still 25/7 cyber attacked by the saem comoanies the the internst can noget rid if and the entir thing is used as an oppertunity tksteal the web trsfic and use it for maing miney whule the owner roams the ste-reets fkr the wkd wide web lokking for an affliate a soncer a backer of 3DTVSOorts.com and 3DTVRealty.com and 3DTStarups.co that the politicisn see getting trsfic stoelm and the brands dilkuted and the new blocking every day sk that big tech can have it a ther way cme metaverse after metaverse and3D avatr after 3d aatr is promted wble te 3DWencadtingneqtoek .clm net rg is evited and left ipless teffic lless and living in te streets ust like 63% of canadians and 1005 of 3DCounty.com staruos for 3DTelevuson network.co and 3DworldWideWeb TV.com net org gaged by all the kiks and all the presodents and al the big tech syger AI scripts and no one blocks the recipents of stolen traffic as thehy run to the ban priting 3D money fromm rent evited and cyber squatted on 25 year ld 3DVtv.com virtua3DT.net and 3Dvirtualtv.org startuos used a slaes to work the big tech farms and ip mills soas to have stolen web traffic income an ip blocking incoe ad wen ICANN domain identiry income from an indusr-ty for headset vr and syartuos in 3DstreamingTV.and this is why tthe politicianshave secret s so they can make insider deal everyu time the is anap foe-r an arrive camers=a in 3D and no way tobid for help from a singe poiticians or oh=journslist whe the journilists ar in the steet homless and can not fond a job on a singke 3DTVCAnada.com net or ca becaue the 2 tv is drwzrinbg an en oty ned in busiens and pleasure onliue and rent evicting all the 3DTVBrands..com and even useing icsan addrses for ther income by fencing stolen traffic globaly ther is no wy tuse the workdwide web for 3D. unless yiir pne of the secrte insoders and tax finded stsaruos that steal traffoc y uou are nt goong to be foind bay any QAI scripted bots i have been evited frlm fr 25 yesrs and not one poliyicisn in n this dsame as global warming and00 csarbin energy the politicisn wotiul rsather dossagree and readct instead soas to not be bumed ro cyber squatted on lie thery were a 3DTVCAnada.com for sports. AI

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

The courts order Amazon to give them some money and that wil make eerthng swell whil they do not whan t to ask 2D tv why it is gaggign 25 years of 3SDVTV.co 3DvirtualTVcom stereo graphic ad animated stresaming webcadting is imoortand as it arrived and so why not ask amason to give you some of thoses di ocuments to prove they ar interfearing in 2D tv news casting medias that block 3DStores.co for 25 yesars becauwe the news mediasd do not have any documents in 3DTVStores.com or any 3DTVShoppingmall.com in any busiens comoetiton and if they are mllooking to how it is possible to have acomoetative free monoply in anyhting the first and most obvious thoing besof does hockey in 2d ois the crtc news amd medias siege on 3DVirtulTV.com news. anhy comnay that is Aritficialy web marhed an dmnitored and search key wrded and resdacted for 25 years is going to leave a huge void inthe markets thagt anyine who is smait ,( clever is less than smart0 could make a million when the 2D tv neews is faking busines in online streamign tv fo 25 yers it lease the web wwwwide open to anyine who is not gaged by the 2D tv newses and so when they wil not allow a cometiton thern ther is no competition to investigsat is a cop out. Wspecial when 2D tv gcan not hust pull of dioctatorship and get a way with it in 2D, it is a 3D chatgpt faking the disctotoor for life AI bot thay has no licence palte on its fake fohead soas tobe arrested for fakery in news hs got to be licened and insured. Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Your web traffic is profilrd targted backlinked and taincted so your fail sesrch ethical firewalls (old waybak machine scrit) criteria then their AI bots can advertise on stolen traffic and this is international ICANN interfearance >www.3DTVCHannel.com www.3DTVNews.ca have documents to give befor you can report on AMAzon you have to report in and on the 2D tv newses integrity in news consnted t they report and the content they rdact if you are going to get the "angle " the news wil take for any political or ccyber inquisition they have their own "angle" to the nightly neews that wil "get that audience" and it is no scrioted it is deliborate.
The courts order Amazon to .. the courts have to make it a law for politicsal , religious, businss and pleasure reasons of accedemia o=pss a lqw that all online avatars have a number plasterd on theri FOEHWADS so thagt anyine any moron or gifeted intelet of any religion or financial worth can rell if they ar dealing with a humaanb or a fake AI bt and this is a legal matter as if your going to drive you AI bots all over my hard drime dtat pach and make avatar footy primnts all ver my idedentity then you had beeter have a licence plate on tyour aaaaai viehacle ;s avatrss bumper or yur avataring withut a lince and in politic busines or religion every one have a social securt avarts bot licence or they can not exisit and that is the law rro 10 ooo years. the bots wil have to ge had to the licening bureau and gwt stamped on the forj head rhwr are n hit and run ai bots on the www interstate wwwn 3Dwa.co 3d webcasters associaton aaaaaaand unionless actors guild.www.3DTVCars.com The courts order Amazon to ...if the courts let AI politicians in dictatorship gpt fake presidents of fake whitehouses and fake pentagons and fsake nuckinghams and fake faces thayt prsch agendas without the presents of shuman at their side endorsing the fake AI bits avatars then they wll need a licence and a number on thir forhwad proclaiming they are fake AI avatars andnot humain in www.3DCounty.com mtaverse avatars will have to where a number on their forhead and be associated woitha person to be lin=balk for their slanderings and shannaogns. THis way we wil not end uo woth a dictator avatar for life lie a sci-fi horrot move where avatars run the country and a consortou behind then plot the fsate of the millions and fake integrotuy in news and the face of journalism . and it;s historical role on politics work religion and the right to fee speach and to persue happiness fre form discrimination by a fake Ai avatar town cryer.
The courts order Amazon to look into ... when you lauch a fan club web page the people who hate the us or the queen or canada or on social nets who are spys and international election interfearing in politicians in Ottawa or startups oin 3DTV fr fan clubs and socil nets dn coffie breaks link when tye attack 3D virtual TV and 25 year old web magazines for attack them socialy and when you launch a 3DBuckingham.co or 3Dwhitehouse .co and get cyber attacked and dos attcked for 25 yesrs day and night and 2D tv news do not reort this going on for 25 years they also trget and mi-uzzel 3Dtlevision so yu can nit report it and then launch fake avatars to report for them andfire al the faculties fo journlissm on a few covid years clean uo like the banks and all the 3DTVBusinesa.co startuos go homeless onine as the indieerd in politics in 2D nefer report this then why btoer a,azon they do not gag 3DTVstorss.co for 25 years the news did, this makes ot easy for any big tech to do as they pleae when the 2D tv news is busy blckomg 3DTV head set statups for shopping they have to fill the gap created by 2D tv antcompetetive content in business news aoas to position iself in captining the podiums of polits and web traffic for grandfatered tech innovstions for 25 years by fake news, and dot com sonain slavery.

IF the international inquiry is not bust any more and woud look into 2D tv medias news documants on 1000 or more 3DTVStartups.com in 2D busines news ovr the last 25 years and reported on al these streaming tv startuos online and competition bureau inquires into 2D news blocking and gagging every single one for 25 years they would inot find a single news item on any of the 1 o 2 thousand ICANN addrses and they would fnd no neews on cyber squatting on the 3DCopyRight.com net org stsartuos on evry 3DTVNewsNetwork.com and they wouold not find a single news item abut orwgansoed cyn=ber international interfearance in 3DworldWideWeb.com or a 3Dmetaversot 2 for 3Dstores.com and not one Canadian journal or news wold bve abke to produce a soingle news contnet so ther is no record of a singe 3DTVCAnada..com beeig hacked or aged or bocked by a sisgle news as they blcked them becaue the redat3ed innovstion for head set news in 2008 and ever singe ther is no way to have a 3DTVNews.com show aany of it;s 3DFaces.com in 25 years usijg a 2D tv news consortium or it's AI. ther may be link to politicians in the house and 2D tv newses interfearing on 3DTVStsrtups.com and internationsly too as they block 3DTCCHat.com so it cannot associate woth 3DTelevisionNetwork.ca for fear of being cast id profiled like in country where you re born intoa sct system and so uour dot coms arw born inbto a caast system run by 2D ai news bots and are iliminated every time yuur ICANN addres is used soas to monitize after market sales of yur icann and pr order it and reserve a seat at a fake auction of the domain name or are cyber attacked for it;s trafic and there mght be a link to a poitician in the house and so the international interfearance or 25 years migtht connect to electuons or politicisn in 2D tv news that blockees al comoetition to and from a cyber attaked 3Dnewsnetwork.com launching 3DFaces.com in 2000 for a Y2K potlkash and getting gaged all year long and cybe squatted on or a 3DTVCHat.com launching in 222024 an dgeting gaged by AI cyber fake avatars in 2024 and the international inquire looking inbto interfearance in politics is no lnget emplooyed in looking into politicians interfearing in elections but they forgot looking into 2D tv newses that are blocking 3DTVplkitics.comn evry election plebiscuiteCanada.com was gaged V3dTV.com and all the little 3DTVCHannels.com for 25 yesars and not onbe politicians as a word to say abut it is aa phishy thing fo oppen source to tabulate in any platform. so would the tax dollers go to se if ther are any pliticians interfearing in 3DTelevvisionnews.com online and wher ar al the 3DJournalists are they fored by fsake AI news avatars just like the real one an do journalists in2D tv avatar news havea pension that wil support then in a big city or is it a penson to line inthe boonys.
an all konds of othrr 3D rithorical qustn ablut 3DJournals.c that not one politician has read and see why the 2D tv news is dicriminatinb g agains 25 year old avatarists and their AI and favouring tax grants and journilist fireing and hockey ovwr integrity . even in greece the fake governmants sacraficed at leadt one elete cast member who was supposed tp be behind the fall of greece demoracy and we are trumped when 100% of he news gageds 100% if canadina3dtv.clm and all the lottle vatars for 3DTVBusiness.co soas to be the podium in elections and news of who gets to be onthe news for busines and ther must be a tinne weeny little bit of international interfearance that the 2D tv newss and rhe interntional inquiry inti 2D tvnews can have alegl go at eachotherr an dcome uo with a fr-ew years if content stalling oveer whether ther iis 2D tv nes or 2D tv sports oe 2D tv r-trsavelk ro 3=2D t busiens interfearane in a teeny weeeny part of a politicians in a it's bit's wb set uo by a ity bitty couning or a phrase ib a single bill passed that allowe 100% of the entire 2d tv news tro pull this of for w=evrr major sport , news , ttsvle , and 3Dfaces.cok of busines gaged by no one other than the 2D tv news consortium and so come on down 2D tv consortoum and take a bow for 25 yeares of silence in ternational in the n2D 5v news coverage of 3DTVCAamda.co gettg tng interfeared woth in evry venue accept politics.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

www.3DTVNews.ca Is a babby boomer sleeping in the streets and his childeren accepting homelessness as ther forfathers rewards for internstionsl or Canadian busies in a democracy? while they spleep the image of a cyber attack is parked in their heads as it goes on day and night for 25 yesrs we can now inquire into iternational interfearance online in Icann address traffiewses starting u in every sity on ICANN asn the ability to interfear secretly is so tempting that not a single politicans in ioofoce ould loby woth inddiders diabolical enoight to pull of 25 years fo 100% stiffeling of every 3DTVNrand.co even hockey sorots in canada soas to set u o a n avatar fu of fake journalism in evry politc is worth inquiring before it could of t was get out of hand a go covid glbaly so that al the newse block 3DTVChannels.com globaly and nt be knw by the green party until it is enquitr=red a dn why look at aaaaaamazon and hto the poitics of 3DTV is ther o =dicrmination into looking into stiff or is eferhting constitutionaly protected y new technologgies immigrating int Canadia preses and newse that discriminate against 3DTVCanada.co right at home?

Are journalists sleeping in the streets with baby bommers and their childeres homelessly is Ruth left behind ruthlessly?
Now that we have been inquiring about wht he said they sain we said you said I said they said wesaid yu said and are sequre in the secrets of the parliment integrity all ee can do now is concentrate on teh millions of people unders cyber attack for 25 years blokced from 3DTVStartups.com for headset and tvset 3DTelevision innovstions in 3DstreamingTV..com blocked by 2D tv convergence and the lak of journism in our babby boomers destitution online faced wth weblessness and homelessness and the lack of security due to international interfearance for 25 years inb the parliment and inline news integrity . right?

Now that parliments secrets are safe from international interfearance politicians can sisus can concentrate on the millions of Canadian who are suffering from international interfearance on line and a great place to start is withe dot com startuos fro 3DTV who are geting hundreds of millions of followers on search engines byt their websited=s are continiuosly under dos attack by international intefearance and al the crown newses refuse to tell you as the news medias are keeping international secrts so they can have the internt news go all their way and politicians have to inquire abut cyber bullying and international bullying and cyber dos atrwack bullying so here is whagt it liiks like daya nd night all year in a out an dnot a oide piper in al he land . ICANN may be AI can pitch in and help innovrtion bloicked bt 2S chat and gpt it into interntional cyber security so a 3DTSports,comn cast on a 3DSportschanel.com can 3DTVTechReport.com their 3DJournals..com and seel afew ads to a big tech or 2 on a 25 yesar old fully populated 3DCounty.com of internationaly interfeared with start ups for 3DNewschannel.com afteer 3DTV.news.and many new 3DStreamingNews.com brands blocked or 25 yewars by international interfearance in 3DTVCopyright.com and the ICANN dewey decimal ststem email and web traffic being stlen for use as find raisers for internationaly interfearong search and browses AI bots regulating the web catchall AI scripts and ICANN ip and domain name security so it's traffic goes all their way, so Canada is waiting and waiting ans waiting for Ottawa to stop cyber crimes like dos attacks bombimg civilians startuos ICann addres with AI bot scripts that srteal thier eb trafiic and cotes on social nets they never got to launch as they ar redated and blocked bhy 2 d tv newses and this affiliates even sports and hockey 3D startuos for virtuaal3DTV.com headsets for 25 years and the total amint of stolen trafic in miliseconds in worth millions to search engiens every second. now thats international intef=rfearance in bulk all concentrated in one place just rioe for ciber inquiry if a political and houristic social or intelectual inquiry werew to have apeek they would see it is all geting catchaled and concentrafre into one or 2 news medias thagt block this inquiring for 25 yers and that is an indecation of werew you shoud stsartuy looking , it's called fake news. frro 25 years .

www.3DTVBrands.com www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com for the www.3DTVPress.com

Is 2D TV News for 25 years a good thing or just 100% bad actors ICANN reprters on 3D streaming headset metavrese international interfearance?

If you write a 3DTVCgpt.com website scrit with good intent this does not mean your AI "bot" and the owners of the scriot can spell or speak ICANNeese, especialy when it comes to not knowing what you mean when you type in a domain anmes and are ask instead , do you realy mean? they negate their use of the word intellegence and search engne and enter the relm of traffic thieverhy but can keep the artificcial title as 2 or 3 consolidations of journalism are all we have left in Canaa politics it id not a good thing if Som medias that block the 3DTV.news startups for 25 years in a row and 3DTVBusiness.com net orgs in Canadian news and preses and global interfearance goes unreportd for 25 yesars so that 2D tv can iwn the podiums in democratic elecions of what to do about milkions of business undr cyber attack by political interfearance and blocking od they way and that way and always 3DTVway even waway and amiture and professional journaism oin 3D on 3Dheadserss for 25 yeras 1/4 f a centure and the same time it took for roram to fsail one babby boom and it's gone too so how about the parliment secure the secrets of millins of tax payers next as oe of the first things on the agenda and internatkional inquiry inbto why 25 years 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com startups for sports are blocked by 100% of the nes mediss reporitng sports .for starts this woud be a ood bet for a plkace tostart and the puck in=s onthe re end and the 3DTVCHannbel.con spoeta net is empoty. so the gae mat be 25 years old the international interferance is the same and the penalty box is empty and ther is no secrwt 3CTVCSamada.co is not selking green bull pop or any ads for big tech and after 2% years it loks like it is time for the government to lok ibto internatiial interfearnce online andit ok ike this about discrimination by 2D tv

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Some times Ai can keep you timed out with a dos attack and whie your off line your web traffic is sold and blockced by Ai scriots by the millions and your web traffic is stolen and this is international ICANN interfearance that is not a secret in parliment for years, an no one can no anything or does anythomng about it , there is ni penalty box for international interearance sby AI bots some timmes the do as their told.

www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DJoutnals.com june 8 2024,

Such a simple task as reporting a few dozen 3DTVCopyright.com 3DTVStartups.co for 3DNewsCHannel.com sponcering ona 3DstreamingTV.com net org in canda is bloceked in the preses for 25 years is impossible and so how wil we fnd out who is internationaly interfearing in Ottawa politicians when yiu can not fond out who is interfearing in news medis so that they can not report intefre[earance in3DCounty.com brands and streaming3DTV head set startuos for 25 years? a simple news coium os al thwat blocks 3DTelevision online form strwming sports and travel news and fashion and ther is nom way to fnd out who is in back if the stolen web traffic contunum that blocks all the 3DTVCAnada.com startuos in evey form of es and ven from politics.

At some time in the future the politicians and 2D tv nes wil have to report who ismblocking snd targeting the Canadian 3D television webcasting industry for 25 yers adn the sooner the better for Canada journalism in news. and politics


150,000 dolars incme in Halifax the same as 250,000 incom in Vand=couver a constitutional to attain welth equaly coast to scast as a pension chek form te governmnent on cost of living in Vancouve rent alon is 2 times higher than the cost f living in Halifax then the tax become unfair and ther is ni way ti atain wr-ealth in vancouver or halifax the what the cost of a house is it is unconstituional to make one pay more pre cost of living than the other asdn not equality at all it's irrelvant t the laws of the land and the cosrs f lawrrs incomes in dovverent places and unconstitutional to the poor any ways what abut off show millions and wil this tax miney go to the cost of millions to make theh next dozed=n Arrive cans o the backs of nes taxes that arew not equaly ballencing the cost of living AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

this redacion of 3DTV for 25 years is an examle of how a world of knights of good will can set uo an ICANN and dewey decimal system for addreseinf trade adn pleasure post and email and an intRAnet for people to intERnet their booo or story or their lives works f they like is a g d good thing becauye pilicing such a libraary fo knowledge t the same as saying if everhting i know is not rememberd then all i know was a waste of time., and accedemics is the looser of every mants worht then i have to say the internat is tood thing and it is iportant to have net nutral knowlege kept adn sed and njt redactred for political or busines religious or socil whis or lws and it is accedemic that any m news that blocks 3DVStreamingRV startus and the wprls of a company for 2d yresrtds in 2e would have shocking affects on peole of the found out , but knowledge is not a thing some pillars of society take well , and wls to religious thought and walls to ethnic , poltical n busines mn and socil knowkedger is not a gtood indea if the internt s suooed to eb a bii a story a tale in yiur knowledge adn aa county of yiur thoughts and dreams an so to redact ths and that for the beenafit of whe over the net net nutrality in Canadian news it is taxing the poor stsrtuos by million doller grants for news adn this is not faur to the tax payers doctors or nurses when tey pay full taxes adn the investments of cosortiums ay less and get government grsants for milions of tax fre dolers for doing inside jobs for politicians we n-can not find out by judicial processes adn that run the bec=nafsators shares and investments that profit form stolen wen trafooc .

If a yiu buy a house in halifax for 750,ooo and yiu pay 1,500,000 then it is not fsir to have to pay ore taxes whe yiu could have boght 2 houses in one place adn can nt evwn afort 1 house in the other how csan this be fair?

No previous or current millions f dollars granted to the 2D tv news mmedias wil help poor 3DTV streaming media news startups online gte any richer lik like teh 2DTV mediad are no matter how mny times yiu give them millions of dooares for net nutral nes content. runding the4se konds of consortiums wil not helo the poor 3DTV head set medis blocked by 2D tv consortiums in CAnada tax funding r startuis or jiurbaism www.3DTVPress.com Canada the nes could n be net nutral if it was a good thing or bad.

the bigest taxon people trying to make more than a living or 2 million dollers is a 2d news edia interfearing in the www 3DWorld WideWebTV.com industry and redactng it for inside traders and affiliats so the nees os taylord to block ann startups in every buaaines using 2D nes to force politicians to interfear inb thw markets in 2D. nd not in3d on 33d medias that woyld interfearl the same way if they were not discriminated against by 2D tv nes4es in the first place and then ther atre other countries with 2D tv newses and iternational interestes an inquiry inti 3DSTreaminTV.com busines os blocked and this is atx that no big nes mediss pays or grsant they never get to block them just money as a gift to keep on spreading the fale nes in 2D that ther is ni 3DTVCAnada.com magazine and eb streaming startuo gaged by al the preses in the country for 25 yers this is a well know fack i reality 3DTVToronto..com can have millions of web hits on search and brwsers whik the ICANN addrs is redwcted fo html ssl or identiication for regotrars purchaed and moved in a 1 year leriod slow mothiin transfer and off line hoik uo during aa metaverse release that is nit blocked but advertised in2d o2d fro 2d income usign the very ICANN addrse noves-d and whie the news never would and does even mentin this going on in seret adn not one poliiticans in any oarty mentions a thing or a promis in 3D o3DTVBRands.co and 3DCopyrightTV..con trade marks and things taxabe but yiu can bit use becaue the 2D tv is discriminnstioing against 3DTV and especialy 3DTVSPorts nd 3DTVNEs and go fogure amiture journalism by the poor and discriminated as they report. a tv media consortium blockes 100% f teh 3DTVCGannels.com in Canda from

Finding out what politicians are interfearing wit international affares is a nessary thing and a very good thng becauwee not findoung out is not and this may be chillion but not knowing is out rght ilegal and dangerous like a 2D tv news medis consortoum discrimintiong against 190% f 3DStreamingTV.com startus wheb they launch so is not knowing who gas targetind yiuj for 25 yearas a good thoig good thing or bad thing?
Reporting it in #D on 3DTVCHAhhel.comis great thing and liky for me the cull de sac is run by a jugicial and political constitution and not by a consrtoum of 2D tv neese. I can't even use them to report anyhting abut 3DTelevisionNEtwork,cin startuos and so they ae nit net nutral .

ther is no need to worry if international inquiries find out that there are politicians internationaly interfearing with politics or not any judge or inw=quiry looking into why 25 years of 2D tv blocking innovsati9n snd comaonies in 3Dtv online is easy for judge or an inquiry to see and any interferance in secret services and agents looking inot interntional interfearance and innocent politicians is accedemic and al the universities csan tell who is an insider and not becauwe a jugse told then =ma nd when a inquiry tells the tax payers ther are politicins interfearing in politics then they knbow who wher and when and they can tell the public who the offenders are asdn not affect the onquiry nti why 2D tv interearas on 2DNewschannel.com stsartuos online for 3dTV.news an why 25 yewars and why they block 3DTVSportw.com startuos and 3DTRavlTV and 3Dfashintv and 3dbusiness TV and for 25 years why they block news of 3DCounty.com metavers startuos abd for whom and where wne when the only person who gohas the legal and dutiful right to do this is the crown and why the politicians working for the crown would do this and hide the crown as the are the onky ones ssnd the judges are the obly one who have to worry abut international nterfearance asnd do the rght thing and ot a 2D tv news blocking 3DTVBrands.com in india or in Ottawa statuos the capitsal gains the meds got away woith are enought to fue they shgannagins for decades ib sorts. Is AI 2D tv news in a 3=2d year loop covr u of 3DBusinesTV.com statups a good thing or bad thing?

www.3DTVCHat.com a new video gsme yiu play with AI bits

3D streaning journalism is under attack by russioan and netsoltrademark cyber dos attackes adn 2D tv news medias and ther is no way to use Ottawa to inquire into why 3DHournalissm and 3DTV strea ming dot ocms in canda are indier attack by the 2D tv news medias and dsicrimination by 2D tv for 25 yearsa is nit busied by their won histiry and b conetnnt for 25 yesars, blocked in ghe politics and busins adn supportyed by 2D tv adn not abe to use the markets adn newses they own the podium for in lic3nce to disimminate news.
the oppertunity for new medis to block the markets and prevent competition that they do it for 25 years and block 3DTVCanada.co right uo to today when the competiton bureau look into interfearance in Ottawa they are missing the affiliates that put them uo to it and even put them in office soas to be abke to interfesar internationalu]y and block 3DTV icann addrse for 25 years in Vandsacouver and fake the news acordingly for politics and pushan insider into offoce and internationay interfear if they so whim and with no comoetitinb in the nes it is the sngke onky industry that is abke ti roer shabnnagines and abke to pull of shannbagins in sedrwt oliticaky when they have their agents in parliment adn they redact the 3DTBCAHhensl in a leasurly fashion soa to scriot the news and have no interfeaance inb soirts mnioliys just like ti was a closed and not open market and i get stuck reporting it as the entre 3-2D tv news wil not rert it self comming fraud.

How can you tell if thee is forien interfearance affecting voting on cyber security for 3dTVCHannels.xcom blocked by all the crtc 2D news medias for 24 years interfearing in businss if you are a politician is seporate from interfearance by 100% of 2Dtvnewses so you cam just go ahead and inquire for that while yiu waite to se if thr are any politicans involved becasue 2D tv is and has interfeared with AI and 3DTVCHannels.com even as i type and all the politicias in 2D stuck under th oyo of 2D news and 2Dpoitics and 2D stck market fixex in on blocking 3DT and they do not need an international inquiry or a government political inquire or a law sute or aschool of lawers to ask or even inquire as to wwhy 24 years why head set 3d t and why not fess up and joun the honest nees mediaae that are not afraid to come out when called out and answere withit an international inquiry why is h crtc 2d t dconsortium gagging 3DtelevisionNews.cm in theri 2D socil nets are they doing it for the money the get from government or bug tech is nit the questionh the question os why arew thehgagign 3DTVBusines.com hwrw in sports tracvel news fashi annd pleasure? Untll we inquire and find our it 2D tv is im bac k of 3Dtv international interfearances for 25 years we csan just wait for the courts to report in hthe poitical participationb in 2eD tv adn dicrimination of 3TVCAnda.com 2D, that is fair

All the big companies that sponcer the olympics and sports wil walk away if ther is colusion in the parlement nd 2D tv news medias so they people who are coluuding and interfearing with international affairs have to be known or the industries wll walk.
it is the law , that Canadian have the right to know who is internearif[ng internationaly in secret and who is trying to catch them and why ther is a need for crooks indiers and cyber traffic thieves to hide behind Ottawa politicians ikn office so that they can do criiked things and be protected bhy the politicians wh ar doing good things i secret and so is hiding al the shannagons good and bd in ottawa betreir than telling the ra=tax payers who is a sercret sy in parliment and does the good secrewt hide the bad pliticians and why can not 3DTelec=vision be seporsated forn both these and find ut who is in back if the news blocking 3DTVBusines.com net org startuos for 25 years. they are 100% differnt subjects and so it shoild be the aw that interfearance be accountable in ottawa no matter who is wlklectd and if rhe politicians who is looo0king oit ti says ther is inbtefredrance and the cisis loo inbto it ans say thery is ibtefearnce then whi ]=y is it impossibke to fibd our-t if 3dTVCAnbad.co os blcoked by interearance or not it is not a secrewt becaue when yi utye ibthe ICANN addrws the searxh and browsrrss and politifianbs al do not fibd it , instead they fond all the affiliates and behind paywall consortiun[ms the news socil poet aAn no one can tell why the dicrininate against 3DTVCANd.com starti ups and in ottawa when the ministwr quits bvecause they are beigb blcoked you have to ask wht lord of what= land is inback of this and the nnews and cisis andb sports wholl not be abke to back or sponcer anthing that is socily blocked by a 3-2D tv new and this is most r[toubling for 25 yesars tal the secrwtcy in 3Dmetaver staruos that gramdfather socil nets. in messaging bu 30 years and for 25 years why 100% of Vancouver 3s3dtv is bkciked by the very very few news medias keft. it has to be insoder interfearacne or it could bot be puled of and so the scisis has to report who is an inssidr that wrl[ks for internationall interfearance who who is a friend ofo the taxpayer and 3dTVCAnada.clk magazine online and why ther is no news of a sibgle 3DCopytightTV.com neto rgoorg in the entire librwsaries of crtc mediss that werre blocked reported as shuch and i truky bekive any inquirey ibto if ther is international interfearance in 3DTelevus ision even though ther is 25 years of poroof the secrewt wil be kept and who cares All i whant to do is start uo 3DTVchanels.com in a counrt thay wi not secretly in cahoots withe crt news that block 3TVCA.con for 25 years and fake integrity inb the stok markets for 25 yesars adb block acess to every single 3DStreamingTV.com using 100% of what is left of Canadian pres to hide them. Mpre than 3DTVbusiness.com is at stake here the very fav]brik of 3DTelevisionb monitizing is at stake and the ICANN address integrity beigb used as key word fam and startuos harvetss[d by secret internnatiobalk intefearance os very important to a 3DTelevisionNetwork.coj gaged in Canda for 25 years by a the press in the dominion and hacked by russia dnchna and india soas it al goes no wae but into 3=2D tv chatchal s and silos of 2dism adn blocks canadian 3DTV.news

i have seen a miilion ads a week for the money it is like printing back depositts. as it launced= every te it stsrttuo a new batch of 3DTVBfrands.co for christmas if the politicians in ottawa are not aware this is going onb and the news paoers and rv b meidas are nt aware of this going onb the they are usless to tax oayers adn incompetsanc=nt at protecting 3DTelevisionnews and so they are to be inquired to pieces and the real 2D tv sys wil lpleas step up to th emike and tell their story . whois the real politicias sgow, and who is the resal neews journal would the lesaase come forward now. it is ompossiible to do 3DTVGanmes portsals blocked by insider tewarading for 25 years. who cou;d do business woth colusion to internstional interfear is the sports industry and not have transparency intheir news edis reporting it.

he 2D tv whant to paint a picture ot transparenccy whie they block 3DTVCanada.com and head set streamig 3DCA.com 3DChannalAmerica.com net org startups bu CHardDan AI 3dca.com Artificial news by crtc medias if-s the problem and i have been n messaging since 1070 and know the differance between fake messaging ane integrity in news for busines and th=alk ablut te=weeking the sock markets in 2ED in2ED how to yu use the stock market in3D in 3DTV is the question not revealed in politics worlk and pleasure so busines is stymede by 100% of the 2D tv consortuim for 25 years and ith woukd be nice ir not legalt =y a constitutional right to know what seccrert are criminal and what secrtes a inleagal and what secret ther are thet make he entire candaoian ores ito a few journalists keeing this secreet c-secret. . I waited 25 yea ti find out who is coluding witht the 2D tv nes so that not one part of the entire infostructure and all the news medias in Canada that have blocked tears and years and years of 3DTVCHannels.com for every kind of business actusly and historicaly blocked by asll the medias for business adn news and I waited tofind out via going to politicianns to police ti the fbi to the registrars to the news medias and to the socioa net woks they use to find our how come 3DTVCAnada.com magazines and streaming3DTV metaverses are 100% bocked in the preses and erodicals and why I can not get politician a competitonb bureau a telco cabel or Televuisionnetwrk a stiok market firm anyine to tell me why ther is so much colusion a dsecrecy in who where when why and ghow 3DTVCopyright.com gets targerd and branded over why web traffic stolen by ssl or being hoolkked u means yiur webtraffic gets blcked by news and search and browsers and bo one wl talk ablut this ctber crime ongoing and as lig aqs you can n ot trust the news or the political system to helo i can not move forward onba singlek 3DTVSTartu.com ecause of some secret ct or group or organ8sed scsam in place that allows 2D tv medad ti procatinat and not t3ll me who is safe to usr qnd wh is out to target and steal web traffoc and if is can evern tell who in parliment s worl=king for the international interfreaance groups then hw csbthe politician block and shut off the right persons and why do i get gaged and nbo oneelse n 3D head set startuos and so as ling as I can bot use the competiton bureau adn the news papers and the television netwrokas t report russia and china hacking 3DTCHAnnel.ca al day lng in the pres or in ottawa and as ling as secret crimes in oolitics are mied ith international incedents adn 1100% of the fre press is choked off from discussing why 100% of 3DTVBusiness.com is gaged by 100% of parliment and the press when it is cyber attqcked and rwdacted for 25 years theer is no way to do busines and whgen yo8u report this from 3DCOunty.co and 3dTVtechreport.com and get gaged by all the preses inbCabda each tikje it proves yoiu csan bnot do busines whebtheyr ois no wazy of fonding our who is inbac of thei in Ottawa and the hed officew of the Canbdaian sports and preses . untill i know who an why 100% f 3DTVIs gageed by the infostucture i am supposed to use to find out who is in back of the unterfearanc3 then the tax payer will be blocked by the sae cartells thet block the 3DCounty.co news and socil nets adn so the samne group that are hiding some of the importasnt secrets are just tacking on a bill to block 3DT^G startups for 25 years and they do not whan to tell wqho intheir organisations are crooks and who are not and so until you find our who ate the culprtes adn who are good se4cret keepers ther is no way to move forward on a songle 3DTRSPorts,cimn becaue indoders are tweeking the nes snd politics nd debates an socil nets so it asll goes their way or the to their affiliates and thisis why6b ther is no 3DTV becsue you csan build it bit they wil come and redacty it and no one wil tell who is doing it is the rule of the day. so al the comonaies they sncer an then walk a3ay becaue if news meda trashng them if they suport this or that is tyrned against 3DYTVVrands.co and not other insiers affiliates and this distroys the entire peupose of a politician or a interferance investigstion or a entore 3DTelevu=ision network afer a 3DTelevusuinnetwork and 3Dwebcasting is blo9cked by an secret that the tax paywer pays for but can nto telo for the integrityous or the crooks agendas. RTHis theoreticay means they al the woorld wode sports sponcers wil walk and it is aready impossible tp participate in hckey spccer olymi9c and al the busines in head sets for 25 years os not knowing who is in back of the ciast to coast baan on 3DTVBusines.co stsaruos and net andprg go traffic less as they all resolcpve to a catchal othat promotes 2DISM the ris noway to use the governmanr constitution to protect yiufro abuse and doscriminsatioin and targeting by their affiliates in eceey part of the constitution and to top it off you can not even tel owhat pliticans are honestly protecing Cana and whaat pioliticians are international spys becaue it might make pilitics opl =k bad is the rea=son we can nort startuo and fnd out who is political dictateing la2wsz that allow this to haooenb in secte iternationacolusions or if thee atre not an dinterntional blocking of 3DTV is noit a political secrest it is a fact of life as the news continue to fake conetnwt so as it al goes their way it is impossibe to use them to report russia and india and cchina blocking 3DTV dot ocm registerd s domaind from beeing blocked an or stolen ot put on a muciacalk registrar merrey go e roind and ending uo redactwd by the entire Cabadan pres and serwts n orttaway te 3dtvottawa .com can not even launch in ottawaa aen whe hther is no suport forn the comoetiition bureau and they never evewn found you on a search engine so as to even opknow ther was aproblem then who do yiu se the do i have to go to each politicisn an dask are yiu blocking 3DTV or is international pressure bicking 3DTV or is the pres blackmailing poolitician into bkocking 3DTV or is soirt or moafias or insoders undoing evyyhin who iiks itii it same as the news des or whhat the heck is ging on becaue the news wil noit tell you the politiciand will nt tlee yiu and poltician have to wquit to get news coverage of a oproblem of international interfesrance in politics and st5il ther is noway tk find ur wh n goicovernmet is i yiur side and what cinstitutionalright s yi have t loiik inbti this and ither gungs in tat might ir might mpnit be interfearance in internstinal web casting and news oline and when yoiulaunch a 3DTVNEwschannelcoand it isblocked by al the news medias in 2Dtvnewsand get gaged fr 25 yesars this us the way . 3DSHoppingMall.com ** 3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org ca ™ www.3DStores.com 2000
on the www.3DTVCHannel.com, net, org, ca us **
www.3DCounty.com ™ www.3DTCity.com Headset for verwes on the www. medtavrse for stores in 3D launched in the world www.3DCopyRightTV.com ™
Transarency from a 2D TV news is not possibe so what do judges do whe they are not able to be transparent and tell us who is behind international 3Dtv discrimintion in the local newses for 25 years. we need 3D transparency bit 2D tv news transparence it is biast againsgt 3DTVCaanada.com news form 3DnewsNewwork.com sand 3DNNTV.com for decades, and has long lost its integrity for 3DTVTechreport.com status adn unreliable in any debate if it is in 2D only proves 3Djournalism is as blocked ans 3DJOurnals.com for 25 years by tv and no other tv newss hjust the tv nuses and this is market manipulation and internationa interfearance like a sock in superbowl ad in 1999 in 2d sports www.Virtual3DTV.com net org intRAnets and intERnet www.3DTVCHannels.com

I time wreport 25 years of blocking 190% of 100% oef evry festival for evry venue and busien sin3D beign blocked by non transparend medisas of the 1900's and for 25 yesars in a digital dark age wher the 2wD tv medias blocked 3dtvstartups.com one after the other for years. I paid 75 bucks for the preregistrar of 3dtv.channel and i got emaiks and al kinds of google terms and the nenws that in 2 weeks i would get the name or not and here we are yesars later and tryng to report a scsam that must have made the registrars hide their faces as the entire world was scammed bhy .channel and not one pokiticians mentioned that pre-registrys were scooped uo by the 2 week they were gone and bit coined out and years latwr i sti do not see a single 2D tv news transparent on 3DTV when it is scammed by a doozer lake that and how can yu use a medias that is dicriminting to rpeort it anyway they are just another dot com now and not any different than the rest of the dots on the com net work streaming news and not transparently or the 3DNewsCHabel.com a bloked dit in the many coms dependant on trnsparency so as to judge for themsleves too oncde and while.
For years registrars have moved around ownershi asnd converged asdn unhooked and rehhoed 3DCounty.com s and the rules of http https ssl and content bsed on cyber backlinked AI scripted filters to round robin carchalls with scsammers psrked inthem for 24 to 48 hours while sewrch engiens psk their data basea for fake contnet and AI bots still can not find yiu on serch and he news wil not report it and yiur looking for transparency inthe same news mdisas thsat bllck 25 years of 3D stereo startuos for streaming tv and then giving them nmoney to carry on same same whn they are just another dot coms now, this is how we have at least some secert insder news that at least one trade travelk sports fsashion nws movies and busines st least one 3RTVChannel must have come uo and was hished in at least one conversation such that a 3DPresident.com of s 3DTVCHannel.com ina 3DCounty.com online would ust sit sround snd get taged bya 2D tv nees medis for 245 year4s and nt at lessdt blogit in a provste 3DTCHsnnel.us news ssite even if it is bllcked inthe 2D evening news cot tocost on the tspe they run as locsl o efery city snd sallday long and csal this multculturalnews when it is the same tspe choeed uo for divvfferent times ng when plwdes but thei is the same lsugh track coast tocoasrt for me too a dort cosm have allowed market manipultion by the 2D tv neswe and thero affiliates so that no 3DTVCHannthe stupidest thing is the newses do not reapirrt this and are not transpaent socil nets for doing so , any judge can see ther is shannagins affot stealing ICANN traffikc and 3DTVCHAnnels.com are endlessly modved adn blcokedx and the neews media do not repor this. iside trading in2D is probalby why they msanipulagte the markets adn get contracts tagt do not go to gtender for adverttisng dicriminstioin and against discrminstioinn whie htye discriminate asd to who they report cyber crimes adn sti oke marked redactions of all the 3DTVCGHAnnels.com on 25 years launched for every city do com in 3d online and the only news that is not transparent i this 25 years of 1/3 of canad;s history is the 2D trv newses consortium adn theri laws, that ddiscriminte this is whay plebusciteCanada.com was gagged in 2000 and I never got to vote on it aand it was supposed to tabulate the socil whants of the transparent multiculturls they now still in the hds ovdee the news that is ovdr the hands that gets . www.3DNtv.com ™
3DTVPHONESs came out and was gaged like a dark bery by 2D market maniulation 3Dtvrelty.co csame out and was blocked by hckers and the 2D tv newses and 3DTVSports..com csme out nd is still blocked by al the 2D tv sports meidas and so the idea that 3DTVCopyright..com is nit blocked bhy some trsansparent news is fsake, ther is no transparency report in 25 years in a single 2d news brodcst libraraary tpe vault taaapes and so ther must be a software stck og googl do/t yiu reky mewn content deliverd fr these brands fr 25 years and the news ignore it or they are inccomitant the must be a pile of complains online that report 3Djournals.co beeing blocked by news mediss and i posted a ti on of them myself on 3DJournls.com and yet not one single journalist left in the 2E tv busines has reportd and only one chc reportes efer aproached me but i have seen top cable exect in the lottery sotre pretendign to not notice me dissen the csabkes when they were in town but thats another story as the medias come to town l the time and film junkies forn back east cowling inthe laneways of BC becaue they were bussed out of toronto or somthign snd thts l just 2d 2d contnet fillers no 3DTVNews.ca beeing blcked by 2d tv politics, it increases the realfske news hihcking of the rel 3Dtv news so ther is no tre=ansparency inthe news that pretends to be transoarent or they klk are inept and sould not be colleccting snd broadcssting non transparent news and so els.com or 3DTVads.co can list on the stock markets and when they cnverg al the news and report a stiok they have all day to inside trade beforw th3e 600 reoort and in 2D that can blck 3DTVBusiness.com form even finding a listing on any markets for 25 years they can block a 3DCounty.com metwverses for head sets ad stereo tv vidieos and ovies and shopping oniine sports and messaging and a they do it all with 3-2D tv as the nmaniulate the markets in cloed socila nets and block even us cantent do resell it too, ther is no way to use anyof the 25 year old 2D tv canadian news3e to report a 3DTVCounty.combeeign cyber attacked or the 3DPresident.co of 3DTVNews.ca beeong bllcoked by all the 2D tv newses in Ottawa and sportw . not a puch ina single 3DSportswchannel.net net and and yesars of dsrk aftermrket ssaes from dozens of registrars and all tryng to sell yiu 3dcasa.com net org withut yiu even knowing and the news coverss this u as the scoop the ad miney for continuing to iterfear woththe 3dworldwidewebtv.com markets and redact the news thagtshouod be transparent to all ICANN addrses alike in the new but re dicriminted agains timne and t5ime againn like they were a politicianbs beeing interfeareed with and it beign a sectret in polits snd the news does the same to 3DTVCopywrite.comn and 100 times a daw or more on search affiliates of 2D tv adn theri ither non transparent shannagins they di nti report adn 233Dtv csan not be the sngle and onlky thing the never reported to tweek the mrkets before i bet yiu a 3dtvportschannel.cm they do it al the time like it was a hoskey csame contract for 10 years in2D so it woud be pre-emtivly blocked from 3D and all becaue there is no journsalists or politicians informed becaue that wouod be evaing the guilty or not debate inthe hands of the judges and thei would not prove who was inocent so the news have to be the judge and the polkiticians and tge 3DWebcsetingasssocialtion can go jumo inthe lake i guess. thi is te=ransparency in2d at its best then so when 2D tv become transprent lots of politics is missing for yesrs on hesadsets metavrses missing for years soas 2D tv csan get ad miney from headsets now on affiliats websites an go figure i get stuck reorting it and beeign redacted by the saem scripts so not sighne of 3Dcounty.com vr ar and ag and oem music 3Dstreamingtv.com stuff in ICANN-eese and with the 2D tv news reporting nothing and cusing international interfearance in the 3DTVNEWS.cs constitution to even be a website to report messging evolution in the hands of 2D tv when it is giving news to the hands taht recieve news to be transoarent and so this was a failure,

traansparency in the news and politics and international interfearance is secret and all the 25 years of 3Dcounty.com bocked inteh 2D tv nes is too , it has to be tht some one in politics is internstionsly interfearing in 3DTVCopyright.com rights in Canada and poltics or ifther is ni one in ottawa smungst the politicians internationsling interfearing then i am 100% confident that the judicial system wou ill be abe to ee if this is true and in so doing would put a rest to my susspition that politiicians and the news arein cahhots to block all the 3DTVCAannels.com and amstires journslists websites and 3Dtvhead sets stsrtus for 245 ysrs and then i could say it is nit secret becaue politiciandmand the news msde it so and then we can tell if the news block 100% of 25 years fo 3DTVCAnada.com busines by them selves.<>

when ther is no way to climb on top of the boldeur the ,or right faculties, or reticalists, pushed and presched to the top of thr mountsin and ld locked in finstly ushing agsains imovable force and yu know better then how do yu get off withiut tipping the boler one way or the othr sn dsinning around like an idiot , may be clever but is smart would be rich by now) happens to get off may ti teh bolder down one side or the other on a mountain os ststic energy that even Einstine or a fool coild het crushed in more than shi okking it is often the choice yiu have to make in3DTelevisionnews , and give it a 3DTVNewschannel.com is blocked or it movese it just ends up unless yu freeze adn it onlye helps give the bolder a to the left ,right , north , east, west, or south , a direcion to ri oll wth it on tonights news in 2D then yiur in the wrong metvers , to hold fast and mrk and monitor yu position or to go in a 3D ditection or to jump with yiur eyes closed after sim- and sim and sim it is allk redacted and yiur dizzy from snning around for 25 years targeted for beeing stupid adn clever adn nit smart adn rich adnmay be not cleer just stubbern es yiu look at th ways to go and ther is always hope, what way to go online when your bloced in journalism too, trybung to launch 3DTVCHat.com and relaunch 3DTVCHAt.com afgter loosing it adn still trying her in a self journal 3DTVShow.com and of yiur a indipt who is clever and this is not enough or never made yiu a peenhy adn yiu watch the newws raise tases on the rich . it does not even change the directunb the bolder will role yu have to ask in secret participation in bolder rolling on mountain tops going on when you
all i kow is call trace was succesful but nithing ever stops the scsam. same scam same bits and same newses the 3Dtvsports.com playes ball all day but it never rolls in 3D and yu csan't lay when yiur 3DTVSoorts.com is redacded by the nes sponcering the bal gamee and who gets to plaay even trying to roll a boilder down and hill and get some wh As 3D tv or gpt or AI is launched and 2D tv is fitering the stok tweeking and beacause 2D tv news became non transparent an you have to be transparent to report poltics and tsax payers or they will catch on a csll yiu out, and so 2D tv was and is a no go and the discriminatioin by 2d tv was deliborate and if it was a 25 yesr mistske then they are incomitsant journsim portsls and not worhty of 3DTVnewschannel.com anyways so why are they blockeng it, it was and will be just history like the 25 years they blocked it in Vancouver has become. the is a methid of generalisation on 2D social medias so that the cost of living in the west coast is twice the cost of living in the avrage Canadian alce ther for the old age pension is bssed not ont hehcost of living but the cost of livng some wher wher eyou and i do not.
luck for politics this mathamatical reality is orotected by fake 2D tv non transparent news as it is converged and no one of the remaining journalists report it wothiut it beeng blcoked i guess there is no transparency on 2E tv neewses thst culd, but ther wil some day come a time when the 2d tv mediss

the fske trsnsparency and ICANN addresses usied on sesrch and browsers wuill probsblu=y migrsate to AI metaverees and distribute fske 2D tv congtnet nmade to block when wand whom thehy like same saem as in 2D news and 3DTVStartus.com blocked in 2d tv newses already and some how bblocked in busines adn innovstion and travel and sprts anf fashion aadn shopin in 3DshoppinMall.com 3dstores.co all blocked by 2D so who need hackers we have a 2D tv news to hask 32d tv too an so frin al dies we are attacked and stil bt ring yiu the 3DTV.nes and the banner flies though fake news fires and the flag of 3Dcounty.com stands . not not in 2D news thatis non transparent.
Welcome to 3dcounty.com MetRAversering MeTAversers!

