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WWW.3DJournals.com ™ Sat Feb 24 15:28:02 2024 Find you - not find you is big business!

Find you - not find you is big business is not the way to run a bullitain board network.

Find you - not find you is big business!

. Find your podium not find podium, means own your podiums traffic or not own your podiums traffic
Redact you or not redact you is bigger business!

25 years and i can not report cyber crimes against 3DTVCanada.com here in Candian sports press as every time ther is a hacking somthing s going on in hockey and i am bringing hme 3DHockeyTH.com from my overseas registrara but all my Canadian startups for 3DTV are blocked in the sports and 2d presses so that these startups 3dHockeyTV.com are blocked and being stolen ata the same time international secret transparencies in the press are on and hockey are dealing with olympics nd 3dolympoics is being blockd in trasfer back to the olympics-cascades here from overseas and for 25 years 100% f 3DTVCHannel.com and 3DSportsCHannel.com and 3DTVChannels.co are hacked and blocked in the news so as ther is no way to launch a 3DHockeyTV.com or repot 3DHockeytv.com being stolen usinbg the preses the periodicals the 2D politicians on tv and that is why 3DJournals.com have to keep the history of the internet and who hacked whom and whdn and why was redacted for 25 years as i have said if it is news then say it in 3D on 2D ovwer 23DNewnetwork.com but asI have also said discrimination and social nets and 1.4 million search key reasong to monitize on the ICANN addrses system in every country has mnade it useless to use to startup a 3DHGockeyTV.com or a 3DFashionTV.com or 3DSportsCHannel.com whenn Gambeling and oilitics are first and formaost folled by blocking of 3DTVCcopyright.com and all the 3DTVStartups.com in ternationaly so as search and browsers can sell the ICANN addr4sses and the stsrtups get blocked and so people repot it on ther websites that get blockec and ths is why ther is no 3DHockeyTV.com in businds or pleasure unkess it is fake ICANN adress redacted and bvranded ovr by a monopolising traffic pirates geoup an I ask why is it i get hacked for 3 weeeks mocing 3Olympics.com and 3DHockeyTV.co and several other 3DTBrands.com andf the news redact it.
3DTVBrands.com a 3Dcounty.com startups for startus in 3d that are blocked in canda by 2d meidas and some redacted reasons they will not mention and hockey for canada is an industry and sport that is booked for years in advance and one has to think that redaction of buusines online is now 25 yeas will it be blocke by fake news and search ressults and or just sstolen whay beloboratly expireing it and money from people placing a aftermarket vid on the dot ocms that neve see the auction but are sold on the dark web and keep their creatinn date so the buyer looks like they lkaunched 25 years ago anf seal the history too. in the 1950's transisters replaced tubes in messaging systems and video camera TV replaced news film reals in soccial countryies over the air medias ran ads with the news and socialal net bullitain boards now replace community message boards and then the internet replaces TV contnet in communities postings so postings are now taken down and people posted on the tv startups instead of in the periodicals and radio but transisters wer 20 years ahead of the sociall economy and everyone had to wait untill the 70's like they had to wait for touch tone phones untill dial phones were phased out but by then came computers .
As a consumer of US goods and intelectual property (dot ocms) as a writer of scripts and systems specialist for 55 years and the ceator of www.3DCounty.com bbrd and its startups who has never sold a single thing on any dot comm (or com) file startup to date and as a person whoes works and intelectual property traffic online was blocked so many years in a row and used by companies selling your web traffic for 25 years here in Canada and as a consumer only of intenret services and intelectual property from our US suppliers of domains intelectual property creators , Canadians import almost everthing from the USA and the unequal dollar is most taxing on the number and quality of goods imported so competition globaly is great.
Intelectual property good like movies and video internet traffic and Dot coms art and your voice or registed domains are intelectual property and like yur thoughts and works are not businesses.
the casset drive used to load your intelectual property (scrits) into a personal computer and the scripts could be written in code and sames as a :comm filebut dial up access to universities and intelectual property started to over lap so ICANN came along and saved the day with an intelectual property address system for IP locations on an intRAnet platform that sold intelectual property addresses and now all of a sudden you art you scripts, works and non discosure works for possibly launchng a busines were created .
people could take their intelectual proptery titels and use them as busineses online and so blocking the traffic and stealing it became bid money as you can seemany of my intelectual properties are used by several 33or more party corporate business and copyright companies targeted domain names so as to monitize the traffic going to them and so the trool and id profile and media wars going online today have it sll their way come elecrions aor busines ther is no way to us the intelectual property unless you are a registerd business else you can not even fill out a form to register one unless you fill in a business filed on the forms and so intelectul oroperties owned by the public for messaging or scila nets on plstforms because business even if they are only consumers of america products they started to treadred as businses and subject to non intelectual property but business rules wether they are a business or an intelectual property in the works beeing scrited and not sold or doung business .
If you have noticed as of late most registrars of ICANN domain names now require you to declare if yu are a provate user or a busines when yur an intelectual property and in the works of being created and not doing busines byut regesterd at a US registrar and forced to put a company name in the registration form.
If yiu have your miling addres or use a business yiu own for the mailing address then yiu are a comaony and no longer an intelecual property in the works ?
Over night the industry changed and corporation converged and started broakering the traffic online ging to these ICANN intelectual property address and selling their registrerd address as a monitization business online and even sellin the intelectusl property in an after market by auctions theat never materalie on the open market where they are sold and so intelectual property can even exchange hands without ever expireing on the owner doamin so the creation date is retained and sild with the aftermarket intelectusl property and the new owners get to declare they launched in way back when the intelectual propety creator of the works bought it and so the history of the intelectual property is soild with it even if it was a social nets fake history , blocked for 25 years by all the medias using the ICANN system for business . the intelectusl proerty is now used for key words in searches and browsers blck them as a risk and do anything to steal the traffic fom platforms in the works before tht can launch the icann addreses are blocked by illitrat use on non vernacular copyright bullies that target yur intelectual property for after market or traffic value and even if yiur intent was to launch a busines yiu are blocked , pre-emptivle before you can even work on the platform and the traffic is monitized by multy party companies working from independent consortiums who mae a great amount of money off of blocked intelectual property addreses ICANN sold as intelectual property so painting on ine is now a busienss, fee seach online is now a business and pleasure use is now a busines and a busines writing scripts on line is no longer authering intelectal property but a business ans so your web art or message board chat or streaming content is now abusines and when it is blocked it becomes a tooll for 3rd party profits and your intelectual use of it is no longer a non disclosure work it is to be blocked because yiu se a business addres for a billing and postal delevery drop Meanwhile these structures classify you as targets for id and traffic theft blocking and used as a podium for their agendas especially thoes wiyh QUANTUM computwers as they can hack yu before you start you fix to ther hacking and all during yu reparian workings too. .
After 2000 the registrars , some of them Scripts and computer languages replced TV as a news source so all the TV medias and radio turned into intelectual propety owners online and the eed for a domain name that draws traffic or a way to steal traffic fromm intelectual property registerd through ICANN became the place to build plastforms for streaaming mediaa businesses online and that interfeared with over th air broadcasting and all of a sudden provat intelectual propertys and domain registars starting up are trending and manufacurers launch new source code based platforms that ar more incampatabvle then the pc or cell phone platforms and the internet itselfs is put on new platforms where you have to have a business address in order to be a domain owner of this intelectual property but your not a copany doing business yet you are a starty up still trying to do bussines consuming American products in Canada for your Intelectusl property and the system set up so as people csan acress you comm files now .com files or .cgi works ia not intelectuly usable and the non disclosure laws and intelectual property writers are no onler possible as they dare not use s busines as a mailing addrs lest they become a busines over nght and even though they never made a dime on the contrare they spend money only have become a business and if so yur business intelectual property and must disclose openly you intelct and so it si no longer a place for intelectual property , yet is is one used for business and provet a catch 22.
You can not do busiens or have pleasure when in a catch 22.
Wanting to be a business and beeing classed as one or blocked as one is not th same as working on intelectual proerty with a dot com hosetd on us comay's serers so one would have to move their properties to a country that have intelectual property protected for their creators and not classified as a company based on their care of mailing addrs on a form that will not process on AI bots because you did not declre intent of use when registering a , what was dot comm file in 2024 and all the .comm ffiles not called .com are not intelectual properties if they are deliverd to a builling asddrss that is a company and that is a leap in intelect that was tsken over night and creates a catch 22 for intelectal property cretors so that their music and scriots are now blocked and 3rd partues sell yiur traffic to other music or scrtors as they are using yiur traffic to monitize as a company on yiur privte intelectual properties. (this artical is not finised proofed or to be sold as a commodidty as it is still in the works and unfinished of no value and just intelectual property that is spelt poorly and created by a person who can not tye as they have fingers that asre like baseball bts and can not hit the keys properly , please do not clssify this as a cmapny on this intelectusl property here online pice of work that is un marketable and nothing more tht a work fo art.D ccollind stting in for journalists i can not affod to hire as we arw blocked by everyine in the workd who does not whant us to run 3DTelevisionchannel.com stsrtups Feb 2 2024 3DTVPress.com )
the medias blocked the web and still do blocking 3DWTV.com and startups for 3DNewsNet.com are useless for posting news medoias as they do nt interact they block startups for 3DTV and so university b oards postings were taken down as the socialal net run boats started using th ICANN addresse as key words to advertise on and ICANN addressing changed in its nature and web streaming content changed the socialal net again converged like TV news into 1 or 2 social intRAnet nodes on the eb abandoning the over the air fo a fanticy of own the podium in spite of ICANN addressing and hacker made their mission 's purpose to block startups pre-emptivly and the entir world of bullitain board socialal net busines and pleasure was changed into a scriped agenda based on find you and then ither use you do cause disruption so as to increase socail net users to tune in , and by finding you your posting on what evr b boards were socialal used were taken down and the scripts replaced your intent your works your messaging and busines with something else that ither was competition or not the same and caused you to increase yoir use of the script yet agan ,the sociala nt because a thing that was blocking messaging and replacing messagin with agendas that enrich the scried codes and the sociall net was lost and replaced with an advertisig and b boead created by "AI" scripts and 1 or 2 sociall net b boards that gnorated more negatie postings than positive ones while acting like the "borg" and assiulating all the busines and politics and economiees into one or 2 postings and the negative ones were not taken down but they replaced the one put there by the sociall nets users and so it is .
You can not post a startup because the sociall nets use the ICANN address as a "key word" not a busiess or a person or a pleasure or a local posting but an assimlated scripted substitute for it.< Find you -not-find you scirps replace the ICANN bulitain sociall net on these platforms called sociall nets and the world is left with coverged press and periodicls and politics and sociall networking missing , instead we have a sripted 3RD party AAI platform running in every country set u to take dowwn any sociall net posting startups and replace themm with , some time , the same posting over and over all day globaly selling itself, in other words choose 1 social b bord intRAnet or the other and you have to take a stance on one side or or the other side via AI BOTs menues and there is no where to socially network your hobby , business, or group even in the press or the voting booth without risking being taken down by the scrips because "AI" is directing the podium and planning the content for traffic on their websites and to do this they block startups and run the world social nets online, and then ther is Canada doing the same thing 25 years go figure i get stuck launching b boards in this environment all I get is bullied global bulling so the web sites sre worth nothing to me but they have made a lot of money for the blockers just by beeing ther to block yet they owe me nothing and i have to pay them to get my traffic coming back to muy startups b boards pags back abd then there is CAnada too, so after 25 years i decide to report this news my selfe as no one elas does it it should not be on theirbacks to report 1/ 1000 startups in 25 years blocked by a thing, and their contnet using the ICANN address for ads is the way it was myu content and copyright materak was just the thing they needed to launch their own agendas ringh on my ICANN addresses relentlessly as it is free for them to do and like printing money in 3D and the entire 3rd party of AI Bots can use Any scrit thet like to free from beeing blocked themselves "Tto be or not to be a stsrtup in 3D" comes to mind.
25 years I spent from 2000 to 2024 trying to post socialal nets and startups for 3DTV and every one was blocked and sociall nets and their 3rd party sociall net itself act like "borg" and assimulate every one and take down my posting and these scripts run the wrld taking down sociall nets and messaging from every cornr of the www and I can not use the press to report hackers , or startups , or interact or even launch a 3DTVCHannel without being "assimulated" and taken down , replaced 1 billion tines a second by a posting script AI system set up to create traffic onb 1 or 2 sociall nets set up to block and assimulate the worlds socialal netsworking . and politic ther of.
You can not approach a thing an d give it a free dot comn without being faughtoff anf pushed away and blocked and taken down from the sociall net , if the thing yiu are doing is not going to profit the scripted AI bot's agenda on the one or 2 b boards we now have .
www.3DTRavelTV.comn www.3DSportsCHannel.com www.3DTVToronto or montreal 3dvirtualtv.com show and 3DRealtv.com news medias all blocked on my b boeards thsat i make today and when you have a consortium meeting the purpose and agenda is created by the sociall nbet that is a scripted computers instructions and the world is bw runb by sociall net scripts in every country that block and replace content on them with scipted content agendas and in many caseas in themedia , the same ad from the same advertisor that blocks all the other messages on that soacil net node because the 2D tv sociall nets block innovation so as to increase traffic on their b boards in the vaccuume they create and it is now not possible to use the ICANN addreses as a b board system as it is run by sociall net agendas and ot used for posting socialal nets but to be run by their codes. and I get stuck reporting it.
www.3DTVPress.com www.3DCounty.com www.3DTVCity.com in abcentiaed by sociall netets and the "key wording" of ICANN addressing platforms called the socialal internet when it is realy a sociall intRAnet of 3rd psrty filters b boards scripts runn ong theworlds economies by "AI Bot" source codes set u to steal ICANN traffic and ctchall dispence it via "socialal net Bottery"
SHannagins abound and that is creating more traffic on the sociall nets then ther is sociall manners do not egsist but everthing is filterd to the left or right and ther is no middle road , scipts inb the Bots instruction as to how to run a B Board economy and convergance is making everthing worse for the littl guy who can not compete at all with a broken sociall net B Board system set u to filter and replace find and not find you.
the socialal nt is not set up to find you it is set up to filter you and so you can not sociall net in any fild or industry without getting pushed left or ringht asnd ither wsy your intent is list if yiu are isong ICANN addreses the " mail will never get through" like the postal address or telephone address if you ask a sociall net what is an icann addres it will fulter ut nd give you 1 billion b board posts of wht it is not and the ICANN addres is ueless in countries that run a script to filter internet startuos in favour fo the top advertisors and so goes www.3DTVSoirts.com and the 3Dsportschannel.com has no 3dlistings.com of sports medias or tv cjhannels for sport , the 3dtravelchannel.com 3dnewschannel.com 3dfshionchannel.com 3dtvnewschannel.com and 3dvirtualtv.com are blocked 25 years by all the medias so as ther can be no way to integrate with and socialal network with or post a single one of them without getting beat u by AI.Bots filtering ns blocking ans running Find YOU NOT Find YOU scripts.
www.3Dstreamingnews.com can not find a space in it to launch and socialla netwrk when it is currently launchig and being replaced by the million scripted reasong to find you not find you bots runninbg the world sociall netsworks. insted of the sociall people themselves fo the uslcil intents of the filtered resiults their sociall nets replace ICANN addreses with so thee AI.Bots do not ct very socially when it comes to news too.
It is a shame that i can not tyoe fast enough or spell better than these AI bots If only i could broadcast in 2d or 3d tv video on soail nets i launch and find peopl to post on my 3DCounty.com 3DTVCHannels.com agter 25 years of launching ICANN strtuos that all get filterd and blocked by the sociall net and it's presses set up ther to see that no one crosees the line in every country socially speaking that is.www.3DNewsNet.com for www.3DJournals.com