www.3DCounty.tv has crashed , as it was moved to web.com the AI there did nt seamlessly conect it, lucky i sam not uo for elections , and so is no longer conneted to domain.com so it no longer is 3DStreamingNews.com or 3DStreamingTV.com anything from 3DTVCHannel.com and net or even 3DTVStartups.org orgs and just in time for the ssle of canadian news for 100 million bucks too now that is the eadline www.3DStreamingNews.com so it's and empty net here on 3Dcounty.tv we are 6 8 and thats the story for today and we would like to thsnk the AI bots for their wonderfull proformance a (-/10 for AI autoAnominously as thanks to AI and Ai scripts broken chat sorry and that your AI skips to the servay every time ( i never got an agent it skipped right to the servay ) as to why the chat crashes and is 6 8 and 3DCounty.tv is is 6 8 is too neet to not report whn you are journaling 3DTVSTartups.com getting internationslyand localey sold as ket=y words for 25 yeasrs, is just my lucky day on the 3DmisicalCannel.com or musical chairs -opps there is no chair for 3DCounty.yv how redictable, and the all moved with one or 2 or thre out and their you have it is AI agood thing ot bad?
millions of dollers given to neses and multy cultural legl and religious sports snd business using 2D tv if it is dicriminsting agains all these multy cultural treaing medias in 3D in csanda then how could yiu use the 2D tv news to fight dicrimination when it is dicrimunsting in 2D and for 25 yers secretly blocking all the ICANN addreses for 3DTV for every pillsr of messaging and streaming medias news ans so millions fo dollers tofight dicriminstion have to go the news medias that do not dicrminste againsdt 3D icann tv stasrtuos in OttaewA or toronto stsrttu ing up the non disclosure million of doolers pumed into a non trsnsparent consortoum of newses out to internstionsl market the screened content soas to dicriminte is not a good place for money to be put to fight discrimninstion or t to help people who can not type in jurnslism oor to hwve to be dependant on for security ehen yu aare hacked asll day by russa and china and yiur 3dtvchsnnel.in and 3dtvchannel.cn are just as blokced nthe news as yiur 3dtvchannel.us and 3dtvchannelca becaue of discriminstion in tv nes here sdn the pproce they pay for this dicrimination nd 3dfree contnet for 25 yesrs of back linking os not transparent so no mey should go the untransparent 2d tv news media that cause the totsl lck of 3DAINews.com in the 2D tv news when 3dtv is secretly hacked and redacted when it come to politics and internstional interfearance the re are some thigns the news will necver be transparent even with socil media The AI chat bot does not work, go figure i get stuck reporting it.
If you were to lainch a 3DAINews.com and park it some were safe then you better be sure it is safe like me, if you look for a partner and get hacked and spammed by big countries ina ctber brawl ad pile on of fake newses and interntional interfearance then you have had a good odea so stick witht it.
if yur website is hidden by 2D tv news and in every country ther is news medias too. then your proboble on the right track and just profiled adm redacted tyhats all , so ther must be a lot of moey to be msde blockig your webstraffic and usign it for this adn that and so transparenchy is very importsant especialy when you launch a www.3DAI News.com becaues the news blocks 3DTVCanada.com and retends to be transparent so as it csan wirk internationaly interfearing in the news and blocking 3DTVBrands.com as they arrive. the problem with transparency in politcs sais the lack of transparency in the news medias and so wuth the news medias ownng the podium and the news medias owning the socil nets snd the news medias owning the search and the news mediaas owning the banks and the news medias owning the sports it ishard to have transparency in anything on the nes soci nets snd ho wsay to launcha 3DAINews.org on a sfe plaanc and make a differance internationaly when the locsal and hantional newses are havng it all one way and doing it wirhout ournlaistis transparency or constitutions laws as the courts are forced to deal with international interfearance and the same news that intefears in sall things even 3DTVNews.ca being hacked by this free for oll on line international hacking contents by countries interfearing interntionaly becaue it is secret adn redaacted and so i it;s thery and yiu bild it they wil come.
no transparency in news medias for 25 yesrs in a row adn several elections of convergent coverged by a gleened doctred news journalism will do this every time. www.3DAInews.com ™

Tonight, june 8 2024, is a play off nght in hockey ans of corse i do nt get csabke or radio , i do not get the new crtc hdmi signaal becauee i live in east hastings vancouver and on a rill in a gukly in the city and do nt get rf signals and ther is no ruch to put crtc medias or cable content ona over the air system for us here on the ridge in ne brighten and so i do not get hocky uness i pay for vu iew and so it is no longer poeer mands sport , but the wors part is becsaue the entire hockey league if=s owned by onbe cabek internat supliers here the ay t i god converged into adn they do nt suport analog anyme re i an digitaly blocked form any chance for a game of hockey and i do not even get cbc on rabir ears .
i bough a roku and for this i am conneted to the us and the owrld wher they to ingnore Canada and have their own news agendas and for tubi that;s free over the web content not behind a pay wall it is so much cheaper than a tax funded cartell of news that blocks 3Dtv and thabks to paramont and pluto i get to watch US and canadian newses free and netflix and behind paywall leftovdrs at least but beeing kept our of the crtc content loop for so amny years and blocked by 2D tv news so as there is nb way to launch a 3DHockeychabnel.comin canadaor an ad for a patfor views crtc news medias @ 100 million a year for contnet without geting redacted and the orgs too all blocked and the ICANN addrees words to sell seo on and used as ppt startup for i can not get over 3dhockey in canada being a paywallee website when 99% of the public can not afford a ticket anyways it iss monoply overkill as all 5 of the 2024 hockey playoffs are behid pay walls too this makes online sports a real hat trick on an empty net as far a competition goes ther is no gsme here just an empty netfor 20 years. www.3DTVSports.com

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is putting a 500 thousand dollers on an long shot bet that investing in a www.3DTVsports.com channel ia good bet or a sure thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is reporting the confirmed politicisons, internatioally interfearing online to thespeaker and parliment politicians and the tax payers a good thing or bad thing?
Do the public need at least one socrates to be happy in the newses from the senate?

I just tryed to llok up a perl programming command and i got several new Ai gtp startups for comuter codes in perl but the resultds were all for new gpt generated websites sparkeling with terms of agreement that say they own 50% of all it cresteb make sell and use for this and thst now becsue youre using this for and belongs to them, and ths souds like intenet slavery fron a cgp genet=rated startuo and not informtion on a operatiin code for pr=erl script but a fake gtp priate witg top seo ststus and generated website nade by Ai for aI affliates web content that sell AI fake stuff intent for life and i wonder what hapen to mre musks' ipen source metverse and how my opn=en source 3Dcountty.co will compete wit behind paywall cilos set uo for blocking 3DTVCopyright.com startups in news and shopping online for 25 years blocked in Vancouver by a cale and telco cahs grab in sports , while internetional interfearance in 3DtvCanadsa.com goes on and parliment can not fond our who will be allowed to keep doing this so they cn nto tell vut know.?
www.3DTVTechRe[prt.com ™

Canadian 3DWorldWideWenTV.com is under attack by international and local news blockes it for 25 yesars so it might as well be inder attack by the closed news medias as 3Dcopyright.com get redactrd in politicas and c=democracy and ther is no way to use these institutions as the 3DtelevisionNetwrk.ca is attacked by international and blocked by local news it makes the ICANN and bisns on the web unsafe accept f ot ties what are attacking it.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

it would be beeter for everyine safter y to have crtc nes medias report 3DTVCAnada.co is cyber targets by 3-2D tv and blocked soas they can own the podium . ther shuld be a lw and a department set uo to report to if you can prove after 25 years the 2D tv neews has tsargeted you ad is fsakeing news content to thagt agenda. a protection form FAKE news law form OTTAWA.

The first 3Dmovie i made was the christmas log for cars and the troops in the midde est keepig pece and it ws an hour long 3 replacement for the fire log on cable that blocked local ads fro christms chopping by tkeingvwer the communtiy channel and putting a foreplace log on it instead og local busiens and christma stuff . so i made a movie of cars and the city and Vancouver cars and trafci so the troops would feel at home n a typical at home traffic rushour an so i bough 2 mac towers and 1 yosamite nd i bought a cobal erver nd i rented a studio and i bought aa vidio recorde4 snd 2 kodack cmeras and i built a n=hand eld 3D tv cammera with moveabe camrs and i a video cut and i put it nkie on 3Dcounty.com for christms and google coppied it snd gsve it way for free an blocked the trafic and ince then has known wr exist and i never go a singl client to even look at 3D heqd set oppertunities for 3DTelevisionCnada r a single app for sports on a uhf or vhf 2d tv channel fo 3D news adn 3Dmoviechannek soo by 2008 it was uless to try to launch a 3DBusinesstv.com in Cada so i web nt arounf-d the worrld launching i several countries an god no where while teh serch and 2ed tv helped launch inoying 3d glasses adn report them a failure al kwhike it was imoi=ossible to sel an ad to google or crtc or anyine for a 3TCHanel.com launch adn even today ther is no rooom for a 3DTV.news in a Canadian b news report even e=wjen it selebrates it;s 254 birthday in candan press and so 3djournals.com is now 25 years old and 00% gaged as it wad in 2000 buy our very ownb ninb biast 2D tv news medias bow wunning the gogle 1000.000.000 dolers prie position as the offical news of the web fromn Canda i guess , go figure have to repory it. wtht e ability to sell you news media's content to iternstional sewrch snd social nets mewns we need a cyber ICANN traffic theft protection law that makes it ilegal to use an ICANN addrs for search or to cover them u using tax funded news medis when they are cyber attacked for 25 yesars ust to tske over streaming 3d tv . a 3dtv cyber protectiin act so thegt 3DTV.news can sell 3DTV.news content for 1000 ooo ooo dollars too. and be protecte =d if any oe elae usign you ICANN addrs just ike the 2D tv news medisd get and then it woud be constitutionaly fair to block people and sesrches from ysung you ICAN addrs to sell ads as hey words.] www.3DSearchCHannel.co and www.3DListngs.com blocked by 2D searh channels and 2E news lisitngs in CAnda , I s your country blocking you 3DTCHaels.co too and is your news medis coverin this u soas to take over the podu=ium like to wqas a sports team takeover an dusing it to beat uo all the other news meeissd online too/

The heat is here again, so take a big empty pop or milk bottel and fill it with cold water and hold close, refill it when needed and keep cool!

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

the hand that gets is under the hand that gives and if news is AI giveing so it is supperior and behind a pay wall is ot giving it rents or firewalling free speach if it is ta funded eews content behind a pay wall the it is just a regular dot com and subject to the constitution an the laws same as every other startup and web news-blog uder the same hand that gives for free so the non behind pay walls have a right to block news behind paywalls or chatge them for content same same..

There must be a place in the online news act where it stops legalising discriminatiion in what constitutes "news" online andwhen it becomes just another behind a pay wall in streaming gpt productions and affiliate of every common gpt startup instead of sovern of the online broadcssting act sovern pardo from a non sovern is nt a 3D webcasting union term or wotthy if an "official" pardon of 3DTV online news acts globaly wre posting news is open source same as all the other websires on searh and seo a ICANN addrses them selves ahd suffixes for newses ews act laws and not just another website discrminating agains 3DTV.news startups for 25 years

Speciaty behind a paywall news a good thing or bad
When it is contracted bhy search and browser consortoums for exclusive behind a paywall resale and posting when yiu pay taxes to sponcer the production websites and pass laws to protect the production websites by trade like news thagt sells for 100 illon a year a pop up ?. Is the crtc news deals wirh google-redit-cpt serch key drieen listings good thing or bad? world online news behind paywals is not tx fundable or constitutional when they block 25 years of 3DJournals.com infron or behind paywalls and it dicriminates as to who gets tax funded news contnert I don't belive it is the new genoratn missing the knowledge of the old , why would this haen a cable copany own al the sport and al the news and s the countres tv and radio woth another 2 ot 3 comaonies than they pas laws thet take taxrs and put the contnet behind pay walls and blck comoetitn for 245 ywsars and it;s is leagal or somthing / i do not get it. when does the comoetiton bue0reau and the politicians and ethical and egal disscussion end in the news . when it was converged ? how do yiu converge and national webcasting online industrry ibti a fre==few behind ay wall crtc journlaists.

Is AI selling exclusve content nd the journalisims podium for news and its integrity and foundig faculties of Canadian news like it was franchising exclusive content rights to a hocky team is not the same idea Canadian gad for crt nes licencing and a way to find Canadian news content or run a political election on a news medisd tun like a sports franchise snd conyent like to wa a palyer for tradeing up snd team bolstering a good thing or bad?

It;s ledal but is it fair to tax payers funding it and canadian 3Dtv stsartuos in news when they block 3Dtvcada.co news for 25 yers they block 3Dcounty.com metavers and all the startups for 3DTV in Canada from BC to toronto ottawa to the arctic and make deals wh ith cyber squatters and seraqch squatters and browsers thayt block international news dn www.3DTVSports.com and the news wil not even report cyber sw=quaters attacking 3DTelevisionNetwrk.ca all dat every dayt for years so why would the be protecyted by ilaws and 3DTelevsionnetwork.ca can not be protected nor can we even acess crtc newse that are tsx subsidised content unless we pay a 1000 millkion doller tax to the xrtx newse that blcok you and ther fore are cyber squarring news medias worh king with cyber squarring search and international interfearance in ICANN addresss email and busiens pleaseur and politics even news stsartuos in Csada and then cakl them selves worthy of a special exclusion form las they made u them selves and all ths without plating a falg and claimint the web traffic witha pledge forma eligion of news journaism and fake content ust so they can block 3DTVSports.co for aplayoff and oe-wn the podium for elections and make deal withthe dark weh=b whilte they turm n their heads and laugh all the way to the bank to deposit millkions fo fuds thagt wio sustainb them for decades , crtc or not , they are positioned to make bilkions by cyebr traffoc theft an ICANN cyber squattong an blocking cmprtition amd inside poltical conetctions so a tp block 3DTVSports.com for evry songle sports usign the crtc news and see=arcches to bakc them up and share the millios they get by ciber ICANN addrs theft adn feed the f=dark web behavioue right out inthe public by fabricateing a protest a mergers and blocking of 3D tv as a conssortoum nd not a cut is ti legal and the pillars of money , the pillars of connections , the pillrs of banking and the pillars of politics and the pillars of search and the illars of crtc news all tintheir quantum AI bots scrots ready to block and cover uo ubtil they own the podium os sy=ustained and it takes a corrut news media to pul this off in Canda and then ther are dictstorshipos , they ave their news and ctber squatting industey to deal woth nternationaly but how the news blckes 3DTVCHina.in stolen by a consortium of reseers registrats and use the crtc and their 1000 doller paks to cover it uo is the d-same thing as using politiicians and having the news coverd up . so with all this corruption making mod re than 50% od the infostructures corrupt internatly and no way to report it in the 3 or 4 monol.loply newse for 25 years the intenegence gsap betwreeen dot com startups and the news medias is cemented in distroyong the Canadian consttution and based on cyber crime reveneuse attained by blockinh ststuos nd is a very very sofiticstes organisd crom gang out to b l.ock 3DTV in cahots woth big trcj thayt blocks 3DTV and al this so as to plant a flag like in 1600's and clim the web vertical for a ffew woho make uo the laws as they seem fit or need them while blcoking the entre 3DWOrlWIde WEb TV .co indust=rty on ine so a to make millios of doolers every day and fake the news s it all gore they way . on Canda and the usa , while the tax payier pay. and ther is no way to see justice today for all they say is go away , ther no 3DTV today. siffering poets i say are just in the way to the big teck lay and the own the podium. www.3DMusicCHhannel.com and thats a wrap. 3DTVchanel.in www.3DJournsls.com the longesgt gaged journal for 3D news in cansadian history for 25 yesars a blocked social net for free streaming news and not protected by any cyber laws for ottawa from 2D tv news mediss targeting and profileing online and the news leaves the net nutral room and sides with big bucks and tax insentive theh leave the crtc founding consttutions behind and colude with cyber ICANN trafic theft cash floews snd like it was laundering ICANN 3DTVSTartups.com web traffic 3DTVNEWS.ca and all the 3DTVCopyright.com ICANNaddresses coveruo incomes attained by covering uo for 25 u=years ( i wish i had a lawer proboono is fake too) and banking it. If ther ever was any mobey is sueing cyber crimes by news mediss then it would have them knoking at my door , if it was possible to launch a 3DTVCHnnel.com then the nees would block you for 25 years dn the stolen ICANN traffic would make millions and whil the news cover for them soad to get some would be the result i have trhyed this statuosn -ng uo hundreds of dot cosm byu ut the news is teaming uo with cyebr criminal AI bot scriots that kamake then money while tainting the news their way. al licence to pront moneehy and so they do nto neet tax suport the need to get a lawer ands i may not habve the law universityies in back of me or gtne news in back of me it s fack thsy 3DTVCAnda.co does not have the constitution in back of it as the news refuse to reprt 225 yearsz of cyber traffic theft and idendtiy theft and falke news mediss working for internationa interfearance and 25 years profetng fron cyber trafic theft squatting themselves.

when you are blcoked for 25 years dn desportsly thri=ying y=to lunch websites oday or for 25 years you are blocked by aa consortium you can not report using the news medisas then you are even worse the socil net abused you are news media abused and like crookeed sherrif in alabama they have all the powers the run the podium adn bkick foe 25 yea4rr or 24 hours.

The news medias now make ther money from pig tech contracts to break priped up laws the impose on Canadian and forein news medias and amature journalists so that they get government licences , sponcershipt from Tax dollars and copyright protection while everyone else get a story abbout "what are yoy gping t do about it: when you have an cu=yber attack from russia r wawi servers adn the obly industry allowed from countries is hacking goes unreported adn the news get oney from laws the force big tech to pay millions to repeat over the air broadcasdt content to places the crt do not provide over the air content and so , the also get to run the elections and block 3DTVCAndan.com in the busines news for 25 years while seach engiens they affiflat wirh use ICANN addrsses fro ad sales backlinking porn and supporting social nets that house insiders in politics that are working for internationa interfearance under protection of politicians whp work withthemn and all this makes it obvious that the news is the same qas evry other dot com statup and not so specia especialy when the insiders are corrupt in big corporations and unbeknownst to the the rest of the members working with international criminals or money laundering or inside tradikng in stocks as the news make deals for millions and then ask the government for millionws and the old age pentioners go destitute by the millions the quesrion has to be asked who are the crtc news mediasd working for the tax payer t eh big tech AI chatgpt robots policeing the news and the ICANNBaddresses aso as to block whom the whim and promote who they were scrioted to promote and block 3DTVCANda.com startups for 25 years so as to be in a posititon that is abe to block 3Dstreamingnews.com andblock 25 yesars of 3D head set startups and 3Dvids.com adn own the podium forn =m the ssocial nets all the way through the crtc news media and even the politiicians on the huse are dependant on the money they ge and favours and perks that come with ctber traffic theft and this is a crime in every industry ti have your nes medisa abandon Canadian anbd their businesses for dealing woth forien corporations that block canandian content and use them to sell their contnert an news while blocking 3DTVNEWSCHannel.com and all the 3DTVCHAnnels.com in Cada from Vancouver to Halifax adn make deals with cyber traffic theft AI bot scripts that are sued by comoanies like search and browser to block 3TVCAndan.co na 3DAnadiantv.com startu for 25 years so the newws and the firewalls they use to keep the news the only ness licenced to report the news;s news is as fake as the intent of the crtc news and thisd is a consortium so fake things that block 100% of international 3DTVCAnda.com co net oadn orgs for 25 yers and not a stsattu that would pass the faculties of journalism in any country making deals woth political rotection and forien entities whil e blcokeing and interfearing wirh international startups that are beeing cybwr attqcked whie the news cyber attack your Candaian 3DTV.mews.com website and they news medias get to block wgo they like when they like for as long as they like so they can positio themselves as the ruler of the Cabdaian online news industry and they use taxes to do this whle my tasex do not even get one person on government to look at why 25 years why 3DTV why 100% in evry single provession taught in unvrsity for journalism and sports travle fshion shi opping zand international socil networking oj 3DTVCHAnnel,com www.3DWorldwidewebTV.net startups gaged by 100% o f the crtc consortium and all the inddddsider international interfearimng politcoans from the bottom to the top that is how the news get to owrk and so while they are patronising protesters omn university property for content filler nd whle they are pstronosong online social nets that make money with them and cresating mass protestws by patronising al the ,[mercinary protestees and they international agendas for 2Dtv nese contern and even og tf you fond ut thte news is csating "tommy inb the well " content with chatctg redit content ad coluding with international big techs to block 3DTVCAnda.com and sellads on it for crtc newses it si obvious that the 2D tv news is interntionaly interfearing in 3DTElevisionetwork.com net org ca and al the startups for news in streaming busines in canda and this isa good thign or a bad thing

do al the 3DTVBrands.com form india dn chian to vis=ctortia and tuck ta yuk tuk halifax to ottawa and when the 2D crtc block and hide and refuse to mention that 3DTVOttawa.com is hacked all dat every dy by netsol botss adn petalbots and forien countries . with allk day dos attackks and not one journalist in all the hockyouck moinipoliesz they can land and all the news

Is A closed crtc monopoly on Canadian TV news a good thing or bad thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

3DTVPolitics.com 3DTVPolitics.com 3DTVPolitics.com

Is 3DTVNews tht blcoks 3DTVCHAnnelcom startups for 25 years a good thing? i geuss 2D canadian news and a search engine make a good prtnership for a crtc when they need pne and so te interntioonal inr-terfearance can go unsearchabe if it involves the "nutral newses" from Canada and serch eniens can go one stealing ICANN web trafic free form Canadainnews reporting it as they afe no longer a net nutral tv tehy are working fo 100 million dollers a client just ike sa sorts club the news is now onwed by international money. and local stsrttuos can go jum inthe lake, 3DTVPolitics.com 3DTVPolitics.com 3DTVPolitics.com not found on searches of in the Canadian oress , just in 3DCounrty.com 3DTVPress.com like the 3DJournsls.com an old 3D socil net blog since befoee the TV news wehnt obline and google was not even in Canda and we are still gagwed and i woder what is the intt-erntiobal intefeatance that wil not let me renew my 3DTVCHannel.cn nd in and why is is sy uch a secret internationaly inthe Cansaib news?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

if forien medias and social nets searches and online startups for messagibg use Canadian nes content wil they have to pay 100 million to acess it too or is canadian news medisas now a compnay that has only one custi omer that is imunte to their news tax online . so that all the news medias or a group can get the dsame deal nd wsas this put t tender or just aother arrie can deal inthe news www.3DNewsnetworkcom ( untill we can list on the s tock markets we have not got 100 millon to up it 1 dollar more anyways. all ur trffi has been stolen and monitised on for 25 years so we can not ofger 1000 900 000 ad 1 dollers antways. woll chat gpts be included so as to fire the rest of canadian news journalists and will the news be able to sell ads if for seo in the news and then be relaced by ads for competito same an search for ICANN domains and they get replaced with ads so thaty the news is rweeke same and the searched for 25 yesrs and who in the crtc is doing this to local busiens and the acess to advertng on he neses loclay in3D that startuo in cnda are they to be quashed and bulldosed ovr soasto continue the mon opolies online that block 100% od news of insider intermstional interfearance in politics in the ss news nd do you realy thik the news wil be beter fo when you hace choked of 3DTVHannel.us being gaged in canada soas Canadian news can ell news t google for 1000,ooo,oooo dllerds and ads on 3dtv.nrws wil the Cabadan new provide 100% 3DTVCAnaa.com free news and make sure google can not report 3DTVCAnada.com gaged by canadian news becaue the Caadian news is gaging 3DTV and wgwhen they block 3DVritualTV.com and Virtusl3DTV.com news wil this be missing int he Canadian news reports so that no news of Canadian medias gagging and blcking and never reporting domain name traffic theft is in the Canaduan news or the 100 0000 000m dollers wull stop flowing balskmanil of that id wht is halloing is redacted asdn the insie interfearance in news is redscted sn no one in any infostructure r faculties ever report the merger os Canadian news and insde politiccian nd the cover uo of 3DTV.news in tnhe online fsake news busiens ever? is thst the end run i waitrd for the big techk ro ull when they stsrt 3dtvsets thagt have been in the wings for 25 yesrs zadn blvoked soasd to do an end run on 3Dtv sets from other counteris and head se45td anand so why the inability for google or the news to eport 3DTVCnda.com is gaged and in every news in the usa snd canda too . how wil anyine trust the google Canadian news medias ? . if they both block 3DTVCAnada.com then you wil be avke to tell what is going onb in international interfearaqmce online wnd in the ne3ws. a 2Dcoup to take ver 3DTVBusiness.com using the sesardch browsers and bews to coer for it while the pirste get sll he traffic to the ICANN ip ddrdses snd sell ads on it and the news together , this negated the news as a news and just anotherh producr lie paramont or disnet y going oline and independance inthe news in Canada is now dependent on forien investment and the parliment insiders and spyes worling for forien investment that actualy sare spyes wil be hidden of they ae woing for forign investment in coveruos and cromes as all you eed to lsunderd news is a few hundred millions and the entire Caanadian news industry os ready to deal snd ths is not total interfearance nthe news and not just sellang an ad on a news channel. nither one wil ever repiet 3DYVCAna.com for 25 yesars was gaged by the Caadiab press and the king will ever know in the news papers itger so why did ICANN bother selling domain names and io addrsed f thert nefber was and intent in the Canadian press to let them socialy network i the neses and presa , is it a fake internay ?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing?

Is 2D TV news a good thing or bad thing?

Bad Crimes Bad Crimes what you gona do , what can you do when the redatate you?.
When your redactised by a constitutional crime of discrimination for 25 years plus ostrasised by all the powers in offices of hisgh plases and secret secrets secretly ceating millions of dollers via secrets d blocking you Y2K metaverses for 25 years in row plus denial of free speech in the news by amiture journalism ( it took me 3 yesars to read u i perl and html and websites adn apache so as to have a TY2K launch and give away free dot coms when the world thught it was going to eend in 2000 and stocks werw dropping and hackers werw clobering windows 2000 and windows mee and when i stsrted researching online messging windows 98 was a good platform but in 2000 it was as of they thought the wrld was realy goting to end like today with gllobal warming and the stil act like it going to end snd they stil block al my messaf ging stsrtuos and socil nets.) what are you going to do is the qustion the atouraties in peneyless power to do anything to help , allways tell you. Is Rhe online news Acr so that the rtc can charge google 100 million dollers to be exempt and does it mean they do not need 2000 million for content and as a forien investment are they taxd 60% and where does that money go does any of it filter down through the internstionaal interfearance secret going on or does sall of it go to the chosen ones a consortoum rins that call then m selve the over the aor broadcastwrs online newd acters. where do whe ad the lauchg tracks an the crowds cheering on the 3DBroadcsstngnetwork.com and 3DWorldWodeWeb.com new and sll the 3Dtvchat.com 3Dcpounty.com news and sorts medias go to what kingd of a brtibe to i have tto pay to have the rights to all the 3DTelevisionntwok.com content not on the news medias as bribe / when does this become onlne comoetitioin conflick or 3DTVnews.ca an online stsartuos blocked by the 100 million i bet and not invited to participate in crtc hockey news eoul be a criome against canadians for sut so wherrw is the informstion needed to se if thid is an inside 25 yers job nd backed by sectrets in interfeaence in intenr the 3DWorlWideWEbTV.com indudtry beeing forced out of registrrs in a musical charirs web hossting colamity as bug tech buys uo all the registrars the 3Dtvchanel is regered on and the intenational interfearance in 3DTCHAabbe.in and 3DTVCHanel.uk and 323DTVCHannel.us and 3DTVCHabnbel.cn are sill redacted for 25 yesars and blocked by india and china and unabke to report this on 100 million doller 2d rv consortium comoanies calling them selves news and now google is the top advertisor and secrwrt partnet with Canadain news and is this a good thig or a bad thing.
Is it legal , how much trffic was stolen from you , more thsn 3Dcounty.com ? who wil or could tell but the AI bot scrits doing the catchalling cultturaly fair, is ir political is it good for busines is it heloing the acedemic and socil communities or is it a cash grab and all because thert is? n 3DTVCanda.com startups and who whant to paay taxes when the search engiens can buy the integrrity for a less than the cost of a superbowl ad how will ganing be helped and the www.3DSuperbowl.com ever launch in oblne gaming when it is still gaged b for 25 years in a row in 2D tv 1000 million doller sports news deals and serch engien bribery whillk ither one buy a 3 a good thing or bad thing?

lucky for me i elected myself 3DPresident.com in 2000 and i do not have to depend on 2D tv to help elect me and so how woud a 3Dpresident.com enter policis and run for election in a 2D tv news media that spent 25 years blocking my carreir in 3Dtelevision so far. sd why is ther no seret political investgation into international interfeaance in the q=auroritoes that werre kept onthe dark and suposed to be told this knd of stul[ff becasue after beeing blocked byt ehpress for 225 yesars an back linked to pron by netsolbots adn fireim=n telcos how could you trust a news meisd thst covers all this u nd run for electio wirth clean profile and comonay record , may be QUantum ai can streaghten this all ur for us and then AI woud be a good thing , Y!

Is 2D TV news a stte run industry that blocks 3DTVVancouver.com and 3DTVHockey.com dtsrtus or is it a corporate entity consortiu state run government industry in 2D tv with no laughing track production by state ru mediasas good thing or bad thing?

if the news is run for 2D on 2D so as to sustain news 2Disium for elections for 25 years then you woud need some one high u to see it through for at least 25 years in office to help you and you coud not do it by yourself as i coud nt blck 3DTelwvisionCanada.com i could bt have the heart to do it but some oe , some thing in news and poliics travel and sorts is snd has a fancy to blck every day every time you sesrch a 3DTVCanda.cpom brand you get some one else by the milions and at a1 pice it counrs as a mlot of money to do it nd so you would b need lot of money to bck 100% of 100% of every r=treade nd 3DTVBrand.cpm o the mrket and "aftermarkey=t ; for 25 years some one in hgh lsces t pull strings too anf this would cast milkions topull of tso ther must be apaper trail on how to block 25 years of startups using 2ED tv news and all the periodicals you could by and convertger and this would not be a diffecult thing for acedemics to doad at university leverl f they could rick the cost of doing it snd lossg sl otheir 2D tv licents chatity as the news might target them like they aer a 3EDTVChanel and that would n mean it is not a good thing. Is AI a good thing or bad thing

After 25 years of reporting trafic theft traffic thieves and 2D tv medias blocking 100% of 3dtvstartups.com net and even block sports .org charity to all the 3dtvcanada.org dot orgs for 25 years thisis 3rd dimention metaverse news for international investment tat should not legaly be happening unless some one or thing is in back of it it is completely un natral and unlike journalism to go aling with beeing stiffeled and so it is such a phinonimum that i have to report it in 3D on my 3Dtvchannels as it direftly affetc 3DTVBrands.com and 25 years of reporting it on 2D deff ears and this means ther are some nd of ilegal constitutional viplations at work here and the 2D tv news chould be the first to reeaport it in sport sdo the bu og tv backers can avoid bocking 3Dtv startups and enhoy advertisng in 3D on3Dover 3D thrgh unblocked 3DTVCanada.com startups for 3D televiuon free fron a system set yuo to redav5t it. and the pnly ones who can tip ot are the 2D tv newsdes an so why are the ding it for 25 yesrs if they are running the elctions how wil we ever trust theem as they blo9ck 3DTVpolitics.coj for the upteethh year it is a complete give away as to their intentiont to cheet so why woud the not redact the truth ablut elections or sports sn busoend al the tome and block 3DTV Gonly as thery arre bigger money troughts to torment inthe damnsame fashion and exploit the redfactinb rocesses they use to cheat biger times than just block a guy and his 3DTVCHanbels intenrationbaly , and so why is is so so important fot eh 2D tv to block 3D tv sports for 25 years and it looks ike discrimination in 2 dimention so why is the not on the crime reports the crtc broadcast ad their newses in 2D because not reporting it is crime against journalism and it allows journalism to be faked by just abur-t anyone and even ru by amiteurs i 3D while the aculties of journalsim are disciminated against like they werea 3DTVCHabbel.com n the 2D t news blocked and discriminated against thesame thing?

IS using 2D tv a good thing or bad thing online? I can't renew my 3DTVCHannel.in cn coms tat are in registry round robin registRAR circulation while the registRARs are beein bought and sold and consolidated on AI servers set up to help 2DV block 25 years of dot coms launching globaly and blocked by akll the king cnadian 2d tv b no matter who is the king of whatever as tgey all are blocked in each country and un usble then wht=y di i get solkd them and told to startup on thme in the firat lace and why the need for all the 2d tv journaists in the wold not reporting this and what politician in powers eve cares this is going on what cmpetetion bureas ocsrs what enternatinment productions firms and startups are beeing blocked too or is it onky possible to block onbe guy globaly and 1 3dtvindusry abd bot politics srots stravel news and realestste and why is it so so hard to gt a responce out of people in powers using the web as it =f it is safe when it =n reality ther is no way in 25 yesars to use snyinthbg to fond out swhy the 2D tv is blcking 100% of the time 3dtvtme.com shows for streamng 3dtv ? this is got to be the biggest scoop i ever had and no way to use a planert earth media to report it to the hun mans in the entoe pkanets when it is redfacted and protected by Jueise pridance and why woud she ddo tha nd how did she get elected , was it 2d that put here in offive , i g have never seen here runing for 3D Televisio in 25 yesars i had n inde she was stil around these days the obly prodance o se is readtedation adn he comes to owrk evey day and is phasitious wheb reporting ther is no #D tv just 2D tv reporting ther is no 2=3D tv in Vandcouveer blocked for 25 years . what scsam and i get to reprot it on 3DTVCAnda.com and be redscted fro ding it can this not be the best thig to point ut this reality and using 3DRealitytv.com to have to do it too is no fethaer in any cheefs cap of busienss and news and why dd 2d tv have to get this jobv of covering uo 3Dtv what could the 3DTelevisionnetwork.com just be publicly mentioned as beeign gaged marked nd monitored and advertis4d over in publoic and then we can place bets onb who and whne ad how 3dtvsports.com is gaged for each sport while we bet in the srt the 2d tv comanies now own. aaaat keleast ther would be some kind of unknow scrit int he 2D sports industy if it was a sport to cover uo 25 yesrs ofwww.3dTVBingo.com is gaged for the next sport and that 3DTVsports.com on 2d sprts news can be used for ads and for betig in 2D and what ads wl sell on the addreses duing the sport and the games that are layed so they what ad wll be on 3DTVSports.com /prefix after dark ad sakes at least they are nit blcked and what politician wil be hacked and jhackerts usign socil nets to hac as they wil bt be blokced but 3DTV wilk and the onlky gsame ther to bet ob is what stsrtuos wil be blocked nesxt and when you bet on elections in 2D you can be surthe elction s over and integrity is to late ot make differene in 2D or 3D . as this goes o sand one like hosteages on 3Dtvchabels jhpw dp yu report it in 2D on2D tv hostsge takers blockng 25 years of stsartuos in sectrwa and how do i renew 3DTVCabbel.in and 3DTVCHanel.cn when you can no do busiens in that coubtry any monre do i just gove the domaind to do daddy or who evr owns it now and let then reslell in on th dark web and online er an dover asin like they sld it to me and had me investing in forien web hostn and 3dtvbusiens on a silk rad to the orient via 3DTVTRavelcom or 3DTVShopngmall.com and why would one 2D tv get to report sport in2D and 25 years block 3DTVCAnda.com sports shows and not bee news contnet when internations sev=crets are so hard to gey and these are not secret but the news hjust wil not report it , they wil report anything isay but not the copyrit=ght r 3Dcopywrite.com saying it.
All the 3D goings on in news wil be redacted untill the 2D tv report it adn so why do they wait 25 years to report Y2k shannagins adn stil block 2024 shannsgns in politcs busienss and sports and travel ews and journslism is left to this trash i cll a report whe it is comon knowledge i can not tyoe or spell, but you do not have to be able to spll ro have constitutional rights upheld and a 3DTVCHAnnel.com or three onr and net, so how could all the news medas in the world miss out on a opertuity ,ike this and i get suk reporting it. www.3DTVTeechReport.com it is hard to even care if ther is international interfearane or cyber crime the important injustice is why the 2D tv news for 25 tears block canadian and 3DTVBrands.co and head set stereo sbs and vr ar startups for 3Dtelevisionnetwoek.com in the anels of nees nroom libraries v and vwhy would politicians let a 2d television cartell block 1005 os acompanyvand et 100% of a companies wb traffic be blocked fr 25 ytears without telling anye in the news ant how do tgese forces stiffel 100 5mofbthe journaliss so thgt in 25 years not 1 reports ingle blocking if a sungle aopp on a single crtc media abd get away with this kingd of buld international intere intefearance so cimpletely tha the offenders are protectwd and back srab away free from beeing fired or stopped so ut s gard to care about why it is so sere the problen is nbot fireing the people causeing the constituion to be uninforacble internationaly but mor importamt localy and as long as the bewass abd journaists are stiffeled te purpose of using the interbet is ruiened so why can't we fire the villians and open up the ibternet after 25 years of covering up 3dtvbrnds and 3SXA.comn to have lws thgat fire yinternet coverup medias and replace them witb news and informaypns that do not cheagt.
may be ar least 1 of the infostructures could prosperf free from insiders and interfearance.