The news medias used to have a row of microphones and cameras at each local event , and a row of microhones and cameras at heach sport and , political event and business evnt and local events galor but when the internet came the entire news meias shut down and converged into a few podiums and 1 or 2 mikes and so all the startups and all the busnesses and all the loal economies went awa with no mikes at sports and politics and news and busines but a few left and so how can yu startup a 3DTVCHannel.com when both mega mikes are being used to advetse 1 or 2 news affiliates and their tv channels nd with 1 ir 2 podiums covering the news business , politics and startus tgere is nothing lft but a desert of uemloied and in all businesses including the news. thats the 3DCounty.com 3DJournals.com history covering the 3DTVStartups.com we launchec snd watching them get blocked by the convergence processes so that they now do not need another mike means they do not intend to even try one soon.
So cone on down to 3DCounty.com and help me launch a few 3DTVchannels.com anyways but expect to go no where even if it is for yiur own pleasure work or business it is just the internet not a governemnt news mediad were talking about.
the problem is even if you use the web the find you not find yu system used by the big search engines will never report they found you and pay for yur contnet unless yur a news comnay thagt gets paid to be found. they will steal yiur contnet and your CANN traffic for free and the news medias will stand around and let them in union. www.3DTVJobs.com 100 startups and 1 employee each is 100 jobs but a hundred startuos and 10 people is mre jobs and ther i no wsy to run a cross country news medias with 1 emloiees per city and cover the needs of the countries economy or provide 10 mickrophines for every sport event when they spend al day seeing to it yiur blocked .