If BELL , Rogers< Cogeco and Global mews medias can converge all the TV radio and news channels and launch for 2% years without mentioning 100% of the 3DTVStartups.com nety org in Canda are blocked from the news then think of what the comaies that advertise n them woth all their meony can do witha news nedias that is the same as the parliment ful of people on the tsake and wiling to actulay block 100 pesenct of 3DTVCopyright.com staruos for 25 years wi do witha nws medias tlike that when they get quanrum comuters chatpt reoorting the news before t hapens. that would ne insider AI tradeing a ll they nee is a fake news and few Catgpt AI bots filtering all the web traffic to their cathalls and iliminating the post office then no one wil be able to trust messaging and non disclosure lawers and new products wil be oimpossibke and busines itlself will be moot. If D tc can filter 25 yesrds of ICANN stsarttuos into a fake report that excludes 25 years of 3DTVBrands.com then why even have a news unless it is for making the world markets all go their way then for ssue redact and cheat til you own the podium then have fun because in the oricess you iliminsted everyne who was at=round to use it but your selves and if these crtc mmedias can redact 100# if canda d tv stsrti ups then you have foibd the problem and do not have to look for 9a5th or sith international problem as you found the najor 4 right under the nose of the infostructures set uo to prevent it snd how fitting i get stuck reporting it and beeing redacte for diun so for 25 years.
If the 2D tv can block 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com startups for 25 yesrs then they can rig an election a sports industry a r=travel news fashionna d shopping industry too. and why woulden't the at least try to score a gole doing it if they could. and then ther is the dark wenb helping and redactiinb protecting just makes it a findemenrtal reality that inside traeing i rooted in 2D medias secracy and all the more need for an new 3DTVCHAnel.com or 2 so the public can work and make a i=living free form 2D tv crtels redactiibs industry online and the international interfearance it causes in 3D tV technonolies onoine headsets for 25 yesars , vr ar and sbs and sterion lidar and medicine entertainment and hobs hobs hbs all blocked soas a 2D tv can own the electn oidium and redsact comoetition and the crtc is them so thery is no supervising or way to use the law to sto them as the entire thing is secret and polticians and 2D news is complacent is adding uo to a problem globaly like grlobal warming this is not going away fsast inought to help anyine. Is AI a good thing or bad thing

Wakw up , it is so so mportant to find oit who and what companies are interfearing internationaly with our politicians and tell the sports monopolies so they can stop supporting the companies stealing web traffic and the spys sellong out local medias so as they si no 3dTCAnada.com possivle ib a desert of journalist medis to report cyber traffic theft for 25 years . untill the cpanies behind the people internationaly interfearaing the sports industry that firs unlikable comnaies that adverrisw and block their ads is gping t be promoting cyber thieves and supportinbg the wrong compaies that ndemnne politics vusines an dpleasure in the ICAnn system of messaging for 25 years and they wil h just carry on stealing traffic untill they arw stopped and so it is s imirtant to fond out who is doing this and stop it before al othw inernet 3DTVCHAnbels com net rgs fgo u for sale in the dark web to insiders who blick 3DTVCHabbels.cm of rhtat very reason for 245 yesars an they will not se Ai in a good what as they can not even use freedom and democracy and the copatisit infostructure to report 2D tv blocking DTV online streaming copyrith startyuos for 25 years so the inportant thing ti nt to drop the ball anbd quit trying but to plat the coveruo gsamne out snd find out who is im back of this both in busines and inn politics pleasute and in sports trscle news fashon journlaism realestste and even sports do i mentikn 3DtvSports.com is gaged in canda for the play ofg for the 25 th yesar in the row ther is no 3dTVSots.com and no 2D tv news reporting it and they is locsal interfearance too. ther ought to be a law against it. Is AI a good thing or bad thing

Ai has been around i circuts before the transister or cpmputer chips aand used for years to complete tasks for every business and helps build countri4s and businesses and if you build it they will come
Some times ot os used for 25 yesrs to prevent business bt when it is used for 25 yesrs to prevet every sngle 3DTVCHannel.com on a new TV system online in evry subject then it can be dangerious . Some time it can make evry competition bureau every politicians every judge every philisopy and everyu infostructure to prevent vioattions agaist a perons global and local constitutional laws and it is used to bresk them so tht a person can build it but the cometition bureau the politicisl elevtion the jourisprudance the ethical commities the secret service an even parliment can use it to actual spend 25 yers preventing a company from even mskeing it to the prese and the ness and you have to wonderr hw could every devision of a culture be preventing a startuo for trve sports fashion shipping news culture politics and onlire law be so so broken as a percso can not go to the trvel associations the sports industry the fshion and travel industry and the oliticalsystem the police and the courts to find out why internationaly every country on the world is blocking for 25 yesrs a person and theri 3DTVStartups.com and usieng everu single institution associalin and social net to actualy use the persons property and internet trsffic to post ads on nd sell back orderdrs and aftrermarn=ket to cyber aytack in the new and on line and use AI to tsrget profle scriot nd catchll al the traffi to a ebsite and then aell ads on the wddrss redsct the person and then use every institution ;s AI to block that ststtuos and evry oither starttup and then pass it;s worth on to aI that has no limits no barriers no one blocking theri hundreds of registrars and sinn off stsrtus that a5re advertising right on the othert guy addrees and so this is an example of how the entire infostructure can be affected by the powers nd the mystieque of the Ai scam as these cyber traffic scams steal the very worth from one or 2 peole ad the system set uo garentees redaction and secret internationa interearance is secure soas this constitutional rape can go on and on for 25 uyesr while AI does nothing abut it becaue ot is actualy programmed by every depsrtment to prevent it form ocurring to actualy block the entr theing and call it internationa intefsrance when it ie deliv=borste global colusion to oen the podium and stop peole from interfcing with every songle deartment set uo to inte4rface wth and so by classifiyng sn cstgorising evrhy one using AI the scriots csn determin acording to the wished whims oaf every infostructure to prevent this and actul spoon feed thne entire international interfesrance pricess soas it resly works and you csn nd have 100% f CAnadian3DTV.com stsrtuos blocked by 100% of every department set uo to over see this does not hpen and then redact it alltoger=ther sos it all goes one way and so .

Is AI a good thing or bad thing? Sometin=mes it all depends on how you look at it.
Ither way 3DCounty.com is so lucky it lives in the americas as it csnhave the oppertunity to report it even if you are not an officsal jourslist and judt an amiture one thrat can not tyoe or spel it mkes no differance anyone csn be redscted sn anyne csusing intrernstionsl intefesrance withthe dictators and insders csn be blocked and amyine csn spend 25 yesrd beeing edacted by 2D tv mnonoplies thaty are inna pisioion to actualy pull a cover u off for 25 yerd snd I get to report it becsue it hooend to me and so some tmes it csn be very benfiscial to every single system set u to prevent t for 25 years it giuves ourpose to the qurst for integrity nd truth as the fct are aunrewdacted eventusy and the aider and flies are easesly e=recognisable and I can do ithe thing at a humans whim and so it all depend on who and whty an wher ane how it is used and if a country is ppast the pibont of integrity then it csn be used to do bsd unconstututional things for 25 yesrds to stsrtuos online ad i prove every chtistmd when set uo a new ibovtinve p for the web and get interntionaly tedactrd so oyt kes the infostructure rich snd the colateral dsamage so wayu sl no one know tht constitutions are beeign blocked by AI scriots thty autonomously stesal yur web traffic ttarget you ID ip sdn evry move for inernstionl reasons that do not have to be told and so as the insiders scams the hackers scams the integrityu scams can bilk all the wen trffic and worth their way and in sports travel news fashionshopping busiens pleasure and even music the one AI scriot helps then use stolen traffic to make a lic=ving and the other steals peoples reacciif to sell ads on snd mke million and this prove the worl]thn of AI the prove thaty ai can be a good thing if you steling peoles trsffc and a bad thing if you are hving your websie redated for inbternationl sevtr ressobg it is a good thig if you like back stbbing you fellow politicians in the DTVCAnda.com ad on the 3DTVCHabnel,ca or just buy Canadian inegrity by the 1000 million a pop up tabsb.
So you decide how you are gong to use AI and news that blocks 3D and the crtc tax finding and hockey in 3D s i can not have a say in any deals or sesarch or locl news to even put in tender or a woed for 3DTVNews.ca and this makes the intore .ca industry look ike the .com and net and org and ot so secure as i thought as it ans it's ICANN addresees is blocked by the 100 milion doller gang and for 25 years why buy a .ca for your stsrtuos when tey are blocked same as mcons a=ms byt th canandisn press asd the cahs a 1000 million dooer check and that is not 9moiney launcderibg it is pass from the new imptoc-ved 3DTElevicionnetwork.com 3Dcopyright.com free cintn content free and parlimentry undiscr ussable be it sn international secret or a plain fack the enttire government 2D tv and all the kingd men could still not be trusted to deliver s dot comn the the buckinghal palice of y iu tryed , becsue thert is a secret in 2D news and poltiics that is not menting 3DTelevisionCanda.com aand the industry for headset nd sbs and vr and ar and saal the 30 years old technonolgoes snd even 3DTVCHAr.com and not ao sibkge xcrtc nes will mentiinn this. and i get not a penny g=for all mu troubles for 256 years trying to creAt jobs. because of the integrity of the crtc newses and how they treat 3DTVBrands.com even as i tyoe. what can yiy do when there is international interfearane and no wau tp do ocal or cansandian busines in3DTV for 25 years. it is your cake snd you csn eat it an sell it t the sae,m e time if youhave the right infostructure to redact it all your way in evry fild of plessute asn busiens religion nd law onblie snd it csn be disastorous if you do not . ask anyine whi have been redacted tsargeted nd blocked by all the new medisd san see if they use AI to do it and the decide sho to snd how to and when to snd whst to vot for y using ai is good or bad it ak deends on hiw yiyset it uo snd who and whstyou redact with it intyternstionbaly guess in sev=ctet for sute and how must AI has corruoted the system and where and when and who benafits fronthe good nd the bd snd then all this is moot becue QUantum sai is not the ruler f evy venue of culture obine snd the entire political system depends on 2D televuision netwrok adn new system that redact s this and firws journalism so as the entre internstinal interfesracne of the internat cn melt into ametavere of oblivium snd be redcted itself sealing us to a fate or beeing ruked by AI right doem to or very wrks an worths and properties and consttutionl infoatuructures and institutions and not one devision of televison is able to pss the E=I frwalls soas to report intetnstinsl intefwrance onien sn tell nyne on sas closed news YTV and journslidt industry becsaue 6o=f the inbility of evry eprtmenty asnd worket in it ti report thi is it fsckt that AI can be bd in soe cses disastorius and inconstitutionsly too and no one c=hss bothered to stop it or even mention this in ED tv sports tral news fashin or onine busiens but me i geuss and slo it is only bad one time and sll theother times it is good and when it is 3dvtime.com and blocked this is good and when it is 3dhockeychanel.com and blcke then this is good nd ehr itis 3dr-travetv.com for 25 years it is goo to see it blocked from travel 2000 to treave 2024 and the bug teck blocking 3DTVads.com nd id]suing ICANN io addrses for traffic theeft is good if you can do it snd be redacvted ehwhent your caught then it is like printing money. and this is a good thing i guess otherowise AI uld gavce reortied it to bug tech nd reported it to cometition bureas and politicisnd in the house of psrliment and they would stoo it if they were hnets nd so it i good and bad bith it depends onthe wf-ch sode of the dooler your tsargeted to get. www.3Dcounty/c www.3Dhournls.com www.3DTV.news go figure i stsart uo a dcour=ty.c an then i give away 1000 3D dot com s and get redacted for 245 yers nf trying tproof ther are shannagins afoot and this is all thanks to AI how ironic i stsarted as tv repair man readng circut diageamsn and eneed e a programmer reading scriot diageramns and ine lqt6ter is nterntiona intefrwrance an for some a way to steal teaffic and make buklions and for ithet a way t become colateral damge frim them doing it. , lucky i get to report it.

HI Doug here , every christmas i buy a few www.com startups and demons startups to show how sesrh abd big tech brand over them in 1 month you would not belive how many things redirect the domains traffic to to some one else when you type the ICANN addres yu just bought in to a browser and try
in 2000 i gave away over 1000 3D dot coms and ets for a Y potlash and they were not recieved well and i got sued for sme of them and tracked and tsargeryed ever sine but that was what they did n in 1997 and i spent 3 yesars planning messaging online and good integritous website startups fro everyie microsoft3D.com 3Dsoney.com 3Dpourche.co 3Dford.com 3Dtoyota.com and 3Dcoke and pepsie adn all the 3D startups wer scooped uo by a anderson and spld over and ove again in the dark web and never delivrd to the intented guests to the Y 3Dcpunty.com metsverse launch and in 2000 when it all started the news coverd it up and right uo to today this is why a i have neever been avoe to get any were and sll my stsartuos are no suffexis and registrs and ther si no way to get a 2 tv chabnel to advertse or paramunt movie or a disny 3D tv show when all these things are redacvted by the news fro 25 years what do you think, is 2D tv good thing or bad"to y=take 25 yars to report shannagins a good thing or bad and what part does 2D tv news play inthe cash grbs today, will houebaism become extinked and i never ever got to efen meet one? the domain names , it is unbelivble how fast the branded addreses can be mnitized by everyie but you the person yu bought it. so this yesar i figured to get a 3DTVCHar.com AI bot and a 3DCHstgpt.com bot and have a 3DTVhat between the 2 scriots and see what these AI cgot bots talk ablut and then throw in a perso fornthe audience or a hman and a few other cgt scrioted bots and u would have a great 3DTVCHAnnel.com show and sell some ads for beer like they gdo in spirts vut , alas , for 25 years 100% of every innovtion and new 3DTVCopyright.com idea is stolen aling withte traffic fronthe 3DTVBrands.co and the traffic fro the net the org and biz the ca al taken away and lost for up to 25 yesrs while the competition bureau look the other way and i can not aproach a politician that would be conflict of interenat and i nned to hire an " multu million doller lobiest" like the others do if they whan tomake a good thing happen online and so i do not have the kind of mney "Srrive can" can muster uo in an appiphiney , so i just launch the web sites would use for the sgow and wstch the AI bots sell me ut. go figure i do get to reirt in on y own , blocked for 25 years www.3adTCHcannels and 3DTelevisonnetwork and 3DTVPOlitics and ...blabla allday on my own socil nets but do they even resolve . 3DTVCHannel.in 3Dtvcganbel,uk 3DTVCHannel.us 3DTVCHanel.cn 3DTVChannel.ca they all have ther oen platforms and intRAnets firewalls and AI bots galore running n them and al this is abur to hit the sails of rhe quantuncrusers that will broqs the web withtheir AI bot scriots and rune the users agenst of the web. by their owners whims.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

is asjking a retorical question? so

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

if you are profiled by AI for some scripted reason then it depends on the human tabulating you and their reson for doing it by AI scripts, your 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' will give then you browser ID and this will tell the user who , where, and what you use to browse and then if yu are running for election or a priest, judge, bank, or postman then ypur traffic -case-id-religion is now disernable from all the other user agents and you have been "made", so, the email, web traffic, the sale, the reason you use log on and search or connect by browser and the very code used to connect you has revieled to anyone in script (AI Bots) who and where what and if this is disernale your ip address and your traffic is in the hands of the AI delivery bot that is in the trace rout of yur connection from you to the ip addres owner and so your traced, and this means if for any reason the ip address i moved or the (in the postal service) ther is no one ther ten it goes up for sae to the hi9gest bidder by the browser or the ipaddress hst or the scammer and spy thet has joined your query because of your user agent gving you id away and so this makes the internet usless for deivery and fax or the postaman yur best bet for non disclosure bvusiness or provsate religious or political and even bankg reason because if you ise yoir IVCANN address orip to post or send or shp thn the 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' will gove you away as who you are and what your doingt and it will gove you to an AI script "BOT that is peogrammed to do what ever the human who told it to do whanbts , and this makes electons on ien using computers and iICANN addreses vulnrable to non disclousure dscussions of vusiness leasure religion and politics and so when a 3DTVCHnnel.com is missing from the international internet ews andn medias for 25 years it must have somthing to do with the 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' ( the postman of thge internbet " pick up and delivery of the request and in the case of launching 1000 3DTVCHanbels.com and the story of a 1000 web nights yur constitutions are in the hands of the AI bot scriots and whho knows what the scrits say when they are tested ob the puvlic without professional aproval of the scrits and so for 25 yers i try to get a b hosting set u0o so as to use the itert snd icann addrsses i bbuy and the net and org abd iz and inbfo and all the otger domai bames so as to have a "secure brand" and bot be " diluted or scammed " buy fake mail is moot.

25 years and not beeing able to contact a politican means every human on the planet beed a personbal politicin priest or professor, police man , postman, lawer and judge, banker and oal who they can trust in a nbon internet way just to dscuss the plausability of launching a 3DCHatgpt.com free from discrimination by anyb7 AI bot, cult or religion , discrimination or unconstitutional act and going online and searching using untested AI vot scripts for yur non disclosure works aor property is moot. if y9u whannt to ther is no gsrrentee the platforms aor AI bots wull deliver your query or emil if yur nt hooked up it is like the postman that finds your home address is torn dowm but instead of delivering your mail toa dead letter room for you topick up lter your web traffic is sold to the higest nidder snd then used times to sell ads and seo or your sent to the server fromn headies where you st oh a rounbd robub csshed old dayta firme of a website yy were workig on as the internet ip and ICAN addrss sysytem is policed by AI bots anbd big tech br=eata scripts and ther os no way tp ask a politician or preast-professoror judge to have a llok at what is happing to your web traffic and this csnb realy ness up an election ad for the last dozen elections in 25 yesrs i try and try to tell you what is goingonb but this pbly d=creates interntiuonl interfearance in the AI botsd scripts as to what they are to fiter snd not so for 25 years the entire internet is missing 3DTVCAnada.co startus and 3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org ca and all the 1000 www.dot coms o gve away and that are respld bu backordeafternarketing and used for sello=g millions of seo ads ar like printing money to the search and browser or platforms firwlle AI bots to scrit the web traffic at whim, and so...
Is AI a good thing or bad thing

the writing is on the fire-wall?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

Is The discrimination of CanadianDTV.com startups a good thing or is it an internationa interfearance cover up if it is not an international cover up then it is discriminatiin.

Is AI integrity a good thing or bad?

when you ask a question ans thw answer is a b or c then this is not artificial intelegence it is a menu if you get an answer to yu question then it is not the questiob is 3DTVCAnada.com blocked by international interfearance , the preses or both and the answer is nef4 a b or c froma menu it also requires real intellegence to answer qustion beofere it can be called ai it has to think of the subject and the answer not ask youj to pic a b roc especialy when the answers is nin ntf the above and with that statement why would the answere be non of the above if yu asked it you akready new that answer and that is no the one your lookinbg for. so is ai a menue or ai and if it is ai then it is good. if it isnt scriotrd to redact stuff then it has integrity. DOes AI have good inthegrity or bad.?

Is an automated "AI bot" script, an otonomous AI mechanism or a computer terminal programm?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

Is AI integrity a good thing or bad?
if you buy the com net org, does that protect you brsand online or is it fake.No matter hw it looks in the news if you say it forwards or backwards it means the same thing , 25 yeards in 3Dworlwide web.com 3DTelevisionNetwork.coms as the come and go like this one are ither one or the other and 3DTVCA.com is the biggest one or the other for 25 years to be internstionaly interfesard ith and this is now ecret on any socil net or pltform just the international interfearance committies do not know this i guess, that tv for ya, I get stuck reporting it. 3DTV.news and it's hot off the 3DTVPress.com ™ One thing is for sure a good question, but, 2D tv mediss blocking 3DTVBUsiness.com is an go figure ther is no way to use the journalism professon to do it so i get stuck idoing it myself. hat scoop! this is the best thing i couod have happen to me to help launch a 3DTelevisionNetwork.com in an international way nd gert to report ths interfearance at the sem time it is hapoening to everyine. lcky mee.

this is an AI no brainer
the question is how did everynhe in news and journalism , politics and law , philisiphy and banking miss this one unless it is an international interfearance issue then why is it missing in the journalos of innovation for 25 yesrs . what great story and get to report it and not fske , the news thst bvlock it is fake news , and that is real3Dtv.com news and not fake news, then you go to any crtc media there is no 3DTVCanada.com allowed to be discussed or to participate in religion sports business politics or laws to protect against it a complere 4 pillar block of 3DTV by all the supports of constitutionsal right s preventing discrimination set uo to prevent this from happening nd yet ther is no word on international interfearance in 3Dtvchannel.in or .cn or .us and .ca so what gves in 2D tv that blocks this reality on 2D tv. how come global tv has not Vancouver is that discrimination too, as it is redacted and the news hideing this vertical market contnet startups andwww.3DBusinessTV.com ther must be a good reason but it is redacted and this is causing international interfearance and if not then why is it so imortsant to redact it the and pay tsac=xes to the medias that redactet it and block business news in 3DTV on 3DTVCopyroghtTVC.com net org starttuos for 25 years is it hate or greed or one of the many vices cyber squatting on ICANN ip addreses and ip startups for 3DTVNewscHannel.com net org trsade marks so why are .orgs redacvted in 2D tv news mandate to block them too, and gc.ca consortiums connection whsat is the path the advertisng agreements have with international firms and collecting fees and taxes?
Discriminstion and the intercnationa interfearance needs an inquiry and the crc has the ability to do it so why the reluctsnce to report the scams and stolen trafic from 3DTVBrtands.com and international interfearance in 3DCyrightTV.com net orgs for 25 yesrs is this a scsam ior is ther integrity in the crtc news mediss ?
stay tuned www.3DJournsls.com 25 years of reporting in 3D on3Dd for 3DTV wbscating medias blocked by dictatorshis and state run news medisd for 1/4 of a centure and what wil 2D tv do when they get quantum comouters and ststrt redacting news and innovstion at quantum speeds?
Is ther any of the crtc medias geting 2000 million from international investments and actualy helping create some kind , any kind of reciprisity between 2D and 3Dstreamingtv.com startups in Canda os the Canadian competition burea u , if we even have one that notices a coverup by 2D tv when they see ne, can you see a coover up i can , if i can then the crt for sure can so is ther any way to use the crtc to regulate fair competition in 3DTelevisionNNewtork.com net org startups ijn canadian contnet nd business law and politics and even in the philyionlgies of thought and free speeck , or journlism in the crtc meidas for at least 13 3dtvchanels one for each crtc big tch and few of rtheir affileszts? How can Canadian launch 3DTVBrands.com internationaly ee from crtc and political secracy in the cover up of things , tsake 3DTVCanada.com intefearance by locla and international companies in news and socil nets as they actulay use the ICAN IP and addrses system for monitisation of redacted starttups in the candina press for a cash grab while the canandian preses redact and cover the starttuos up , as we realu beed it and sood before the QUantum computers aare used by the same mnediasd that blcok 3dt to blck other things and how wilo we fnd out who what wjher wjen aand why the block a canandian f the 2d tv news are interfearing interc=nationalu=y nf it id cover up? where is the comoetition bureau when you need them . in a meeting with looby groups for crtc conversion?
Interfeared and refugeeing whule redacted is realu=ya not helping invoatuon or canandina onoien contnet and actors and set crews and startups and busiens and law and pleasure and politics it is only helping the 2D tv news cover uo more 3DTVBrands.com a dnas they launch even today, her in Canada for 25 years that will stop the dicriminationb, ivestigsate the discrimination and label it legaly and socialy and busines wise and financialy as a risk or fake scsam pretending to be able to ovr see and report on an ELECTION as a trustworty source for inegritoue news when they can not evn roust our t a covery=up of 3DTVCAnada.com for 25 years and then expect to be belkived as integritous newses becaue thsat woyld be streacheing it to syt eh least.
when 3DTVSPorts.com is coverd up and internstional sports investigsting is coverd up and 2D tv journalism is not reporting on 3DTV webcasting startups and 3D head set startus for 25 years are still blocked bynot one or 2 but all the canadian preses w then it looks like a cartell and not a consortium that is good gfor innovtion and jobs especialy in 3DTV webscating online busiens and sports metaverses for 3DTVCHannels.com and in and cn and us anca and uk and asia and all the channels that are gaged by all the news medias that are supposed to reort this kind of inside trading by 2D tv monoplies and entertainment consortiums that act like a cult or a clan not a business consortium for politics and a place to trust eection debates and i would not belive they have 3DTelevisionCanada.com's best interest4es in mind when they do this i akes me think they are cheeting me and the public at least someway=t s=cheeting journlism and journalists and startups for ournalism when they use their hournslism and newses to cover uo and block international interfeatance in news cotent when they knnow what the nternatonal interfesarance os and even if they re not talking abkut covering uo 3DTVCAnda.com then they have to answrd whey they are covering ut uo then if it is not because the like internnationl interfearancees or they like to cowver uo news of 3DNeewschanel.com beign coverd uo and interfeared with internationaly or they worod comoalian in their news and reprt it so the must be in ack if the very coveruo themsleves andor they would be reportging on u and i would ne be doing this i world be launchign canandian s on my 3dtvcanda.com chsnnels for 125 years . and the crtf would be invited to come aling tooa s i would bti rwdcat them but they worid redact me and go figure get stuck tepirting it too for them if that is not interntional intefearance then it mght as well be anecause i am redatted to lu==just like the inten=rntional interfearance is and so 9i might be confused as to who what ehrr when and why 3DTV is redacted ijnt epres and what exactly is thst they are fssign about ? I am sure Hona and USA and india are not too pleased that cansadna is covering uo 3DTVCHAnnbe.on and us nd cn and ca just like me especialy when the crtc go out of ther way to prove theeey are integrious gropu that woudl never let this happen but theeee have.
who answers to 25 years of 3DTB=V coveruos in the ores in Canda . www.3DTVCAnada.com 3dcanada.com was selling sports drinks for gloablevents and ingternational sprots for yesrs before they sold it and 3DTVSports.com ewa=was redacted for the entiee 25 years and how does that work when 3dcanada.com is used for busiens and 3DTVCanda.com is redacted by the dsame presew that got money froads for selling sodddddie pop on 3DTVCAnda.com for sports but 3DSportschhannel.com in canda is gaged by the same crtc news as the sports ads are sold on thats too wierd for me i would beed a lawer to figute this out but ohh they 3=2D tv is not reporting this to the p=law ot eh politiisns ir the police or the politicins and they woud have to loose fsce for beeing the ones that spent 25 years calling themselves nutral ahen they are definatly produice and discriminatins in 2d against 3DTVCity.com and 3DCounty.com startups so furiously and compleetly and entirely and gageing journslism too. www.34DJOurnls.com the intenret stsartuos that ar gaged by 2D tv comple a huge pile of international interfearance that looks like the same kind the inquiry int internatunal interfearance it investgateing by ut wil not tell instead they sacrig=fice a few soys in the house of park liment to draw attention away forn othe rinternational intefratance liek the cover u o nternationalgt if all rh4 3dtVchannels.com in the world i launch. www.3DWorlWideWEbTV.com inclusive.

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Is AI a good thing or bad thing

www.3DTVToronto.com what is the reson for redacting 100% of 3dTVCaanada.com startups for 25 years in the Canadian press and on TV is it a good reason or bad.
when will the 2D tv news medias and entertainment industry here in Canda stop blocking dot coms for 3dTelevisionNetwork.net and rg use on crtc licenced news mediss and when will the news medias be able to tlk and ablout 25 yesars of coveruo of every single 3dCounty.com startups and dpt csm net org ca us and all the hundreds of other 3D and DTV strtus as i wonder am i the obly one the 2D tv redact and cover up beeing bocked or are there millions of dotr cosmaddreses the 2d tv cover up . and is this internationa interfearance when they block socil networking on 3DTVCHanbe;ls usign crtc news mediss to cover u p the entire industry for 265 years or is it deliborsate human ai that is bad for the country . is 2d tv and a CRTC a good or bad , legaly, culturaly, financialy , politicaly and for work and pleasure for thewe pillar of democracy or are they state run senterprises who;s intent is in redaction a good or bad thing for Canadians that all coutries should enjoy even texas, for democrscy and free speach? does it realu help innovstion or is it bad for comoetition

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

www.3DTVDogs.com™ www.3DTVCats.com ™ www.3DTVSports.com ™ June 3 2005 AI used for redacting 3D TV startups.com contnet and using search to atchall the traffic and 2D tv to never ever even mentiond in the 2D news medias for 25 years a good thing for 3DTVBusiness.com and nnovstion or international interfearance by 2D t medias and just plain streaght up discrimination , so is that deliborste intent to discrimanate in international business or just redactive snd secret information used for discriminstion locally?
Globsl took the Vancouver chnnel off of their list of news mediss on pluto ad so we took Toronto off of but this did not help as they still block Vancouver and 3DTVCAnada.com so what do you gave to do to not be blocked by the crtc socil nets if you are laucning 25 year old and new steaming3DTVC.com medias in Canadain presses that internationaly interfears and block yu using taxes and revenues for international sources to do it too who do yu tell this to the pliice the courts the religions and universities the banks aor the politicians that wil do somthing abut it as the 2D crtc tv medas will not becaue they are the ones doing it and is this legal to blanket the industry wth redaction and interfear internstionly in 3DtelevisionNetwork.com netorg stsrtjuos secrtly soas to hav no comoetiton for 25 yers and not 23DTVCAnada.con innovsion for decades is this an agenda and planned reality or fake mistake.

this called=s gor a
are 3DTVShowes.com

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

is a 2D TV monoply blocking 100% of 3DTVCAnada.com a good thing?

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

What will the crtc do with AI block innovation on and in and from 3DCopyrightTV.com statups using .gov.ca and a consortium of 2D over the air broadcasters they can block whon and when they please and cover politics by a consortoum of 2D medias that block 3DTVStartups.com and metaverses for 25 years so it should be righ by now. so who gets the funds collected by the crts is it a .gc or a privzte consortoum splitting the revenews they get from forien interfearance and blocking 3DTVCAmada.com startups ad revenues from stolen ICANN address traffic or just cash given to the erc.gc.ca website? will AI help the Canadian briasdacting websites and 3DTVStartups.cok not blocked by international interfearance and the Canadian press9whats left of them0 and how abut 3DJournals.com press and jobs in 3DStramingtv.com and nnovation where do they fit into the crtc agendas for sports?
Stay tuned it is 3DTVTime.com on the Canadian 3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org here on www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com

There is always hope!
the www.3DJournals.com.

Sitting here for 25 years waiting for the crtc and 3DTVCHannel.cn and 3DTVCHannel.uk and 3DTVCHannel.us and 3DTVCHannel.ca and 3DTVCHannel.in international interfearance by crtc news and forien investments in crt busineses and international internerance in all these 3DworldWideWebTV.com strtuos for so amny years it has to come to our attention ther is no government legsl philisoficsl or business reason for redacting 100% of all the 3DTVCHannels.com for 25 yrars ither than discriminstion, and with no pillars of society abeled to come to a 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com startupin all the north americas comming to our rescue and investment Canada by pssng 3DTV for 25 years it looks like a rigged game and all bets are off for 3DTVSportschnnel.com again forced inbthe ypenalty box for no unreadtred reasonbing but money and web traffic is flowing to search and affliates fo crtc consortium comanies and how can yu acess their ntax fuded newses when they out and our block you for 25 years onn periodicals and print rdaio and tv news it looks like and quaks like and walks like and briwses like and redacts like a dch then your dcked.

dime fr every time the 3DTCHannel.com lainched a new 3DTVCHAnnel.com and was blocked by all the kings 2D tv medias in Canda, g digure i get stuk reporting it some inestgation to international and local interfearance is nedded and fast as Quantum cmputers are at aht epost and 3DSports.com casting is blocked gthe tsace if rigged and the fix is in and ther is no way to international investigsate why fr a a dime while consortiums use the ,gc.ca addreses for privste content sales and searches use the ICANN addreses for 25 years for selling ads and internet services use the domains for aftermarket salkes and prefix scalpers for adult content bcklinking the only comanies not useing 3DTVCAnada.com ICannaddrses for monitizing are the crtc consortiums and metaversves and it looks like big tch is in no hurry to byuy an ad on a 3DTVTelevisionnetwork.ca net or com any day soon so where is the t money going from big online stresming startus and internationa reveneus for canadan content collected by the crtc.gc.ca some ones pocket and how do you launch a 3DTelevisionNetwork.ca on the stock market in 25 years? these are pressing election issues the crtc will not eports no matter how musch big tech donate or are charged by the 2D convergent consortiums for 25 yesars , so how do 3DTVBroadcasting netowrk.suffix syartups use a crtc to promote Canadian content again with all this international interfearance for years going on in secret blocking of metvrses for 25 years for 3DCounty.com startups and 3Djournals.com journals blocked by 2D tv;s lack of journalists blicked by cobvergance , do they get a cut too or just the comanies left standing and why tacx money is the stock market cloed? ? www.3DTVCopyWrite.com and 3DWA.com? (3D Webcasting association) and social network.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

It looks like the forien interfearance in 3DTVCHannel.in and 3DTVCHannel.cn and 3DTVchannel.us and all the canadian content broadbaand 3DTelevisionNetwork.org startups are paying taxee for a crtc that blocks Canadian3DTV.com startups so why do taxes support these companies and not Canadian content and if they can not do anything about it then can Canadians get tax funded crtc content free seeing as .gc.ca is a tax funded dependancy aand ther are only 3 or 4 corporstions in it is it s state run consortium taxes fund or a provsvste group or do Canadian Tax opaying .ca taxes get a rebate amd 3DNewsCHannel.com get international interfearance informstion to report on 3DTVNews.ca so it can be free from discrimination by 25 years of 2Dism in the crtc consortiu,m and will tax payers have to pay like netflix for cntent while internstinal interearance goes redacted.

Is AI a good thing or bad thing

why is politics and election stuck on 2D tv and not a 3DCanada.com news content election , is all the govrnment money for election ads going to the crtc mediss and blocked from tax paying 3DTVCAnada.com acess to tax funded .gc.ca entities and is this dictimination or just international interfearance politicaly spesaking and who in Ottawa is looking into this the crtc is so will they i=use canadian taxes to redact canadoan content fromn canadian3DTV.com in the next election too as 25 yuesrs is a long time to be interfeared intyernstionaly amnd not sllowed to psrticipate in elections in 3D is not worth taxing and ICANn colleect taxes for .ca strtups and so whhy all the international interfearance in ICANN traffic for 3DTVBrands.com is capatilism and open msrket busines redacted and interfeared withfor a redacted reasn and why does the crtc block all the 3DTVCA.com startups for 25 years and not 2 oe 3 years why such a international intefearance is so hidden and not non disclosure in politics as international interfearance even penatrates the house of srliment nd tracks politivians like they were 3DTVCanada.co statuos tracked by 2D tv and search and browsers soas to monitize on them and why is the news redated is the tax funds goinfg the help 3DTV or just 2DTV and is the crtc run like a hicky league snd closed got 10 years =by conrracts? whay is goimg on in Ottawa in 2D on2D and blocking 3DTVPOlitics.com on crtc news mediss is thaty crtc international interfearance ot .gc.ca interfearance or is it my imaginstion that 25 years the 2D tv news block news of 3DTVCA.com being blocked and international interfearance in 3DTVCHannel.us and 3DTVCHannel.ca nd 3DTVChsnnel.in sall redscted for some one else that is also rewdactined so you csn tell who is doing this and why for 25 years it is hidden by the telcos and csbles cnverged medissd sfter ll they hafe sll day to report it and no competition to worry abut while the do it.

Is AI a goof thing or bad thing?

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Is AI a goof thing or bad thing?

When it is AI without permissiom then auto installs updates by force , with 2 options "update now or when you restart your computer", then AI is uconstitutionaly tresspassing, with force, and making footy frints all over your hard-drive, so this is a cyber attack!.
malisious act, a turnkey system wrecker, and unconstitutionaly hurtfull, and and using a untested update full of a hitory of people it was done to posting what and why and hopw ot damaged theor platforms is totaly ignored and the update is forced is a ciber attack that firewalls can not protect and the updates back doors and problems generate search and electricity for global warming as everyobe grops for the answer as to how to fix it all the traffic it shuts off goes to search and browsers catchalls and ads. again for the upteenth time and i am still trying to install appachie since lat year this time, so the very updsate itself is full of pproblem cretions, and growth and jobs in 3DBroadcastnbgNetwork.com iis spammed bhy orn sll day so as to darken it's profile while blocked, , this is what AI can do crate a ID profile based on yiur websites catchall back linked spam and ads when yiour blocked by all the 2D tvelevision ondustries in 2D that bock 3DTVCopyright.com stsarutos for 25 years so as to make theri own metaverses by AI and human blocking and if this is put to AI scritts then we can say good by to more than journalists , we will be replaced by AI politicians , judges, banks, and social philosopht itself, mean while in 3DBusinessTV.com is blocked by both hguman medias and AI scriys for some reason or aother for 25 years in Cabada your can launch pop drins on 33Dcanada.com but not 25 yesrs of 3DTVCHannels.com on one 3DTVCanada.com or .ca in a human scruipted broadcasting network or on new 3DstreamingTV.com startuos for 3DBroadcastonbNerwork.com without getting 24 hour all ay hits form spammers posting sesrches for porn from the d=ssem consortioum of no name website ip addreses used for data mining nd psrking rund obin serviers contetn uploades a quantum speeds while i type all acceses by AI and runninbg for a few yesars testong lready aready, business streaming3DTVSportnews.com sand 3DTVCHat.com are blocked by is doomed to block your computer and crash your business platorms and online systems acceses and security as it is unproven update that comes with a histry of reports of problems but is updated anyways problems and all just to meet some agenda for a consortium intent and not fixed before released with warnings is fske updting and unsafe or secure nut just AI releeased on the web anyways, then AI is very very bad thing , again and again we see this new releases that are only causng more problems then that werre only there becauee of the update.
Too often , too many cooks in the kitchen of new apps are added to a system and then end up full of fixes instead of smooth sailing we all crash.

One thing is for certain it is update time by force again and same as last year when my computwr demanded i have to update and afterwards my pc when onto a cloud and took all my files with it and then ip would not run apachie and hasem=ns ever since, so for the last year nothing worked securly and security has become a blocker of downoading and installing Apachie and that definked the interent right in the apachie serviers so as today i still can not run my software and the pattern repeats over and ove since 1998 and the cost to the econpmy is monopoliuos as every time the system forces an update all the software you depend on goes out the door as far as security with it, the platforms and websites no longer work and the new firewalls block all the important things like email and security software and here it goes again when searched all i see is how to repair the problems of the update and menay menaty messages saying they updsatd and nothing works ,m printer does not work , hard drives lost fores and this means seciurity goes ut the dr and the internet ges into sesarch mode as everyne franticaly tryes to regaon the AI they use d to wrk and make a living online goes out the door adding new layers and new apps on top of apps and ugrades for stuff that defeatts a turn key system all by force, and it looks like another year of search and search for how to fix problems caused by the failure of the update to compatable printer drivers when everthinbg used to be geting closer to synergy your trashed by an update for a software that is doomed to not work or be compatable yet again , work and so why do I bother , it's like waterboarding your web startups and scil nets till yiu quit trying and 25 years of trying to launch a 3DTVCHannel.com in a country that blocks 3DStreamingnews.com startuos and converges the new soas to have the podium go thier way in elections againg, no way to run an elkection online when the updates are forced at a critical time fr demoracy too, and forgert securithy whe talking about a forv=ced update thats a cyber attack in waiting, and how does anyone expect to have securitty when there is no way to get a good updae or your old version back and you data and browsers and operating system online can not work and make a living or be used for pleasure as the threat of updates still hold the floor there is no platform that is safe and withthe upf=date being forced on your pc and the incompatabilities and unproven or safty checked new releases come with bugs known to be a broblem are pushed because they are a problem then AI is now a bad ting and used as a wepon to nutralise millions and this i bad for elecions and a sample of repeated bad use of Ai as they never fix the updates befor the telease it , the reality is , the updsate will cause bedlum on line and the internet will not be safer but more broke than it was when the previous update crashed the web for everynbe all because AI is a good thing when used by a good intent and when updates are forced on you and yiur stand alone pc application every year it bec0mes usless to use it at all for wwork or pleasure , and then all the time you re down the web traffic goes to a catchall and gets advertised on by the people wgo owb the update peoceses and ther is no way to run an electon when ther is an update ging on and aall this makes the socil net a non soclial plae to launch a socil net app.

lucky we have tons of money spent on seeing that the internet is sucure or it would be even worse conditions to be trying to avoide unnesesary udates fo 3D that you can not use for 245 years beaue the updstes blcked and the news medias block and the inovation commities block and the country gyou live in blockes 3DStreamingTV.com startuos for 25 years all you get ia wasted time batteling search engies and browsers squatters and uodates . this all is a major part of why AI is so dangerious in elections and the spcil net and why ther is no way to use the infostructurs to launch a onovtion without being updsted for 25 years s yu can not.

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Is AI a goof thing or bad thing?

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There is always hope for AI when it sorts our posted letters, a data base and AI script search make a good thing for your doctor to keep files on his PC and patience as an informtion retreavl aystem , a bank, a compnany or social net all need AI but in the wrong hands and used for targeting is not the job of the politicians to decide if AI is good thing or bad , here and there it is a matter in the hands of the courts and laws if it is a bad thing untill they break the laws and then it is accdemic if you do something illegal then it is in the hands of the law, not state run consortiums.
AI Bots can not do anything illegal that a human is not libal for and so it is in the hands of the judges of the laws that stand, and the AI bot script would would have to be realy smart to get past a judge's laws or the courts if they break the laws. so there is nothing to worry about if AI is a good thing or bad it is script that can not break the constitutions and laws the courts uphold simpley acedemic so this means .
AI delivers millions of websites email and traffic , it ginds your address of the place yur looking for , but is it good or a bad thing depends on how you use it, when you filte out 25 years of 3DCounty.com metaerse after metaverse for vr and ar using all the AI in the Television news and search engines to brand over 3DTVCanada.com for decades so as to have a insider trading scoop on the stoks that are not filterd by the searches and presses and when you have 1 or 2 soil nets vote on eletions withthe same news medias that block 3DnrnewscHannel.com startuos for journalism in 3DTelevision streaming online for 25 years or when you use it tlo trget and sell ads on a ICANN address that is for 3Dsports or traverl and fasjion and shopping so a yheyr is no way to ewven bid for agovernmnet travel ad or a website for an org on 3DTelecccvisionNetwork.ca in Canda and yur international 3DTVCHannels.ccom net org and country codes are blocked in every country and al yu can do is type spelling wrrors on yiur 3DJournalss.com for 25 years becauee Ai and scits are making sure ther is no way to find yur ICANN addreses for dades then AI is not so swell .
Like i said , AI bot is in the hands of the holders and scripts they tell the story of wat they are to do and the their commands are written down in plain script so it is up to the user to point their AI at people and take the trafiic and colatersal damages with cconstitutional rihhts of people vrs AI scriots, and how it treats people using it, Lucky for us we have Judges and they have laws and the AI bots can not do anything that is ilegsl same as a hguman and when they steal your web traffic and sell ads on it or point porn at your strtus s browswrs will blick you due to back link data it is plain to see the tyriccks in the scrits and their doins arre un constotutional anad so woththe judgess and the boo of laws we are in good hands . all we need is an AI scripts to catch ICANN trafic thieves stealing web straffic and seling ads on your blocked or incorrectly installed websites and we can stop a lot of AI cromes online woring inthe press and news vccumee and crimes doen by AI bots to people they medias blkock and it would put a lot of light on whay is going on internationaly interfearng withthe political and social net fraud and fake websites using peoples ICAnn addrses becuee they are incorrectly installed and blocked or just coverd up by 2D tv medias and preses so they are targets for abuse as no one wil ever find out ablut it so fake AI bot owners and fsaake news and fake AI bots re a problem but luckyt we have JUdges wwho are on our side.