Find you - not find you is big business!

Wow www.3DTVNews.ca flash talk about 10 days trying to transfer 3dtvstartups to different registrars ad no country wants 3DTV startups starting up and the aftermarket auction web sites want to scoop up trafffic and in countries where they ban domain names they all rewire the traffic ip adresss to go their way and so I get shut off on shaw here and can not complet transaction an whaile the press go to a convention on who is running the news , 3DNewschannel.com and all the startups in california and neworleas cut off while 3DTVBrands.com get hacked and locked out for days it all seems like a fake web untill it comes back again and this happens all the time , because no one wants to talk about 3DTVcopyright.com startups gett9ng gaggaed in every country and news medias untill 25 hyears bbut it has been 25 years i guess we have a find you not find you world that can find you and stop you for 25 years free from telling anyine , even the free press and they are brutl when it come to politics btu in 2d that is. www.3DRealTV.com www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DJournals.com ™ Jan 30, 2024 Find you - not find you is big business!

There is so much money in not finding you that 25 years 100% of every 3DTVCanada.com news sports weather fashion shopping and business startups in Vancouver is hidden , by the press so that ther is no one or even two startups in 3DTV in all of Canada for 25 years and proudly the crtc news and medias and periodicals and politics is hideing 3DTV so as to own the podium and whe nthey do this muillions of peopl advertise on seo and browsers using the ICAnN addsses as if they were open source worss and not ip addresses of provet busines and the medias block this so that they can run the election podum in 2D on 2D for 2D so as to covwer up 3DTVCAnada.com net org startups for 25 years , this is causinbg problems inb news 9integrity globaly as everyone obt eh wotlrd kbow 3DTVCopyright is hidden by the real newses making them fake news but the news mediasn themselves /. as they are 5he only one coveeing uo 3DTVCAnada.com ib the news.
www.3DStreamingnews.com a news page in the 3DJournals.com of histry foir the preses t cover up in 2024 ™.

www.3DTVPRess.com www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024

Each country have a data base of what dot com sites are to be blocked and what sites will replace them is up for sale so now hackers are using these blocked web dot com sites pages as they know that the country will not look into these pages and that they are parked on round robins and out of the way, so stealing data files from compnaies that are parked by use AI bots to get 26 billion results in .46 seconds and this is now where hackers collect their data on who to hack so ther are now AI bots collection billions of web sites to use to hack from as big compnaies compile information they ar not supposed to share that are targetred by eachohters over zellious competative shannagins.

ALL my www.3DTVSTartups.com traffic is blocked (stolen) for years and years all my 3DFashionCHannel.com snd 3DFashionTV.com traffic is used by search engines and browsers and everyne on dat files that use my ICANN address in these files to advertise on , but me , my website for fashion is blocked on it's page no matter where i 301 it and all my traffic for years on 3DSportsCannel.com or 3DNewsCHannel.com or 3DTravelchannel.com along with all my 3DTVTravel.com 3DTVSports.com 3DTVFashion.com traffic all blocked in every country i set up in the ICANN addresses are blocked and the traffic used by everyone but me probably hackers to ass when your blocked in the press and the entire country because you launch a 3DBusinessTV.com show or are the president of 3DXounty.com then your blocked and so are your websites traffic and they are confiscated and used to sell in the aftermarket on fake auctions and ads on serches and all this becuse you are blocked by the press and eerhtinbg that goes with them , so the buggest threat to the inthrt is the reasong why you are blocked nd for whom do the trsffics go when you are blocked in what country and why . AI bots have othibg to do with the intent as they ae scripts. the threat is the way the ICANN internt is used in ecy countrty and the different uses for it in your country causing hackages to occure.
Find you - not find you is big business when your traffic is used in so many ways while your blocked for 25 years in your own country. www.3DBusinessTV.com ww.3DTVToronto.com www.3DTVCanada.com startups asimunlated into the borg and are blocked from independant use like a Stranger In a Strange Land on A Brave New World.
www.3DRealTV.com www.3DTVTechReport.com www.3DJournals.com ™ 2024

www.3DTVTime.com to regress, If your and are put on hild by AI scripted bots and elevator music- ads telling tou you are next in line for customer service support provider for more than 30 minutes withou a call back option, then you do not have to pay the next bill.

Cell phons were supposed to be for calling a person on a cheep portable phone and now they are gps and broadcasting online directly to the world on socialal and private websites while the cbrowsers and search engines steal your traffic pretending they can not find you not find you data base links to socialal netwrokinf platforms that have np ointegrity when it comes to find yuou not fond you and block you not block you scripts faking AI intelegenace with closed medias that block ICann addreses so as to use thwm on ther cell hone platforms fpr their web traffic ad aoo this on a thong that was to be a phone in the ckass room so that they are now a spcial net in the classromm with 100% laptop capabilities and much more fin then a lecture on chaucr thats for sure so the problem theze days is you can not use the hpne or the internet the pc or the search engone as they are governed by "findyou-not-findyou and include you n-not-include you scripts faking they are AI and all working for the good of the 2D tv medias that block 3DTVStatups online for 25 years (1/4) of histories centurey so as to have endless discussions about cell hone in the classroom when they are no phones just platforms and new browsers loaded on portabal mobile terminals called cell phones and they all hook up to a sociall net sponcred by a cable ot telco that do not sell phpnes they cell plaform terminals called cell phones and some of these only work on the cpmanies thaty nake them [plarforms and are not even cpmpatable woththe tellephone itself. the entire cell phone industry is like a tv industry they say they are provate but they are scripts written to fond you not find yu and get yiur name and adress and email beforw they even work they know yu but the system they ysuse can also not find your startus for 225 years on any cell phone that cam along in thelast 15 thats for sure there are no phones to give yiur childeren so as to call you on a provate linne and gt picked up after school just mobile pc terminals called cell phone.
Schools would love to have telephones for every child in the class rooom but todays cell 0h9nes are a different story.
Years ago i launched 3DTVPhones.com so as to have a phone in the classroom, work, and play a cheep 15% a month wireless tv phone but i never thought it would be somthing that brought hackers, perverts, criminals, and all the 2D tv socialal nets and websites while blocking 3DTVPhones.com for years into yhe classrooms and schools for the 2D meidas and the intwrnet medias that block 3DTVPhones or www.3DTVBusiness.com startups but hey that's history of 3DCA.com tv webcasting and messaging services in Canada for we are stuck with it, now and somthing they should teach on a cell hone in classrooms but instead they block it so as to have all the news and sorts travel and ar ads on a cell phone in case a chld need to be emailed from them in a class rommm or something? The cell phones are too expensove and they are not provate and are based on finbd-you-not-find-you scropts so as to kepp your atention or sell you somthing from an advertisor woth so much mony they can advertise on it all day without every mentioneing a songle startup for 3DTVBusiness.com IN canadian 3dstreamingnews.com www.3DEducationalTV.com