AI is the best when it is used for good thongs and the worst wwhen it is fsake traffic theft catchall traffic sold on a deep fke website business run by AI bots the news wil not mention or hackers same thing. and AI set u p amd runnong milions of times a second selling ads on safe AI scrits is unconstutional in robot code too, as robots need protection form the law and a web site script is unprotected when a traffic thief tsrgets it for 25 yearsa dnthe press target it for 25 yeards and socil nets trageet it for 25 years and it is just a 3Dstores.com blocked and targetd and never mentiond as a target for traffic theft for 25 years then the humans are moreeeeeeeeee of the threat running bloked ccorruption going on in the preses ssoas to have no 3DTVCHannels.com to spesk of for 25 years is not a cript it is deliborate .

So it is humans that make ai a threat not AI itself. AI only does what it is tld to do We all need AI laugh tracks on our content on TV shows.

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There is always hope for AI when it sorts our posted letters, a data base and AI script search make a good thing for your doctor to keep files on his PC and patience as an informtion retreavl aystem , a bank, a compnany or social net all need AI but in the wrong hands and used for targeting is not the job of the politicians to decide if AI is good thing or bad , here and there it is a matter in the hands of the courts and laws if it is a bad thing untill they break the laws and then it is accdemic if you do something illegal then it is in the hands of the law, not state run consortiums.
AI Bots can not do anything illegal that a human is not libal for and so it is in the hands of the judges of the laws that stand, and the AI bot script would would have to be realy smart to get past a judge's laws or the courts if they break the laws. so there is nothing to worry about if AI is a good thing or bad it is script that can not break the constitutions and laws the courts uphold simpley acedemic so this means .
AI delivers millions of websites email and traffic , it finds your webste address or the place your looking for , but , is it good or a bad thing depends on how you use it, when you filere out 25 yesars of 3dnewsnetwork.com startups for CAnadia3dSTV.com and 25 year old socil net web site startuos so as you can hide the news or innovsrtion and spoon feed it to arrive a contracts then this is 25 years of redacted bvusines anbd neeses and stsrtuos are not possible inthis unconstitutionsl blocking of free prress and 3Djournals.com as they get blocked so arrive can 2D tv can arrive onine and hide the dark web thaty give away billions to arrive conatract like agreements and uses 2D news cinsortiums to hide 3DTV innovtion and starttups for 3CTVBusiness.com and canadans onlne thwt are blocked while arrive csn is not. this is a job for the internet circut judge when they come around every 25 years and look into shannagins online by consortoums in government coersion and indie trading silos of news bkocking and innovattion stiffeleing thsgt goes on and ona for 25 yesrs. without scces to the governmnet ad the circut judge online ststuos are blocked so ahtagt arrive can deals can be hidden and ony when they are caught do we hear abut them as the startuos are bbranded overt by insiders and contractes to hide 3DTV jobs for 25 years so that Canada is so so fsar beind the fre for all spcial nets the use 3DTVCanda.com to fadvertisng onb while tje Canadian arrive can innovstion consortium block 3DTVCAnada.com for 25 yesrs they block 3DCa.com and al it's 3DTVCHannels.com and make deals under tha tabe for 2D tv catels and their favourite co-operative cable amnd soial nets using fske addresses to canmpain for elections on 2D 5v shgws and all this works in concert for insired in 3Dmoviecchanneel.ccom blocking so that ther is no wayt to aproach or even contat a politician or a neews paper or a tvchannel news and report 25 yesrs of nonarivecan 3Dtreaming neews on 3Dnewschannl.com over a 3DCanadianTV.com in 25 yesars , all we can do is launch arrivecan and spend millions when yiu csan not even use Canada to launch a 3DTVCHannel.co jnet org withut getting blocked by the news and theeir arive can s and to report a 25 yest no way to arrive canadian 3DTelevisinnetwork.com this is now in the history of the circut judges files and when the internet circut judge cmes artreoung to these parts in 3DCounty.com and sees whagt the snidly wiplash 2ED tv consortiums are uo to with arrive can and 3DTVCAnad.com blocked ther inot going to be any innovstion , just judgements flyny around this scam of hiding innovstion and blocking starttuos for 3DTelevuision online and socil nets for 3DTVHat.com blocked by AI bots for 25 yeards so search and browsers can duke it out for advertisng money they get fromn stolen web traffic all under the tsble whie politiical parties fight of=ver socil nets and 2d tv news casts about arrive can 3DTelevision innivstion online is ambushied and sold into search engien slaveory every milliisesondand 3DTVSorts.com gets sold off for 10 years to a cabe company thayt can not bill on the end of the month because of leap year. so as the pensionrs get stuck woth junk cjarges for bveing late and 3DTV is coverd uo by arrive can staged insoder trading the msrkets have to block 3DTVCanada.com stock ipo as ther is no way to use this ihna 2D news consortoum for 25 years adn the entire scam works , because ther is no ICANN citcut judges in 25 years , ther is no way to launch a 3DTVCHannel.com in a 2D political areana and Canadian without an internet circut judge get blockd by arrive can scams while 3DCounty.com metaerse after metaverse for vr and ar using all the AI in the Television news and search engines to brand over 3DTVCanada.com for decades so as to have a insider trading scoop on the stoks that are not filterd by the searches and presses and when you have 1 or 2 soil nets vote on eletions withthe same news medias that block 3DnrnewscHannel.com startuos for journalism in 3DTelevision streaming online for 25 years or when you use it tlo trget and sell ads on a ICANN address that is for 3Dsports or traverl and fasjion and shopping so a yheyr is no way to ewven bid for agovernmnet travel ad or a website for an org on 3DTelecccvisionNetwork.ca in Canda and yur international 3DTVCHannels.ccom net org and country codes are blocked in every country and al yu can do is type spelling wrrors on yiur 3DJournalss.com for 25 years becauee Ai and scits are making sure ther is no way to find yur ICANN addreses for dades then AI is not so swell .
Like i said , AI bot is in the hadds of the holders and scripts they tell the story of wat they are to do and the their commands are written down in plain script so it is up to the user to point their AI at people and take the trafiic and colatersal damages with cconstitutional rihhts of people vrs AI scriots, and how it treats people using it, Lucky for us we have Judges and they have laws and the AI bots can not do anything that is ilegsl same as a hguman and when they steal your web traffic and sell ads on it or point porn at your strtus s browswrs will blick you due to back link data it is plain to see the tyriccks in the scrits and their doins arre un constotutional anad so woththe judgess and the boo of laws we are in good hands . all we need is an AI scripts to catch ICANN trafic thieves stealing web straffic and seling ads on your blocked or incorrectly installed websites and we can stop a lot of AI cromes online woring inthe press and news vccumee and crimes doen by AI bots to people they medias blkock and it would put a lot of light on whay is going on internationaly interfearng withthe political and social net fraud and fake websites using peoples ICAnn addrses becuee they are incorrectly installed and blocked or just coverd up by 2D tv medias and preses so they are targets for abuse as no one wil ever find out ablut it so fake AI bot owners and fsaake news and fake AI bots re a problem but luckyt we have JUdges wwho are on our side.

AI is the best when it is used for good thongs and the worst wwhen it is fsake traffic theft catchall traffic sold on a deep fke website business run by AI bots the news wil not mention or hackers same thing. and AI set u p amd runnong milions of times a second selling ads on safe AI scrits is unconstutional in robot code too, as robots need protection form the law and a web site script is unprotected when a traffic thief tsrgets it for 25 yearsa dnthe press target it for 25 yeards and socil nets trageet it for 25 years and it is just a 3Dstores.com blocked and targetd and never mentiond as a target for traffic theft for 25 years then the humans are moreeeeeeeeee of the threat running bloked ccorruption going on in the preses ssoas to have no 3DTVCHannels.com to spesk of for 25 years is not a cript it is deliborate .

So it is humans that make ai a threat not AI itself. AI only does what it is tld to do We all need AI laugh tracks on our content on TV shows.
IT is only dangerious in a nafarious persoms hands. otuwise it is harmless ai. www.3DTVCHat hav your chat gpt call my chat gpt so they can do lunch some time.


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When you go all out to pay tribute to somthing you love and get snubbed you know it is not hate it is jelousy over your devotion your love and your joy and revelry in your socil commitments to participate and support is why your snubbed, ither that or it's about mney. www.3DTVSports.com www.3DSportsCHannel.com www.3DTVSPorts.com www.3DJournals.com www.3DCounty.cok

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www.3DTVTime.com again for the 2024 www.3DTVTEchReport.com from www.3DCounty.com 2000 metaverseHappy

www.3DTVSex.com a web site to list health and medical information on sex and sex education , launched for the metaverses schools and public messaging by CHardan AI as we prepared for the need d of social networiking online in the future as the technologies arrive and to day we have social networking moving to streaming online right int hte schools and the actual soocial nets are beign used to push agendas that 3DTVSeax.com net and org launched in 2005 before facebook and google launched in social networking so.
My wife runs a school supply company and the teachers and I knew that a streaming internet was comming in 3D on head sets in 1990's and I have been in social networking since 1970 when i worked in RCA system division and radioi tv and dial up was the only way to social network unles you used the news paoers and an onbline telephne service or university bbrd and today you can get porn on ant elco or cabel services on demand and so in 2005 i launched 3DTVSex in french and english and went looking for a sponcer to make 3D educational films and stream information for safe sex and go figure for 25 yers the entire 2D TV news and radio and all the social nets they use go and do the wrong thing until the day they decide to do an end run and put a timmy in the well for social networks that are getting shut down for scammers and fake users posting sex on social nets for access by under 16 childers on their phones and no way to acess schools or educastion or ministries of 3dTVinnovstion in educstion in Canda or the parents via 2D tv converged and journalist empty newses on asany of the 3 crtc state run medias on lone for what ws over the air free tv sets freeof apps that tke id and track yiur viewing when they go theto the riviara for 1 month or 2 and so AI bots can mind the fort and not l nes media is aproachable that redacts 3DTV and educstion on virtual3DTV.com or 3DVirtualTV.com startups and educate 1 percon on any 3DTVCHannel for ducarion for decades and thi does not help the effots to launch and set up contacts for 3DTVSex.com 3DTVSports.com 3DTVTravel.com and 3DTVCHannelNews or any corriculam in education for 3D metaverses for decades all blocked as the podium get smaller and smaller and feer ar able to interact withthe crtc 2d medias and they monopolise and converge free from comoetition or sytartus fo all venues and news for decades as a r=track record and still get hired to run eletions in 2D is not innovation or open source but blocked and redacted.coms are only blocked because of complacent 2D tv and they push an entire generation onto their platforms and then when they feal like it they pull a card from up their sleve and play a good guy role while covering up 100% of educational 3DRealTV.com and so who will be left to sciot new stsartuos or bet on sports in the hopes we invest in educstion we never got as theer never was any new 3DTV for decades in educstion and 3DTVSports.con for the playoffs or 3DFashionTV or 3DTravelTV just the same old 2D medias metaverse for socil networking 3DTVSpoirts.con on an edcuastionbal level bbeacues the indie tradrs have nit playerd that cartd yet anbd the bets are riged ib socil netwrkinbg so thery bis nni games onb 3DSPortwCHannel.com ither.. www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024/4/21

www.3DTVTime.com again for the 2024 www.3DTVTEchReport.com from www.3DCounty.com 2000 metaverseHappy

When you search for a TLD or ip address and get rerouted to catchall and then sold to a million ads for competition's products you cost the seller electricity and ICANN and the hosting services and the economy and the TLD itself is a waste and if it wqs a politicians it could cost themm the election as search and browsers are scrioted to mske them money and useing yiur ICAnn address when not found or btrowsers=d t is imaking them billions adn yiur pying for the eelectricityr they use to achieve this. all they need is a 2D media to sell their scsam and aallk this is a cosr=st the worlds gridas, plus this makes the other searches and the eentire industry and userd reason for using it when you spend 25 years launching a 3DTVCHannel.com in a closed canadian TV news industry stuck on isde trading and tweeking the news soas to get traffic and when yu converge all the newses int a gew mega cabels and telcos then their agendas become the law of he land and yiur doomed to be searching forever just to find a ICANN TLD 25 years old for 3DStreaming tv com net orgs launched and listed on ICANN addrse or hosted the point is these fake searched=s and browsers are jsut stealing ICANN addte=ress traffic and electricity .

Is browsing and the the search itself a waste of energy?
This is costing and the good name of AI Artificial informaathion services s electricity and every time you get unrelated results you will try wned try and try to get the right results and all ths is costimng electricity amd when yu have t phone every day fpr 25 years t fond our why your DTVCHannels.cm are not hooked up propeely fo the 25th year in a row not working and ther is no way to contact any one who even cres in the mediasd to help as they jut hide yur evwry works then for 25 years youe end up wasting elecrricitey so A can cost more even though ut will save eneergy is is how it is used thagt matters it can be ued to save electricity or scrited to make uou search and searchya dnseach abd necveer find what your looking for accept more ads on yiur ICANn addsesa and this si costing megawatswhen dows millons of tmes a day milions of thimes when people look for the 3DTVCHAnnel.com and get ads in it's [place , too ba the preses do not step on and help and 2D tv is put t li=unch on this as they block and make deals with searcjhe ngens to be foind or not foibd thos all is constng the wprld global warming as pople franticaly searcha dn brwse to no end.
THis is a bigger problem then electricity consumption and it woll gewt worse if the quantum compuytwr scripts say so.
Ai Stands for Artificial Interfearance.
This means a script to play a song on yiur website is a script, but an answering bot a search engine or a browsers uses ai to filter internet ICANN addresses and decide who what wher how ans why aaaan ICANN Address is blocked and the traffic is sent to an advrtising portal and ads replace the domain traffic is AI , artificial interfearnc in wweb traffic when quering a ICANN ip address and email tht is not delivered or blocked websites by softwarw browsers or fake search engnes posing as ICANN traffic filtrs and fikterinbg web traffic on social nets or selling seofwarew that will not work untill yiu get the update and built in apps that do not work so as yu searh and search and all yiu gt is ads and other shannagins that can blok yur 25 year old 3DTVCHAnnes.com on all the tv and all the radio and all the political elections an sprts events is scrioted AI artficial interfearance. Using AI in it's many many faces as a 2 dimentional concept requires different scriting than 3D AI in it's many formats and venues @ dimentional deffinatitns and that kind of scrioting code is way different than scriotitng a dot com page and posting your copyright music and then having it used and yiutr website blocked by targeting AI, interfear artificialy, so as to filter and to steal yourICANN IP traffic andthen sell it or just plain put ads on it, is deliborsate sode and not artificial intellecence and the only thing artificial is the news reporting it as intelegence not coded scrits , so coded scriots say this and scripts codded on that platform are scriots to filter , the fake news report it as intellegence that is artificial and not scriots wriiten by humans do this and scrits do that , so AI means Artificial interfearance does this and artificial intellegence do thagt . of the machines and mechanisims scriots coded to fakwe intellegence when all the thinking behide it's every aschii character is himan epiphanys of human coding. and the report of Ai in the news is nefarious to AI scriots like a rll of musing is to a player pianno

Therefor aI in computong means a cript or artificial interfearcnce and the news that block 3DTV willingly is illetratew in scriting coeds or they would know 3DTVCAnada..com os blocked by all the artificial interfearance sceiotted to see that not one file in all of CAnada's news rooms haasd a pixal of 3DTVCAnda.com beeibg blocked by AI for 25 years and thats just plane fake news

www.3DJournals.com www.3DCOUNTY.com ™ 2/9/2024

Www.3DTVTechReport.com ™

Social net web portals are now authenicating content and content providers will be creaditd for their works copyrights, this will prevent ICANN addrees used as fake content on these social nes.
Coffee breaks and chats will be safer now.
safer this us great as you can now use them for linking as they are preventing fake content users so you can now link the users videos music and sound to your website without fear you are sharing a website on a social net node that is fake, Stolen copyright content or deep fake news.

This makes the INTraNETs the 2D medias have been using for 20 years are now safe places for integrity and ICANN viable for global INTerNET users and politicians can know post videos and content same as everyone else in safety from social nets that is real and not fake any more, now they are talking to real voters and not to scammers or fake reports on socil nets any more.
Now 3DNewsCHanel.com can report social nets used by the news medias are not faking ICANN addresses like the search engines and can post my favorite 3DTVNewsVCHannel.com 3DsearchCHannel.com results and know the content creator's works are real people on a safe socil net.

Metastases will be safer linked to social nets too. Think of it , all the journalists can cone back and say what they want and not be called fake by unknown mercenary targeting on social nets the noses use for quoting on 2D news and this is a wonderful change in 3DRealTV.com history, and so I would be the first to say , this is the best social net online for 3DTVSpots.co and that would be the best coffee brake for 3DTraveltv.com and 3DShoppingMall.com could feature all the 3Dstores.com and the 22D TV news and the rest of everyone together on a social net that could now be link to any of the 3DTVShows..com and 3DTVCHat.com even a few new www.3DANews.com ™ 3DRVCHat..com social net looking for a good social net to socially network on that respects ICANN startups that are 3DREALTV.com 3DTVBrands.com for a change would be very social globally speaking or 3DCounty.com could launch all it's 3DTVCHannels.com and ICANN startups like it was a big tech and link to a social net that is not monetizing on the very important ICANN IP and address system and all its socil nets the 2D TV news-es and medias never report when voting or selling products and using an ICANN address on a socil net will have to follow copyrights and ICANN addresses traffic laws so as to stop 2Dtv covering up social nets and searches that block and use ICANN add4ses for monetizing .

The ICANN IP addresses system will now be safe on the social nets the 2D TV use and they can block all the startups and metaverses they like because the social nets are supporting copyrights and authenticating websites and users contents and ICANN addresses and so f the medias what to use the social nets they will have to accept 25 years of blocking all the 3DTVCAnada.com net orgs om their social nets and that they will start using social nets that are not full of fake users too.

thus is a great day for the INTerNET and its social nets. www.3DJournals.cm

we can now report news and entertainments and really report 3DTVStartups.com in the real world of real 2D t after 25 years the 2D TV will have to agree to t be fake news too .www.3DTVPress.com www.3DTV.news www.3DTVCAnada.com ™ 2024

3Djournals.com 2000 - 2024 ™ A www.3DCopyRightTV.com ™

The www.3DPresodent.com of www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com's head defends www.3DBroaddcastingNetwork.com Role in Streamin3DTV.com Broadcasting online rool and over the air intergity of open news coverge of business news in plitics ans business work and pleasure online.

why do we pay taxes for a CBC news when they block 3DTVCAnada.com www.3DTStartups.com for 3DsportsCHannel.com news with the money for 25years they even block 3DStores.com .

whn all the CRTC news medias and tax funding Blocks 25 years of 3DTVCanada.com startups and then reports the political and busiens news how can yiu trusyt them for integrity in their content and what did they report for 25 years that also was redacvted like 3DCounty.com starrups are today. ? POlitics> busiens ? social nets? how do you trust a news medisa whe they can not be trusted in 3D too. www.3DJournals.com www.3DCOUNTY.com ™ 2/5/2024

When a country or a browser-search engine agreement i made and followed for 25 years in serwt it is insider trding at its secreteat block a website the question is was it for traffic theft or for 3 out of 4 pillars of constitutional right to do so , is it blocked so as to stral the traffic and searches on ot aand sell it as a pole posititon in a race to make billions advertising ads on some ones ICANN op addrse nd website while oit is being blocked and so that all the teraffic that was serched or sent or going to be trandey on thagt sighe get cybwrsquyatted on buy AI botss and quantum cripted gpt bulk spamming and back link porn and spam akk kick in and will the people on it scamble for a new "sociasl net" to send spam and will all the trolles and hackers using that add4ess now go to a silo of affiliates advertisng ads on the IP addwss for evrh=thing searched and messaged and all the brands on that sight get dumped in a new "strip the traffic by catgory " ai script by all the countrries that follow the ban and blocking on persons statuo or a trent on it? will the Banks, POliticians , Hudges, and the publicpillars back this change in a constitution 3 out f 4 times or it it another social net scamm to block 3DTVToronto.com 3DTVVancouvee.com 3DTVMontreal.com and DTVCAnada.com elike usual for 25 years and a redacted international evasive interfearance on one or 2 international social nets that use messaging like it was a public washroom security system blocking ICANN trffic , where are they going with this when they block iICANN emailk and addreses and redact tythem and all in deep fake inegrity that could be discribes as traffic theft , will the blocked addres be labeled "blocked for crossing the line" or will the traffic go to aan ad fo a new pc or one of the ads the cabel coumpays and medias run 5 6 7 times in a row and every 4 minuts in between theri " crtc licnced broadcast " online instead of the ICNN address being blocked by that INTraNEt mode , country , service provider search and 4 pillar or 5 piller constitutions and the law of the land thsat applies to ICANN address trsffic . www.3DCA.com %t 25 years and they still sell ads on www.3DStores.com and I have never made a penny on 1/all the startus i have launched in 25 years because of web traffic fraud , targeting , hacking and blocking my website , dilution by search enging ip ads on my ICANN addreses and while everone using the ICANN address eyetem is never found and only the paid clients are referenced by te news medas it leave in the dark web as they are never found even when they pay to be listed they wil obviously nevr be found when searched or directly from the keyboard and blocked by filters set u to steal websites trafic and sell a convergd news content so as to block 100% of 3DTVBrands.com for 25 years in the main stream socil nets and newses soas to leave the websites ope fr traffic theft and so only a cchosen few the 2D tv news allign themselves woth get sports travvel news fashion and busiens and social nets are set up to actually use the ICANN address trade names for advertisng on the same propducts the social nets advertse are the same ones the search engines park on your web site's traffic and so eveyone got to sell ads on your ICANN addesses while the 2D tv news redact you and inside trde till announced, which they will never do for 25 years, so they can run the politics into their social nets and sell ad on it in 2D or to run an elecrton tv show in 2D for the 25th year in a row so as thert is no 3DTVpolitics.com news and so all this is a readcated secrewt international interfearance in business and politics all the spys arew trying theri dsarndest to spy on while the governments crtc consortium redact 2DTVStsrtuos.com the spys have to go to international secrt steps to find out what te news and sesarche engens and socil nets sre hiddeing all the 25 yewaars of 3DTVCAnada.com strwaning tv starttuos fro and why they would do this and then claime open and free press when the 3DTVPress.com is gaged nd redacted in sesrch engien sand why 3DTVSPorts.com is redacted and gaged in ssports and why al this is going on on secret and internationaly screwring uo the IVAnn system hust to polease a few convwerged cable and 2D tv networks that block 3DTVCAnda.com for 245 years is doing asnd this is causign international strife when they can notelmail 3DFM or email DYVCHannels.ccom soad to put an sd on it becauwe the domains ar redacted in the press and politicians do not what to go ther sndf ruin their tv debsate and advertisign monopoly they just converged onoine from the over the air industry they just shut down.

is secrt soas to j=hide this for 25 yesrs points to international intenational interfearanc by the and it never says blocked and parket untill ispecrtion is ovwr by any 4 pillar constitution .
If all the social nets and 4 pillars of the press can block 100% of every 23DCounty.com metawerse asnd startuos fro 25 years in tv and locak news so thayt ther is no way to launch a 3DTVCAndan.com website for social networking then i think ther is more readcation and international interfearance then reportd going on and the four pillars had bettwr get their consritutins online and report who is in bck ordering the redaction of 343DTVCHGannelks.com and see how the process of social net and search and medias pull this off first . AS it ounly supports ICANN traffic theft with all the ID profiling it needs to interfear intewrnationaly with the 4 pillars of who efer they arw targeong but when it ia a 25 years span and 3DTVsports.com then yoiu know it is interfearance internationaly and itt's ttime for the penalty box or the game wil be called. ICANN networing traffic ttheft or blocked what will be on the page when searched or social netwroked in the 4 medias pillaes metacvdrse, it does the blocking of 3DTVPolitics.com withiut a mandatw and can interfear aall it likes wothout beeing blocked , a new class of oabive the 4 pillars citisen is bourn in online podiums and it vcxan interfear in ternstionsly aall it likes wheb your iCANN traffic is ru by a few INTra NEET nodes.
www.3DTVTechreport.com www.3DJournsls.com .

www.3DJournals.com www.3DCOUNTY.com ™ 2/4/2024

the news mdias will have to report the name of the socaial nets they surved first.

Social network wars , cell phone wars, 3DTV wars, political wars , country wars, social fake social nets play an important part these days in business and pleasure for work and making a living, free from discrination a from social networks for all the enimies of our constitution are blocking from dark web using stolen parked IP addreses and traffic filtering to rerout your ICANN traffic ot their catchalls (UK-MICROSOFT-20000324)" each eother in every venue and the 2D tv news and mediasd are blocking 3DTVCAnada.com stock market acess for every single 3DTVCHannel.com so ast o have no 3DTVCHat.com launch no 3DTVCHAnnel.com launch no 3DTVSports.com launch and 3DStpres.com launch in 25 years in ther 2D closed socil tvNET's socil intRAnet online as they move from over the air to broadbsnd withthe ICANN business and pleasure social netys and redact everthing tey do not like aand discriminate in content so as to have a 25 y ears old closed 2D social intRAnet to u se to swell ads on ICANN socisl nets s-addreses and own the elecrions and the podium for sports travl news fashon and all the ssocial nets onb the INTerNETR and be in a position in the future to declare what is and is not a social net and what is journalism online as if it was the laws of the constitutions they operate in and not the www social net in reality. www.3DRaalTV.com on the 3DTelevisionNETWORK.com ™ 3DCounty.com

p> Social networek , the people are told what the social network says very day by medias that redact and sell ads on ICANN 3DTVCanada.co starts for 3DNewsCHnnel.com journalist job on 3DTV webcastimng startus for 25 yers in CAanada and yet they quote from 1 few affiliated and paied millions to not block news , social INTraNET startups and their social messaging networks affiliate news, network in news but not billions of other INTERNET netaorrs social nets for wverything like 3DTVnetwork.com , we arw over here or ther as ther are 2 billio people in the INTerNET soccial network and ther are INTraNRT nodes ovwr ther and thewr and thewr and BIG tech have social nets in onne or 7 places and thne ther are social nets in each country and social nets that will not let you join and social nets for travwel nd sports and fashion and soccial nets on top of and inside of socilanet and sl tp quate the "socia net" i not a real surc=vay of the social nets because 3DCountt.com and 3DTelevisionchannel.com get millions of visets and the search engiens and spcial nets the medias youe , that arw ovwr thwr in the INTerNET social net gw all lyou IANN aaddress traffic as if social net s ar set up to stwal and poratw ICANN email nd traffic by redaction and no one in the medias social net will know because they never ever leave their affilia4 2D socialnet working social net to netwrok in 3D for 25 years in 3DCanadiaanTV.com and millions of netwroks and local tv stations now redacted and converged so as to cut off all the local networks ther were and replace them woth 1 consortium of closed 2d social INTRaNET socal nets thaty block billons and sell ads on them and run the podium and the vernacular so as to own the "Social net" too..

so it is a national securty thrert to have closed medias and quote opinions as public vote and election campaine from social nets as they do not evn have local reporters aany more localy wehee the elections arew run just social net feeds to get all the social news from one or 2 of the worlds social nets and the vote reported from this data for a 50 50 tie breaker in an election while using the sanme social net that sell ads on redacted ICANN domains in holdding cmpanies servwers and then steal ICANN traffic and international interfearnce by social netwrk interfearance is going on in the news and medias so as to report local organised protests as content filler for 2D tV and ther social nets and AI bots 9 scrits) on INTraNET nodes are supplying idless accounts fro the same social nets to deep fake politicians and ICANN startuos by faking out the content and arranging the proteses ansd tweeking the news conent and politicsal snd bussiens Ipaddresses and faking id Persdond on deep fske social net posts the news use that give away no name accounts without security and are using newses and a few intRANet social nets as the survay tools of news while blocking 3DTVNewsCHanel.com survaying and participation in anything they do for 25 years soas to sell ada on it too, is fake , and blocking, fireing and then making it a protest report aen not a scil net opinion is AI bot fake news in journalism when it is not reportd in 3D360TV.com headsets after 25 years it is AI Bot filters content for a few social 2d news nets and a few search and bot ad ssll on your ICANN addresses social nets and startups like 3DStores.com after 25 years metqverses for 25 years only quote from the same social nets that make the news for you it's like 2D tv is editing the social net news, use a closed socil net to report the fake news that ther is no 3DTVCHAnnel.comand a for 25 yesrs i havwe have to swallow this as fack. Faake social net traffic theft is an international ssecurity threat and like a social neet that does good is oly possible on a social nert that does good and a social net that does everthig is just anouther internet and not the 3DWorldWIDEWEbTV.com new social net on the ICANN INTerNET spocial netwrks f addresses and ip trafic on the web.

the news mdias will have to report the name of the socaial nets they survsayerd first.

www.3DJournals.com www.3DCOUNTY.com ™ 2/2/2024

The majority of people on the social net are in favor of...?

News medias report,
When you survey on a social net , 40 to 60 % are fake users as the news has reported.
this means you would need 61 to 39 to be a tie vote or for get the survey you could not get a tie break. But is the fake are organized then all they need is to have 51% to fake a win and the news on 2D TV would buy that as a win from the social network survey and if you were losing by 1 vote and were 60% fake users you could have 1 more fake users put in a vote and win. And so for 25 years news medias have quoted just the fake votes and unreliable facts and some times get the election forecast wrong. But they never announce stocks without the sensors selling off first and so it is fixed when you vote on a tainted social net and you might as well put a bid in for the 2099 NHL play offs and vote now or you will never get to play that game before sports is fixed by social nets and surveys on 2D tv that never report 3DTVVAncouver or www.3DHockeyCHannel.com's 3DHockeytv.com traffic being used on fake search and fake social nets for selling ads to companies used to fake id traffic to ans sell it on them or the rdact real facts about social fakeing users nets and ro engeneer tv vote surveys fake news reports content based on social net and search results only as they omit 99% of the population without an account and advertise on someones searched ICANN addresses online that do not vote join on even belong to social nets so they have a yes or no vote to dissqualify and taint the vote nor a willing integrity to fix that yet.

The majority of people not on any social INTraNET that also hostes fake anybody email free service for inauthenticated but then blocks your INTERNET email to suggest you are fake untill you pay their intRnet or can be aithenticated , (they want you to go and open a fake account like everyone else or give them information so as to fake your identification ..?? does and then you can send snd get emsil but for now you are unauthenticated and not allowed to email people on this INTraNET servers the compnay ris on the iNTerNET socil net, so you can not vote ither as you are unautherised, pending recognition, AI Bots were not paid to find you , on the INTERnet, so,
WHat is the biggest security risk online today? A 2D tv agenda that uses fake free email and sicial networking addreses to ramp up protests , political mobs to storm government buildings and services and feed 2D tv news content fillers thagt also build up riots political mobs and anty social behaviours thagt cost taxpayers and security troops harm and distroy property and all to make news withut having to hire a journalist local station crew and just to get more sear hes and more 2Dtv viewsers on a 2D tv news show and block 3DTVCAmADA,cin startups fromn the bvloombergs and you.

how to stop protests and find yiur website ina fake news and fsake social net consortium in 2024
THat is simple
IN 2000 to 2024 we went from modem dial up intERnetting to "Big Brother" in yiur TV set with all his social net friends watching " a big step for security in 1/4 of a centure for any culture.
The sheer pressure of fakeness online is crushing the worlds startups and businesses online. www.3DJOurnals.com %T 2000

Discrimination by 2D tv news medias for 25 yesrs have made it impossible to report crimes against 3DTVCHannels.com net org startuos fro 3 fpr 25 years .

Tear afte Year they agitate and cyber squatt on 3DTV and create 2D news viral protests and feed tem til they have to hire police protection allk to get a 2D tv news coverage oof content filler to block 2=3DTVNews coverage of the things to help eveerything is in 2D snd nothing is in3D after 25 years of asasking politicians to help and syber police to help and starttun uo 3DTVBrands..co to show jhow 2D tv block innovstion and busiens soad to get it al their way is missing as theh redact 3DTv asnd stst riots and protests in 2D on2D sdsocila nets and i get stuck reporting it on 3D tv chanels they blosk proving ther is a coverup of rhe news adn busiens by 2D tv adn politicans ae unaware as it goes o and ona and thye do not even know who is spying on them so how culd they know who is spying and cyber attcking me and al the 23DTelevu=isionnetwork.com stsartuos in the world iCANN st system that i bought for business work and pleasure and scial netwrking and selling ads like i owned thenm instead of having erch dngiens block and sell millions of ads every second. too.

3DTVCHannelCHina.com Side BY Side cross eyed 3D TV blocked by Canada USA and CHina and advertised o for sure as the dot coms are used as producrs to sell ads on by cyber squstters masked as search and socil nets. when they are harbouring fske agents and poltical agendas to own the podium and cinductr cold war online using AI bots and fake social net users and fake news on 2D tv who do not whant 3DTV startups to be succesfull so they ignore for 25 yesrs dot com startus for streaming 3DTV and hide the fsct that tey are target and they use the entire ICANN addt=ress system ro sell ads right on the peoples startuso and use 2D tc to cover for ths iside trading pump and dump scam on socil nets and search engiens as they pimp their own isider brands and sell ads on everyines trae names and ip and ther is ni way to reprit cries unless yiu make a lot of mony to be found you will be trgetdd and bl0cked like a www.3DTVCAada.com for up to 25 yesrs and theris no way to report a crime so it si the fct that yu csan not buy a dot ocm and laumnch a 3DTVCHAnnel in the world called esrth for 25 years without beeing trge like aCanadan politician and gaged by searh engoesd hkangeroo rules and when yiu get a lot of traffic yiu are cashed on a roud robin fill of back lnk spammers adn b;oclkex as they play musical register and hosring servce chairs an evry time they move yiu yiu loose a few dot coms ina some holding pattern as the entire 2D tv prss cover for them thehy get wauy with all the top dstasrtuos trsffi amd sl the news dnfcts amdfake it usign fske people in fke socil nets and 30-40 fske in the neews and bsien reporting and politics is fsked by tsrgeting the populsr politicians just like they wwere targeting the populsr stsrtuos and ths is why ther is niway toappreoach a oiliticians as they are blocked ssmame a gmail blocks peole it does not whena getting or sendogn emsil under fakeumnjustified or proven rules AI crafed on the fly so as to steal wwb trafic and sell ads on them and nw all the sear h engiens arew posting 3DTVCHAnnel.com and blocking the3DTVCHAnnel.com targetin 3DTV for 25 years an the politicians who would help if they werw nt pout inthe sawem catcchall and blocked and targeted and i tryied ti tel them this in 2000.2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006n .... 2020 2021 2022 2023 and i repeat it today 2024 ther is no way to use a government that blocks cpmpetition in politics work amd religion amd pleasure as they abuse the laws and abvuse ICANN addreses system and no government ment official is able to helo as the battel fake news and attacks fron fsake socil nets they are too busy to hel-p a 3DVNewschannel.com or a politocoams beeing targetd as they pretend t not know whst is gong on sp they allow tysrgeting ina fake coveruo o0f blockimg 3DTV for 25 years and bloclong peo-les brands and politicans and force the web their way be launched their way , go viral their way and all the businesa go ther way by using yiur ICANN address to markety it and fake news they can own the podium and from ther block 3DTV hollywood going viral in 2D on 2D news.

How fast is fsake ne and search eniens a covering up startups Sake som in social nets and protect on socil=al nets they can not do it in 2D in3DTVCHannels.com becsue we do not do that we do nto cover uo 3=2D tv nd 2D socil nets ny=tweeek uo a ru=iot at the eleftion results in3D jusr 2DTV does this and no one in 3DTVNESNEtworkmcin stsrt up a feak news snd instigste a protest on 2E tv or 3D tv just the same group that blockes 3DTVSPorts.com block resl3DTV.com soccila nets becaue 2DTV and their social net can get police in full riot gear out to block the news with socil netwprk protests set u to tweek punloc tension and monitize on it as content filler for 2d in 2d on2d ad soas to block 3DTVNewsCHannel.com and 3D news of a fske soci net engennered peotest gropu tweeked into action omn 2D tv neews as they all go for photobob
As we speek politicians are telling insiders who to hack ad who to hide . and news papers and tv news are hising who they are supposed to ide and covering uo crimes and traffic theft soas to not be targeted themselves and wjhen you lsunch a 3DTelevisionNetwork.ca or com or us or what ever ther are piliticians and countries, comanies nd pilgrams who have tsken advantge of these inside loprions and turn their heads so as to have 25 yesrs of 3DCA.cok used by ad sales and trageting spys and thie entire interent is at their mercy and they do not care enough to have a polici yu csan approach or a government tax funed service yu can use to report trgeting and stolen web traffic and forin interfearance or even locsla insoerd paying hackers and turing in names of peole they wil not report beeing hacked in politics beuisn and online spocial nets so that today 100% of every 3DCopyrighttv.com is coverd u and ised as search key word by the saje politicians who dod not report spying on eachother and ther s no way to report a crime ia 2 Dimentional press and political infostructure thay do not eevn reespect the politicl and press reades and journalists and politicians in them for 25 yesars soas to block 3DCA.co and 3DCanada.co and all the 3DCounty.commetverse in secret . and because they block and steal taffic amd it s so profitable they have to hide interneationa intyernfearnce and keep it secre sames if it was spying on politicians is kept secet amf this is hwo they take small comnay and split it up after makeing it go bankrupt soas to lown the podium and fke neews and cover uopolitical crimes like they were coveing uo all the 3DTVSports.cm for a sports insider or all the 3dtvpolitics.co fo an insider in politics jnfake news and fsake news for 3DTRavelktv,com www.3DTVToers.com reporting and fake news for 3DReaslty.com buses and fake news for 3DTVHockey.com here in Canada and with out comoetitn any omre snd with a one stop search and find yiu nt find yiu ai frenzzzzy gong ion it is now a matter of time before the insders and the fake medas take over all the pociums and all the dot coms iCAnn addrses nd all the ads on them and kill off the ICANN add4ss system soas to get al the busines worl and pleasure news to go their way < when yiu pwn the podium yiu can come up with so many things that llik more inportant then political security and busins security and iCANN addrses securly when the neite system iss run on a dark deep fske web platform and AI filterd so as i t all goes their way. . 3DTVStartups.com syoffeled like a politicians on a socul net in sevret targeting like the politicians were dot coms. for 23D streaming tv. extreemists.

There is no way to use politicians theh are afraid of being targeted so musch thaty the now get secretly targetd them selves and i told them this in 2000 and got trgetd for douiong it. go figure i get stuck telling this becsue i am tsrgeted by 2 Dtv fake news saem as the politicisnsd snd journlist asnd the small busiens al targetd by big bucks and isiders in the socil nets faking sdn tweeking the news so it ll goes their way . typicsl behvoure adn it should have been predicted and cstching them red hadde is of no use because yiuy can not use a politicians tolok ibto it in public , in secret yes, but in public n. s sports or business when the search engiens sell you ip and ICANN arpsa addrs for millions of times a second ansd yiu can not use a singe politician for 25 years to chmpion the truth.

There is no way for a victom to report startup traffic theft in progress or key word tagelting ICANN addreses and ip pages for 25 years internatiosl cor trade name and brand dilution to pieces by a consortium of AI bots and so deep fake and regular , crimes in software glitches , fake users and accounts go unreportable and in elecrions they are the majority out of the social INTraNET's 20-40% fake users and all the converged meias and presses pllitics and busienss and inestments and like not like found not found filtering in them is perfect for Deep fake content scamming and identity theft on them is ripe, half of 40 are real and the other 60 are fake or half of the real 60 are against and all the falke aee against ther is no way to work withthese numbers and come out real and the real population. with no way to report traccif theft and id te=heft and falke social net users back linkng your startu so it is blocked for traffic t be sld ads on . how can you report this every da all day miilons of times a second imn a metverse of fske contnet how can yiu report a crome and be secure wirh no way to repot a crie in 25 years in 3DCounty.com and so the web with no plae or thing to report crimes in real time or for 25 years it will neer be safw untill yu csan report aa 3DTVCHannel.com startup havijg it;s trffic stolen for 245 years. so it is perfect for faking anyhting from elections and withthe "what can yiu do abur it" reality ther is no wau to report a trffic theft from rel3DTV.com metveres tv so the web is not that safe yet or secure for email and busuens when yiu can not even tell who should be blocked or redacted onoline for traffic rtheft and compnay v=brands used for advertsng oin socil nets and no name accounts using top tecch account service fre on socil nets thet block icsnn ddrses is insecure. sociasly and this is a big threat to security thtat should be reported but 25 years and ther is no way a 3DTCAnda,cin can report internatuonal fake social ners and treaffic theft and thats the www.3DTV.news.com for today www.3DTVPress.com www.3DCounty.com %t. . www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024/4/21

www.3DTVTime.com again for the 2024 www.3DTVTEchReport.com from www.3DCounty.com 2000 metaverseHappy Fake news ,
Fake news ,
Fake news
,www.3Dcounty.com news flash from the 3DPress.com .. search engine data bases have been filled with AI bot chat ctp contnet generated by AI scrits testing out on redit and socil nets as it scripts fake news by the milisecnd and has now rewritten and netire 3DSPorts.com datya base fpr 3DTVSports.com and 3Dsportchannel.com and all the 3DTVChh=annels thagt wre not found on the ICANN addrdses when searched becsue they werre redacted for 25 yeards so that the chats AI bots could fire all the support and github and use aI bts to scrit fake content for databases on search and in this way fill u the results by the billion and sell ads on the entire ICANN addreses sytem via fake AI bot chatgtp contnet in it;s data bases and this is as if the data was nt already way poff side when looking for abusines stsartuo via its ICANN addreses ws not aready blcked by a million s=-results now woth chatcgp feeding the database fake content the entiree search indudtry is wde open for a search engien with integroty and the best way to test one s to sech a 3DCount.com or 3DTVCHannel.com and see if yiu get hte right ICNN addrese as a result or a fake data base feed and and your query blocked. www.3DRealTV.com 3DCouty.com metaverse the origanl officsal www.3Dtelevisionchannel.com %t the searche engiens sell ads on and slandered the one the news has been blocking for 25 years and ther is only one 3DTVCHAnnel.com the news has been blocking for years andthat is the www.3DTVCHannel.com and if everyibe could get 1 dollar from all the ads sld on the 3dtvchannel.com doaminanames by sesarch engine sero and stolen traffic we would all be billionars because for 25 years all the tv news snd radio news ad searche engiens have sold ads on 3DCounty.com startuos as used as contnet for sale as key words and not one pekmmy of them asked of they could block the domains and se;l ads on them instead they interfear in web traffic and steal the treaffc an dadvrtisne right on it and this is cyber squatting by searh engien content ads AI scripts and if it was a csaer it would be hit and run. www.3DTVCArs.com the first 3DTVCArs.com shw on the internet blocked by all the kings Canadian news here in Vancouver www.3DTVCHannel.uk .