You can not steal a bersons works and pretend it's your but when your a cRTC tax funded news you do not have to steal their content you can steal their traffic using a 3rd party search engine and run ads on their ICANN addresses so why would you buy an ad from a 3DTCCHannel.com wwhen you can steal all the traffic to it i the first place and even use it as a tool to sell ads and and aftermarket even sell it's iCann address, howabout that situation in politics, why run when the same news that blocks 100% of 3DTVStartups.com for 4 elections is running the debate content on their socialal nbets ? .
To be found or not to be be found , that is the ICANN TLD startups in 3DStreamingnews.com this year as we launch 3DSTREAMINCHannel.com 3DSTREAMing sports.com question will Canadian nees block 100% of 3dTVCanada.com startups with no option for a cash payout for using ICANN doamin names for search keys while blocking like they were a web mega compnay too..
To the average joe starting up a 3DTVCHannel.com in 2000 it is irelevant weather meta pays the crtc channels or the crtc channel pay meta the poing its they both block and use ICANN addresses as they please online and for 25 years they both block the average joe starting up 3DTVCHannels constitutionsly thay is discrimination and caled protection money or exporton of somthong lawers have a name for. and then to pretend they are not anf put nothing in the news on eather one is like taking over sports or somthing?, when the quesion is are they both taking the everyday joe to the cleaners with tax money? tis is no way to run elections either.


the question is not who payed crtc for over the air news content but will the news medias become the same as their acused and not fess up to the reality that they are blocking 25 years of 3DTVCanada.com business 100% in every business that has to do with 3DTV and 3DTVWebcasting startups in Vancouver content and websites being used by crtc and metavers es online for stesling thweir traffic , that is the question will the 2d tv block and extort money them carry n blocking just like the metavwrses and searche engings do

and block your , block your website , block your ICANN addrrss and startups JUST LIKE META and GOOGLE BLOCK 25 years of 3DTVCHannels.com even www.3DNEWSCHannel.com startups on 3DTVCanada.com on all the cable and crtc government news during , before and after bill c-10 , so there, will you have to pay for tax funded crtc licenced ovveer the air news , answer if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and souncds like a duck thdn is news that they are all the same as a duck. or not? www.3DTVSports.com 3DTVCHannel.com

the news unless you pay for it I or ICeal your ICANN eliboratly scripted to "find-not-find" 25 year old ICANN startups and their home pages by quite able to sell ads by the millions right on the address that is blockedby cpmputr scripts and sold from the crafffic for 2 is out in the open and still ignored by all the web authorities as i pre registerd trade names to years and when they stCANADIAN medias block 3DTVCHannel.com net org tv uk us ca ad 3DTV.channel ind and all the thwr 3dtvBrands.com even 3DTVBusiness.com actualy discriminating against 3DCopyrightTV.com 3DTVStartups.com and using fake search engiens data bases to do it in 3RD party agreemments for 4 elections in arow, for 25 years so the streaming intetnet industry goes all their way free from political and criminal charges and allows .channel to run a fraud un der the pretection od 2d tv medaas and the preses even when io years and st startuos tp point this out it is covwrd up by fake AI scriptys and medias fakeing integrtyh in journalism. www.3DTV.news.com

Is your web traffic being stolen by AI bots for 25 years? (1/4 century)

Im a 25 er , is ill styour internet intRAnet startup blocked by the presses for 25 years ? then your a 25 er too!

stealing your ICANN address t raffic unless your a bill c-10 news union or consortium for webtraffic searches for companies or content from your website stolen and listed for profit whi;e stealing your traffic weather yoiu pay or not stolen by AI bots using paid to be found search engine data el or castand tainting the web all their waywhile blaming their traffic theft on CHAT aI and not their sea in socialety trch scripts ignoring ICANN addressing stsems so as to fake results as AI choices and not scripthen you get a kick back is not free open market it is ilegal. www.3dTVPred instructions to target startups and steal their traffic every.276th of a second, with fake and wrong data bases compiledess blocked wit to filter paid and trgetd iCANN addrses for trffic theft, as iCANN addresses that did not pah or without bill c-10 when wil startups ICANN traffic be safe from megam medias moving online? what is the point of oover the air broadcasting when you are charged to recieve it and online you have to have to or else you will not be found and so you have to so you pay and still your website is for 25 years blocked by the same plat are omitted and their traffic stolen by AU 3rd parties and their filtering and can it block your traffic and resell it making the search usless as a tool as it is discriminating AI scripts and not ICANN addresses based system., therfore it is usless as an internet search and just another shopping menue blocking competition after 25 years of fake search data and news medias the entire wold knows the peess is blocking 3DTVCHannel.com startups and the only thing that is ignorant of this fack is the AI 3rd party bots used and by the preses themselves ? ?
www.3DTVPress.com ™
Is your business blocked 25 years forced to move and Is your business blocked again?
is a press ban by 2D TV fake news and 3rd Party Cyber squatters targeting using AI bots selling your traffic for millions by the millisecond for 18 years using ICANN addresses to steal traffic?
Do you spen year after year moving your startus from country to cuntry only to find they all block tyour trffic and sell ads on it because you get so much traffic they can't resist blocking you and forcing your off line so they can 3rd party your traffic and business traffic searches into their catchalls and you can not trust these AI Scripts with your chulderen and businesses when the news medias are faking technology so as to use it to do end runs on stasrtups stealing trsffic via fake search engines and spocil nets bbrds and chat bots wothout testing them firsrt on some one else other than British Columbians all the time here in Canada , they should use some other province to block 3DTVCHannel.com startuos other than BC, that is discrimination and we only have 2 or 3 media heavy whights in sports and news to look at for who is doing this coverup, so what is the hold up, , integrity itself 25 years this coverup is gpong on and all to force astartups into the ground by discrmination using AI as the excuse?
the most anoying thing is ,
I get stuck reporting it because the crtc medias will not so why do I have to doi it for them are theyh incompetant in news too, 25 years is not a mistake it is history now so what is the politics in this behaviour in the metaverses that the press support in pay for pole position in news and searches m0noolies governemt by themselves they will soon elect themsleves for office and block politician like they were startus in 3DTV.channel fake intRAnerts claiming to be the news when everyone on the owrld knows they are blocking 3DTVStartups and pretendong they arn't at the same time.
www.3DStreamingNews.com this years technonly to be blocked by the the 25ers media club.