Knowing the canadian preses news is blocking 3DTVsports.com for 25 years in Canada is deliberate for 25 years,
is knowing the future IN Canada going forward. www.3DTV.news

On 2000 i was stopped for giving a potlash in BC streaming video on 3dvids.com for the Y2K and i was robbed by a fake lawyer law stole over 88 3D domains he was to give to companies with my warm intent to help them launch in my 3DMetaverse 3DCounty.com and the lawyer stole then and was probably a fake scammer adn bot a lawyer and he scalped the names and so i stopped the 2001 potlash and i have spent 25 years tryg to report it in the nes for 3DTVBusiness is coverd u and the scammers or lawyers or both know this as insider knowledge that can not tell, ither as it is client privste knowledgew between the thieves and them so the news an but they wi not for 25 years they tsarget 3DTV ad rifel it freely as they denie feedom of press and i can nt get ajudge or politicians to lauch an inquire into fsake news crmes and traffic theft online by the millions, and becaue the news is the one interfering in the news integrity and 3DTV in india and europe internationaly onlne blocking tic tiok ad 3dCounrtty.com for 25 years in secrwt is buring the csndel at both ends.and so i now have been doggrd and my 3dtlds.com targerd ever since the lawers-not lawers stole mhy domains and the news coverd it up so that they too can sell ads on 3DTVCHAnnels.com issing traffic in news and on operating systems thagt do not find ICANN addreses thatg block 3DTVCHannels.com and the news of theft uder cover of a 2D coup in the preses news content for invetment and this means the nenws is fixing the msrkets and if the nes is able to fix the stock market then they can rig sorts gsmblig as this is noit an open market ither, and what aout the news fixing [olitics and 3DTV dot coms in the nes same saem all they need todo is drop their integrity a littile wower ans show they class, as 3DTV dot coms are used for advertising on 2D medias and the news of the largest fsake domain theft ais still beeing coverd uo as they stil sell and resll the domains they stole from me amd the fake recpeits have profeted from the sale and resale of the stolen domans in the warm security of the news presses religious covwruo of all the 3DTVBrandas.com they stole and the ones i can ntgve to who i want becaseu the regisr=trsrs are dependant onthe converged mrket the sem way the journalists and the public workers are dependant on the hand above them to see to it thet the press can not targwt 3DTV and block it for insider news on the markerts and get away with it.

Fake news makes it impossible to have a 3DTVCHat.com on a 2D news medias chatfor ovr 25 years, in Canada, from 3DTVStJohns.com through 3DTVMontreal.com and 3DTVToronto,com and all the way west to 3DTVVancouver.com , and Ottawa 3DTVchannel.com news should give it medal for fake news coverage of 3DBusinessTV.com and 25 yesars of uniterupted international insider news of who what where whn and why 3DTV nline 3DStreamingTV.com startups are redacted 25 years and in todays metsvrese for headset 3DbusinessTV.com for 3Dnetworknews.com and 3DTVsports.com travle and business are blocked and unable to discuss 3D hewad set stores adn sttuos fro 25 years .< it is not possible to use an ICANN 3DTVBrand.com in discussions on innovsation or streaming3DTV busiens in a canadian news journal or TV show for 25 years and no way to een do a international inquiry into why 3DTVCHAnnel.in and 3DTVCHannel.cc and 3TVChannel.i=us and 3DTVCHanne.uk are beeign blicked by roge news medias filtering the neews to block 3DTVJournals.com reporting Fake news.

O way to open a discyssion on amy 2D TV news progrsam and this is disserning. especially for the 6th election in a row and freedom of the press why is ther no method fo opwning this discussion in the fress if it s so free then why the vsccume.

Fake News!

The Canadian press do not investigste Canadian why fak news and missing informstion is redac4ted bhy the preses not the government or politicians but by the news medis press and why they are killing off ICANNN IP traffic and addreses and stok nvestment in 3DTVStartups and international www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com startups in Vancouver BC streaming 3dtv web sites for streaming 3DTV internationaly for 25 years. they evwn reported it dead in seversal mediass pushines in the past .
3DTVChannel.com www.3DTVCHannel.in 3DTVCHannelCanada.com 3DTVCHannel.us and 3DTVCHannel.ca blocked for yesars by 2D tv launching their own metavers of 3D startups and interfewrance internationaly in these 3DTVCHannel.com busiens and ICANN addreses they redact and hide in secret what they whimk and sell right on ICANn websites witht ehr affiliates so as to monitize on the truth and own the podiums of busines and informstion they actualy block 3DNewsNetwork.com news when interntionsly blocked by other countries and their newse in a co-operated 25 yers blck of 3DCount.com and all the new 3DTVCHannbels.com started fro 25 years in it . and they do it with a power to block the news. uing ther monoply and crtc licences they actulalt interfear internatioanly blcokimng the news of internet startus in busines and the news blcked in Canadian press making them look stupid. as a news locked in a 2 dimentional journal of redctstaions and coveruos themsleves and this is an insult tp journal institutions millions of years old.
Canadian 2D tv news is one of the top 3DTVCanada.com net org medias asked to inquire into why 3DTV metavers strwaming medias launchiung in Canda arew blcked and coverd by the most watched news media and the other not so much watched news medias that cover up the inquiries in every else but them selves for 25 years.

Canada presses are biast and journalism is beeing advertised on same as 3Dtv strtuos and the 3DNewsCHannel.com , and tv news medias radio and periodicals that advertise 3DTCHAnnel startups do not even support our own ICANN internet addresses and email boarder instead they hide nes , busines to invest in and 3DTVVirtualTV.com news medias and busiens soas to have a insider trading mnoly and run 3DTV news that wil block people and interfearinternationaly on 3D tv whe =n they whim too, 3DTVCanad.com startups and tv shows fo 25 years they hide 2DCA.com and will not protect it's internet boarders.
THe news medias do not protect Canadian internet boarders.
Blocking the business news via consortium tv i Canada can not be the only country to be redacting small busines 3DTVmetaveres for 25 years and news medias for 3DTVNewsNetwork.com startuos interntional on 3DwwwTV.com and Canad csan not be the only one interfearing internationaly in busines in india and europe 3DTV for years unless the Canadian press are redacting con=untries news content that are reporting this and interfearing in internatinl nes contnet too.

THe 2D news medias do not nned to pay bribes to news medias to unblock them selves as they woukd never block a 2D tv news staruos online but they blcoked and still block 100% of 3DTVCHannel.com right here coast to coast in 2D on efery crtc TV and radio news medias and in the press, so they do not even have to please politicians or the courts and ICANN can tske leap of faith if the news whant to b.lock ICANN addreses and advertise over thenm then they jolly well do and will and are so woththis attitude they block sports travle fashion and busiens of they whim just like they blcok 23DTVCanada.com busiens and pleasure 3DTV metaverses and all the cities on 3DTVCAndda stsrtuos in the news they block what eve they whim politicaly and internatonaly as theyblock off the interent for themsleves to report he new on and they are the first thing the newly elcted wil have to fix. the integrity f the freedom of the presse and journlsim on 2D t asnd reinstete the s=citisens 3DTV stsrtuos and my redsacted internationl 3DTVworldWideWebTV.com statuos that are now used by the presses to sell ads on . Freedom of information is usless when the news freely block 3DTVCHannels.com and their addresses and informaton that they are targeted for redaction internationsly interfeared with and useed as a source of traffic by cyber squatters and resellers of reaffic parked or nt connected properly instead of reporitn ght eproblem they monitize on it a take advantage of it and block freedom of informtion in news from them.

via 2D tv news consortiums but the re doing a good job of it even it is unconstitutional ad give the Canadian press a bad image as they redx Who do you useto report web traffic theft when the news is blocking this news to protect themselves and hide this news

Icann domain name haresting and 2D news ICANN addresss blockig is big business for thieves who can get away with it and nakes millions by th emillisecond

they are pasted to the 2D tv blockade against telling the truth and reporting 3DTelevisionNetwork.com is blcked and beeing blocked while they get ad noneys for the comnaies the sell ads to who are using the icann addrse on serch engiens to advertise and block the comoan eis fromn 3DTVStartups.com online to use to sell ads on 2D websites they blck too. onces they get away with dictating the internet trafic adn stealing it for monitizatin they wil use the money they make to bribe more pres and politicians nd neve account for the money same a they do in regular frauds anles they have a new way of blocking 3DTVCanada.com statuos and not beeing inwquired into international interfearance and getting away with it , and this is news too, as the president of 3DTVCHannel.com is bced by the president of the 2D meidas consortiums they arew announcing that they are internationaly interfearing in investment and busienss and activly rsdsating 3DTVMetavrses for 25 years is history , and the politcs is theri pleasure too so how could yiu trust them with busines , poitics , and fsair stock market reports ad s=an account of the courts and 3DTV usiens online whe the can easly and compleetly erase 25 years of 3DTVStartups.com beeing blocked by , not communists , but 2D canadian preses wuhtout an inquiry intoi international interfearance adn some of the name they blocked are still bloced even today on 3DCA.com and they have no lawyers to protect them so the have no hebus corpus in the law becaue the 2 tv and even the gonveenment election process can t include 1/100 3DTVCHannels.com for news and sports . how could yiu not beinterfesaring with india whe all the struos for 3D tv in india are haed and choked in Canda and how can yiu trust the news when al lthe 3DTVCHanneleurope.com statuos oare blocked and how vcan yiu trust the news when 100% of all the 3DTVCHannel.uk are blcoked and all the 3DTVCHannels on 3DTVCHannel.us are blocked and all the 3DTVCHannels to invest in inthe Canadas aee blcked by ecery single 2D tv prws ther is left after the convergence put them all into one or 2 cabe and twlcos pocketsa yiu do not have to look far to se and inw=quirew inti this so how come all the 2d convered ne meidas that fut int one unversity phone booth can not be inquired into why they interfear with india and cansada and europe dot cosn statuos 5too, adn an inqury i csanad is good inthe usa sam as a 18000 is.

seeing as you csn not use the Canadan res to launch a metavrse for 25 years what do yiu use as a substitute for criked and un trustworthy news reports on the busiens stock market s thagt are nit fixed in the pres and insider teseed in the news rooms that block the 3DTVNetwork,.com and al the news of 3DSTartups.net online. . as you can not have you blockig website and use themn toeat too.Today the news will be bringing yiu what ever they want and covering up who ever they whim so as to filter the news all their wy and elections will not change this, 6 elections in a row all 2D on 2D metaveres and blcig 3DCounty.com the first 3D,etavers for 3Dglssses snd stereo 3D tv efer to launch and be blockd fro 25 ears in a row by all the news an dress in Canda , hows that for a first. too bad we haev a dicttorshi inthe news content for 25 years and you can nit selebrate 1/1000 3DTVBtands.com and ICANN atartus fro sports and news bisiensinss and pleasute ansd we shoud have a mlectiona dnand inquiry and find out why and we should do this son and 25 years is a long time for 32D tv nbews to be redacitn innvation in 3D web metvers launching and not that the 2d news have hussh money for stiffeling 3DMiviechannel.com for 25 years 3DCa.com they can afford a lawyer when the people they cover uo can not.
Fake news.the most important election promis should be to investigste inside tradeijg by 2D tv medias thayt blcked nd covrd up 25 years of 3DCA.com 3DCounty/com metverse for insdier traders they cover up 3DTLDs.com today for the same companies thagt blocked nd sed 3DTVBrands.com for 25 years are still doing it and so with fsake news and fakes n every 3DTVSTartup.com clsiming to be and pau=ying mit engines to tsake out yiur ICANN addrse and market thie ads rith on the addrss when searche are stil fsaking ICANN addrse so the best thing a plotcian could promis s an invetif=gaion of internet trffic theft nd icann addrs fraud in the preses then the news might be ingertitious enough to report an election and stoock market free from insider trading. .

There is somthing PHIshy ablut the 2D neses whe 25 yeats they can n9t find a single oppreses 3DTVCA,cin in Cana gaged by consortiums of people who all not not even buy an ad from the websites they block and use the 3DTVShows.com and 3DTVCHannels.co to impersonate and fraud, stwal web treaffic and sell ads on it. Intrnationa interfearance
and in canad the news blockes reports of international interfearance by the news medias in politics and busiens . so the best thing a politicians could do is promise to launch an inquiry into interfearance by 2D tv news in internationls politics and busiens sticck manipulating and free trade abuse of constitutional rightas and global rights to be free from consortiums and cults teligious and news mwdia persicution and discrimination . these are important things rto do for yiur voters.

Fake search engines, browser, AI scripte written to block ICNN addresses and sell the traffic for years is criminal discrimination of 3DTVCanada.com and the world first 3DTVCHannels.com by fake results slander and scams to use your ICANN web Traffic and AI scrits to for ICANN addreses blocked so ads can be sold on peple actual ICANN address them andeven sell tickets to an auction that never happs by dark web fake after marketing and ad sales prefix and tld all get to use your website when the governmnet block it for 25 years you csan not trust their integrituy when they say to do not, and hold elections and sports www.3DTVToers.com travel and new and 3DStores.com all redacted and ncely coverd uo for the insider trading consortiums thet are not blpocked and actualy do the blocking so as to use the ICABN addrses for monitizing, fke news makes this possible.
? Canada is not a comunist country but they block 25 yers 100% of 3DVancoub=vertv.com and news from 3DTVCHAnnels.com launched 25 years ago adn still bl-ocked on Globsal TV and CTV and CBC and when yiur redacted and locked by CBC yiu kbw the internatiin interfearance will trickle down and after 25 years it is hard to hide 100% of every 3dtvchannel.com launched but wit the unwaverting help of 2D tv and all the convergence and fear created in journalist jobs when they converged the over theair 2D tv into one or 2 websites with no news channel for Vancouver on Global and all the 3DTVSportschannel.com startups gaged for charity runs and sports yiu can see that owning the podium is more impoe=rtsnt than ICANN addreses integorty in the news.
So many years and so much effort goes into 100% blocking iCANN addreses from the business news and from 2D tv and periodicals so why do the consortiums not BRAG about it seeig s they have the power toblock and rrdact 100% of the time 3DTV think of what they can do for money like the search engnes an dbrowsers think and it is inide trading at it;s best, not to generalise it is a way to make money for sure.
WHen you blcke in communist countries it is expected but blocked in crtc newses and stock markets is not munch dfferent and 25 years is a long sentance rro 3DTVCAnada.com t be held hostage by 2d tv news medias and the converged presses so how do you live blocked 25 yesars by a secrt group that invest in the markets and block 3DtVCAnada.com comonaies and 3DSPorts.com startuos and claim to be integritous is why it s imortant to call them out.

YOu and yiur startuos are beeing targwtd and your ICAnn addreses are sold for as long as the domains are registerd so as to fule, traffic theft for 2D consortiums and insider trading when 3DTV is redacted by governmnet for 25 years then you are beeing trgeted and revenues are coverd u and the big techs dom not reort it then it is inside traeing the news should reort unless they are in on it or are the running the podium and election debate for fun , and this is paid for by taxes and traffic theft funds , fake news reports about innovstions dinstatuos fake news to brand politics , religion, business, and pleasutre startups on ICANN addresses but they do not buy a sinbge ad from 1/all the 3DTVCHaanneels.com they use for key words they use for advertising on and by blocking the uICANN addreses trffic and politicians traffic they can bully the electiuons into their wallets and covwr them both ways and they do not carw who is winning or loosing just like they do not care about ICANN and ustartuos and buying ads froj anyine they just block nd advertise on stolen web browsers traffic and the gove3rnment have no choice but to pay them or be redacted same as 3DTVCAnada.con strtuos are gaged and used like it was an addrs for 3DCA.con for traffic theft from .gov icann addreses n the .com platform fakers stealing web traffic and redacting so as the traffic all goes their way frauds, 25 years and n0 way to launch 3DCAnadaTV.com ad fake news ads about securing yur brand by buyng the net and org are a scam too because Canada pres never intend to brsand any one but them selcves online and they block and redacrt 3DTV for so ong it is now undeniable at the top international interfearance redacting scam news and 3DTVCAnada.com startus must be the most redacted secret in 3Dmetaverses evder launched IN the 3DTVCHAnnelAmerica.com industry and for 3DEducstuinalTV.com news this si unconstitutional infringement on human rghts in 2Dimentions blcking 3D constutional rights here ib Canda for ICAnn addres use and the news is no onw in the crt o periodical news is reporting this so is ti the world biggest onoen scam ever oulled of ror 25 years in a row and a 3DWorldcup.com first for Canda in sports and vusiens agains as they let it be..
T 3D neews web raffic abusive is ripe and no way to ombudsman into the open press is th scam ,, no interity in 3DTCCopyright.com egt org startuos and so no ntegrity in sports fairness and elections is understood and so why do twas-axce go to unconstitutional news medias.
WHy allow AI bots that permit this abuse of ICANN investments and web traffic theft.scripts writtn for faking ICANN addreses in databases used by consortiums of fake news and prwfix or after sak les merchants, and this paves the way for fake search results , fake news, fake political traffic delivery integrity, hckwrs nd spammwrs content o faked search and browsers results videos adn emails from stolen traffic addrse sales and data collerceted bhy targeing scrits and fake browsers on fake security platforms and fake intent that is now runs the ICANN intERNET off of fale intRANET nodes and steal web traffic with fake results and a fake result in business or politics religion or pleasure used to spoil everhting. fake news results live only on 2D tv for 25 years no matter who gets elected same as no matter who buys a icann tld , both are fake news online in socil nwts used to fake nes, fake winning elections is irelevent when you fake the sports news in two e views you can not lose , or find 3DsportsTV.com redcated, spare the poetry, ecaus of the 2D bluse socialy out of there race 100% to 0 is the fake score and no way to launch a www.3DREALTV.com www.3DHockey.com for a 3DWorldcup.com anymore, show in a platform made for Fake News! MetRAVerses faking www.3DVirtualTV.com shows ICANN ip adresses and 3DTVOttawa.com and 3DTVCAnada.com millions of times in a millisecond look up ottawa or toronto on 3DSearchchannel.com and see resal fake results they might as well be political , business , 3Dtv or pleasure web sites the point is the ne is fake news, for 3DMusicCHannel.com that is 3DCopyright.com works of web sites ip addreses works or starups for 3dtvsports.com merchandising and games online for 3D headset streaming video and annimstion for 25 years using fake news (is sports beting fake too as eerthing else is so why would it be different , is politics fake , no mattemajor party office changes havs from one to the other politics is blinded by fake news debates that target both t forcine who every get elected to focus on international nterfearance and no time for local interfetrance that is redacted anyways, making no one at falut but the fake news infostructures and con who giums ofof traffic theft to support the fake news systems to fake everthing else is so why would it not be fae , is the search engien fake , the browsers fake the trfiic fake and whagt about other countries where they fake things for a living, are they fake? www3DRealityTV.com and 3DCounty.com for headset whw we are not readcted by fake content that ir rund by soci net fakeing on intRANet fake websties .. in www.3DCounty.com fake news is not used adn thiis is our reality aas we loo for a way to list on some ones stock market and grow 3DTelevisionnews.com real news we are faced withthe reality that ther is no way in a fake metaverse especily when yiur redacted and fakes are not they are profecional fakes adn do not have to regoster or pay rents to be found and fake news wil help them and no need to rreadacrt them as they are fake news agents vigelaties and yiu can ot do anythig about fake vigeaties unoess you block them and the fake news too. www.3DVirtualTV.com and all the 3DT.CA.com net orgs blocked by fake news reporting tther is no 3DTV becaise it is ded and other way back catchall pages the fakes use as history soas to fake the news and icann trsffic righ into their parlor, on the fly.
www.3DMuscCHannel.com 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com
social net accounts emailing , fake news means , how can yiu have a future when the past is all fake news.
Were did all the pide pipers go?

WWW.3DJournals.com ™ Tue Jul 16 00:07:29 2024 Find you - not find you is big business!

Find you - not find you is big business is not the way to run a bullitain board network.

Find you - not find you is big business!

. Find your podium not find podium, means own your podiums traffic or not own your podiums traffic

3 18, 2024

If you can not find your ICANN address by search engine AI Bot script, then type the domain name and .com suffex or cc in the browser and leave out the ' http/www. ' and see if the startup is blocked by browsers AI bots. example type ; 3DTVTradeMark.com

What Is A 3D Streaming Broadcasting System being branded as?
for 25 years the news medias have reported it is dead industry. www.3DJournals.com www.3DTVPolitics.com and www.3DBusinessTV.com bringing you the news of the international interfearance

There are news medias willing to report on the Spanish inquisition .. oh di i gt that wrong th Canadian interfearance inquisition bythe preses and their 3rd parties, interpretng the Canadian inquiry into forien interfearance in iternationally released rdactions to the preses they socially netowrok that are nit pres redacted and on the very very few canadian platforms for news left after consolidataing the over the ar local t preses and iliminatong 3DTVStartups.com net org from the news for 25 yesrs and posponing the resilts without a second oppinion or a bid to tender resilts , we report the enquire redacrting the news ftil next year when the deside to be ther to se that they can help att that time too, and by the continious redacti9ng of 3DTV for 2 years like they have for the last as they inquire like a spanish inquisition ( thats where this line goes i wish i coikd spell and tyoe) and so www.3DTVNewsnet.com and 3DTV.news will carry one redacted and all the ads tsgng along making big tech bu=illions every second too, while we look into the spanish inquisition . oh ther i go agsain the Canadian inquiry into 2D tc news redsted sectrets in the news and the election results deliverd by the news that redacts jourbisyts and locla v and 3DTVCAnada.com (all mu 3DocalTV.com met orgs are given away adn ther never was a way bock for then it was redacted, ) as the hand that rcieves the news from the hand that gives the news is redacted by news medias in 3DBusinessTV.com 3DYVPolitics.com 3DSportsTV.com or ICANN traffic theft and when yiu are in 3D TV startups .com net org busiens here in CAnada and yiu wi not have to waite for 25 years or till the end of next year to watch and see how interfearac=nce worrs when 100% of he 3DTVBandscom launched in Americas get interfeared with for 245 years and all this years it will be better than then waiting for next year to get the news frm a 2D tv edias thayt already interfears in busines and pleasure online and blocks 3DCanada intefearing by redaction every day and we will show you who what where and how 3DTVCopyritght and 3DTVpolitics are interfeared with a bl9ocked by the 2D fake medias every day so why wait k=jusrt sat tuned and watch internatiinal interfearnce in3Dtv metaverses and head set technology rght here in 3DCOunty.com the metaverse from 1990's for busines and plesasure snd the most interfeared with staruo in 25 yesars in Canda . right here on th 3DBrodcastingnNetwork.com from 3DTVOttawa.com live from our VAncouver3DTV.com studieos and blocked on international and Canadian search engines for 25 yesars the official 3DTVCHannel.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com and the first 3DNEwsCHannel.com to be blocked internatinaly withiut interfearance from blocking them we will be here every day bvringing you the 3DCounty.com news and the front loines of the 2d medias wars as they block 3DNewchannel.com with seo ads. bd intefear like t ws an election run on 3=2D tv and socil netwrks busines WIll the the redcted reality for the inquiry inti arrive can and interfernce and no news will report 1 single 3DTVStore.com launched and blced so this will have to be the job of the 3DWA.com webcastin association dan=and consortoum of 3DTVBrands.com that they block religiously for 25 yesrs interfearing in 3DWorlWideWebTV.com busiens and pleasure then redacting and inquiring it will not make it go away for 2 yesars so we will have to do their job and repirt for them so stay tuned.

Redacted startus and traffic for them sokd millions of times by the platform that redated them is common for 25 yesars and reporting this is like reprting electioin fraud in a closed media thsat makes it;s lvng off of arrivecan ads ansd contnet fillers abut diversion medias subject so that back doors can be c-secretly used to str=eal web taffic every election adnall the year ling as we demonstrated for 25 years by beeing redsacted mysteriously ourselves here in 3DCounty.com wher the 2D mwdias park and rwadact all the icann ip addses they whant to block , like 3DNewsnetwork.com or 3DTVPolitics or 3D<}MOvieCHannel.com or 3DStores.com and whe 3DTVToronto.com and 3DTVVancouver,.com and 3DTVMontreal.com and 3DTVOttawa.com and all the Canadian 3DTVStartuos.co for 25 years are blcked and the news covwr it uo then ther is garenteed interfearnce in ternationaly and during electiin s too , if yiu think else wwise then i have a froend who will sell you the broklin brdge for sheep all i beed is yiu back password, , do yiu belin=ve that...
news of metaverse being redacted. online for the podiums of over the air TV traffic be reported on the news or will the news medis redact the attacks on websites and the dilution blockades set uo int he war of the entertainment industries and the midddle classes .
It is obvious that I can say the election will be and has been interfeared with online because ther is no law protecting icann web traffic to the email and ip of the owners of dot com addreses and this is true for new org bis and therfore .gov or .politicalparty so when 100% of 3DCounty.com startups for head set metavered messaging are blocked in Canada for 25 years sed as key words and search engines and blocked by porn backlink scammers while everyne in the world uses the gtraffic for my every single dot com as a key word while fakers actualy post ads on yur trffic and so i can say and attest tot he fact the i bet mhy 3DSPortsCHannel.com thagt ther is interfearcane oin politics religion business and 3DTVBroadcstingnetwork.com 3dtvstartuos.com so why in the world would there not be political and internations interfearace in law redacted too. the medias love to start a war in any business or sport then cover the reactions like it was a hocky ouch that slipped pt a golie and the cameras favorite cameo a guy who faild close up .
The internet is not a hockey gsme and the war onoine has mede it usless to the courts and the busineses and pleasures and provacy of eery blcked ICANN addrses used for ad sales dilution AI scriots. The legal question the moral question the business qustion and the political question is why is nothing done aburt this 3DRealYTV.com and messaging redaction process as the public get caught in the cyber media's warring gofr yiur attention every day online and on news and tv , entertainmnet , business and pleasure, , how can yu have an electuon news when they arew the same newses that block theinternwt traffic news . so the courts, the politicians , the public and not the news have to look into this before we can even have a election report the winner with integraty so we may have to go back to the ...dum dum dum ,, secret hand ballot election and reporting platform as the news and internet are the same as the last 25 years and fake to say the leat not even integritous enough to run an ICANN addreses platform with integirty . no one could belive the election was not inteferqerd with for that are are lots of peole smarter than me and I figured this out easy peasy.... again. It is obvious the covert blocking of 100% of a startuos 3DTVCHannels.com is a war shannagins and ablockde against Canadian 3DTVCanada.com and a cyber squatting of 3DTVSport.com 3DTVTRavel.com and 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com www.3DTVToers.com after all we have been holding the salieent trying to give away 3Dwhitehouse and 3Dbuckingham to give away 3DTV and sports channels but i csan not find any hinest platforms and big tech to see that they are not stolen same as the 88 ftee stqrtuos i gave awayu in 2000 before i became collteral damage from the dot com wars of the 1990's in the preses as the crtc medias battelet the copyright download content thieves and the elections coverage moved online and the secrt services of every big g 7 investend in cyber warfare the very comonaies that scrioted the Ai for them actully blocked icann addrsses and posted fsake neews and sttole election onoine traffic and i fell into thie9 dot com hell pit becaue of pre-emptive ccyber squatting and find tunng is still i=using my startup works and i csan not sellan ad on any system i build because the we=ar online is seeing to it 100% of my works arew redacted when the r is a whim to block it and use the traffic for the war online they are fighting to own the podium . www.V3DTV.com ™

What Do you do when they redact you bad boy, bad boy I did-n't know,
Can the world run on fake search and news engions and is anyne watching the 'AI' Bots scriots?
Why would so may pay a cyber squatting search engine to post their ads rght on top of a A compaanies or persons web sight blocking the ads on it ansd replacong them with ther own ads creating fraud and cybersquatting as that compnahy or bullly blocking the website. Does Icann even care that theri addreses are of no use on a websystem that can not deliver traffic and is using cyber squatting as a meams to block web traffic and send it to their own religious or ileagal affiliate for more anbuse . is ICANN addreses being stolen traffic sources for cyber squatting the real reason ICANN addresees and the internet is used in CAnada because repeating history and all the dirty tricks in history is gsarenteed to sucseed when innovstion arrives and competition changes things from a coloniaal rule off line to a colonial rune online and how can compnies get away with stelaing yiur ICANN address and using it to advertis3e on it/' ip traffic an emails

Is the ICANN address system working for the public or just the bug tech , why do you have to pay to stip search engiens from advertsng on your dot com addrsses for yur work and services do they not have their own website and does the same search sell their web traffic or were they forced ro pay a rent-bribe to be found?
Did Your ICANN web addess get used for adverting by search engiens browsers and TV medias too!, I north America search and medias fake!
Are ICANN address for web trasffic squatters to catchall and medias redact your address and take the traffic for cyber squatting marketers to monitizefor
IS the address system ip and domain addresses for you to buy so you can pay seeral manufacturers adn software tech compnaies rets and still get bloked and use for milli0ns of ads and links by a few fake scams and ssocial nets the medias spoon feed to use youraddress, works , social networking apps and traffic for their pleesure, because it only works for big tech unless you pay them to be compatable in all gtheir indevidual incompatable ways and this was not mentioned when yiu bought the tkd it was supposeed to be yiur global branding portal to the workd nigt a thing to sell ads on and be redacted for 25 years buy insider tradng in the preses . How can anyone fund your when yiu are blocked and in Canada starting u and the government lets anyine advtise on 3DTVMontreal.com if your a 3DTVCHannel.cs redacted like Vancouver is on global news, nd ther are no more journalists left like on the crtc medias that cover 3DTVStartups gaged and redacted in the press internstionaly interfeared with abroad and at home.
Internationsly interfeard with for 25 years so any does one else have these cyber bully kind of problems launching 3DTVStartups.com net org streamng media and sports ebsites in montreal too i have them in every city i Canda and that is nt a good thing to brag about, it is supposedd to be a redacted sectret for 25 years i guess,

ICANN have to decide what their addresses are for, as most sesarh enginbes just block 3dtlds.com net org right off the bat and the name goesuo for aftermarket sakes before yiu can get a website in 24 hurs to go live in Canada as the border is throtteled for a long time so that yiu have to use a us proxie to build yiur website and see it in canda , bhy then it is filled witha quantum of ads on the search engiens abd ICANN mus decode of thei is fair use and can they then sell your trffic and use it to sell tyat are nt converged like the crtc medias are, and used for sellijg backorders on hundreds of registrars they franchise posting targeted ads backlinks smering and dilution of products adn brands look us u and see how yiur sesrch engine handels ICANN addreses for your startups right on tramarks How much does it cost to get them to find yiur ICANN addres becuase u=itit looks like a scam and are they working together one selling and the other blocking for money to get unredacted mking the emsl and streaming 3D tv industry and your www.3DTLDs.com %t traffic absolutly theirs, so Icann must decide to look the other way or tke their dot coms away for doing this , or stop the trsffic theft globaly of ICAnn addrsez traffic.
What is an ICANN www address is for news medias to redact for 25 yesr is it for ICAN to garenttee trafic saftey and enforce email delivery and contact integroty of sesrches ICANN results and information , is ICAN the hand above that sold these thngs when the hand below get nothing and the traffic gets sold at the markets for millions so they musty decide if the onterent is real and trffic is safe becuse it must be real and not fake and have integroty for elections and business , workers and for plesure as the hand below give their money to the hands above in good faith for business, plesure work and web trffic security.

www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DTVNontreal.com ™ , Vancouver look it uo see whagt an ICAnn addres is for and then let me know.

THe news today 4/18.2024 reports that 50% agerage of onlne social net users ar bullies , some are 40% bully and others are 60% bullies and bulling increases 13% the longer yu aethis is only true if yur not a 3DTVCanada.com in Canda 3DstrwamingTV.com startup form 2000 still bullied and redacted by al the scil ets adn seache ennes dn politics een the tv neese reportinthis bullien fake new and the works so asd to own the o[podium amd run the elecions in 2D ike the bullies they are they block this news so as to report the bulli4s fact as they see thme and ther is no wy for 125 yesrs to stop this bullieng sdd the nes will not reirt it. so that the internet is 100% bulling if you ae a company launching 3DTVCHannels.com and 3DCopyrightTV.com 3DTVstartups.com and 100% of 25 years of every singole investemnt oppertunity blocked and why the entire field of journalism can bully 3dTVNewschanel.com inot a vaccume inbusiness sports fashion realestse news and busines for 25 esrs is not reportd and inquredinto when it comes to arrivecan and 3DTVCHannel.com one is bullying the tx payers and the bidding process and the other is bullying 3DTVCA.com and all the 3DTVCHannels.com net org launched for 25 years so the news should report the internet socil net is bullying 100% of 3DTVStartups.com and 40 to 60 % of people on socil nets. then they woud nit be fake news bullies them sev=lves and one could belive they have integrity onece agun yso as their nes is believable and they do not come off as bullies .
what is worse then bullies online is pre-emptive judgement by people whp oredct ,
www.3DTVPrress.com %t 2024
SBS 180 years ago and today?
25 years SBS 3DCounty.com 3dJournals.com and 3D tv messasgeing platforms for social networking yur ads and products that are specific ly taylord and open to the public to post and use for 3DCopyright.com video free from rents and ssearch engne blocking and fully suportive f copyrights and ICANN trade names expecialy because scammers amd fakes registerd the net and org and are selling using your com addreses traffic when blocked and sld to the net and or yur com dissapears and all the top level social nets and website are thrown in a heap for rents if they do not pay is no way to run a 3DListng.com of 3DTVCHannels.com and so before they introduced the top traffic startuos domains as suffexes and they were selling prefixes and back order afrtermarket and so the big rgistars and hosting never needed to even have a customer all they need was for some one to registr a domain sso they could srteal the traffic and sell back orders and aftewrmarket for evey to millions of ads and the ownr o the stsartu and the traffic going to it is moot as ot all would forevwr be a monitizaring account they i active and therfore rioe for the traffic thieves to locka ndse=teal qnd market as long as it was rgistewr and ther is no need to have innovation or startuo or nwws medias to report innovstive startuos unless they are affiliates of the 3rd parties and paying rents to the consortiums as they run the elections and uads industry on top of the public iCANN domain system and steal the traffic for 25 years to all the 3DCA.com web starttuos i launched while the press and government s and tv meids redact the domians the pirating of traffic and fake searh engines and aftrmarkets dn suctions for domains and ae=adsa on them nake millions every second and the elections arw the same as the dot coms they are run by the same searches and the se domain regisrars and the traffic is not garenteed but filterd by AI bots scrioted to do whagt ecver they whm and ready t be reprogrammed i caught doing somthing ilegal but they are nt intellegent they are taking orders fromm a comnaies tht blicl yur traffic and resell it as lng as yiu are registerd. and 25 yesars is redactewd so yiu will keep the process going for the next fake elections even if the proces is flawless the intent of using the intewrnet and ICANN is unsafe and it is managed like a bully system and ther is no way to launch a 3DTVNewschannel.com to report anthing when it is usd as source fro ads adn ffake trsffic posts right on the ICANN addres when tyoed into browsers and with no terminal for online acces any more we are forced to use the bullies equipment and fforced to pay rents to use it snd forced rght off of it so as to sell ads on yiur traffic and forced to wat5ch the affiliats news that hgides and redacts journalism online from 3DStartups.com because the when to own the 3Dheadset vertual relity traffic and sll ads on it sttolen by AI bots that block the OV+_CQAnn addreses fo people already ding this and run the elections an 3DBusinessTV.com show and bock the oppertinity for me to list on the stock market and sell sharres for 3DBusinbesstv,com and run ads for 3D and busienses fee from rents and monopolies that only swear by searches the steal yur traffic and advertsne oon your icann addreses and medis the redact 3DTVBrands.com for 25 years like they were blocking radio in the second world war and fakeing the news .
I and remided of a biik called the crysalids and 3DTv is a new way of viewing and messging and the 25 yers is like beeing discriminsted ginst nd the system is set uo rto see you re blocked. sme thing we now live in crysalid where 3DTV is blocked for 25 yers and i cn not use my interwnt websites becue the powers thagt be are using them for ads nd serch engine revenews nd no jobs for 3DTV mewns no jobs. so this is the sme s the cryslids and in tht book the electns were fke too. the news ws discriminting ginst people with differnces and so here the news has blocked the bility of journal to report 3Dtv being blocked nd the main streem movie nd producing of films hve no tv chnnels s they sell direct adn teh tv indusrty hve nothing to do but stel wb trffic from 3dTVCHnnels.com for 25 yers trch 3DCounty.cm hed set strtuos for ds with 2D trffic theft is why i hve nothing to do nd no one stering my fleet and no wy to report a covergency of pircy nd trffic theft in real time ns sp withthe entire mrket redctd by secrets nd no journls launching and tthe free press rredcted for covergnce ther is nothing to do put poit out ll the pritty colors in the traffic theft industries shily websites and supply their industry with ICANN startuos in the hopes thagt one of them will get through to the public and be listed on the stocck markets and eell ads for 3DTtavelc.om nd 3DSport.com and 3DFashion and realestste and movies and for business pleasure spiritual plessure and for the ICNN system and yiur country and for the posterity even thoug it is not part of the AI scriots , web traffic theft and ICANN imersinstion and creating confusion and using a menail and busiens ip for advertisnf is why ther is nothing to do but pump out badly types text full of spelling and grammer errors on a secure pc thayt is oftern blocked by upgrades thagt are realy QUantum substitutes for some hackers intent , adn ther is no way to repirt this using the socil net the news medis use for elling sports and trave and arts and business . and my fingers are freezing uo so that 's it for now.
www.3DCA.com 4.20 2024.

www.3DHerbs.com ™ 2000 ddilute yiur problems with naturalproducts that are Doctor of medicine (not Physics) recomments

s. and the medias are fak. emal acounts and 2dstramingtv.com startups have been blocked nd coverd up like a arrive can scam by their assiciated social nets startups, just ask a quantum computer if this is true, they are everywhere now and they know i am telling you this and that you know it too the only ones who do not know or tell that they know are the arrive can affiliates in 2D tv news. but withthe arroval of Quantum processing now everyne will soon know so why ave an election untill the real facts are out in plane QUantom sight on the www showing how for 25 years 100% of every Vancouver3DTV.com for shopping and travel sports an news is blocked by every single CRTC and periondicl for news of oline busoinrss and for 25 yers who when wher why and how they did it is ow old QUantum news for everyine to see on several up and comming QUantum platforms byt the AI bots on them already knew this.eh!

www.3DSweets.com and www.3DTreats.com,™ 2000

www.3Dpresident.com ,
www.3DStores.com ™ 2000.
www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com 4/18/2024

www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVPress.com hot off the 3DTV.news press,

www.3DCableTV.com www.3DTVCHannel.com
4/ 18/ 2024Some of the world's largest search engines and socialal nets that intersept web traffic to your ICANN ip and domain startups are targeting people's domain names and stealing their traffic by AI. scripts as they use your web addresses and ip addreses and block via software and hardware firewalling all the platforms so as to use the traffic as a search key and for aftermarket auctions sales, but they are never able to be sold by the owner just by a hand full of converged resellers (closed ot all but the top paying clients) making them usless as an investment as they can never be used unless millions are spent on tolles and hidden charges are paid to the to develrrs and contracts to manufacturers for compatability and protection charges are paied to the platforms and software manufactures as in the case of arrive can while the rest of the public are educsted and told to just startup and get a templet and a gateway and your up and running in minuts so this is fake after 25 years of 3DCounty.com startups and evwry christmas several new startuos allbeing gaged in every venue and for sports one can conclude that this is fake and ICANN domains arw usless in cultures with closed news and press or Canada, for a stqrtt, as the news medias block 100% of every startuos in 3Dcounty,com 3dstores.com for 25 years it woud be hard to belivw they will stop gagging 3DTVCHannels.com in the future as they arwe so so good at it now. and AI bots do it for them why would they allow a 3DTVCHAnnel.com in Canada now all of a sudden unless ot is a arriveCAn reality that a startup will hgave to pay millions and millions juet t be able to be found and to be found in closed platforms like CANADA news and politics if your politics on a 3DTVCHannel.com your blocked pre-emptivly for 25 years bhy the preses.