Is it stolen because you are handycapped or because of your race or country , is it stealing your taffic or just the web sites you get over 1000 visteres to per day , is it stealing your traffic because of your trade or your niche, or just because it can for 25 years in arow is it blocking yoyr websites or our entire trade like it was 3D streaming tv online in 2000 or 2023 how many others did it block and what traces are blcoked and cyber squatted on i secret by the press and search engoions sociall nets and can ypu participatw in politics in 3D on 3DTVPolitics.com in your country when the website is blocked by all political parties for 4 elections at th fedreal and provincial leves arre you blocked bvy the stock markets as they invest in the search and soacila nets that bloclk abd use your ICAnn addsses ./these are importany AI Bot questions as to who what wher when and why 100% of 25 years of complaining in a find you -not-find you colection f catchals run by AI bots withh no constitutions.?


Is your web traffic being stolen? www.3DTVPress.com ™

If micky Mouse were to launch a dit com today woud the entire news press and search engines browsers and periodicals block his copyrights and trade marks so as to blcock copyright and trade names from enjoying copyrights so as to steal his traffic for 25 years?
At least he got to be known in the press and not blocked or we would have none of his expired copyright content to buid a future on .

WordPress vs. WordPress.com???

Why can't I call WordPress.com just "WordPress"?
Why can't search and browsers call client ads "3DTVCHannel.com",
"3DTVCHannel" or "WordPress.com" just "WordPress, or "WordPress.org"?

Because it is clear that when you're talking about the legal differance between te words "3DTVChannel", "3DTVCHannel.com "and "3-D TV Channel", to the non iliterate that is as the three seporate words that are not trade marks and only the last 3 words are a phrase made up of english dictionary words while the first 2 words are new trade marks of a free market company (if the free market is free of discrimination by search and browsers ignoring ICANN compnaies and free markets ) as ICANN copyright trade namnes products and intelectual property adresses andICANN registered in net org tv ca uk us and around the www and with or withut a suffex they are not the same as the dictionay words "3-D TV Channel"free to use in found in every english dictionary however cyber squatters and all the crtc and periodicasals discriminate and block new words jobs from innovation and all the 3DTVCHannels.com in Canaa and the usa europe and the world so as to have a crtc monopoly and converged news and electoon coverage so as to iliminate the free markets. and have the web all thwir way to monitise on everyones ICANN addresses , as a new word in the english language it can not be used as a brand name even if it is in another country the company name is 1 of a kind never used by any dictionary in law or english so it is safe from country codes as safe as mickymouse and a suffix as ther is only one mickymouse and one wordpress or 3dtvchannel you need not register it in every country to secure the brand as the word is a brand not an open market dictionary vernacular it is safe from cyber squatting accept if the browsers and socialal nets and dot com scalpers use it for monitization and 3rd party blocking so as to sell it on the dark afertmarket webs. .
for 25 years this blocking of the free market readw mrks and startups is deliborate as the search engines and dot com registrr scurry to block 3dtvsports.com ICannaddress this week as aposed to what blocked it last week ot is not artificial it is deliborate so as to block 3dTVCHannel.com and sell it's worth to scalpers and cyber blockers the 2d tv news is ther to se this is nevewr reports in their tech and inovation newses. 25 years is 100% proof the webb is run as a fake web set u so that the teaffic has made a few media 3rd partoes rule business and politics sociall networking discriminating ICANN addresses and blocking who get to be "found not found" online as ICANN secure email and busines, politicians is ruled by AI bot scripts the web is not safe while they rule it and ise it to make millions by theh milisecond for 1/4 century (25 years +) here in Vanciuver Canada as it is an unspoken industry for startups for 25 years the free market has been blocked for 1/4 century historicaly for the first time it is impossible to get a startup through this barrior and free market fire wall, of AI botologies to even trade name anything that imediatly is used by these 3rd party AI scripts cyber squatting and advrtising as trade names and copyright ICANN addresses especialy when the tv newses ar covering for them for 25 years so as to do ab end run on startups streaming content on new3dtvchannels ( words with different .suffexes and hosts products advertisors and addresses that go before before or after the trade mark online) as "3DTVChannel", "3DTVCHannel.com the Trade marks cyber squatted on and monitized on by AI trolls disguised as serrch and browsers and socialal nets back them up blocking business on the free market for 25 years historicaly preventing free market use for so long is their shtick, all for a piece of the money monitaizing makes when you block startups for 25 years free from market reprisals , it'slike printing money, by blocking stealing the traffic and selling it through 3rd parties to traffic catchalls for resale and monitizing by 3rd oarty AI bots in milliseconds ( the threat to global free enterprise in the future is untamed AI Bots cyber squatting traffic theives) cybersquatting for 25 years knowing the 3rd party news medias are blocking home plate it rigs the ball game every time you start up a new trade mark online as they claim the names traffic so as to do an end run via metaversing and socialal netting an branding over and duluting them every millisecond lawlessly for 25 years it is how they distroy the free markets in a millisecond, using AI bots to iliminate each and very startup, fr 25 yearsis not a mistake it is deliborate so this is the real news and they are he fake news for 25 year4s they are still faking it too, especialy when they block 3DVirtualTV.com and all it's 3DTVchannels so you here of it here for the first time and not in the 2D newses who are still are blocking in 2023 aftwer 25 years of startups here in Vancouver and the coast to coast to coast 25 years of new inovation and jobs is no mistake as they ;launch metaverses and block and use the ICANN address and 3rd parties on their own intRAnets they iliminate free market use on the www and jobs and ALL the new innovations for 1/4 century and you still have not launched on the fre market but are branded over wile they use your trade markes frm good old 3DCounty ™ 2000 and block new 3DSTreamingnews.com ICANN trade name words that sre not in any dictionary nor every were and it's ICANN addresses that both are distinctly copyright and new to the world of business that they market on not your free market businesses , They are distinct ctber squatters stealing traffic so as to have it in theor catchalls to resell, and blocking and selling stolen traffic is the money maker, ststolen web traffic or diluting of brands and copyrights prohibits using them or even selling ads on them yourself instead of them selling ads on them while blocking your addresses ( like blocking postal mail or telephpne numbers and selling as on them is legal sarcasticaly a money maker too) as if they were public property and open texts as the 3D TV sets are held up for 25 years and the technology is poor so asto garentee they fail the Glasses and 3D Sterio technnoles are stalled and held back so they can have it all their way like the free market in under siege by 3rd party AI bots, and metaverses use them as monitisation products and ICANN addresses are ignored spersading untruthes and hideng the stolen traffic or bloginf about one so it is manditiory to not use the other and block the trafic with fake use pf the copyritght brands and ICann addresses have to be true to the trade names purchasing them with or without a ICANN address search and browsers can not group them as the sameidentity trade name and brand when they are new words legaly so it is necessarilythat fake news and medias promote the truth about the other and end nefore a lawer gets to me and tells me what to do about it as i neer see any ad money from ither socialal net or search engine browser or anything using my brands trade names and my products addresses online.