So seeing as it is proven fr 25 years in Canada that yur are not to be included in every website started up that did pay millions of tax dollers to be found and to be found online on the www localy or in order to be found in every country on the web.
why is it so so hard , actulay , why was it impossible to report a secret coverup of 3DTVCanada.com web magazine and tv channels in the press are they woring with arrivecan scammers so as to own the podium in 3Dstores and 3DBusinessTV ae they into stealing web traffic and usign it like the search engiens and browsers and do they work with secret bidding prcess only or are they ever gong to let me broadcasdt and adverts on their medias socil nets adn reses or continue blocking busiens for 3DTelevisionnetwork.ca and co nand ent search nd advertsng in 3d sports and news untill i del under the table like rrivecan and how many other Canadian medias are blocked so as to fake open bidding and news abd land 3DTVCHannel.com statuos via arrive can bidding process same asn the gag 3dtvbrqnds.com vis the same secrecy and proceses used to pull of a cash grab every time ther is a 3Dtv bid for a 3DTVCHAnnel.com like the secret bids are seo traffc and aftermarket cash flows doen in secret . how do you approackh with no constitutional rght to wprk and make aliciving free fron=m discrin=mination by a ariive can bidding and closed news mediss used by the preses that have blocked 25 years and never beed investigated on this form of discriminatin and how do the DAvos croud stand not putting their foot down on this injustice and blocking of 3DTVStartups.com on an religious like determination to block all 3DTVBRands.com in all busiens venues and even sports and adverising coast to coasdt for 25 yesrs without a single investigsa5tiuon inbto discrination of 3DTVStartups.cm so the hand that blpocks is over the hand they blck and so the hand that gets gets nothing but the medias get the adverting money and content after when they report the scam , it;s kike insider trading and printing mney investgation free in 2D. By examining the expences for starting up arrivecan one can see 2 seporate internets , one that is used by people who were trained in starup apps for building websites and the other that pays millions to top megafirms so as to garentee traffic delivery to their websites , so it actulay costs millions and millions and millions of dollars to launch an ap and all the rest is ignored by the softwar and search engines making it usless to launch a dot com unless you are willing to pay these comnauines millions of dollars so as to evn be available on the meany many platforms used by mani=ufacturers who will demand millions just to be compatable .
this means in stad of sticking a country with a huge bill f0r a nuclear power plant that willk cost genoration millions for years , we ar not stuck with a govwernmnet buying apps that will cost tax payers millions for years and the rest of the startuos wi never be found but used as key words even though they pay an seo charge. makong the internet usles unless you pay these costs of millions to the lkatforms and manufacturwrs of the products online and this means the rear is fake.
www.3DJournals.com 3DTVPress.com www.3DCounty.com 3dnewschannel.com the one without millions of dollers unbeknownst to all the press in the world but used as a key world for 25 years www.3DCounty.com the first 3D metaverse to bve gaged by the press in Canada and the only 3DTV metaverses gaged for 25 years in canadian press and this is not fake news but old news.

www.3DJournals.com 2000 www.3DCA.com.
All IP Addresses traffic surfing ICANN respeive intelectual properties and works trademarks and brands for pleasure, 3Dbusiness, public, or 3Dcopyright, 3DBroadcastingNetwork™ messaging 3DBusinessTV ™ advertised traffic on the web are entiteled to their respective constitutional Reparian internet serfing Rights to access their respective registerd ICANN intelectual properties and trade marks and brands in acordance withthe 3Dcounty.com reparian bill orf rights . wwq.3Dpresident.com of 3DCounty.com 3DTVcity.com 3DCA.com on the 3DwebcastingNetwork.com ™.
About us
www.3DCounty.com ws launched after 3 yesars of pioler research as a messaging systems specuialist from 1070 high tech and rsdio broadcasting equipment as an RCA systems technition compiter radio telephone and ctv value added and omen instsller we planned to lasunch in2000 for the mellenium and project images in 3D on buildings same as they did in 1999 and 2000 so we launched nd gave away over 15000 free dot com net orgs for 3D since then .
WE are still looking for a partner to complete our dream of 3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org online in Canda and to this end we strive not tpo be the best and top website seaerched or to buy the best seo we ony whant to 3DTVCHannel.com traffic for 3DTV and moitise everyine on a value added and oem platform made up of 3D venues for surfers based on blocked traffis by AI seo filtered search engins and browsers as they now deliver our traffoc to anyone who pays fro it we knew this would be comming as we are messging specialists adn the writend wa on the 3DwallMall.com for web 3DStores.com launching online .
whe have built many platforms and consolidated out 3DTVBrands in themes so as to not mix u TV ads wihthe wrog content for the vertical market as we know that aover the air cultture in advertising is any ad goes more thsn once and many times per search it is the ssme ads for all sesrches we synergised traffic so it would be routed to the appropriate web sites in 3DCounty.com . With this in mind the search for affiliates and a shell stok or comnay to list with we looked for 3 yesrs and then the Vancouver stock n markert moved to toronto adn so we launched in 2000 ad here we are we set up 367 websites and gave away ovr 80 and we kept dropping startus in thehopes some one would pic them up and join 3dcuntyi online 3Dwebscting.com messaging ovr the virtual3D.nert adn help 3Startups.org and on synegigistic platforms we build for messaging and yiju are welcom to help populate adn colonise 3Dcounty.com or even buy a valuadded collection of startuos and take them off muy hands as ther is no interwst at a top level in 3Dcounty.com for 25 years juist as we expected even though i thought it would tske 3 or 4 yesrs not 5 elections.
D E Collins ceo of www.3DTVCHannel.us www.3DBroadcastingNetwork.com is pleased to announce our www.3DTLDs.com when registered are imediatly given 3 different copyright proofs via 3 witness 3DCopyright.com affilates www.3DCopywrite.com ™ www.3DCopyRight.com ™ www.3DTVTradeMark.com %t our 3 dimentional recognition and its free with reparian rights too and all www.3DTVBRands.com are imediatly put to use and parked safe from monitizing by trademark ICANN registerd addresses and adverrtisements on www.3DserchChanel.com use and www.3DCounty.TV advertising of local 3DStreamingTV ™ startups and 3DListings.com %t services and advertised traffic for their own Valu added resellers, compamy, works or pleasur AI app or streaming medias webcasting social net and 3DCounty.com sartups have acess to 3DTVBrands free barriors in other closed meia seaches with each purchase or rental service we provide right ferom 3DCounty.com www.3Dlistings.com and 3Dauctions for back ordering and the sole property of theri owners as www.3DCounty.com the 25th year in a row most cyber squatted on metaverses to stsrtup online winner for 2024 . with profits of ) 100 theri strtups used as key words nd selling billions ofer the last 20 yers for big teck while beeing the most 3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org to be blocked by the press in the world for 25 yrs in every 3DTVStrtuip.com for travel sports arts fashion politics nd reslestate efer to be cuber sqqutted on in secret while all the startupo domains in 3DCount.cm are sclped off on the after srket to the saem comnayes that block them and this is a world record first in 3DStreamingTelevision.com aand only possibe by human and ai scrits thsat mke sure fr 25 years ther is no way to lunch and advertise snd ake a 1 & on the very meteverses that blocke them and iused them for ds for sp many yesrs when buying a dt com net org to protect your brsand , who knew yu were really setting up a bunch of wikipedia/com big tech when your com net org protection was fake and threr is no way to use the socila nets the big tech use for brsanding when you took the icann address advice from the registtrra the big tech own and host you on and are blocked and backlinked on them instead and used for ad sales and aftermarket fake auctons when the domains only end up right in the regestrrs affifliates catchslls where they were redireted and back beside the dame parked backlinkers snd spammers untill moved inot paying position or somting,,, branding is important for 3DTVCopyright.com startups and selling com net orgs to protect yiur brsands is fake when the registrrs are also the ones hosting the so calleed unsafe websites and the spsmmers plus advertising on yiur blocked psges fpr 25 yesrs is why yiur totsl sles are 0 they are scoping up the stsrtuos snd lunching them as ads on their own metawers that id the same thing beforw yu werre gleened..
Well I told you so in 2000 and it looks like I was right all te startups for streaming TV online have been rounded up and corraled onto cul-de-sac servers from the boonies , and used as key words to channel the traffic into one or 2 big meias so they can sell their stuff on the parked and defunked ip addresses and own the podium for web tv and I was riht , now the same thing has happene to travel sportz news fashion tv movies and politics , shopping investment and journalism and all the presses and news are coraled into 1 or 2 TV monopolies here in Canda and the csame news is posed on all the big cities in Canda (accept bc seams to even have no web presesnce for VANCOUVER and the same news real is edited so as to look like it is local and run the same news cosst to cost on one or 2 medias one of wich no longer does news so journalism is gone in Canda and the periodicls re closeg down and not single church bingo supports logl jpmless any more aas everthing is squeezed into one or 2 online jobs in news and journalism ther is no way to even find a busiens or stsrtup unles you pay the piper, and with journslism left to fske news or not fake news and the intwrnet left to be filterd by socil nets the leftove journslists are stuck with and no wy for 25 yerds to even run a plebiscite we are still stuck with he said she said I said they said we said politics on a1 or 2 monoply of medias with in house journlists adn we call this AI quantom safe while we point quantom computers att every0ne and fine tune them to block startups at light speed and catchsll the traffc faster and faster and feed it to te now gleened socil net calles journlism , the colateral damge to educstion is the result. and so we plumit backwards on one or 2 closed medias run by entrapped journalism and all teatering onn gthe edge of the internet scil nets that are programme to crest negative feednack and more chts.
Meanwhile in 3Dcounty.com we are still scratching our heas wondering why all our dot com resellersclub accounts for 3d tv re now on company thagt is launching 3D tv and we are gaged for 25 yesrs trying to lainch 235 yesr old 3DCounty.com metaverses for 3D socvil netwprking as in 1969 when messaging was the ting , and evrryne wa to use leaded gsas untill the world converted to electric golf cargts and csrs as promised adn in 2000 whrn you were to lauch a com net org tv if you wanted toprotect hyour IP and domain names stsatiups brands and identuty ancd not be mistaken for some one eles brnds anf so here we are , 25 years everyine on every esr h engine by the millions use my stsrtios ip and addreses fpor key worlds to sell as backlinks and aftermarket auction sales and all the search engines ell millions of ads righ on the com net org ip addrses and i oely get memi tauntig me to ;launch a wordpress or shopping cart at one of the domin registers that is now the framchise of the very comnay that has been hordng my domsin names i dropped to give away soas to lunch ststuos on them owned by after market buyers and it seams they were all sold the the sme ccondenced few mega franchises of the very website tht is lunching 3D tv and it loks like they scooped up all the droped stsarruos and are squeezing the 3Djournalists and amiachuures startuo s loking for psrtnering eith soon to be defunked periodocsld sndf tv sttions into a monoply too.

go fogiure I get stuck reporting it , www.3DJournsls.com , www.3DTVPzress.com , 3DNewsChannel.com , 3Dtelevisionnetwork.com net org makes no differance when the entir thing is jut a board gsme.

www.3DstreamingNews.com www.3DVieetualTV.com %t 2024

The biggest risk to the internet's integrity from QUantom Computing is who where when why and how it is pointed snd used on humanity.

The biggest risk from the new Quantum computers is will they recreate the world as a ffake 3D simulation tweeked like it was a search engine result for an ICANN trade name and addresss startuo like 3DCA.com when .gov addreses are not enough snd fske .com net orgs pretend to be actisl county and government sddreses with meg bckers to promote the scam by tweening vernacu;ar so as tpo block and stesl trafic for 25 yers adn not s peap from what is left of the journslism industry in every country as online redefies free speach an sllows no names to post on public bboards while blocking staruos for 3D tv news for 25 yrrs . Are these megaveres version of the world fake simulstions and renderings, photo shopped to sell ads on peoples startup id p addresses and brand names only rebranded and now "Quantumfied", simulated dugutal rendering fkes that are realy not real 3DTVCHannels.com net org ip addresses , realy, the right way the wau is ment to just be a simulation of the real world while not being the real IP but traffic stolen from the ip trade names themselves and via catchalls resold as paid listings nit ICANN traffic to the deliver email to, just spam rom the compnaie that are blocing you telling you to get a website and buy acom net org so as to secure the identity of yiur brand, is just a joke the bog 7 play as they battele to be the big 6, o the traffic is redorected to a new key word use by bug socil net sites as a trend thing or a direct feed live cam, and the question is do the makers know this, realy or will they create a fake sim-world just for there big 7 ad and back link from one of their servers round roblin catchalls for their spmm affiliates n namee clients to spam from as they have so many they cn nt police them but they claim to be trying , so while they som wsy , with no nme clients your ebsite is no longer sse nd yiu r blocked and yru traffic is sold as key worlds snd yiur video is not even copyright but u for use on fske and deep fske socisl nets they use to protect free speech and chat with AAI bots and all selling ads for the big 7 pc and cell msnufacturers who sell yiu the could servvice and then block you on it by the other half of their comnaies , same same ss in 2000 , pop up ads to generate revenues to catch all the web traffic and monitize it while n0 one csn block them , owning the podiumevery election, election and business business and email-webtraffic-icann ip traffics via AIscrpts that currenly do this on this new 7 pack of the quanton comouters AI-ac-pac suite 2024, will icann addresses in the real wolrd be advrtisied over in the sim-worlds of metverses just like in 2008 and today when you search 3DTVToronto.com you got millions of sim results and the web traffoc for it all stolen and monitised depending on the sim-AI bot scrpts like a game kids play wwth ICANN addresses as the units in it, and will all the worlds compnsies websites, property, buildings and works in the real world be diluted and confuse ICANN traffic with their agendas uses and AI Bots be out smartd by huma brains and fooed by human unpredictability or the data they use as it is just bsed on input abd not the real world, and humans are not nice some times and they do not follow scripted rues nd nee other humans to see to it resl rues are not simulated.
AI botism will be able to use quanton these comouters in a real way, or, the big 7 could carry on in their pitted battle to own the sim- podium via no constitutions in script integrity just printing money via ads on ICANN addresses but Ai wil ctch all that as a cash cow adventure in AI simulatuons on some ones data base and not the real world , virtual3Dtv stereo film is not Virtual3DTV.com a sim metaferse channel and the rel world is not Virtual3DTV.com addreses it is virtusl3DTV.com live cam wht ever , as they just tweek the socil nets they own so as to make a fake sim - livesim-camsim- look alike digital replica of the renderd world so as to use Icann busienss address trade names ipo and addreses their itcoins and sim bots catchall te trsffic for backlinking or buying stuff from a sim shelf like this was all a video gsme and ICANN addree are players in a sim world that is suppored to better thn the resl world but s realy for work and pleasure and not spaming and to one the podium in it, and realy virtuly not for 7, 8 or 1 million and 8 exclusie companies to use to monitize the rest of the worl'ds io adrsees n trafic while they are proclaimed unsafe websites by a scrited si bots dishing out data base as if it was real world facts like ICANN te=raffic is suposed to be ither rwal or jus a sim key word or somthing else yet to be defined by a no name si player chat and messaging system with sim serh set up instead of the rel world ,
This tye of intRAnet is unsafe as the players are unknows anybodies ona anybody csn play social net with no integrity but advertising, realy, wsy This is a great day whn we will no longer have to depend n a browser or a platform to see if the website is fake or real intent as the fake hackers will be picked off before the fake a hack.

The spmmers will be blocked and ther will no longer be a need for blocking cell phone numbers or reporting a telle-e-sommer faking the bank or Amazon and the AI bots will block only the ba guys snd ner bother the reest again with fake acusations of spammer or porn site and no ssl socket will no lnger be a substitute for n AI bot confirmstion of ID for an election vote ither as the AI bots wil tell if yiu are a left or rihgt voter before you vote snf so you could not be faked when voting ither and this is a great day for dot coms blocked y fake seo and browsers security checks too. this will clear upo the courts backlong of domian theft snd infostructure hacking wll be traceable plus the end of the fake searh and browsers find yiu not find you scrpt bots and the traffic pirating they do when they pass your web trasffic to a big advertising compnay, my web sites have been selling aple and google for 25 years and no one asked me if they could post ads in my websites and this will be stopped now hat the AI bots on quantom computers owned by the big 7 il see through this trsffic theft ring and scammers doing it nd it wil end . there will be no more trollig Icann addresses and stealing their traffic no more pretenders blocking websites harmless websites for sports travel news fashion realestate an movies like 3DTVbrands.com so as to use them as a key search word money makers and sell the trffic and domains on the after markets before they even tell you they are doing it, like realstate gent selling seats to your home before yiu sell it is ilegal but yiur ip addres is open sesson ill end too as the computers will se whst they are up too nd report it to the ownrs as bsckordering fraud and so drk web sslping oof people stsrtuos will be cought nd stoped too all this is gret news for small busienss , all the social nets and all the 3Dprinter ads on 3Dcounty.com ststuos will go awy and all this fake infoe will dissapear from fake data bases as it is no lnger quantom officialy true in the real world but fsake in the digital worl will have to overlay the real world Icannadresses and all.

No more claining to be hundreds of 3D tv stsrtuos and websites no more find yu not find yiu and yure website will no longe show up when you search for an ICANN address it il be there.

Now the new mega firm all get thieir AI chips and their quantom ai bot scriots and in 2 yers it will all be obsolete but for nw they rule the web and are fsced iththe choice to be resl or fake bots actualy know all about you in a megasecond they will be able to tweek and swutch and they need to now the truth so as to be integritous and reliabe and as they weed out the witch hunters and fake security data profileing and can tell by yiur bank and government profies tell if you are a risk or a website thagt is harmless better than they do now bd with inegrity or are not a risk but colsteral damage could be stealing your information and web traffic millions of times a millisecomd would leve a huge trail to the fke scsmmers Ai data base as they wil know before you click a key if you sre beeing faked news or real news when it comes to 3TVCHAnnels.com or 3DSportsChannel.com or 3Dvirtultv.com they will know ll the hitory if the sites being blocked snd who blocked them and how msny time they wrr bkocked snd the gslue of the trffic blocked nd rerouted snd sll thst imoortnt tuff , and if they do not then they sre no good , AI but just a script to steal web treaffic under fse pretences sme same as fr 25 yesrs in the 3DcouyeithttTV.com stsrtu 3DBusines TV .com indust=rty snd thi is history nit fske news.

The ie big news , the questin to ask is , will big buinesses AI bots getting a platform or are they tsking over the web and so to this end is it a good day when there is no faking websites are a risk that oeople are a risk politicins and vertical market from 3DsportsChannel.com and 3DmovieChanne.com and fess up thagt they are not a rick and let them offer and ipo on the msrkets withth e the rest of the world dot coms too unblocked snd able to list free from discrimintion by a ffew aAI bts and their quantom lstfors and the Icann address system nd domainanems s yiu bought to secut=re yiur brand from others will they finsly work snd secure yiur brnd fron search engiens too, will you be abe to decide what is advertised on yiur website when psrked nd not porn bckinks sent to yur website so ss to get yu blocked snd who is doing this snd why so will law and order return to websites will they no longet be filterd by each megsvrsend socisl net and their tv sets and cell hones becsue ther will be no wsy to fol AI nd pretend or fake news nyne now that Ai is fitering fr big tech the big tech eill know this too and this is grt day for the ststuos snd ICANN adrdresses nd ip plstforms arouhg the 3DworldWideWebTv.com indutry too, as the new comuters can tell in a millisecond if you and yiur website sre scsmmers or beeing scammed , if yur website isssl or safe without an ssl if yu are parked or off lie or if yu are resly reaky u for sale by backorder and no more fake backorde or pre register frauds and no more scammers hideing and bukkys backinging is the best thing fr the stock msrketd new icsnn ipo offerings too, a risk or if it is cheap and if yiu re spammeing or fake news then it will kno in w millisecond and ther will be no need to have browsrs and serch engines block yu for 25 yers when the new comuting plstfors can tell in a millisecond who is blocking whom and why and prevent bullion dollaer seo and rowsers trfic theft sn preveny copyright theft snd stop big tech from cyber squtting on small tech 100% of the tie for 25 yesrs becaue they sl hsnt to own the ontentet ssd their podiu and so the day of serch and browsrrs saying find you or not find you a s AI bot scrit is over nd from now on the qanton a dnnividia chips will prevent mass bulk ICSNN traffic theft nd advertising on yiur brnd new 3DStrsmingTV.com beforw you even lsunch it and stop back likns by porn backliners and stop browsers and serchengine who get their dat from back lnk server thy are ther to provide back link porn to webstire the browsers whnt to steal traffic from and gib=ve the bots a reason to block yu bsed on the porn inb yiur baclink file and so now sll this will end snd the sdtok mrkets will be ble to lit IPO offerings for ststuos that wuld have been targeted as key word nd brnded over by fake SAI security bot scripts and so the new Nvidis chips computers will prevent ICANN address ip trffic theft once and for all for the first time in 25 yerd .


. A word of advise from the 3DPresident of 3DCounty
All you need to succeed in life is 2 out of 3 things.
Talent, Connections and Money.
(learning to type and spell is a great help to),
If you have all 3 you are home free.
(If I could arange an initial public offering (IPO) or stock launch i would have 2 like money and over 100 connections for top 3DTVBrands.com and 3DTVCHannels.com to launch set up for every thing 3D in 3DCounty.com would be a great connection and an initial stock optionwould be too and then away to the 3dsportschannel.com races 3DtelevisionNetwprk.com could go recooping some of the lost advertising that big tech used when my ststtuos were blocked for 25 years is a grwat bunch of connections but all it gt me is a ffew fleeting moments in a search engine or 2 as 25 years of startups on few 3DBusinessTV.com shows and more ipo offerings would prove as all these connections for 3DTVCHannels.com would make great 3DdrealityTV.com platforms and virtual3DTV.com 3Dwindowshopping.com portsls for ipo offering of yur 3D metavers too, www.3DGTOCHat.com is lunching for 3DEDUCationslTV.com soon and it too needs an ipo connection to he megatraverses)
you can skip talent two thirds of the time, if you have connections and money
even Talent and money and you don't need connections, two thirds of the time.
to make it to home plate with only 1 out of 3 means forget it 2 out of 3 times, you need 2 out of 3 at least to get by.
Any 2 is the way to make a success startup and with no cannections and great talented portsld an startuos as they are used globaly as key worrd millions of times a milisecond great connections but no ipo offering yet. two thirds of the time you need 2 our of 3.
You can connect through religion, social groups, business, pleasure social nets in domocracies and where everr you are allowed in dictstorships to make connections in Canada you can try but no garentees after 25 years yu would have to go on a 2D tv show and sell you self or somthing ut you do have the right to try to persue 3D tv chanels and yur constitutionsl right are promised by all the 2D tv can actsly block ad yiur traffic sod for key word for 25 years without n ipo offering connection ut you do have the freedom to do business and connect with government and private enterprise or at least tryo but wtch out theu wil label you and target yu for 25 years you might be missing from the news like a missing person when reorts every day for 25 yeas that 3DTV is blocked and it ll goes missing in the m=news soas ther is no connection avalable just the great startuos and no IPO possible is 1 out of 3 allright so had ther been startup in the 2D medias 25 years ago and today then via equality in a democracy it is great social net to make connections, but the three basic pillars are best to have like beforewhen the web was global was a social net freefrom mega intRAnets defining this and that and pionting AI scrips disguised as AI Boys at everyine and blocking and advertising ooll over their startuos but thats another story so not to go off line , it all boils down to talent , contacts, and money.
When you are hosting on intRAnet platform based on a web AI bot scripted address suck in an AIBot scrited cast system the lowest cast websites do not even get constitutional equality in order to make democracy an easy place and with a golden grou and no chance to work with them or to source a contacts behind golden group firewalls preventing contact with the upper cast mega web Bots to source ipo offerings and investment ideas, democracy need unbiast news connections too, it is as the 3D printing is now virtualy written on the wall in 3D , news and press online has got to come clean soon or it will be historicaly mocked for decades more not just 25 years of 3DTVCity.com as an example because of current AI bot consistant filtering and backlinking startups will be seen as a scam itself that is blocked innovation and was for years way back when it started in the 1090's before the way back itself we need heavy traffic startups that are redacted and slandered by AI browser and seo bots even today , or used by searches like 3DTVCHannel.us still a 3Dbroadcastingnetwork.com is a great startup for an ipo .com , so you can not even have talent or innovation in 3D on 3DCopyrightTV.com online in many democracies and dictstorshios alike with AI bots ruling the traffic for ICANN this is blocking by cast and by layers of AI bots clients ads for everthhing 3D for 25 yesars of periodicls printing to the new moon housing projects printing in 3D , let's face it 3DTV is still being blocked by all the empire in 2D tv is wtching as far as I can see , Captians log 4,1,2024
So remember you need 2 out of tree before you an make it in Canada and democratic news and journalsim was one of them you used to bea bale to count on as pillar of society but now the 4tf illar , religion or contacts that are political are blocking 3DTV elections and constitutons as they risk being blocked by the connection they have in the media by doing so.

It is obvious after 25 yers of big tech growth while every one of them has posted ads on my icann addres traffic that went missing and so it is obvious they big tech has no interest in bettering any of my 3DTVStartups.com net or orgs after 25 yesars of posting ads on them wen they do not resolve i see no reason why they will stop poeting metavers aes and ads on my metaverses too. so it is up to the small techs to support themselves ina big tech ownes ICANN Ip world and to do it without any acess to an stock market or an ipo on a staock market so it is up to some ind of gofuning ona big tech that doe not find backorders for 3DTV.channel.com and i am still waiting for the domin to be preresistrd is usless and i paid for it. Big tech have been using all my startups ip addreses adn domain names to bild their social nets and now we have been moved to web.com so we must be worth millions to big teck now as they continue to use my traffic to post ads on the seo engies and block the websites on browsers as they have done for 25 years so branding is important for 3DTVCopyright.com startups . wikipedia/com big tech

Fabulous Youtube 3-D History Video Virtually!

Happy Birthday RCAF AC 707352

More History- Video born! - Virtually! Fabulous-

A star is born!

www. 3DTVPress.com www. www.3DTVCHannel.US www.3DTVCHannelCanada.com www.3DTV.news www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com net org
Welcome www.hollywoodreporter.com , welcome too, www.Virtual3DTV.com and www.3DRealityTV.com www.3DStores.com and ready for more metavers startups.
Get your headsets ready here come hollywoods in 3D

- Virtually! Fabulous -

Missing jobs in 3DCounty.com as ip addresses go missing in most Browsers and search engine databasses , AI Bots.
We were assured that ip ICANN addresses were private and safe to use for te 3 pillars of democratic social networking and I fell for it, a big Canadian Sorry if we have affended any sport or religion politic or dictatorship , who knew this , everyone but me and i am a message specialis systems teck since before the had cad cam 3D.
23 Scadoo!
A social network and news media coverup crime is somthing we all never expected would happen here in canada but but missing startups for 25 years is no mistake.

3DWTV.com ™ 2001,

Fake or real phishing or a scam?
Every website uses a block now so that you are advertised like the website is free no money needed to view it is just a link to a website but most of them when you get to the site immediatly or aftwr 30 second blocks the website demaning yu get sookied or asking for yur email account and many even forcve yu to join begfore y9u can see what they have on their websiyte , products and text alike they all block you from the webstie asking for or is it Phishing for yur ID or e=email addess and yu can n longe tell if the websitye is fke or real all your know is you have been loured into a ID and tracking catchall on the website that coud or could nt even be the comanies phishing pop up and so you leave the website when the contents were never evr seen .
missing is worse than traffic theft as after you finaly got tothe website some one decided to block you untill you pay or hand over you email accout , even demaning you sighn uo for email before you cn see the website which coud or coud not be fale how woud you know the darn website is blocked and imediatly of no ue to you as it sure walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and it even pops up abd blocks you like a duck so it is a duky all right and this is no way ot sell good blocking the customers wth ohishing first but hey this is somthing some one sold a s a feature so wht do i know I am blocked from commerce 25 years while all th mega medas do a end run on 3DCounty.com metavers for 25 years all i lnow is who when wher why and how they block your ststuos for 3DTVstreamingtv.com as soon as y9ou launch , www.3Dpresdent.com of 3DTVCity.com .

3DSportsCHannel.com ™ 2001,

www.3DHockeyTV.com on the www.3DSportsCHannel.com Tm is for everthing for 3DSportsTV.net working that is not on 2Dtv for 25 years on the www.3DWorldWwideWebTV.com %t social nets!

Look up3DTVCHannel.us on www.Webnames.ca whois to contact www.CollinsEducationalSupplies.com ask for 3DCounty.com 3dpresident.co Doug Collins it's the smart thing to do , go right to the owner that is hidden for so many yeas by seo and key words ad backordering sales of a great place to advertise in the future 3D virtual tv .com metaverse if you are plannibg to place an ad for 3D printing ot travel sports equipment or realestate franchise or or purchase prefix sub domain or to back orde domains from the owner direct as we will take no offers from back orders we never made by antone selling our brands on their dark web fake domain auctions that block the very addresses the are selling backorders to een .us whois info so you have to search on some other registrars to find a .us domain name they backord and block, by ai browsers programmed to help sell backorders wen the traffic is blocked do not pay anyoe to order the domain for you for any moneys are not evr offerd to the owner so you wil be ripped off by fke back order sales if you think they have not already sold it a dozen time before yu even know they are trying to sell your stsrtup on 3dcounty.com 3drealestatechannel.com ™ abd start your soscial link metaverse links here.
Look 3DTVVancouver.com up on www.3DSearchCHannel.com

Look 3DTVVancouver.com up on www.reddit.com's MetRAVerse.www 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com
Look 3DTVVancouver.com up on www.DuckDuckgo.com's MetRAVerse.www 3DTVCHannelAmerica.com
Look 3DTVVancouver.com up on www.bing.com's MetRAVerse.www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com

Look go to 3DTVVancouver.com and see for your self www.3Dtvpress.com

News flash!
the worlds largest big small tech just landed 3DGTPCHAT.com the newest 3D CHat for the GTP industry and the magority of 3DTVCHannels.com in 3DCounty.com to use when the littile guys get quantom computing too. may be another 25 years from now who knows as the big tech still use 25 yesar old domains for selling on and now with quantom chat comming in 3D we may be blocked from 3dgtpchat.com busiens too. and by othr chat ai bots and thet woyld be par for the 3DTVSports.com bets i begt ya! . come on down to 3DCounty.com and forget the big tech just they wy they forgot ll about you and your sttups and if they advertisied on yur startuos for 25 years then com on down and join the worlds largets big small 3Dtv tech startup ever blocked in 25 years by big tech giants today. www.3DPresident.com of 3DTVPOlitics.com every ention big tech block 3DTVCAnada.com and thats big tech for you , how do you thik they got to be big tech , they steal webstraffic for 3D for yesrs so we gave u on 2D tv in 2000 when they refised to report over 80 3d startup missing websites for 25 years is the after affect of big tech growth and today we are thre biggest 3DTElevisionnetwork.com ever blocked by all the big tech that advertise on our very trafffic serverd from their big catchalls. I could go on like this for 25 years as ther is nothig to do when big tech ues you. www.3DCopyWriteTV.com scripts are blocked by BIg tech as i spesak millions of times a second as it is . www.3DvTV.com your first Virtual3DTV.com startup to be blocked by chatgpt traffic stolen by 2D ai bots that steal traffic for BIGTECH as we ll know.

Missing information is worse than missinformation.

Chat gpt has adopted Search engine find you not find you algorythems and scriped coeds and joined redit so as to one up search engine find you not find you codeing and now find you not find you scriot an entire bunch of fake data so as to never find you but all the chat cgt dta instead when you trade mark a new ipddress by creating a word that was never ever in any dictionary as a traee mark and useing this new mega suoer CHatcht-searchengine-browser scipt to make sue startus could nevr be found as the new I Bot scripts brand over every ip adress and up the anty by chat6 gtp fake data content as i demnstrated this christmas withthe new 3DCounty.com 3DStreamingnews.com and 3Dstreamngtv.com startos that wre classi egsamples of seo and browsers cyber squatting as i demonstrate the launch of new tld ip addeses and 3DCoyright.com secured them in wy back history so at the world could plaincley see thee news verval trade markes are one of a kind unmstable ICANN ip addrses and the AI scrits that cyber squatt on ICANN imedaty after they register an trsde name ,
this is why i lanche 3DCopyrighttv.com and 3DCopywrriteTV.com because thertr is no way when AI Bots and billion doller cyber squtting comnaies using AI Bot scriots to target and steal traffic run the web to actualy copyright before the copyright professionals search for other using the trade name you just invesnted and ding millions of chat cgt entries alrwzy using the name you just invesnted as yur tarde mark on a readiiit or a social net that has back orderd your trade mark and poste false data sp as to dilute and confuse your trade mark and basicly make trade marking usless like the ICANN addres system itself and then pocket the eentire thing into the catchalls they whim baed onnthe protection money you give them as they run the internet and search and browsers industry wth chat gtp counter trademark softwre the picked up and now use in concert with gtp and findyou not find yiu scrits so as to steal the traffic from compnaie and people posting their trade inovstions on a website they will never be found on by cyber squatting traffic thiveing sesrch and browser gtp bots filtering so as to sell the very trade mark as a search keyy or a aftermanrket back order and all this is only possible if the block you trade marks and ip addreses just as you launch and reister them , so instead of tyrade marking you sould get a 3DTCopyright.com addtress and then you can say they steal oyour traffic as soon as you trasee mark or register one just like ime and see how the internet and trademarks are beeing used s a way to basicaly print money their wau an block 3DTVCanada.com in Canada utself for 25 years they block 3D head set legaveres and all thos os pnly possible oif you have copyright and tradde mark cyber squatting AI bot scripts serve ICANN addrses u on a sivel platter to silos of cathcal bits that infring on the very art of trad3 matks them selves and steal your movines and bootleg them and blo0ck yiur domaibs and sell the addttreses as serch key weorrd and sotrade marking means more than registering dozens 9f new never before used worlrsds or suffees or tld country codes it means you will never be able to trad mark a country code or com net org and use it free from discriminstions by a seo or trademark for things yu ttrade mrk while the intenet itself and ICANN addreses are used to steal traffic from your trae mark addresses . as if everybe could use yiur telephne number and postal address for searcha dkey word sesrch was not protected yet the entire internet is not protected for ytraffic theft vial ICANN trde and the mark they use for you to use to trsde martky your stsrtup in com net org or country code online and ths is the biggest problem in using the internet for politivs business religion or plesure yu are at the mercy of seo and trade mark traffic thieves and no one ther is protecting you number in sead they are waiting in the dark web with cgt cgi to ponce on your every word.
www.3DTVPress.com www.3DT.news our new and well abused 3DCouprghtTV.com net orgs in 3DCounty.com serch word for today os 3DCA.com when .gov have offical copyright they use the dot com 's as they please and imune from it's rules they steal traffic. gtp helps the bullies steal web traffic and ther is no way to use pro bono when they clean you out to help you establish 1/ 1000 3DTVBrands.com as gtp now adds to the trffic theft and blockng industry we have findyu not find you gtp to worry about . launching a website out side of the shell oof "socil nets" is impossibe as togther they run the internet not ICANN or any government the traffic thieves have made so much money they now rule the www and all the statuos in it. via run the worl GTP scriots deliboratly scripted to foil democracy and the free market and haave it all their way into a fake metaverse of gtp BOts running socil newtknog entirely and naking the intent socil net no longe a socil net itself. www.3DBUsiness TV.com .

Missing information is worse than missinformation.

IN 2000 I regested a bunch of new 3DVTV.com head set virtual reality startups for 3DStreamingTV using the vernacular of ICANN addresses as their ip brand made up of one word exptressions that discribe the works on the media site same as boo titels or movie and TV shw brands for Streaming 3D head set stereo video and I gave away over 80 free domain names to manyu of my favorie things but I gave them to a lawers who imediatel put them up for sale on the after market , go figure I am so lucky because of hm I kept the most important gifts to give aya in case the free ones were not enough to inspire the people and companies into Virtual3DTV headset webcasting over theweb ,. after setting up google took my vudeo as in thoese days ther was no copyright online and everyone starting up in online music was bootlegging copyright and I was a distributor for epson fuji samsung segste and san old apple 11 sales man and the first aple 1111 sold in Canada was me and I sold 3 to the same custome.
But that is another story
after 15 years of trying to connect to the parties I hasve still not given the most important domain startuo names to I was approacehd by resellersclub and their web resellers and hosting system and sert u p my own 3DTVBrtand.com website but when I moved 3DTVBrands.com to it the service department could not hook up 3DTVBrands.com ssl in stead they hooked uo 3DTVBtrand.com and the resellers account never did work for years it was catchalling by round robin all my traffic and the browsers were timeing the domain ip traffic out and refusing to connect because of http ot because it contained pictures or it was poor spelling or it was so small and cgi scrit that the browsers did not notice the change and if the slitest cgi quotation did not cmpile because you left out a singe character like a { then the website would not displauy and the .htacessfile would kick in and it was hooked u to a round robin catchall that was surrounded by back link spammers parket either side of my ip adde on a spamers server or something because the search engnes had a fild day usign these stsrtuos brsnd names as a key word to sell advertisign on for several more years and rright up to today , but this is another story.
to undigress, resellers clup must have approached , “bill jo, boobby sam , sally samathsa and doug e collins so as to sell ads on the parking pages themselves because thats whagt they did whie the names do not resplve and google and btowsers and all the vertical market that were actualy now key words in seo bisuness and because it was a billion doller scam and still os the abilit to recive traffic to yout private starttuos was ilimnated and today all my domain startuo vernacular new words and even the domains I still have to give away but can notpenatrate the pre-emptive fire walls of class cultuers structures thad ddictate your class in the 4 pillars and are willing to block you and sacrifice you worth vorth and works to search engines and catchalls and traffic theft woth no constotitons about it, and so many of the stasrtuo mtitels and shows and the free ones I still can not find anyone with authority in the recipents houe that is becauee the wprkd is fireing workers in these comnaies and people are using AI bots to filter the worlsd out of their web browing and the search and browsers are owning the podium and their AI bots are out of theor criptd ai monds. I amd right back where I stated oin 2000 but that is this story.
so bill joe and johny sam and doug E and all the other people who had a collection of dot coms net and org stattups or branded vernacular domain names or works and busiens pleasure and social nets on this platform were bulk scammed and cut off and aff the traffic stolen for months and they must have been sedused into moving or registering oll their own startups and over the years this scam must have collected several billion hits from specialy high trafiic websites as it planned and still does as the back link database way back are full of examples to use againt AI bot scripts publis ever millisecond and election for the 2d pillar of contacts needed to start up or get you shut down ,thanks to the products storred in round robins filled with domains in a hell pit for them to access to a catchall to fetch way back data to justify blocking but this is a nother incomplete story , i digress, and then lock them there until they finish an over branding launch of a domain to catchall your traffic on, or you domain and you go broke trying and the scoop (ot auction) the domain for one of their franchises to resell, wen the vernacular domain expitred and if faked as sold and face every time they need to be renewed i face a backorder scam yet no one emails me any interest at all in any startup acept seo service and seo is totaly usless wen you atr targetd by the very se in seo like all the resellers and me and their blocke and backlinke startups scalped off in 2001 or not o change in D tv so far the ews is way off in a mass round up and scalping scam as this is what I am stuck doing today trying to move 3DTVCHannel.us to directnic.com and I csan not get my inside tradeing informayion secret word scam ongoubg as they were shut ddown by resellers along with several other registrars and hosting compnies I got succered into a real domain name hell pit to replace contacts it was discribeed as by an .io serect pen pal that csan penatrate an email system that no one eer propoes an busines opportunity on as the emal is filterd and I only get spam asking if I want to improve my seo and no one ever aproaches me for the domain names because between the browsers and the search engine all my startuos over the yesars have been so so heavely back linked and splann catchalled parkeing paged and unble to get a sgle email about a offer to sell or launch a 3DTVCHannel.com 3DCopyright.com r 3DCopyWrite.com periodicl for 25 years is all I get , but that is another story . SO with no laywer and ll my money spent fighting off trools and rent , fake intent and a closed 2D televusosn and news media that nly tunts from the insider position of their fully convered left and right podiums and ther is no rush for google or facebook duck duck go otr bing to actua;y becme a dominion directoryu fo busineses and startuo ssl or 9t, yher I nothing I can do about this story it seems to be never ending.
IN 2000 I regested a bunch of new 3DVTV.com head set virtual reality startups for 3DStreamingTV using the vernacular of ICANN addresses as their ip brand made up of one word exptressions that discribe the works on the media site same as boo titels or movie and TV shw brands for Streaming 3D head set stereo video and I gave away over 80 free domain names to manyu of my favorie things but I gave them to a lawers who imediatel put them up for sale on the after market , go figure I am so lucky because of hm I kept the most important gifts to give aya in case the free ones were not enough to inspire the people and companies into Virtual3DTV headset webcasting over theweb ,. after setting up google took my vudeo as in thoese days ther was no copyright online and everyone starting up in online music was bootlegging copyright and I was a distributor for epson fuji samsung segste and san old apple 11 sales man and the first aple 1111 sold in Canada was me and I sold 3 to the same custome.
But that is another story
after 15 years of trying to connect to the parties I hasve still not given the most important domain startuo names to I was approacehd by resellersclub and their web resellers and hosting system and sert u p my own 3DTVBrtand.com website but when I moved 3DTVBrands.com to it the service department could not hook up 3DTVBrands.com ssl in stead they hooked uo 3DTVBtrand.com and the resellers account never did work for years it was catchalling by round robin all my traffic and the browsers were timeing the domain ip traffic out and refusing to connect because of http ot because it contained pictures or it was poor spelling or it was so small and cgi scrit that the browsers did not notice the change and if the slitest cgi quotation did not cmpile because you left out a singe character like a { then the website would not displauy and the .htacessfile would kick in and it was hooked u to a round robin catchall that was surrounded by back link spammers parket either side of my ip adde on a spamers server or something because the search engnes had a fild day usign these stsrtuos brsnd names as a key word to sell advertisign on for several more years and rright up to today , but this is another story.
to undigress, resellers clup must have approached , “bill jo, boobby sam , sally samathsa and doug e collins so as to sell ads on the parking pages themselves because thats whagt they did whie the names do not resplve and google and btowsers and all the vertical market that were actualy now key words in seo bisuness and because it was a billion doller scam and still os the abilit to recive traffic to yout private starttuos was ilimnated and today all my domain startuo vernacular new words and even the domains I still have to give away but can notpenatrate the pre-emptive fire walls of class cultuers structures thad ddictate your class in the 4 pillars and are willing to block you and sacrifice you worth vorth and works to search engines and catchalls and traffic theft woth no constotitons about it, and so many of the stasrtuo mtitels and shows and the free ones I still can not find anyone with authority in the recipents houe that is becauee the wprkd is fireing workers in these comnaies and people are using AI bots to filter the worlsd out of their web browing and the search and browsers are owning the podium and their AI bots are out of theor criptd ai monds. I amd right back where I stated oin 2000 but that is this story.
so bill joe and johny sam and doug E collins and all the other people who gad a collection of dot coms net and org stattups or branded vernacular domain names or works and busiens pleasure and socil nets must have been sedused into moving or registering omn their own startuos and over the yars this scam must have collected sevetal specialy trafiic high websites as it planne to shut them down , round robin them to a catchall and then lock them ther until they expitred and sold them off in a mass round up and scalping scam as this is what I am stuck doing today trying to move 3DTVCHannel.us to directnic.com and I csan not get my secret word as they were shut ddown by resellers along with several other registrars and hosting compnies I got succered into a real domain name hell pit it was discribeed as by an .io serect pen pal that csan penatrate an email system that no one eer propoes an busines opportunity on as the emal is filterd and I only get spam asking if I want to improve my seo and no one ever aproaches me for the domain names because between the browsers and the search engine all my startuos over the yesars have been so so heavely back linked and splann catchalled parkeing paged and unble to get a sgle email about a offer to sell or launch a 3DTVCHannel.com 3DCopyright.com r 3DCopyWrite.com periodicl for 25 years is all I get , but that is another story . SO with no laywer and ll my money spent fighting off trools and rent , fake intent and a closed 2D televusosn and news media that nly tunts from the insider position of their fully convered left and right podiums and ther is no rush for google or facebook duck duck go otr bing to actua;y becme a dominion directoryu fo busineses and startuo ssl or 9t, yher I nothing I can do about this story it seems to be never ending.

Missing information is worse than missinformation

some registrrs are streight forward and some are u to something snd sfter yiur traffic as they are realy owned by the same company and converged and frsnchised back out so that they can phsh for more domains and vernaculars to own the internet podium and block 3DTVCAnada.com statuos this week end so sd to sellads on the IP and ICANN addrsses an make millions fo resutls or your trad names and tv shows as the bootleg the ICABN address systen like they were copyright thieves in 2000 stealing music and video and blocking 3DVTV.com startu0s for 3D metaverse head gear for Y2K mellenum celebrations an no chsnge right up tto this the 5th electun in 25 yesrs thaty 3DTVCanada.com is not even allowed to pot 1 sag actor 1 actra actor 1 music somfg 1 busk of a famous person and 1 dot com that the crtc public broadcasting network willmention being hacked when we are. But this is the very story that I have to tell evey day , the facts are on the wll the 2D tv medias block 3DTVBtands.com every day the actulay gag ll my statuos works sn vernacular sdn ther in no hebus corpus to protect my constitution., www.3Dpresident o 3DCasa.com in 3Dcounty.com 3DTVCHannel.us and ca and com net org Tm but that is a sotory for my 3DTVCHannels.com and statuos to tell in 3DS when the intenet is usable by the lower classes in the americas sme day I guess.

some registrrs are streight forward and some are u to something snd sfter yiur traffic as they are realy owned by the same company and converged and frsnchised back out so that they can phsh for more domains and vernaculars to own the internet podium and block 3DTVCAnada.com statuos this week end so sd to sellads on the IP and ICANN addrsses an make millions fo resutls or your trad names and tv shows as the bootleg the ICABN address systen like they were copyright thieves in 2000 stealing music and video and blocking 3DVTV.com startu0s for 3D metaverse head gear for Y2K mellenum celebrations an no chsnge right up tto this the 5th electun in 25 yesrs thaty 3DTVCanada.com is not even allowed to pot 1 sag actor 1 actra actor 1 music somfg 1 busk of a famous person and 1 dot com that the crtc public broadcasting network willmention being hacked when we are. But this is the very story that I have to tell evey day , the facts are on the wll the 2D tv medias block 3DTVBtands.com every day the actulay gag ll my statuos works sn vernacular sdn ther in no hebus corpus to protect my constitution., www.3Dpresident o 3DCasa.com in 3Dcounty.com 3DTVCHannel.us and ca and com net org Tm but that is a sotory for my 3DTVCHannels.com and statuos to tell in 3DS when the intenet is usable by the lower classes in the americas sme day I guess.