AI technology in thehands of cartels or socialal nets that block trade names block icann addresses and bkock th 3DTVCHannel.com net org are going to be the biggest barrior to Business and growth as long as all the presses go along with the socialal nets and these trolling cyber squatting scams using peoples property to block and monitize orblock and steal ICANN traffick. www.3DTVPress.com on 3DTV.News

Referance Wordpress vrs wordpress.com, Look WordPress.com is its name, Why can't I call WordPress.com just "WordPress"? You'll have to ask them. www.3DStreamingNews.com 12/11/2023 ™

WHat is your new year resolution?

AI traffic theft proxies running fake inTRAnets so as to monitise and sell your ICANN address WOW
25 years ago , that is 1/4 century ago , my resolution was to launch a 3DTVwebcasting dot coms intRQnet and show images of the Queen on the side of bulidings in 3D online same as they did in 1900 in stereo , but in 2008 one day i as looking at the traffic reorts for my startups to see which ones were popular and which web pages should mgp on whayt 3DVTV.com or 3DTravelTV.com or 3DStores.com and the sociall net traffic for them was making my web site HIT COUNTER climb every month and people from all over he world were viseting my servers and the startyps , when all of a sudden the traffic stopeed to s trickle and the dailly visets droppes of to a few tere an ther and the news reports 3DTV is dead and ver and from that day onbe all the traffic that went to my html and cgi scripts's counter when to a search engne that sold traffic on the ICANN adress when searched and from that day on there was no interest in a startuos when it never even resolved int e first place and the browsers and search engones can only find 140,000,000 in .47 milliseconds using an AI bot script today proving the point I have made for 25 years (1/4 of a centure) abut the history if 3DTV online webcasting startuos beeing blocked by all the fake not fsake AI not AI scipts stealing ICANN addreses traffic and making the internet usless for free eenterprise and like a news paper in the 1900's it is imporrible to use the press as unbiast journalisrts when t for 25 years there is not one mention of all that ttrafiic i lost in my hit counters from all the web startups is started that used to work like a phone number untill 2008 when the use of a traffi hit countern becauser obsolete alng wththe ICANN address system and the web platform used ror global world wide web streaming content strtups. Happy New Year from www.3DCounty.com
3Dpresident of 3dtvchannel.com

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