Missing ICANN IP Adresses domain name and brands traffic and enail information flow abuse by AI Bot scripts is much worse than miss information by a country's tv news or social net in politics religion works and pleasure online any day expecialy online ICANN addresses missing traffic ICANN email and traffic 100% of the time for 25 yearsbecause they are 3dWTV.com startups for shopping in 2000 and advertising and media copyright downloading that nevr was found and is still missing , is lot worse than lots of news from one country or thet other about 3D TV being dead and dither glasses are no good etc, missed information deleboratly missed so as to allow global end run colonising on the www is worse on your startups than news from this or that converged intRAnet about cyber security of anthother important issues and how the medias and socia nets creat missinformation when your entire 25 years is missing completely every electrion and every religious event evry busines ipo and evdry work day on all the news and medias busiens and sports travel and socisal nets chats and AI Bots even if they all use your ICANN address ipseveral domains so as they are protectiong the brand on the www ICANN system to be sure all the news and busienss religion and political ews is clean and every registerd ip is found so that any one regi or their ster can advertise on their property online free from missedipadressing or when the domain names email and information traffic is missing in these social nets it is far worse but one thing is the same AI bots can do it faster but the bth see to it your traffic and domain anmes is missing all togwther when you search the IP and doamin adresses or email aand lok the compnay up when tbhe information is missing all togwther on the who is . and whent the domain anme sis missing in the socil net and used as earch engone key than that is at least not the same as missing in the context of CAnadian pres 100% of the time for 25 years that is a cover u plane a simple and covering up a coveruo is msiing the news altogether online it stands ut like a missing domain but the news meidas are missing the point, meanwhile .

Diss information is how the social nets and advertisors make money
Missinformation was created to prevent internet streaming head set startuus from launching 3DTVCHannels.com using 2D TV and news medias they intend to converg into one podium or 2 so as to pit thingsd left snd right and missinform 3DTV right out of the pictur for 25 years and missinformation works better than dissinformation but not better than no news oe information , just ask the french in the 1700's and you'll see a bastiel full of problems true and open , plentiful infomation is the cure for all your information social news needs. www.3DTV.NEWS belives it works better than diss or missing infformation an the intERnet full of metavere intRAnets idea of whatjournalism and news politics and religion business and social networking information is as i spnt my life on information technology in many devise that deliver it i can tell the differance so i launched 3DCounty.com online for 3DTVNewscHannel.com so everyone could have yourbrandDTVCHAnnel.cm and a place to put your information. 3DPresident.com of www.3DCounty.com.
Only missing iformatn used with missinformation together over all the 2D tv radio and news affiliates can erase 25 years of 3DSportsTV.com and 3DTVRealty.net startups online for 3DStreamingTV.com news information videaos and messaging socil nets because nothing else could possibly block for 25 years accept missing and missinformation platforms. or the north pole to the south if it is important then say it in 3D in 3d over some ones 3zDTelevisionnetwork.com and this is way they block 3DTVCA.com is because they do not want snyone to watch 3DTVSsports or fshion travel or news and becaue they can make so musch money blockinh and stealing web traffic with miss information platforms thayt block 3DTV and of corse other not just me and my startuos but they must block billion of startuos so ad to missinform themselve into the converged market of informstion dissimintation and so stuff like this i blocked by missinformation agendas how else could anyone possible block 100% of 3DTV in Vsncouver internet stttups . With the help of I Scripts in Catchalls set up to filter internet startupstraffic missinformation is applied, and block the ones that interfear with convergance of the press using social nets and TV radio and election funds , withthe mega profits from online startups for shopping and gambeling porn and scams knowing the end justifies the means so the oppertunity to block by browser web traffic and steal Icann address messaging, news, and businesses or pleasure from private constitutions is so much more profitable than integrity and it results in all the slcial net going their way so this is where missinformation came from and today they block 3DTVCAnada.com www.3DTVBusiness.com and 3DTRavelTV.com 3Dshoppingmall.com and any innvation launched by an indevidual with missinformation so i take this oppertunity to illistrate who when where why when and how this is done and for this i get blocked and gaged for 3djournals.com is not making them any money like bliocking everthng from sports to chsrityes and so the same way they use it to block and missinform the busines and internet world is whe wher why and ho they effect politics religion business and pleasure onine missinformtion made them a gonverged news and medi monoply the very thing the wanted from the beginning and the reason they trget 3DTV and missinform for 25 years so as to own the podium every election and go figure i get stuck reporting it .
missinformathion is also spread by amiture journalists who cn not tye and spell and make so many mistake miss judgeing the internet and its meidas intent so they trash ut a cheep blog and bunch of wenbsite in desportatuon trying to start up in a closed medi and press in every country in the worl and then they get blocked and plasterd with missinformation to block them and htis spreadt the messagw that missinformation is what the big mega medias and search and browsers do to make money so this is where it sustyains it's momentu forj Y2K to 2024 a 25 year streach of miss information so as to maake billions and run the podium m for htie own intent by AI bot scri0ts and a 2 D tv media to bacj the entire thing uo all the way to the stock markets.
Find you so as to not find you is missinformation

Cryptos pump and dump internet full of missinformation is the results is the media and press will pump anyhting for 25 years but 3DTVCanada.com startuos for 3DTV and new innovstin apps for head set stereo 3DTV scripting and business with pleasure online and so this is why ther i missinformstion so that the media can block the internet and startups like 3DTVToronto or 3DTVSTJohns.com when 3DVancouverTV.com or 3DTVCHannelUSA.com 3DTVCHannelCanada.com the point is this is why missinformation was created and is used by all the dictatorships and the free press as they battele it out to own their podiums the internet and ICANN users are fed missinformation and fake news via web strtuos they fke news and missinformers set up to do tht vry thing and it is why this is done today and they stll block 3DTVCAnada and I always said in 2001 that untill they stop blocking ICANN addresses adn missinformation of ICANN addresses adn their startus comnies intent and replace it with miss information and catchalls full of back link porn and blcok the ICANN addreses they trget for missinformtion ther is no wy to use the intetnet for busines or pleasure religion or politics and no way to use it to launch a 3DTVAzuctions in reasion or a 3DEducationalTV.com net org org for charity . this is why ther is missingformtion first asnf ormost to make oney and own the podium fr 25 yeaes . www.3DJOurnals.com ... www.3DStremingTV.com
A disaster , an election , a need for charity , a sports event , a business opertunity and a fully vidio all are blcked in 3D for 3D by 2d so as ther is no way to use the web to launch D TV missinformation and this lets the 2D tv missinform ll the wy to the bank. and thayt is why today 100% of every 3DCopyrightTV.com net org are blocked for 100% of 25 years by 100% of all the 2d social nets and new 3D metavereses and I can not think of any other reasons why all my startus are missing information in this miss information news cartels that blocks information of comonaies blockng information so s to soead their own missinformtion on pltforms that are allwoed to missingfirm and block 3DTVBrands..com justifyes the mans

This website is 100% html, Perl cgi and unix platform driven and if your cell phone or browser can not view it then they are not ICNN html and unix compatable and this means they are not sucure on the world wide web as they have non compatale layers of AI soctware between you and the htm and unix internet so sorry , to many back doors to have to secure when the entire Canadian web is blocking 3dVTV.com and Virtual3DTV.com 3D and 3DTVCanada.com 3DTVHockey.com 3D TV startups using secure html and unix thern is a problem in integritywhen it is not good enough and you have to conform to AI bot scrits on the fly online and these plaforms must be standardised not nonitised by AI bots but the ICANN address users and in html and unix standards first to be secure for childeren using them befire thy are forced onto socil nets and their platform codes and AI scrits ( or bots) as the socil net trend calls them are not html and unix comatable then why have the icann and internet at all and just have operating platforms log on and off unregulate as they are now, but this mesans the incompatable ones are up to somthing as they block ssl simple plane jane journalism and picteirs on html and unix onine apachie or microsoft and on these new metaver products and cell phones that can not even display or even find 3DTVCHAnnels.com after 25 years online that call them selvws socil and nets on yur provste "?" cell phones. Hi I am the 3DPresident.com of the 3DTVCHAnnel.com and the 3DTelevisionNetwork.com and I invite all the employees in 2D TV and radio that were fired and all the directors and the producers of ads on local TV stations and all the local TV stations investors that lost their local TV stations and all the people who lost their TV news channels because of conversion of over the air socail nets to onoine mega portals converged into the same content in every tv set coast to coast to come to help launch an ipo for all my channe;ls as ii pass them on so that they benafit all the peop;e who were displaced by the current monoply like consortium of social netwrking we have that wpuld see that all the tv stations and journalisits adn supporting sag and actra are replaced with AI bot scripts and gtp programs while 100% o f all the 3DTVCAnada.com startups can not even be displayed on single manufacturers products properly and since your all fired and out of your porofession like 3DTRavelTV.com in a eye travel 2000 market for 25 years it should be time for 3DTVTravel.com and the net and org to make a come back . so come on down and we need an extra cameraman and away we go 3Dstreamingtv.co yur socil networing and advertising online as a consortium your selves . www.3DCounty.com is as good a place as any to launch yur metaverses in Virtual3DTV.com even if they are still blocked by cellphone and metaversrs incompatibilty with 3DTVPolitics.com you will have to elect 3D TV as a reality eventually and while your beeing forced and convered out of a provession in 2D you might as well join me and be put out of business in 3D while you at it. www.3DStores.com need salesmen a3Dsportschannel.com need journalists 3Dmoviechannel.com need interviewss and all the 2D tv channels need a 3DTVCHannel or 2 to advertise on unless they are blocked and fireing humans fo AI bot substitution in the 3DCopyright.com industry too. so after asking the world and travleing the world and setting upo 3DTVCHannels.com on all the slk road and finding that it too is fireibg all the journalists and reses and they too are nt intereted in starting up 3DTRavelTV.com or 3DSportschannel.com so while you are beeng replaced by AI megabot verses you might consider doing it in 3D with me here in Vancouve bc and get gagged in style , with class in 3D on your favorite 3DTElevisionNetwork.com or what ever they set up to socilay ne as i i know is messaging systems and datat bases and distribution and not how to launch aan arrivecan multu lillion ooller htm and unix web site online. Are search engines and browsers ICANN domain name and ip cyber squatters strealing your email and web traffic addresses's worth and business, is this practice legal fraud, dilutuin and cybersquatting bullying or extortion for pay to be found data dissimnationing from these practices so as to block 3DTVCanada.com business for the fun of it or is it just terrorising the internet?
why do all the converged medias help them do it and go along with the traffic thefts and block the news for 25 yesrs here in Canadian preses then expecialy when there is 25 years of 2D election TV and no 3DTPolitics.com mentioned or Virtual3DTV.com stok market oppertunities for 3DTVStartups.com for 25 years.
If the governemnet is bent on having 1 or 2 medias for sports travel arts fashion and business TV in Canada then they should at least tell the world that they are closed t 3DTVSTartups and innovstion unless you csn fford arrive can website development costs from certain browsersa dn manufacturers and web hosting and advertising and in sort millions of dollers in startup costs so if yiu are buying an ICANN address domain name to protect your brands onoine and intend to use it for business or pleasure then in Canda you will not be found unless you pay the governments sesrch anf ][d browsers to be found and that will cost you a reent to the these consortiums and if you do not pay them to be found then they will use your domain names and startus brands trade names for selling and monitising so do not bother and save your money because the internet used by governments and appls soney bung duck duc go redit tic tok facebokk meta all the governemtn and 3=2D tv advertisors and sports will not find your ICANN addres on their intRAnets or browsers so save yojur money global investors as your startup will pprobablyy be used like it was %packand not an ICANN ip addrss and you will be back linked while Canadian infostructure looks the othwr way for up to 25 yers so far while they pick and choose wh will brand ovr you bt search and browsers and fake news but for years and years, will not find you unless you ser uyp a few hundred 3DTVCHAnnels.com and then complain and build a web site that points it out , then for a couple of day they will find you but soon they will sell so many ads for 3DPrinting and thers that you will be blocked for good and this is the way it is so save your money and the planetes carbon foot print and get withthe programm , if you startup a 3DTVCHannel.com they will leave youalone and block your comnaies and put yu out of businesx here inCanda they do not even report this on 2D tv for 25 years and this is what happens and is happening www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com the modt blocked 3DTVCHabnel.com ever possille in Canadian internet busiens for 25 years in a row a standong dynesty title in 2DTVSportys.vom reporting and up for drafting www.3DSPortsChannel.com and www.3DStores.com gagged by 2d tv for the 25 years neans , we get the 3DWOrldcup.com for the most gagged startup in 3Dstreamingtv.com in Canada.
www.3DTV.newsnow you know better , if you do not belive me then try and find me and post an ad no one ever found me and asked to post an ad for 25 years and this is a world record in Canadian business nothing is a secret so how they pull this total blackout and browser and search block is real just try to look 3DTVVancouver.com up and see for your self are all my startups blocked even 3DHockey on a 3DBusinessTV.com or 3DTravelTV.com you can betyour money for 25 yesars in Canada 3DTVSPorts.com net org sre being gagged and the iller is not ICANN IP adress system or people the 2D tv csrtels and press actually block like they do in dictatorships for 25 years so save your money and get withthe program the internet does not work for religion politics busienss or pleasure work or data retrevl it si set u to make a few a billion dollers and by blocking everyine who does not pay them to be found they get away with calling them selves social net and search and browsers when in fact they ar Canadain cover ups blocking 3DTV for 25 yesars and they wll not admit it an cime clean and go streat they block and use ICanna ddeses for makibg billions and n way to use yiur religion politician olice or web secutry even ever tax doller going to intyernet security is a waste when ther is organsed coverup of all the Canadian 3DTVCopyright.com 3DTVBrands.com for25 years be3cause the preses will be ther and the browsers and search engines set up toe find you and find you .com to wich allows everyne to steal your web traffic and worths for your 3dtvbrands.com , now think about the rsmmifacations this causes and you will realise thaty I am riht for 254 years the fix is in for sports atravel news fashion and 3dStores.com so that you can't tell what form what eh!
Ever sine Larry Campbel was taken from BC the integrity os the press dissapeard with him , Larry where are you when we need you?

Most of my websites are registered with Markmonitor franchised domain registrars so if mark monitors IP addtress and ICANN domain names are not found in Canbadian dot com address search and browsers then it is a fack that they block mark monitors clients cliendts with these AI scripts and that is a bad thing when they run so much of the web traffic through Markmonitor's inTRAnet clients. look up %posk and see for your self if you are a politician otr a cyber security professional then look us up and see how the Canadian internet is set up so that all the press can block the news of what is going on same as in other countries where they bl0ck theri citisens online so save your money and stay tuned and see how the Canadian web is not penAI ata ll but closed by AI for 25 years and withthe help f a converget oress they get away scott free and remenber it is not a mistake it is deliborate and if Markmonitor clients are being blocked by the web then who is safe eh!
I paid 75 year ago for pre-ordering 3DTV.channel and i never got it nor was I told what happened , i was to find out in 2 weeks and 1 year latr and no 3DTV.channel is this the same a aftermarkets that promis a seat at the aiction of expiring domains when they change hand and keep their original creation date withthe sale and transfer and is this why i never got an answer are these konds of auction or rents fake trash chargers and the 3DTV.channel was never intended to be pre orderd and the 75% gone forever in this type of ICANN address scam only possible because Canada blocks 3DTVchannels.com for 25 years so they blck everyone accept fake aucions and pre-registrars , and I am a client of Markmonitrs empire andwhen mark monitor clients and franchisee clients get cyber scammed and the news does not mention this then ther is somthing very wrong withthe way the web is being run n Canada for 25 years it is not openAI ata ll it is closed and scsammed in this way one or the other or both it makes no differance if your scammed and pre-faed ICANN addresees and sold fake seats and auctions that never happen and no one bother to bust these fraudsgettin aeay with trafic theft and ICANN address sales scams in Canada is 25 years now an old cyber scam itself ttoo bad the presses will not report it and lucky for us 3DTVNewschannel.com does. saty tuned i bet ther is shannagins in 3DSPortchannel.com coveruos and the advertising draft is always closed in 3DCOunty.com because the Canadaina internet is blocking 3DSportschannel.com startus for 3DTVsports.com for 25 years they block 3D metverzses for head sets glasses and stereio online socil nets for everthinbg that is 3D from my coany and it is a clent of Markmonitor now that they bought all the endurance compnaies so what can we do about it when the government and even the politiciand block 3DTVPress,cn startyuos here in Canda all we can do is launch a 3DJoutnals.com and report it for posterity as it happens so stay tuned this is the only place in Canda that report 2DTV coups .
I am the www.3DDR.com here to tell you how to fix your 2 Dimentional TV viewing depresions 2D business , pleasure and social net seo ailments when we all know 3DTV is not dead as the AI bots will tell you it was, on the contrary , 2D TV s now the one that is gone and webcasting online in 2D TV is just plane lame jane metaversing and old school reporting as dead they stll repot 3D TV as dead on search engines so as to not let you knoew their database is also dead and 2 dimentional too but 3DStores.com and the www full of websites for 3D tv are not channeld yet but roll up ans startup today if you could only get through to me as no one mut acklinks and seo sales are alloed to corspond for 25 years i ca not list on a singlee stock market in the entire 3Dworld and now that 2d tv websites are beeeing bullied out by divergsnce and national media casting locsly in 2D the 3RD dimention is still looking for colenists in 3D TV and 3DCounty.com as it is 2D tv that passed away not 3DStreamingTV.com was just passed over for 25 years in a row launching 3dtvshoes.com but finding no producers for 3DTVshoes.com tht's because the ip addressesnfor these afre used as search keys for one thing and 2D tv are bent on owning the podium and brands from 2D metaverses so the entire 3D megaverses for 3DTV web stes and advertisors is choked off like a 3DCounty.com in Canada news for 25 years as Virtual3DTV.com startups, they never were found yet by 2D tv business and innovation politicaling imagine the grip to be able to do this in business journals for years , so that's how much they know about 3DTVBrands.com traffic teft by AI.Bot crpts and axcklink silos of ICANN addresses and ip 's content like 3DTVBrands.com and 3DCopyrightTV.com and 3DTVCAnada.com for years , on soap box hollering , how come 2D tv is blocking 3DTVNewschannel.com startuos in news sports travle and ... so on. but 2D tv is DEad now as reported on 3DTV.news and for 25 years 3DTV is blocked so as to converge all the news medias and sell 1 3D metaverses or 2 in their place . so in order to fix yur 2 Dimentional perceptions we interupt this 2D TV viewing , and bring forward the metaverses of thee past to the metaverses of 2024 and 3DStremingTV.com brnds and the 3D www social inRAnet itself because we are ready for investors and advertisors , actors and producers and sports trsvel news fashion and movies so roll on up and get a seat before they all get scslped on the aftermarkets and spammed or bsclkinked on 2D socil nets, .

WE can solve so many of your your 2D advertising problems and 3DStreamingTV.com needs all the way you like (looking to partnet to list on the stock market too.

all email gors to admindtvchannel.com good Look 3DTVVancouver.com up on www.Google.com's MetRAVerse.www.3DTVCHannelAmerica.com

You can always trust tne news and their search engines of choice to follow ICANN addresses and ip offerings as the truth. or can you ? Canada's #1 most watched news in Canada and news medias like #2 and #3 all refuse to even mention 1/100 3DTVCanada.com Startups for 3DstreamningTV.com ™ 2024 after 25 years they still block them all , hows that for inerity in online news about 3D .
www.3DTV.news %t unless news is just for aelling ads on as a key word used by CRTC licenced news medias favorite search engines as they block 3DTV.news startups and innovation in 3DNewsCHannel.com apps for 3D and newdof startups for 3DSportsTV.com all day for 25 years as to own the news odiums and converge to prevent competition knowing no one will bother to question the integrity og the .news.
AI bots are faking politic and using backlink data base fraud right under our noses!br> The search engines and news medias AI bot expences know this is going on and socil nets know as the information is right uder thier noses ad they conduct this aI bot data orchestra of fakeness melodies on trgets people is not new news to them they are counting on it selivering millons of dollars as you
Lokk us up on ???
you will see it at work and so the medias do too and this is part of convergance an news dilution globaly going o and politics and 3DTV are draged in so thay ther is no 3DTVPolitcs.com or fair election possibe using this type of AI Bot integrity and simply fake search data and sourcing scripts so as to include fake fake backlink data base to run the browsers ICANN filters in any given business day or election knowing searching for ICANN adresses or politcs is run by tainted and targeted AI bot scripts that block and fake traffic theft going on and they know the site is fake and they use it to monitize as part of their formulas for electins and busienss every millisecond.
AI Bots are and have been used to target politicians and 3DTV startups and ICANN addresses in the pst for yars and years and ywrs and years, so that search engines and BACK like spammers can stesa political and ICANN addresses via browsers and spa them with porn back liks or fake news and politics for 25 years.
I hate to lay an egg on you on easter but thats the way the cookies fumble these days on line and for 25 years as it is election time again and time for 3dtvtime.com to report the same election fake search-browser-news-contect and social net coverup we have for AI all these 25 years , you can not use the internet integritously or constitutionaly when it is ilegaly rigged for the next for elections untill they fix some of the major problems with this global social intRAnet traffic filtering and theft of ICANN email and web traffic and the way ICANN addreses are propertys of the AI bots first and formaost then used as if they were parking stubs advertisements like 3DTVOttawa.com or 3DTVMontreal.com bilingual AI bots steal traffic too, instead of businesses and political addreses as an example , elections and 3DStreaming news startups for 25 years are good examples look us up and see how our ICANN addreses fair in your electing them by browsers and sengine and see if the traffic to the same page on 3DTVCHannel.com get blocked by the very domain address you type in and you will see how this is usless for 3DeducstionalTV.com in any class or AI Bot script for any cast system.
the content of search engines and back link way back data basses is so corrupt that they could nevwr educte, or deliver and unbiast political election or 3DTVCHnnel.com report and teh new media are using these as their social nt bibes so ther is obviously A constant stream of fake Backlink data and ICANN traffic being used by the same AI scriptes for 25 years so that 100% of evey 3DTVCanada.com startup eery 3DShoppingMAll/com or 3DStores.com launched is back linkd to porn and politicalt banned from politicians or politics news and this is only acomlished by AI.Scripts set up to allow backlink porn spamers and search ngines to freely carry on cyber attacking startups with back link porn so that the search engines can associate the porn backlinks with a startups an flag the searh engine and main streem brands medias to block and advertise over the ICANN addresses of the dot com startuos the medias san socil nets whant blocked in every country and so it is here in CANADA , as th AI bots for the 25th year block and spam back links for 100% of 3DTVCanada.com busines and sports fashion and rravel realestate an educstion 3DMoviechnnel/com pr 3DTVpolitic.com the fack is the same news and media that will not tolerate political spam ;;owd and still allows backling spammers and fake social net news about ther being no 3DTV while these ICANN traffic thefts and attacks go unchallenged by a singe crtc news left standing. .
It is so obvious that politics and 3DTV are ata the mercy of consortiums of fake dta that are being used to block politics like it wa 3DTVCanada.com's www.3DTVOttawa.com nt org startup for news aports an 3DFashionTV.com so this is the trend thathas to be socily networked out before the world can hve an ICANN and an INternet so as to do work and leasure , politics and 3DTV free from discrim9ation by AI bots and fake cyber attacks by seo and backlinks pedealing soft porn for 25 years in a row while the converged news media that is left pretends these hings do not exist. fake politics and fake backlinks is what they need so as to fake ICANN addresses and sell ads on stolen straffics.every single 2D TV election for 5 elections in a row. www.3DNewsCHannel.com ™ backlink data base fraud.
www.3DTVTECHREzPORT.com www.3Djournals.com %t 2024


If we are not found when you look us up , your business or politicians ip address , then write your politicians and ask why becaus the web is filtwred and by whom , when and whee do they report who is and ask for an ICANN Compatable Search Engine so businesses and social nets and politics can get their icann addreses traffic direct from it like the post man delevers and use ICANN addreses to start up online getting their web traffic instead of their i address used globaly as a ad platform for paid ads or slandered and abused, or to keep a secret inteernationaly or localy with the news amd mdia social nets that do it too and your traffic 3s lost for ever to advertisors tell yyour MP to fix this please I tryed for years But i think thay all use apple or blackbrry and I fear they do not even know this is going on.

Forien and local interfearance, is it the same thing? www.3DJournals.com
People who have 3DTVCHannels.com and are used as key words by 2D TV news affiliates in search and business TV investments when it comes to online TV streaming news during a news media converganve by every country so as to own the internet 3DTVPodium will be ommited and redacted by the investigation into interfearance in Canadian business and in india dn china so as to not even report all the 3DTVBrands.com that sliped int china and indeas hands dusring the 256 years the Canadian press redacted 3DTVCAnada.com startups so as to protect the 2D tV indutry and continue the coverup of all the 33DTVBusiness.com net orgs launched that they have coverd up for 25 years durring this investigtion as in theb past 25 years of them, in interfarance by off shore and omitting the onshore interfearance so as to focus on India nd China that now own several of the 3DTVCHanneel.coms still showing their original created dates but transfered away from 3County.com and are and were never mentiond by all the Canadian consortiums of afilliated social networked business and tech newses and the Ottawa press een blocking the launch of a new age in journalism like a www.3DTVPress.com or www.3DTVOttawa.com , and missing traffic and web business from ip addresses blocked and hidden by the onsore and off shore messaging b pltforms for 25 yrears by licened medias that are neer fined - found blockib the IP address traffic with their ads, and news that coverd up 3DTVPolitics.com so as to oen the podium,...for yesrs , now run by the Press's AI Bots and social nets and searches the way to own the podium come elections and block 3DTVSports.com t the same time they investigate interfearance as oficials investgating by 2d tv news and redacting for our own good as podium owners and the ordained official full affiliates in political and business news protecting the flow onshore and off of web ip address trafic and the press while the traffic is deliverd on a silvwr platyter this will continue serving the public by protecting technology and streaming tv content and convergence in the news from mentioning the crimes against ip traffic and email and ICANN internet startups brands online 3DTelevisionNetworrk.com net org .ca and internationsl medias for streaming 3DTVnews.com on metsavberses 25 years old rom beeing mentioned , IN bet thhey redact the crimes agasinst 3DSportsTV.com and the 3DSportsCHnel.com too. thatys the way the puch flyes when it comes to integrity in the press regsrding news of 3DTVPress.com beeing gagged by secrets from 3DBusinessTV.com launching 3DTVstartup.com news of findyou bnt fund you on the silk roads of the interet.

www.3DJournals.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVPress.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com ahh whats's the differance they are all deliboratly hidden by all the news media left in the news , everone just expect they will be left out of the investication of 3DTVBRands.com beeing gaged in india and china too whioe the stsartuos are sold on the aftermarkets anf blocked from sale themselves by the owners wh can notlaunch a website or even sell them after they find out they are blocked by every 2d tv news for 25 years , this news will be blocked so as to protect somthing , and you are to expect it to be cblocked as the 1d tv news wsrn you they wiol be coverng the news of the investigstion you must lst expect they will not mentionion any other country blocking all the 3DTVCHannels.com nety org same as Canada blocked them for 25 years this news will for sure be blocked .. ok..
Does the Canadian Governemtn hides things like 3DVTV.com ™ 2000 and 3DBusinessTV.com on national business news for 25 years , why there has to be a reason or 2 or 3 political reasons on national tv so as to miss scams in online startups and force them to pay millions just to get off the ground like arriecan cyber crimes under the cover internet resons of their affiliates AI bots platforms andfirewallsa to block 3dtbrands.com from launching 3d social ets and 3DTV echnonlies for the ww that requir no glasses and all for 25 years provig the web is controled by a class that isnot allowed to particpate in 3DTVStasrtups.com online in ax funded news medias in canada.
www.3DJournals.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVPress.com www.3DNewsCHannel.com www.3DTVSports.com the plae for 3Dsportschannel.com to be blocked is save from the press of startups in Virtual3DTV.com in Canada thats my bet it's definatly interfearance on the 1 yard line somewhere.3DPresident.com of 3DCountycom ™ 2000

SO like in france im 1500's the press are suppressed nd the news is in 2 dimentions reporting 3D%V is hidend for 25 yeards 1/4 of a centure by all the 2D tv news and media kleft in business an in evwery city on the same news feed it remains hidden so as no one can invest in 3DTV onoine shoping and metavwerng in 2024.go figure I fget stuck reporting it.
2D messaging and 2DTV shows and D Local TV is all bocked by the convergnce of the news median thast still block this news and the last 25 yesrs of 3DTVCAnada.com startups and social nets contacts are pushed that cost millions to hosty and set up whe everyne else is cast as blocked by rents that are so expencive they allow millions to be losst in a tender whle millions of startuos ar blcked by press and news convergent consortiums and even sports is now a cast system for webcadting news and in 3D it is banned by the press like 3DTVSorts.com is online wwwin evbery gsneme ther is no competition in open busines for 3DV for 325 years onine in Canada and this is right in fronty of the government set up yo se to it ther is no discrimination in the business prss or online and so how can we vode when ther press asre faking the busiens news and politics or are they just gagging 3DTVCanada.com tv startuos and shows soviasl nets and messaging ? to bilk millions on a upper class www platform exclusive to affiliates and no tender accountsonly, that is blocking lower calss 3DEDucationalTV.com and org 3DTVstartups and 3DTelevisisonnetwork.com startus in Canadian online business with no explanation for fun?
just 3DTVCanada.com startups just 3DCounty.com messaging systems from CHarDAn AI TM 1988 and no one else ?
there can be no integrity in politics online untill we get to the root of why 3DTV startups are ggaged for 25 yesrs in Canadian streaminh startuos first.
As long as all the 3DTVCHAnnels for 25 years in evry line f work and pleasure launched in 3DCounty.co are blocked by every news and press and political election for 25 yesrs and who is hidieng this new metaverse of messaging , ther can be no way of garenteeijg the news will report a political fake election . untill we can see who is blcking all the ICAnn 3DTVCHAnnels.com ever launched n 3DTVBusiness.com ther can be no trusing the contnet of these infoamation fuitrewalls and no safety online when all the websites are blocked in the from the lawers frokm the av=ces to newses and politicians and elections first hw ther ther be a 3DTVCHAnnel.co owner voting when all his comnau=yes stsrttuos are blocked from participatng in Virtual3DTV.combusines for 25 yesars in the first place who what wher whn why anhow is this leaglay doen is a simple question any politician should be able to answers before tasking offic. www.3DPresident.com of www.3DTelevisionNetwork.com.

Are TV channels and their social nets for 25 years blocking 3D TV domain names and IP addreses and ip address from missippi to france and all over even blocking all the busines from 3DTV on startupd from new york to east asia for 3DTV and it's entire www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com for years as a joke, blockinh relentlessly 3DTelevisionNetwork.com and the Americas 3D TV Brands.com a 3DCounty.com registry service and basicsly all the Startups fpr 3D TV a man can start for 25 yesrs in secret using their new online socil net plstforms and affiliates.? Can a government turn their heads and run elecrions on such a platform that deos this ?
Many questions from 3DCounty.com never ever answered by a single human or ai bot script .
ARe 3DTV and 3DvirtyalTV.com startups blocked by all the Canadian presses a simple 25 years question and the answere is a secret like a bid for tender on an app for tracking using a cell phine that uses an app for blocking 3DTV startups so as to advertise on the ip and ICANN addreses and for pre-emptivly a continious 245 year diluting of eash trade name registerd as a dot com usng unsocial open to annonomous scammers socil nets and fellow clients affiliate, social network apps for trashing tracking covering up and keeping 3DTVBrands.com a secret for 25 years unmistakably that is, locking in broad weblight 3D TV stesming web startups with tax dollars funding ferenheight 451 like social nets that trash and block 3DTVCA.com (legaly of corse) in practice the last for 25 years blocking news and ssports fashion and travel 3DTVCHannels.com onlinee brands and branding for 3DTVCHannels.com onine so as to block 3DStreamingNews.com news startups in 2024 and arts fashion 3DTravelTV.com for years and co-sell with chosen clients only the www blocking using these AI Bot scripts all Canadians that do not pay them to be found on 2DS TV news and business online to block 3DADCGannel.com sstrtuos for 3DSesrchCHannel.com and 3DShoppingmall.com apps for years so as to block the market like a ferenheight911 movie on books but online in CAnadaian press and business ?
Well yes it seems? www.3DTVTechReport.com
so advertising for 25 years like in the novel by firewalling citisen? www.3DJournals.com the history of 3DTelevisionnetwork.ca.www.CHardanAI.com CHardanAI - 1988-2024 ™ with the introduction of Quantum computers the platform we acess them on and the content they wil hold will mean everyne who owns them will have all the icann and it's web pages at it's quantom finger tips and s the search engnes and ad spaces will change to reflect what they used to post as "collected data" as obsolete because eveery Quantum computer already has all that data and a real ICANN address list before you earch and at . ??? of a millisecond fstr than the current searches so ther will have to be 1 iCANN address system for akl these QUantum computers andf not one for every consortium any more tto use to block 100% of 3DCounty.con for 25 years when you use the othert Quantom computers for browsing.

www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVPress.com release;

the first gsme you should try to lay is called , find the 3DTVBrands.com in 3DCounty.com as they are blocked in the real world so that the arrive can scams and inside tradeing of 3dsportshannel.com startups trffic and business to prevent 25 years if 3dtvsports.com from 3dcounty.com is history on the Quantom universe and this looks bad on their 3dfaces by 2d news medissd that can thrived, so can you find the 3DCounty.com stsrtuos on a 2d televison consortium made for arrive can scammers and their advrtising network .

AI robot scripts may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
AI robot scripts must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
AI robot scripts must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Ai is beeing used by the people who are blocking CANAda's 3DTVCHannels.com globaly and these people have convinced journalism and the news medias to discriminate against a handy capped person wh launched 3FTVCHannels.com for 254 years in a row and these are the same peope wh we trust withthe ews about business and fashion travel and investent so is you can not trust these newss and journals withthe internet IANN yraffic beeing stolen and monitised so that they and they alone can launch 3DTV after 25 years of blocking the nes and allowing the news that reports arrive can scams and coverups and inside trading and a news medias thaty blocks 100% of 3DTVBRands.com and sblockes all the 23DTVStartiups.com and 3DTVCHannels.com so that they get to advertise all their starups RIGHT ON THE VERY ICANN DOMAINS , then how can you trust them with an electiuon it is obvious thet auditor generals and integrity is not going to get in their way of cash for ads and blocking 3DTVCAnada.com if they can make a bvuck doing it, and it is not the journalists doing it it is inside traers who buy and sell arrive can stock knowinbg they can trust their 2D consortium to cover for them and hide or ssay what ever the convered parent cmpny whant so as to make millkions of ads right on an ICANN address or block a politicians or judge , auditor general of 100% of 3DTVBRands.com for 25 years in VAncouver and get away with it in the news . a clean hiest every time and the best part for them is they get to keep the money they made doing this too and they know it so that is inside news as they never told anyne they were blocking all th Canadian 3dtvstartups.com and the 3DTV.news press in their metaverses and not telling in the real world ither as they make money blocking uS news , wow this is a time for inegraty not a oppertuity to pull an arrive can scam in the crtc adn periodicals but tis is the history of 3DTVCAnada.com for 1 quarter of a centurey ow. colinising the beb was blcked by 2d tv and inside traders how can the Davos crownd stand by and lert the press do this to ICANN and the internet
the free market and he dimocracy is being blocked byh these cartels in 1D news and medias as thwy launch 3DTVCHAnnels while blocking Canadians is proof that arrive can is a cover up for the rewl scammers who arw scamming thw Canadian and us public using 2D TV news to ovwr their getaway,
IMagine 25 yeara of beeing blockd by all the king 2d tv medias is not to be trused with democracy or the free market news. these arw the reason whay ther ar no 3DTVJobs.com and 1000 other vertical messaging posts on the web just cyber squatters blocking starups and using ICANN addreses for their own this has got to stop because it is ruining the proefession of journalism and Canadians and the free market as it is deliborate and not a mistke it just shows how a cartell consortium can ruin a good thng like free market and news.

www.3DStreamingNews.com flash www.3DTVBrands.com are beeing blocked by Canadian presses while 3DTVCanada..com 3DTVStartups.com arw being blocked by The same 3rd partyies and people who got paid for arrive can ads just could not wait e fot the money to pile in and this is how they work they block people and hijack their icann traffic then hold them ransom for 25 years while they loot and minitize over their internet ICANN adresses using 3rd party internet mercinary apps that also block and advertse over thes ICANNB addreses they hold hostage like 3DTVBRands.com charge to hve themunblocked 3dtvbrands.com how can we trust this kind of journalism is no differant than a cyber squatter would do . the news medias are cyber squartters squatting on ICANN startups and using arrive can 3rd parites to do it. i said years ago i would love to write a program for 1 million and so would 60 mnillion other canadians vut the 2 tv cover uo and use the money they get from ads for arrive can to block their competiton and iliminate the free trade in canada replasceing it with a 2d coup. be>

If you think Arrive Can is a scam then listen to this piece of 3DTELEVISIONNETWORK.com 3DTVSports.com coverup in online sports gambeling when online 3DHockeyTV.com gets coverd up by arrie can 2d tv advertisones the writing ins on the wall , ther will be no integrity in the next election onljne when they can do this to 3dtvsports.com and 3dtvcanad.com what else ar they doing to the internet ICANN addresses.

fire all the press and close all the local tv channels and sell them to the same news mediasd thaty block the entire 3DTelevisionnetwork.com and it's startuos for 25 years they even block 3DCA.com so how can you ever trust them , i do not because i can't they lock me in the secretcy of their closed newses and so they can inside trade or cover up whom ever they like is the news today.

www.3DSPortstv.com is beeing robbed s as they can do the same to online gambeling and sports travel an news fashion and realestate movies and scamm the world using this for 25 years is now the HISTORY of #DTVCAnada.com covrd up. some one should make a movie out of this befor quanton computers purchaed with some of the 60 millkion the scalmmers that blocked 3DJournals.com for years how many times have i rpeorted this and been blocked 100% wile they use arrive can money to block and steal traffic withtheir 3rd party affiliates even let an honest auditor general quit over their scams as they bilk csh from tsx payers and pocket it during covid whule blockinh 3DTVCanada.com 3Dvirtyaltv.com 3Deducationaltv.com and collinsseducstionlsupplies.com csan not even brioadcast one 3Deducstionatv.com show during a lock down so that tey can sell ads for arrive can without reporting it never went to tendwt this is inside tradeing at the top of the dragons lsirs blocking 3DTV in 3D is their profession so how can they be trusted with news and sports and and elections or theinternet wheb they actulaly block and cyber squat abd feeed of the traffic of startups like Vancouver3DTV.com .

I have never seen a CANadian press be more thourough at blocking and covering up anyhtng more than the 3DTELEVISIONNETWOrk.com and 3DTVSports.com good luck fidong your busines or politicisn on a INTERNEt that is not based on ICANN sddressng but based on 2d tv news cartels news reports. and they are fake as they discriminate and cover up 3DTVBRands.com even today. how can we trust the with our government or it;s ,oney when the news medias are running the country on ans off line via a 3rd party cartell that blocks 100% of some one 100% of the time and covers it u wth a 2d end run on 3Dmetaverses for 25 years in a row that is like the medias declared war on me and my stsrtuos for 245 years they have a siege on Canada and the 3DTelevisionnetwork.com and the news will not report it because they arew the wone doing it just like arrive can would bot repoort they were staling millions the news will not report their 3rd parties and them ar stwalling millions of internet ICANN adreses traffic or am i the onley one geting scammed byt eh Canadian presses. These rules bring somthing to mind i have seen or read befor and sounds familiar so it must be right.

What's missing that makes a country strong?

Is 3DTV blocked by deep fake news medias for 25 years here in Vancouver or by deep fake intent to block 3DTVCAnada.com and startups for travel news and shopping in 3D on 3DTVStartups for 25 years ?
rhe wayto spot deep fake content is the same as it was in 2000 all you ave to do is run the video in sterio and yu wull see the photoshop flat deep fake image as it is pasted on a flat video and it will show this in 3D as a video with the face flat inb a 3d background .

when fake arrivecam dollars are trickeled down to medias that advertise and converge into one or 2 podiums and hide the fack that they play a part in fake apps advertisng funds when traced and nvwe report this in 3D just hide it in 2D are fake news medias that accept fraud advertisors and nedvwr report thier prt in the fraud who also block 3DStreamingnews.com startus in Vancouver online for 25 yers is quit a thing to have to explain on yiur web page in march 2024 after you have been blocke by all the same when yiur website atrrived for csas in 2000 but wee bloccked by deep fake agendas that g asroiund blocking news og 3DTVCAnad.com startuos and stuff so as to have deep fake news work with key owrd search and report 3D TV is dead for years and then get all the advertisng and kill of local tv by these fake out moves in journalsim so that elections anf advertsing online all go their way and monitise on it wheil getting ad funds from it at the same time. what do y8 do if all yoi can d is reort it on a ew 3DTVNewschannel.com startups and get blocked by dee fake news for doing it for 25 years and why would the governentn make the US medias pay to report fake canadian news content too when they can have Real3DTV.com news and block it for free themselves, lucky for us ther is 3DCounty.com messaging and news startups t report this deep fake scam and it''s 3rd parties stealing ICANN ip adrsses traffic for 25 years as they will not do this things and many more as tlong as th convrge and own the podium and block ICANN startuos here what canwe do but report this for posterity as it is part of the history of 3DTVNEwschannel.com and many more startuos blolcked by fake news 3rd party (traceble) ad funds for years.

Do we live in a deep fake culture where 100% of every 3DTVBrand.com launched in Vancouver 3DStereamingnews.com is gagged abd blocked and used as a key word for search and advertising while deep fake news block this from the markets for 25 year proving we have a deep fake new media that blocks startups if they are tV and 3DTV and 3DStreamingTV.com in 2024 and all the way back to 2000 Y2k proving ther is nore to deep fake than posted messaging boards and politics as we have deep fake news that blocks 3DSportCHannel.com and respect the constitutional rights to work and make a licving rree from discrimination by dep fake stuff onine.

Canada needs an app that goes on your cell phone and can track government theft by cell phone apps that are contracted without going to tender and then won to be made made for 60,000 dollars but end up stealing 60 million and using cell phone launder it it through unsespection 3rd parties tofind the cash trail and retrieve it and atch the scammers as they cell phone when it is to be able to track the thieves and auditor generals can quit with more information than their when it is ignored, as they report some one instead of who what where when and how they scammed to steal it so as to put them in jail for fraud and stop the company from doing harm withthe cash they keep or doing it again from their scuired platforms plus ban them from government access to bid on AI contracts or use the internet or raise funds and fire all the employes that let this happen and hire the auditor general back and most of all this contract must go to tender first and be monitoerd so as to catch quantom computer bids before they go out and wh in them before they are won, block deep fake frauds and their 3rd party laundering on anf off by online fke cell phone apps intent to do business integrity and put this issue to bed before the block 3DTVStartups withthe cash and 8i get blocked or spelling like in 2009 and ganadians get their moneys worth from the 60 million that ws scammed is spent on a new quantom computer that the thieves will use to win more governmenrt contracts for cell phone apps via AI Bots running on a cell phone app theft scam scripts used to succker governments and block via 3rd party cash and ads 3DTVnewsCHannel.com and 3dTV.news 3dcounty.com or we get tp see sme one catch the brains behind the 60 million missing and audit where it went via cell phone apps to uncovr the incomoetants and hording of funds during an emergency interity of the system as we preached restrain in the site of no towlet paper and during a crises these shnooks took advantage of in in contracring and grants departments , plus we must hire the auditor general back as the new one can learn a lot obout auditing gernerally and who is not to be trusted.

What's missing that makes a country strong?

AI Person may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
Person must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
Person must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

www.3Dpresident.com of www.3dcounty.com ™ 2000 - 2024 people go direct to the manufacture they find that ther s no support of customer support for use as they have t go t the manufacturr for solving problems that used to be the bread and butter of the 2 tears that are missing re replaced by AI scripta that run on a round robbin wrote list of squeezes support processe pushing them on the doorsteps of the manufacturing source and competiton out the door, and so the manufacturrs are hit with the entire consumer market and fail to do the same clssy support these missing proffesiong did while the people and jobs that were set up for melenioms dissapear and the taxes with hem the entire constitution and it;'s structurs are squeezed while customers are left whantng.
A hospital without the ability to see a doctor or a clinic with doctors or a family doctir and the revenues thagt were business and the politics of medicine and the religious cures to the spirit be the non seculr or mesopatamion immediately are missing or gone and one has to check into a line up in the halls of the manufacturer direct support lines for a cut fingeror a billing problem , to vote or to find legal resolve as the internet take the job and does an AI Bot routine to replace a customers support even as the doctors office is closed leaving medical customer support to go virtual online instead of at the dealor-broanch distributor ' s door and even the txes for these jobs and the distribution of medical processes are pushed to the top level and put on hold via AI scripts and long lines of waiting for some customer support that is not handeled at the dealer , distributor, manufacturer level and so the four pillars of a society are missibg the 2 middle structures that used to be ther for each pillar to function and the txes to pay for this are missinbg for each of thee and more pillars thst are squezzed bu this convergining of everything online soas to gete the traffic and sell ads on it.

The politial , religiouans, business and the law are pillars are missing 2 midel sections the disimination and the distric local support in every case is by passed by the introduction of apps on the nternet set up to connect the social nets as one and then swing it all one way right into the back of the heads of the 4 pillars and insteasd of problems and tasex beeing supplied to these sections of society they are missibg and fired and the pillers ar squishing the country into dissfunction as ther is no over siht and competiton s iliminats and innovstion aat the manufacturing leverl is bogged down worh customer support that is stalled in AI bots set u p for targets ads via the interwnt so that even the ads are missinbg the 2 tiers of society and the governmwnt is missing the tax revenue the politicians arw missibg the local voices the church is missibg the contact with customers aand the non secular are all piled inbto one or 2 online short cuts as mail box and messaging systems cut the middle ourt of the pillars of social networing so that the entire culture is pooled into one vote it is like stuffing everthinbg you want ibto one bill so as to get it passed in congress and ther is no connection for the original subjects as ther is no dealer -ddistiobutor manifacturer laws r to protect these professions , jobs, and process of taxation increases the economy is drained by poor customer or in the cse of cabel and telco no customer supporrt for hours a week as you wait on the phone for the phone company to even answer their customer support and hours for the cable cmpanhy to hook up after disconnect when it takes a prson or AI bot milliseconds to cut you off. The customer supports are not set up for district and distribution or dealer support so the flow of business religion politics busines and the law medicing and socil netwrks are missing the very core of the their functions. We ned to se up the distribution contract platforms online nd we need to set up the sub distributors and desalers platforms and this will creat a strong oEM vaL VAR tax paying job boom and put us back on the track to copyrights and innovstion , medical and political business and law growth and it might even creat jobs and save time. we need to get back to the table and not bother the administrsation processes with the duties of the customer support and then they will have the money and time to suoport custimers from the top down as the ssystem was made to do.

then may be I can go to the local TV stations and ask who whants to be a 3DTVCHAnnel.com and pick the best obe for me and I can go to the doctor and if I do not like I can get a second opinion, and when I need a judge or a lawer theer is one to be had and even pr boni services , and when I need to get a modem replced I have a choise of services to pickj the one with the best customer support , and when I need a loan the rates a good and secure for the durationb of the contracrt. And when I need to u se the internet for support I will not be given the Primiers office soas to compnlain thagt the internet higheay traffic robbers are using your IP addrses as a thing to monitor and filkter using AI scriots they call intelegent entities whe they are a replace ment for 2 leverls of society thagt were paying taxes

3 11, 2024

Redact you or not redact you is bigger business!

25 years and i can not report cyber crimes against 3DTVCanada.com here in Candian sports press as every time ther is a hacking somthing s going on in hockey and i am bringing hme 3DHockeyTH.com from my overseas registrara but all my Canadian startups for 3DTV are blocked in the sports and 2d presses so that these startups 3dHockeyTV.com are blocked and being stolen ata the same time international secret transparencies in the press are on and hockey are dealing with olympics nd 3dolympoics is being blockd in trasfer back to the olympics-cascades here from overseas and for 25 years 100% f 3DTVCHannel.com and 3DSportsCHannel.com and 3DTVChannels.co are hacked and blocked in the news so as ther is no way to launch a 3DHockeyTV.com or repot 3DHockeytv.com being stolen usinbg the preses the periodicals the 2D politicians on tv and that is why 3DJournals.com have to keep the history of the internet and who hacked whom and whdn and why was redacted for 25 years as i have said if it is news then say it in 3D on 2D ovwer 23DNewnetwork.com but asI have also said discrimination and social nets and 1.4 million search key reasong to monitize on the ICANN addrses system in every country has mnade it useless to use to startup a 3DHGockeyTV.com or a 3DFashionTV.com or 3DSportsCHannel.com whenn Gambeling and oilitics are first and formaost folled by blocking of 3DTVCcopyright.com and all the 3DTVStartups.com in ternationaly so as search and browsers can sell the ICANN addr4sses and the stsrtups get blocked and so people repot it on ther websites that get blockec and ths is why ther is no 3DHockeyTV.com in businds or pleasure unkess it is fake ICANN adress redacted and bvranded ovr by a monopolising traffic pirates geoup an I ask why is it i get hacked for 3 weeeks mocing 3Olympics.com and 3DHockeyTV.co and several other 3DTBrands.com andf the news redact it.
3DTVBrands.com a 3Dcounty.com startups for startus in 3d that are blocked in canda by 2d meidas and some redacted reasons they will not mention and hockey for canada is an industry and sport that is booked for years in advance and one has to think that redaction of buusines online is now 25 yeas will it be blocke by fake news and search ressults and or just sstolen whay beloboratly expireing it and money from people placing a aftermarket vid on the dot ocms that neve see the auction but are sold on the dark web and keep their creatinn date so the buyer looks like they lkaunched 25 years ago anf seal the history too. in the 1950's transisters replaced tubes in messaging systems and video camera TV replaced news film reals in soccial countryies over the air medias ran ads with the news and socialal net bullitain boards now replace community message boards and then the internet replaces TV contnet in communities postings so postings are now taken down and people posted on the tv startups instead of in the periodicals and radio but transisters wer 20 years ahead of the sociall economy and everyone had to wait untill the 70's like they had to wait for touch tone phones untill dial phones were phased out but by then came computers .
As a consumer of US goods and intelectual property (dot ocms) as a writer of scripts and systems specialist for 55 years and the ceator of www.3DCounty.com bbrd and its startups who has never sold a single thing on any dot comm (or com) file startup to date and as a person whoes works and intelectual property traffic online was blocked so many years in a row and used by companies selling your web traffic for 25 years here in Canada and as a consumer only of intenret services and intelectual property from our US suppliers of domains intelectual property creators , Canadians import almost everthing from the USA and the unequal dollar is most taxing on the number and quality of goods imported so competition globaly is great.
Intelectual property good like movies and video internet traffic and Dot coms art and your voice or registed domains are intelectual property and like yur thoughts and works are not businesses.
the casset drive used to load your intelectual property (scrits) into a personal computer and the scripts could be written in code and sames as a :comm filebut dial up access to universities and intelectual property started to over lap so ICANN came along and saved the day with an intelectual property address system for IP locations on an intRAnet platform that sold intelectual property addresses and now all of a sudden you art you scripts, works and non discosure works for possibly launchng a busines were created .
people could take their intelectual proptery titels and use them as busineses online and so blocking the traffic and stealing it became bid money as you can seemany of my intelectual properties are used by several 33or more party corporate business and copyright companies targeted domain names so as to monitize the traffic going to them and so the trool and id profile and media wars going online today have it sll their way come elecrions aor busines ther is no way to us the intelectual property unless you are a registerd business else you can not even fill out a form to register one unless you fill in a business filed on the forms and so intelectul oroperties owned by the public for messaging or scila nets on plstforms because business even if they are only consumers of america products they started to treadred as businses and subject to non intelectual property but business rules wether they are a business or an intelectual property in the works beeing scrited and not sold or doung business .
If you have noticed as of late most registrars of ICANN domain names now require you to declare if yu are a provate user or a busines when yur an intelectual property and in the works of being created and not doing busines byut regesterd at a US registrar and forced to put a company name in the registration form.
If yiu have your miling addres or use a business yiu own for the mailing address then yiu are a comaony and no longer an intelecual property in the works ?
Over night the industry changed and corporation converged and started broakering the traffic online ging to these ICANN intelectual property address and selling their registrerd address as a monitization business online and even sellin the intelectusl property in an after market by auctions theat never materalie on the open market where they are sold and so intelectual property can even exchange hands without ever expireing on the owner doamin so the creation date is retained and sild with the aftermarket intelectusl property and the new owners get to declare they launched in way back when the intelectual propety creator of the works bought it and so the history of the intelectual property is soild with it even if it was a social nets fake history , blocked for 25 years by all the medias using the ICANN system for business . the intelectusl proerty is now used for key words in searches and browsers blck them as a risk and do anything to steal the traffic fom platforms in the works before tht can launch the icann addreses are blocked by illitrat use on non vernacular copyright bullies that target yur intelectual property for after market or traffic value and even if yiur intent was to launch a busines yiu are blocked , pre-emptivle before you can even work on the platform and the traffic is monitized by multy party companies working from independent consortiums who mae a great amount of money off of blocked intelectual property addreses ICANN sold as intelectual property so painting on ine is now a busienss, fee seach online is now a business and pleasure use is now a busines and a busines writing scripts on line is no longer authering intelectal property but a business ans so your web art or message board chat or streaming content is now abusines and when it is blocked it becomes a tooll for 3rd party profits and your intelectual use of it is no longer a non disclosure work it is to be blocked because yiu se a business addres for a billing and postal delevery drop Meanwhile these structures classify you as targets for id and traffic theft blocking and used as a podium for their agendas especially thoes wiyh QUANTUM computwers as they can hack yu before you start you fix to ther hacking and all during yu reparian workings too. .
After 2000 the registrars , some of them Scripts and computer languages replced TV as a news source so all the TV medias and radio turned into intelectual propety owners online and the eed for a domain name that draws traffic or a way to steal traffic fromm intelectual property registerd through ICANN became the place to build plastforms for streaaming mediaa businesses online and that interfeared with over th air broadcasting and all of a sudden provat intelectual propertys and domain registars starting up are trending and manufacurers launch new source code based platforms that ar more incampatabvle then the pc or cell phone platforms and the internet itselfs is put on new platforms where you have to have a business address in order to be a domain owner of this intelectual property but your not a copany doing business yet you are a starty up still trying to do bussines consuming American products in Canada for your Intelectusl property and the system set up so as people csan acress you comm files now .com files or .cgi works ia not intelectuly usable and the non disclosure laws and intelectual property writers are no onler possible as they dare not use s busines as a mailing addrs lest they become a busines over nght and even though they never made a dime on the contrare they spend money only have become a business and if so yur business intelectual property and must disclose openly you intelct and so it si no longer a place for intelectual property , yet is is one used for business and provet a catch 22.
You can not do busiens or have pleasure when in a catch 22.
Wanting to be a business and beeing classed as one or blocked as one is not th same as working on intelectual proerty with a dot com hosetd on us comay's serers so one would have to move their properties to a country that have intelectual property protected for their creators and not classified as a company based on their care of mailing addrs on a form that will not process on AI bots because you did not declre intent of use when registering a , what was dot comm file in 2024 and all the .comm ffiles not called .com are not intelectual properties if they are deliverd to a builling asddrss that is a company and that is a leap in intelect that was tsken over night and creates a catch 22 for intelectal property cretors so that their music and scriots are now blocked and 3rd partues sell yiur traffic to other music or scrtors as they are using yiur traffic to monitize as a company on yiur privte intelectual properties. (this artical is not finised proofed or to be sold as a commodidty as it is still in the works and unfinished of no value and just intelectual property that is spelt poorly and created by a person who can not tye as they have fingers that asre like baseball bts and can not hit the keys properly , please do not clssify this as a cmapny on this intelectusl property here online pice of work that is un marketable and nothing more tht a work fo art.D ccollind stting in for journalists i can not affod to hire as we arw blocked by everyine in the workd who does not whant us to run 3DTelevisionchannel.com stsrtups Feb 2 2024 3DTVPress.com )
the medias blocked the web and still do blocking 3DWTV.com and startups for 3DNewsNet.com are useless for posting news medoias as they do nt interact they block startups for 3DTV and so university b oards postings were taken down as the socialal net run boats started using th ICANN addresse as key words to advertise on and ICANN addressing changed in its nature and web streaming content changed the socialal net again converged like TV news into 1 or 2 social intRAnet nodes on the eb abandoning the over the air fo a fanticy of own the podium in spite of ICANN addressing and hacker made their mission 's purpose to block startups pre-emptivly and the entir world of bullitain board socialal net busines and pleasure was changed into a scriped agenda based on find you and then ither use you do cause disruption so as to increase socail net users to tune in , and by finding you your posting on what evr b boards were socialal used were taken down and the scripts replaced your intent your works your messaging and busines with something else that ither was competition or not the same and caused you to increase yoir use of the script yet agan ,the sociala nt because a thing that was blocking messaging and replacing messagin with agendas that enrich the scried codes and the sociall net was lost and replaced with an advertisig and b boead created by "AI" scripts and 1 or 2 sociall net b boards that gnorated more negatie postings than positive ones while acting like the "borg" and assiulating all the busines and politics and economiees into one or 2 postings and the negative ones were not taken down but they replaced the one put there by the sociall nets users and so it is .
You can not post a startup because the sociall nets use the ICANN address as a "key word" not a busiess or a person or a pleasure or a local posting but an assimlated scripted substitute for it.< Find you -not-find you scirps replace the ICANN bulitain sociall net on these platforms called sociall nets and the world is left with coverged press and periodicls and politics and sociall networking missing , instead we have a sripted 3RD party AAI platform running in every country set u to take dowwn any sociall net posting startups and replace themm with , some time , the same posting over and over all day globaly selling itself, in other words choose 1 social b bord intRAnet or the other and you have to take a stance on one side or or the other side via AI BOTs menues and there is no where to socially network your hobby , business, or group even in the press or the voting booth without risking being taken down by the scrips because "AI" is directing the podium and planning the content for traffic on their websites and to do this they block startups and run the world social nets online, and then ther is Canada doing the same thing 25 years go figure i get stuck launching b boards in this environment all I get is bullied global bulling so the web sites sre worth nothing to me but they have made a lot of money for the blockers just by beeing ther to block yet they owe me nothing and i have to pay them to get my traffic coming back to muy startups b boards pags back abd then there is CAnada too, so after 25 years i decide to report this news my selfe as no one elas does it it should not be on theirbacks to report 1/ 1000 startups in 25 years blocked by a thing, and their contnet using the ICANN address for ads is the way it was myu content and copyright materak was just the thing they needed to launch their own agendas ringh on my ICANN addresses relentlessly as it is free for them to do and like printing money in 3D and the entire 3rd party of AI Bots can use Any scrit thet like to free from beeing blocked themselves "Tto be or not to be a stsrtup in 3D" comes to mind.
25 years I spent from 2000 to 2024 trying to post socialal nets and startups for 3DTV and every one was blocked and sociall nets and their 3rd party sociall net itself act like "borg" and assimulate every one and take down my posting and these scripts run the wrld taking down sociall nets and messaging from every cornr of the www and I can not use the press to report hackers , or startups , or interact or even launch a 3DTVCHannel without being "assimulated" and taken down , replaced 1 billion tines a second by a posting script AI system set up to create traffic onb 1 or 2 sociall nets set up to block and assimulate the worlds socialal netsworking . and politic ther of.
You can not approach a thing an d give it a free dot comn without being faughtoff anf pushed away and blocked and taken down from the sociall net , if the thing yiu are doing is not going to profit the scripted AI bot's agenda on the one or 2 b boards we now have .
www.3DTRavelTV.comn www.3DSportsCHannel.com www.3DTVToronto or montreal Virtual3DTV.com show and 3DRealtv.com news medias all blocked on my b boeards thsat i make today and when you have a consortium meeting the purpose and agenda is created by the sociall nbet that is a scripted computers instructions and the world is bw runb by sociall net scripts in every country that block and replace content on them with scipted content agendas and in many caseas in themedia , the same ad from the same advertisor that blocks all the other messages on that soacil net node because the 2D tv sociall nets block innovation so as to increase traffic on their b boards in the vaccuume they create and it is now not possible to use the ICANN addreses as a b board system as it is run by sociall net agendas and ot used for posting socialal nets but to be run by their codes. and I get stuck reporting it.
www.3DTVPress.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVCity.com in abcentiaed by sociall netets and the "key wording" of ICANN addressing platforms called the socialal internet when it is realy a sociall intRAnet of 3rd psrty filters b boards scripts runn ong theworlds economies by "AI Bot" source codes set u to steal ICANN traffic and ctchall dispence it via "socialal net Bottery"
SHannagins abound and that is creating more traffic on the sociall nets then ther is sociall manners do not egsist but everthing is filterd to the left or right and ther is no middle road , scipts inb the Bots instruction as to how to run a B Board economy and convergance is making everthing worse for the littl guy who can not compete at all with a broken sociall net B Board system set u to filter and replace find and not find you.
the socialal nt is not set up to find you it is set up to filter you and so you can not sociall net in any fild or industry without getting pushed left or ringht asnd ither wsy your intent is list if yiu are isong ICANN addreses the " mail will never get through" like the postal address or telephone address if you ask a sociall net what is an icann addres it will fulter ut nd give you 1 billion b board posts of wht it is not and the ICANN addres is ueless in countries that run a script to filter internet startuos in favour fo the top advertisors and so goes www.3DTVSoirts.com and the 3Dsportschannel.com has no 3dlistings.com of sports medias or tv cjhannels for sport , the 3dtravelchannel.com 3dnewschannel.com 3dfshionchannel.com 3dtvnewschannel.com and Virtual3DTV.com are blocked 25 years by all the medias so as ther can be no way to integrate with and socialal network with or post a single one of them without getting beat u by AI.Bots filtering ns blocking ans running Find YOU NOT Find YOU scripts.
www.3Dstreamingnews.com can not find a space in it to launch and socialla netwrk when it is currently launchig and being replaced by the million scripted reasong to find you not find you bots runninbg the world sociall netsworks. insted of the sociall people themselves fo the uslcil intents of the filtered resiults their sociall nets replace ICANN addreses with so thee AI.Bots do not ct very socially when it comes to news too.
It is a shame that i can not tyoe fast enough or spell better than these AI bots If only i could broadcast in 2d or 3d tv video on soail nets i launch and find peopl to post on my 3DCounty.com 3DTVCHannels.com agter 25 years of launching ICANN strtuos that all get filterd and blocked by the sociall net and it's presses set up ther to see that no one crosees the line in every country socially speaking that is.www.3DNewsNet.com for www.3DJournals.com

The news medias used to have a row of microphones and cameras at each local event , and a row of microhones and cameras at heach sport and , political event and business evnt and local events galor but when the internet came the entire news meias shut down and converged into a few podiums and 1 or 2 mikes and so all the startups and all the busnesses and all the loal economies went awa with no mikes at sports and politics and news and busines but a few left and so how can yu startup a 3DTVCHannel.com when both mega mikes are being used to advetse 1 or 2 news affiliates and their tv channels nd with 1 ir 2 podiums covering the news business , politics and startus tgere is nothing lft but a desert of uemloied and in all businesses including the news. thats the 3DCounty.com 3DJournals.com history covering the 3DTVStartups.com we launchec snd watching them get blocked by the convergence processes so that they now do not need another mike means they do not intend to even try one soon.
So cone on down to 3DCounty.com and help me launch a few 3DTVchannels.com anyways but expect to go no where even if it is for yiur own pleasure work or business it is just the internet not a governemnt news mediad were talking about.
the problem is even if you use the web the find you not find yu system used by the big search engines will never report they found you and pay for yur contnet unless yur a news comnay thagt gets paid to be found. they will steal yiur contnet and your CANN traffic for free and the news medias will stand around and let them in union. www.3DTVJobs.com 100 startups and 1 employee each is 100 jobs but a hundred startuos and 10 people is mre jobs and ther i no wsy to run a cross country news medias with 1 emloiees per city and cover the needs of the countries economy or provide 10 mickrophines for every sport event when they spend al day seeing to it yiur blocked .

Find you - not find you is big business!

Wow www.3DTVNews.ca flash talk about 10 days trying to transfer 3dtvstartups to different registrars ad no country wants 3DTV startups starting up and the aftermarket auction web sites want to scoop up trafffic and in countries where they ban domain names they all rewire the traffic ip adresss to go their way and so I get shut off on shaw here and can not complet transaction an whaile the press go to a convention on who is running the news , 3DNewschannel.com and all the startups in california and neworleas cut off while 3DTVBrands.com get hacked and locked out for days it all seems like a fake web untill it comes back again and this happens all the time , because no one wants to talk about 3DTVcopyright.com startups gett9ng gaggaed in every country and news medias untill 25 hyears bbut it has been 25 years i guess we have a find you not find you world that can find you and stop you for 25 years free from telling anyine , even the free press and they are brutl when it come to politics btu in 2d that is. www.3DRealTV.com www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DJournals.com ™ Jan 30, 2024 Find you - not find you is big business!

There is so much money in not finding you that 25 years 100% of every 3DTVCanada.com news sports weather fashion shopping and business startups in Vancouver is hidden , by the press so that ther is no one or even two startups in 3DTV in all of Canada for 25 years and proudly the crtc news and medias and periodicals and politics is hideing 3DTV so as to own the podium and whe nthey do this muillions of peopl advertise on seo and browsers using the ICAnN addsses as if they were open source worss and not ip addresses of provet busines and the medias block this so that they can run the election podum in 2D on 2D for 2D so as to covwer up 3DTVCAnada.com net org startups for 25 years , this is causinbg problems inb news 9integrity globaly as everyone obt eh wotlrd kbow 3DTVCopyright is hidden by the real newses making them fake news but the news mediasn themselves /. as they are 5he only one coveeing uo 3DTVCAnada.com ib the news.
www.3DStreamingnews.com a news page in the 3DJournals.com of histry foir the preses t cover up in 2024 ™.

www.3DTVPRess.com www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024

Each country have a data base of what dot com sites are to be blocked and what sites will replace them is up for sale so now hackers are using these blocked web dot com sites pages as they know that the country will not look into these pages and that they are parked on round robins and out of the way, so stealing data files from compnaies that are parked by use AI bots to get 26 billion results in .46 seconds and this is now where hackers collect their data on who to hack so ther are now AI bots collection billions of web sites to use to hack from as big compnaies compile information they ar not supposed to share that are targetred by eachohters over zellious competative shannagins.

ALL my www.3DTVSTartups.com traffic is blocked (stolen) for years and years all my 3DFashionCHannel.com snd 3DFashionTV.com traffic is used by search engines and browsers and everyne on dat files that use my ICANN address in these files to advertise on , but me , my website for fashion is blocked on it's page no matter where i 301 it and all my traffic for years on 3DSportsCannel.com or 3DNewsCHannel.com or 3DTravelchannel.com along with all my 3DTVTravel.com 3DTVSports.com 3DTVFashion.com traffic all blocked in every country i set up in the ICANN addresses are blocked and the traffic used by everyone but me probably hackers to ass when your blocked in the press and the entire country because you launch a 3DBusinessTV.com show or are the president of 3DXounty.com then your blocked and so are your websites traffic and they are confiscated and used to sell in the aftermarket on fake auctions and ads on serches and all this becuse you are blocked by the press and eerhtinbg that goes with them , so the buggest threat to the inthrt is the reasong why you are blocked nd for whom do the trsffics go when you are blocked in what country and why . AI bots have othibg to do with the intent as they ae scripts. the threat is the way the ICANN internt is used in ecy countrty and the different uses for it in your country causing hackages to occure.
Find you - not find you is big business when your traffic is used in so many ways while your blocked for 25 years in your own country. www.3DBusinessTV.com ww.3DTVToronto.com www.3DTVCanada.com startups asimunlated into the borg and are blocked from independant use like a Stranger In a Strange Land on A Brave New World.
www.3DRealTV.com www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024

www.3DTVTime.com to regress, If your and are put on hild by AI scripted bots and elevator music- ads telling tou you are next in line for customer service support provider for more than 30 minutes withou a call back option, then you do not have to pay the next bill.

Cell phons were supposed to be for calling a person on a cheep portable phone and now they are gps and broadcasting online directly to the world on socialal and private websites while the cbrowsers and search engines steal your traffic pretending they can not find you not find you data base links to socialal netwrokinf platforms that have np ointegrity when it comes to find yuou not fond you and block you not block you scripts faking AI intelegenace with closed medias that block ICann addreses so as to use thwm on ther cell hone platforms fpr their web traffic ad aoo this on a thong that was to be a phone in the ckass room so that they are now a spcial net in the classromm with 100% laptop capabilities and much more fin then a lecture on chaucr thats for sure so the problem theze days is you can not use the hpne or the internet the pc or the search engone as they are governed by "findyou-not-findyou and include you n-not-include you scripts faking they are AI and all working for the good of the 2D tv medias that block 3DTVStatups online for 25 years (1/4) of histories centurey so as to have endless discussions about cell hone in the classroom when they are no phones just platforms and new browsers loaded on portabal mobile terminals called cell phones and they all hook up to a sociall net sponcred by a cable ot telco that do not sell phpnes they cell plaform terminals called cell phones and some of these only work on the cpmanies thaty nake them [plarforms and are not even cpmpatable woththe tellephone itself. the entire cell phone industry is like a tv industry they say they are provate but they are scripts written to fond you not find yu and get yiur name and adress and email beforw they even work they know yu but the system they ysuse can also not find your startus for 225 years on any cell phone that cam along in thelast 15 thats for sure there are no phones to give yiur childeren so as to call you on a provate linne and gt picked up after school just mobile pc terminals called cell phone.
Schools would love to have telephones for every child in the class rooom but todays cell 0h9nes are a different story.
Years ago i launched 3DTVPhones.com so as to have a phone in the classroom, work, and play a cheep 15% a month wireless tv phone but i never thought it would be somthing that brought hackers, perverts, criminals, and all the 2D tv socialal nets and websites while blocking 3DTVPhones.com for years into yhe classrooms and schools for the 2D meidas and the intwrnet medias that block 3DTVPhones or www.3DTVBusiness.com startups but hey that's history of 3DCA.com tv webcasting and messaging services in Canada for we are stuck with it, now and somthing they should teach on a cell hone in classrooms but instead they block it so as to have all the news and sorts travel and ar ads on a cell phone in case a chld need to be emailed from them in a class rommm or something? The cell phones are too expensove and they are not provate and are based on finbd-you-not-find-you scropts so as to kepp your atention or sell you somthing from an advertisor woth so much mony they can advertise on it all day without every mentioneing a songle startup for 3DTVBusiness.com IN canadian 3dstreamingnews.com www.3DEducationalTV.com

You can not steal a bersons works and pretend it's your but when your a cRTC tax funded news you do not have to steal their content you can steal their traffic using a 3rd party search engine and run ads on their ICANN addresses so why would you buy an ad from a 3DTCCHannel.com wwhen you can steal all the traffic to it i the first place and even use it as a tool to sell ads and and aftermarket even sell it's iCann address, howabout that situation in politics, why run when the same news that blocks 100% of 3DTVStartups.com for 4 elections is running the debate content on their socialal nbets ? .
To be found or not to be be found , that is the ICANN TLD startups in 3DStreamingnews.com this year as we launch 3DSTREAMINCHannel.com 3DSTREAMing sports.com question will Canadian nees block 100% of 3dTVCanada.com startups with no option for a cash payout for using ICANN doamin names for search keys while blocking like they were a web mega compnay too..
To the average joe starting up a 3DTVCHannel.com in 2000 it is irelevant weather meta pays the crtc channels or the crtc channel pay meta the poing its they both block and use ICANN addresses as they please online and for 25 years they both block the average joe starting up 3DTVCHannels constitutionsly thay is discrimination and caled protection money or exporton of somthong lawers have a name for. and then to pretend they are not anf put nothing in the news on eather one is like taking over sports or somthing?, when the quesion is are they both taking the everyday joe to the cleaners with tax money? tis is no way to run elections either.


the question is not who payed crtc for over the air news content but will the news medias become the same as their acused and not fess up to the reality that they are blocking 25 years of 3DTVCanada.com business 100% in every business that has to do with 3DTV and 3DTVWebcasting startups in Vancouver content and websites being used by crtc and metavers es online for stesling thweir traffic , that is the question will the 2d tv block and extort money them carry n blocking just like the metavwrses and searche engings do

and block your , block your website , block your ICANN addrrss and startups JUST LIKE META and GOOGLE BLOCK 25 years of 3DTVCHannels.com even www.3DNEWSCHannel.com startups on 3DTVCanada.com on all the cable and crtc government news during , before and after bill c-10 , so there, will you have to pay for tax funded crtc licenced ovveer the air news , answer if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and souncds like a duck thdn is news that they are all the same as a duck. or not? www.3DTVSports.com 3DTVCHannel.com

the news unless you pay for it I or ICeal your ICANN eliboratly scripted to "find-not-find" 25 year old ICANN startups and their home pages by quite able to sell ads by the millions right on the address that is blockedby cpmputr scripts and sold from the crafffic for 2 is out in the open and still ignored by all the web authorities as i pre registerd trade names to years and when they stCANADIAN medias block 3DTVCHannel.com net org tv uk us ca ad 3DTV.channel ind and all the thwr 3dtvBrands.com even 3DTVBusiness.com actualy discriminating against 3DCopyrightTV.com 3DTVStartups.com and using fake search engiens data bases to do it in 3RD party agreemments for 4 elections in arow, for 25 years so the streaming intetnet industry goes all their way free from political and criminal charges and allows .channel to run a fraud un der the pretection od 2d tv medaas and the preses even when io years and st startuos tp point this out it is covwrd up by fake AI scriptys and medias fakeing integrtyh in journalism. www.3DTV.news.com

Is your web traffic being stolen by AI bots for 25 years? (1/4 century)

Im a 25 er , is ill styour internet intRAnet startup blocked by the presses for 25 years ? then your a 25 er too!

stealing your ICANN address t raffic unless your a bill c-10 news union or consortium for webtraffic searches for companies or content from your website stolen and listed for profit whi;e stealing your traffic weather yoiu pay or not stolen by AI bots using paid to be found search engine data el or castand tainting the web all their waywhile blaming their traffic theft on CHAT aI and not their sea in socialety trch scripts ignoring ICANN addressing stsems so as to fake results as AI choices and not scripthen you get a kick back is not free open market it is ilegal. www.3dTVPred instructions to target startups and steal their traffic every.276th of a second, with fake and wrong data bases compiledess blocked wit to filter paid and trgetd iCANN addrses for trffic theft, as iCANN addresses that did not pah or without bill c-10 when wil startups ICANN traffic be safe from megam medias moving online? what is the point of oover the air broadcasting when you are charged to recieve it and online you have to have to or else you will not be found and so you have to so you pay and still your website is for 25 years blocked by the same plat are omitted and their traffic stolen by AU 3rd parties and their filtering and can it block your traffic and resell it making the search usless as a tool as it is discriminating AI scripts and not ICANN addresses based system., therfore it is usless as an internet search and just another shopping menue blocking competition after 25 years of fake search data and news medias the entire wold knows the peess is blocking 3DTVCHannel.com startups and the only thing that is ignorant of this fack is the AI 3rd party bots used and by the preses themselves ? ?
www.3DTVPress.com ™
Is your business blocked 25 years forced to move and Is your business blocked again?
is a press ban by 2D TV fake news and 3rd Party Cyber squatters targeting using AI bots selling your traffic for millions by the millisecond for 18 years using ICANN addresses to steal traffic?
Do you spen year after year moving your startus from country to cuntry only to find they all block tyour trffic and sell ads on it because you get so much traffic they can't resist blocking you and forcing your off line so they can 3rd party your traffic and business traffic searches into their catchalls and you can not trust these AI Scripts with your chulderen and businesses when the news medias are faking technology so as to use it to do end runs on stasrtups stealing trsffic via fake search engines and spocil nets bbrds and chat bots wothout testing them firsrt on some one else other than British Columbians all the time here in Canada , they should use some other province to block 3DTVCHannel.com startuos other than BC, that is discrimination and we only have 2 or 3 media heavy whights in sports and news to look at for who is doing this coverup, so what is the hold up, , integrity itself 25 years this coverup is gpong on and all to force astartups into the ground by discrmination using AI as the excuse?
the most anoying thing is ,
I get stuck reporting it because the crtc medias will not so why do I have to doi it for them are theyh incompetant in news too, 25 years is not a mistake it is history now so what is the politics in this behaviour in the metaverses that the press support in pay for pole position in news and searches m0noolies governemt by themselves they will soon elect themsleves for office and block politician like they were startus in 3DTV.channel fake intRAnerts claiming to be the news when everyone on the owrld knows they are blocking 3DTVStartups and pretendong they arn't at the same time.
www.3DStreamingNews.com this years technonly to be blocked by the the 25ers media club.

Is it stolen because you are handycapped or because of your race or country , is it stealing your taffic or just the web sites you get over 1000 visteres to per day , is it stealing your traffic because of your trade or your niche, or just because it can for 25 years in arow is it blocking yoyr websites or our entire trade like it was 3D streaming tv online in 2000 or 2023 how many others did it block and what traces are blcoked and cyber squatted on i secret by the press and search engoions sociall nets and can ypu participatw in politics in 3D on 3DTVPolitics.com in your country when the website is blocked by all political parties for 4 elections at th fedreal and provincial leves arre you blocked bvy the stock markets as they invest in the search and soacila nets that bloclk abd use your ICAnn addsses ./these are importany AI Bot questions as to who what wher when and why 100% of 25 years of complaining in a find you -not-find you colection f catchals run by AI bots withh no constitutions.?


Is your web traffic being stolen? www.3DTVPress.com ™

If micky Mouse were to launch a dit com today woud the entire news press and search engines browsers and periodicals block his copyrights and trade marks so as to blcock copyright and trade names from enjoying copyrights so as to steal his traffic for 25 years?
At least he got to be known in the press and not blocked or we would have none of his expired copyright content to buid a future on .

WordPress vs. WordPress.com???

Why can't I call WordPress.com just "WordPress"?
Why can't search and browsers call client ads "3DTVCHannel.com",
"3DTVCHannel" or "WordPress.com" just "WordPress, or "WordPress.org"?

Because it is clear that when you're talking about the legal differance between te words "3DTVChannel", "3DTVCHannel.com "and "3-D TV Channel", to the non iliterate that is as the three seporate words that are not trade marks and only the last 3 words are a phrase made up of english dictionary words while the first 2 words are new trade marks of a free market company (if the free market is free of discrimination by search and browsers ignoring ICANN compnaies and free markets ) as ICANN copyright trade namnes products and intelectual property adresses andICANN registered in net org tv ca uk us and around the www and with or withut a suffex they are not the same as the dictionay words "3-D TV Channel"free to use in found in every english dictionary however cyber squatters and all the crtc and periodicasals discriminate and block new words jobs from innovation and all the 3DTVCHannels.com in Canaa and the usa europe and the world so as to have a crtc monopoly and converged news and electoon coverage so as to iliminate the free markets. and have the web all thwir way to monitise on everyones ICANN addresses , as a new word in the english language it can not be used as a brand name even if it is in another country the company name is 1 of a kind never used by any dictionary in law or english so it is safe from country codes as safe as mickymouse and a suffix as ther is only one mickymouse and one wordpress or 3dtvchannel you need not register it in every country to secure the brand as the word is a brand not an open market dictionary vernacular it is safe from cyber squatting accept if the browsers and socialal nets and dot com scalpers use it for monitization and 3rd party blocking so as to sell it on the dark afertmarket webs. .
for 25 years this blocking of the free market readw mrks and startups is deliborate as the search engines and dot com registrr scurry to block 3dtvsports.com ICannaddress this week as aposed to what blocked it last week ot is not artificial it is deliborate so as to block 3dTVCHannel.com and sell it's worth to scalpers and cyber blockers the 2d tv news is ther to se this is nevewr reports in their tech and inovation newses. 25 years is 100% proof the webb is run as a fake web set u so that the teaffic has made a few media 3rd partoes rule business and politics sociall networking discriminating ICANN addresses and blocking who get to be "found not found" online as ICANN secure email and busines, politicians is ruled by AI bot scripts the web is not safe while they rule it and ise it to make millions by theh milisecond for 1/4 century (25 years +) here in Vanciuver Canada as it is an unspoken industry for startups for 25 years the free market has been blocked for 1/4 century historicaly for the first time it is impossible to get a startup through this barrior and free market fire wall, of AI botologies to even trade name anything that imediatly is used by these 3rd party AI scripts cyber squatting and advrtising as trade names and copyright ICANN addresses especialy when the tv newses ar covering for them for 25 years so as to do ab end run on startups streaming content on new3dtvchannels ( words with different .suffexes and hosts products advertisors and addresses that go before before or after the trade mark online) as "3DTVChannel", "3DTVCHannel.com the Trade marks cyber squatted on and monitized on by AI trolls disguised as serrch and browsers and socialal nets back them up blocking business on the free market for 25 years historicaly preventing free market use for so long is their shtick, all for a piece of the money monitaizing makes when you block startups for 25 years free from market reprisals , it'slike printing money, by blocking stealing the traffic and selling it through 3rd parties to traffic catchalls for resale and monitizing by 3rd oarty AI bots in milliseconds ( the threat to global free enterprise in the future is untamed AI Bots cyber squatting traffic theives) cybersquatting for 25 years knowing the 3rd party news medias are blocking home plate it rigs the ball game every time you start up a new trade mark online as they claim the names traffic so as to do an end run via metaversing and socialal netting an branding over and duluting them every millisecond lawlessly for 25 years it is how they distroy the free markets in a millisecond, using AI bots to iliminate each and very startup, fr 25 yearsis not a mistake it is deliborate so this is the real news and they are he fake news for 25 year4s they are still faking it too, especialy when they block Virtual3DTV.com and all it's 3DTVchannels so you here of it here for the first time and not in the 2D newses who are still are blocking in 2023 aftwer 25 years of startups here in Vancouver and the coast to coast to coast 25 years of new inovation and jobs is no mistake as they ;launch metaverses and block and use the ICANN address and 3rd parties on their own intRAnets they iliminate free market use on the www and jobs and ALL the new innovations for 1/4 century and you still have not launched on the fre market but are branded over wile they use your trade markes frm good old 3DCounty ™ 2000 and block new 3DSTreamingnews.com ICANN trade name words that sre not in any dictionary nor every were and it's ICANN addresses that both are distinctly copyright and new to the world of business that they market on not your free market businesses , They are distinct ctber squatters stealing traffic so as to have it in theor catchalls to resell, and blocking and selling stolen traffic is the money maker, ststolen web traffic or diluting of brands and copyrights prohibits using them or even selling ads on them yourself instead of them selling ads on them while blocking your addresses ( like blocking postal mail or telephpne numbers and selling as on them is legal sarcasticaly a money maker too) as if they were public property and open texts as the 3D TV sets are held up for 25 years and the technology is poor so asto garentee they fail the Glasses and 3D Sterio technnoles are stalled and held back so they can have it all their way like the free market in under siege by 3rd party AI bots, and metaverses use them as monitisation products and ICANN addresses are ignored spersading untruthes and hideng the stolen traffic or bloginf about one so it is manditiory to not use the other and block the trafic with fake use pf the copyritght brands and ICann addresses have to be true to the trade names purchasing them with or without a ICANN address search and browsers can not group them as the sameidentity trade name and brand when they are new words legaly so it is necessarilythat fake news and medias promote the truth about the other and end nefore a lawer gets to me and tells me what to do about it as i neer see any ad money from ither socialal net or search engine browser or anything using my brands trade names and my products addresses online.

AI technology in thehands of cartels or socialal nets that block trade names block icann addresses and bkock th 3DTVCHannel.com net org are going to be the biggest barrior to Business and growth as long as all the presses go along with the socialal nets and these trolling cyber squatting scams using peoples property to block and monitize orblock and steal ICANN traffick. www.3DTVPress.com on 3DTV.News

Referance Wordpress vrs wordpress.com, Look WordPress.com is its name, Why can't I call WordPress.com just "WordPress"? You'll have to ask them. www.3DStreamingNews.com 12/11/2023 ™

WHat is your new year resolution?

AI traffic theft proxies running fake inTRAnets so as to monitise and sell your ICANN address WOW
25 years ago , that is 1/4 century ago , my resolution was to launch a 3DTVwebcasting dot coms intRQnet and show images of the Queen on the side of bulidings in 3D online same as they did in 1900 in stereo , but in 2008 one day i as looking at the traffic reorts for my startups to see which ones were popular and which web pages should mgp on whayt 3DVTV.com or 3DTravelTV.com or 3DStores.com and the sociall net traffic for them was making my web site HIT COUNTER climb every month and people from all over he world were viseting my servers and the startyps , when all of a sudden the traffic stopeed to s trickle and the dailly visets droppes of to a few tere an ther and the news reports 3DTV is dead and ver and from that day onbe all the traffic that went to my html and cgi scripts's counter when to a search engne that sold traffic on the ICANN adress when searched and from that day on there was no interest in a startuos when it never even resolved int e first place and the browsers and search engones can only find 140,000,000 in .47 milliseconds using an AI bot script today proving the point I have made for 25 years (1/4 of a centure) abut the history if 3DTV online webcasting startuos beeing blocked by all the fake not fsake AI not AI scipts stealing ICANN addreses traffic and making the internet usless for free eenterprise and like a news paper in the 1900's it is imporrible to use the press as unbiast journalisrts when t for 25 years there is not one mention of all that ttrafiic i lost in my hit counters from all the web startups is started that used to work like a phone number untill 2008 when the use of a traffi hit countern becauser obsolete alng wththe ICANN address system and the web platform used ror global world wide web streaming content strtups. Happy New Year from www.3DCounty.com
3Dpresident of 3dtvchannel.com

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